Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

Article 3, Section 3, clause 1 of the US Constitution specifies that the giving of aid and comfort to the enemy is an element in the crime of Treason. Treason is a death penalty crime.

Aid and Comfort: To render assistance or council. Any act that deliberately strengthens or tends to strengthen enemies of the United States, or that weakens or tends to weaken the power of the United States to resist and attack such enemies is characterized as aid and comfort.

Ladies and Gentalmen, Mr. and Mrs. America. Time to grow a set. You daughters of America going to need to grow a set also. There are enemies of America and Americans, which are giving aid and comfort to the enemies of America and Americans. And as long as that is allowed to happen, America will continue to descend into the third world shit hole it is rapidly becoming!These enemies must be dealt with. They are not going to stop stealing the natural resources which should grow America, the wealth of the people, using American children as sex party favors and cannon fodder, starting wars which spreads hate and contempt of America and Americans to the rest of the civilized world, (not such places as occupied Palestine). They will have to be dealt with. They will have to be made to stop! They do not even know how to stop raping, murdering, eating America’s children. They do not know how to stop lying. They do not know how to stop stealing the last shekel of the widowed and orphaned. They do not know how to stop starting illegal, immoral, aggressive, invasive, nation destroying, USURY practicing Zionist Banker wars. They must be shown how. They must be helped up the steps of evolution to humanities level. They must be taken by the seat of the pant, (wear gloves), and the nap of the neck, and thrown, resisting, begging not to be, into the light. It is for their own good, as well as the future of America, Americans, to include your children, grandchildren and on down the line. It is your CIVIC DUTY!

First, if one has to fight an enemy, the first step is, to identify the enemy or enemies.

So, Who are these enemies of America which rape the children, steal the bread out of the mouths of the children of America, and despoils the land, and the living souls which live on the face of the land of North America?

To answer the above question, takes a physical act on the part of Americans. Reach back, grasp your shoulders firmly, jerk your American head out of you zionist indoctrinated ass! When you do this, might want to have a pair of dark sunglasses handy. When you see the light of truth for the first time, it can be dazzling, and over whelming. If you are awake, if you have already done that act, as i had to at one point, please disregard the head start instructions. They are not meant for you.

You with me now? If not, keep repeating the above procedure until head pops out. Catch up with the rest of us when you can on the journey to truth and American’s journey out of Zionist Slavery.

Enemies of America?

Russia? No, Russia has never attacked the US proper, Although in 1863, they used their Navy, to blackmail the rest of the world to not recognize the Confederacy, so saving the USA’s ass!
So they need to be watched very carefully, but that is not the real enemy of America!

Iran? NO, unlike the USA, which has the war of the year all the way through it’s history, (some years, multiple wars), Iran, (Persia), has not attacked a country or people which did not first attack it in near three hundred years.

Ok. What about the Chinese boogie man? China has never attacked the USA proper, and have only attacked US forces when they were where they had no business being, doing what they had no business doing, in China’s area of influence, Asia. there fore, if the US keeps their troops and mouth out of China’s area of operation, China does not have a problem with the US and would like to continue as a trading partner.

North Korea? No. North Korea did not attack the USA. North Korea attacked South Korea. The USA attacked North Korea for attacking South Korea. Books can and have been written on how the USA caused this whole mess in the first place. Get one and read it if you are interested. i was not aware that any of the USA States lay within the boundaries of South Korea. Silly me! So the Mad Man of Pyongyang is not even an enemy of America and the American People.

Wow! Libya? No. There is good evidence that the Pan Am air liner blown out of the sky in Scotland, was a CIA project. Lots out there, again, search and read if interested. So Libya did not do that, so when did they attack the USA people and land? they did not. When the USA attacked Libya, is a long list of international war crimes to include the pedophile Klinton cow, having the duly elected Head of the Sovereign Libyan government, raped with a knife, before being murdered. Then had the ignorance, stupidity, gall, zionist brass balls, to go on international TV, and brag about it, while alternately cackling like the Wicked Witch of the West, and braying like a Domophile jack ass. Libya, thanks to the USA, is a failed state, all their gold was stolen by the USA, they had a USURY Rothschild bank forced on the people to drain their personal as well as national wealth. Hell! Libya can not even stop the terrorist within their borders sent by the USA Federal Government. So, not Libya.

Valenzuela? No they never did anything more than try to use the natural resources for their own people. Of course to do this they have had to resist the Zionist Washington crime cabal. This has led to attack after attack on the Valenzuela governments by economic, terrorist, covert and many other means by the Washington DC war criminals. So, NO. they are not an enemy of the American people.

Columbia? NO, Columbia has never attacked North America, or the North American people. But they have had government after government who sold out to the Washington Zionist War Criminals. The CIA has used Columbia as their private drug manufacturing firm. So no. The columbian people or Columbia are not the enemy of The North American People.

Syria? Are they the enemy of America, and Americans. No. They have never attacked America the Land, or America the people. The USA has, however, waged a five year war on the Syrian people, attacking them and the land with both USA forces, and the USA proxy forces, ISIS and their brother CIA/Mossad paid terror teams. The USA has used, or has caused to be used against the Syrian Civilians, as well as the Syrian government troops, Chemical weapons attack, the use of depleted uranium weapons which result in a massive surge in birth defects, where they have been used. They also make sick and kill the empires solders who use them on the killing fields. But the Syrian Government understands that it is the evil of the Washington Zionist that is trying to murder all of Syria, not America, not the American people per say. So no, not Syria. Running out of boogie men. Who is the enemies of the American people and the land of America?

I have taken the usual suspects, when Uncle Sugar is looking for someone to frighten the Americaus Head up Assus, Sheep. None of them seem to bare the American People any ill will. If you are wearing a USA military uniform now, or if you are serving in the Washington DC three ring circus used to dazzle the sheep with BS, can not speak to that because you are not presenting yourself as an American. You are presenting yourself as the fist of the Zionist Washington DC crime cabal. You are presenting yourself as a Empire leg breaker, an Empire hit man, an Empire goon, an empire bag man, an Empire enforcer. Quite a different thing than an American.

So who ARE the ENEMIES of the American Land and the American people?

They have to be persons or groups of people who have ill will for the American People. They must be people or groups of people who have harmed the land, and plan future harm of the land and people. I have looked at all the usual suspects, and they mean America or the American people no harm. Most of them highly distrust anything to do with the USA Empire, but that is quite a different thing from an American, or America. So who are these elusive enemies? Well, they are not who Washington and the whores of USA media tell us they are. I have already establish that fact. So where are these sneaky bastards hiding from the American People, and MY GOD! They are hiding in Washington DC! Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac! The home of zionist pedophilic baby raping, murdering, eating scum! So the Evil sits on a throne, dressed all in purple, pretending to be royalty, doing, saying, thinking, every evil and perverted thing they can to make the American land a permanent third world shit hole, with the American people as slaves to their degenerate asses!

Ok, Some of you have tried to stick your head back up you formerly zionist indoctrinated asses. Courage! I can see you need some infant truth formula here. Not ready for liberty meat and freedom potatoes yet. Ok i will put some in the blender and make it easier to understand.

The ones who mean to harm you, your children, you homeland harm, is the evil of Washington DC. Washington DC’s allies, such as NATO, the Vatican, The City of London, Buckingham, Brussels EU, Zionist occupied German government, the French Zionist occupied Government, The Zionist occupied UK government, the Zionist occupied Danish government, the zionist occupied Swedish government, the crime cabal occupying Palestine, especially the crime cabal occupying Palestine, are also the enemies of America and the American people. This does not mean the German, Danish, Swedish, English, French people are the enemies of the American land or people. Just the baby raping Zionist occupying their “governments”.

How many ways does Washington hate the American people? A list of a few may be illuminating to you.

With full knowledge that the lack of minerals and vitamins in the soil from using factory farm methods and petro chemical fertilizer, (petroleum products), leads to empty calories with no nutrition value food. The human body is conditioned to surviving and staying healthy by consuming food with the trace minerals and vitamins normally found in organic farming methods. The FDA is fully aware that the lack of the minerals and vitamins lead to severe health problems. Yet the Federal Government, USA, Washington DC, not only encourages food production which they know to be unhealthy, they have waged a campaign against the family farm and farmers who try to produce natural food in organic settings. GMO’s. There is no evidence, beyond federal government controlled sources, that there are any benefits from GMO plants. There are many studies, most outside the reach of the USA Federal Government, European, Russian studies, which prove they are bad for you, cause tumors, cancers, cell mutations, sterility over several generations, smaller birth size and weights in lab rats eating GMO’s. The claim that they will produce better in dry conditions has proved to be just another zionist federal government backed lie. Uncle Sugar wants you to eat this anti-nature food. They US federal government tries to used their military, economic black mail to force these GMO foods on other sovereign nation which do not want them. The USA federal Government, not only hates Americans, they seem to hate all of humanity. The USA, federal Government has led a terror campaign against farmers who would dare to sell raw milk, which has not had all the good organisms one gets with raw milk, cooked to kill the beneficial organism, so that one is drinking a somewhat milk flavored white drink, without the natural benefits of raw milk. Chemicals which the FDA, Federal Government, USA, know to be harmful to the human body, which they know to cause cancers, which they know causes side effects, are not only allowed into the food, is encouraged by the FDA. The human body needs certain nutritions, certain minerals, certain vitamins in the food, to stay healthy. The US Federal Government seems hell bent on making sure Americans do not get these in their food supply. Only some one, or some organization which hated America and Americans would purposely do harm like this to Americas food system and supply.

The Air you breath.
Most people do not look up. Maybe the vastness of the space surrounding earth frightens them, or makes them feel small or insignificant. If one looks up, one will often see airplanes in the sky spraying fly ash overhead. Fly ash is the byproduct of burning coal in large amounts, such in coal powered electrical generation plants. In the past, the generation plants had slurry pond where they stored the fly ash. It was a very expensive process, and to dispose of it properly was very expensive. All those huge slurry pond are gone. Where did the Fly ash go. One thing for sure, the international corporations are not paying big bucks to store or dispose of the fly ash. Not going into why they are doing it, lots out there on the subject, want more info, go forth, search and read. The fly ash has very tiny particles of heavy metals, and when it is sprayed above you, it settles to earth eventually, and you breath it. These minute pieces of metal get caught up in the small passages in the lungs. People who are aware of the spraying, and who tend to have respiratory problems, have noticed that when the USA, Washington DC sprays this above them, their breathing problems appear, or grow worse. The USA government, Washington DC, Uncle Sugar, is purposely, for what ever reason, spraying a harmful substance that ends up in our lungs, and as heavy metals in our food and water. Only someone or some group, which hated America and Americans, would purposely poison the air that Americans breath, poison the land, poison the water. Washington DC, USA, the Federal Government, is the enemy of, hates the American people and America the Land.

Under the original Articles of Confederation, which was the constitution of the “Federal” government, the Federal Government, was to sustain itself financially on import and export taxes. The Constitution, did not allow a large or powerful Federal Government, so there was no need for ever increasing funds to feed the beast the Federal Government became. It did not become this beast by accident. It was planned to become this perverted, all consuming beast that it has in fact become.

So the Elites, the bankers, the political whores, the lawyers, the zionist Puritan smugglers, the Empire builders held down lady liberty and raped her until she died. the Constitution was murdered. Remember, the Articles of Confederation, was the Constitution of the united States, and the document the Rebel American Soldiers, fought under and for during the American Revolutionary war for freedom. The document, the men fought, bled and died for, was murdered not by the founders of the country, but by the founders of the USA Federal Empire.

These were by and large two different sets of people. The cowards and freedom thief’s alway show up after the fighting and dying is done. That is a hall mark of zionism. The document which replaced the original, allowed for the USA Federal Empire to grow. Alexander Hamilton, a criminal Usury banker, discovered, through some of his own inventive interpretation, a clause which allowed the Federal Empire, to steal the labor of the American people.

In Pennsylvania, you had Dutch, Scotts-Irish Farmers who turned their corn crops into whiskey, which they sold to the town people. Much easer to get a wagon load of whisky to market, than all the corn used to make that whisky.

Hamilton, arbitrarily decided to steal some of the farmers labor for the Federal Beast. He slapped a tax on the manufacture of whiskey. Now this was a clear violation of what these men had just fought a long, hard bloody war for, so they told the Beast to go have sex with itself! Here, George Washington, who American children are taught to revere, sold out the men who fought under him for freedom, and sent an army to Pennsylvania to force the Farmers to pay the immoral and unfair tax. As a compromise, the farmers laid down their arms, and the tax was repealed. Then they just waited a bit, and applied the same principles other places.

One step forward, too steps back of the freedom road. Thats the Federal Empire dance.

There was never again in the history of the country, free trade. There was never again in the country, true and pure individual rights and freedom.

Not being satisfied with the amount of the peoples labor they could steal, the Federal crime cabal, set about trying to force a “National Usury Bank on the people. Two banks were rejected by the people and a couple of presidents before they got the present Usury bank in, the Federal Reserve bank, which is neither federal, or a reserve. It is in fact, a scam forced on the American people by bought off and blackmailed senators, congressman and President Woodrow Wilson. Using WW 1 as an excuse, (a zionist banker war which had absolutely nothing to do with the American people), the Federal Washington DC crime cabal, instituted a “temporary” “income tax”. Money you receive for your labor is not income, it is compensation. Corporations have income. As you can see, it never went away, and it has taken a larger and larger bite out of the people ass.

The federal reserve, in violation of the crime cabal’s own “constitution”, prints currency, (not money, money is backed by something of worth) out of thin air, and ink. This currency is backed by absolute noting. You could use Monopoly currency, same stuff, paper and ink. From 1913 to 1933, the Federal reserve dollar was backed by gold. the peoples gold, not the Usury banks gold. In 1933, the Federal crime cabal, removed the dollar off the Gold Standard, replace that with a silver standard. This allowed them to do two things, inflate the Federal Reserve dollar a bit easier, and steal all the American’s people’s gold, their personal gold. FDR, a zionist ass hole, decreed that if you did not turn your gold into the crime cabal at a set price, your butt would go to prison. Once the crime cabal stole all the peoples gold, they increased the price per troy ounce, there by inflating, making worth less, the Federal Reserve Dollars they had forced on them, under threat of kidnapping, for their real money, gold coin. In 1964, the crime cabal removed the Federal Reserve, (remember, they are neither Federal or a Reserve),dollar from the silver standard, allowing for much faster inflation. Here a personal note to give you younger folk an idea of what i am speaking of when i say they were able to increase inflation. Between 1933, and 1964, they had not been able to play with inflation the dollar, as it was still backed by silver, and silver has a certain value.

In about 1962, when i was very young, my father bought me a hamburger and a orange Mission Brand Soda in a bottle at this little cafe. I remember this, because that was the first non home cooked food i had in my life, and the first time i had been in a cafe. He paid thirty cents. A sliver quarter, and a nickel. After 1964, the inflation rate took off to where the fiat currency today, is worth about two cents of a 1913 dollar. That means, 98% of Americans wealth has been stole from them by the crime cabal in Washington DC and their private criminal bank. Inflation is planed theft by the government, of the peoples labor.

Freedom. Red white and blue, apple pie and Chevrolet! 4th of July, fire works! What does freedom mean?

It means, as long as you are not harming someone else by your actions, that you have the Natural, Use God given if you prefer, right, to do that action without any interference or ramifications by anyone else.

You seen any of that in America? I have not. Remember a few year back, back before the Bush administration collaborated with Israhell, brought down the WORLD TRADE CENTERS, blamed it on the Islamics, and declared perpetual war on an nonexistent enemy, Southwest Airlines had a commercial which had the little bell you hear when you can take your seatbelt off and get up in flight. It simply had that bell, and the a voice said, “You are now free to move around the country.” I have not heard that commercial again.

Americans are not free. The crime cabal keeps their for profit prison systems full of people who did no crime, harmed no one or thing. They simply violated an arbitrary administrative rule. Thats not freedom, thats slavery. The Federal government killed the American peoples freedom. This makes the Federal Government, once more the enemy of the American People, and an enemy of the American Land.

I could keep this list going for a very long time, but there is no need. I have established, unless you are a backslider, a zionist sinner once more, that the USA Federal Government, is the enemy of the American people, and of the American land.

So what is the Federal Government, the USA if it is not for, of, and by the people?

It is a legal fiction. It is a zionist mind F##K! It is a for Profit, International Corporation, which considers Americans cattle to be farm, used, abused, butchered at will and for no other reason than perverse pleasure in killing, by the pedophile Zionist “elites” from Washington DC. You are not the owners of the USA. The USA, thinks it owns you.

By now you should be able to distinguish between the Empire, (USA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, WASHINGTON, DC), and America the Land, and Americans, the living souls.

I have established that the friends of the USA, are the enemies of the American souls, and America the land. Do you know what that makes America the land, and America the Living Souls, if they demand their God given, Natural Rights, which all men are born with, and no other man, no man made government, no International Corporation for profit, no legal fiction, has the right to take away.

Umm-huh!i can tell some of you smarter ones have figured out who the enemies of the UNITED STATES are. Freedom, Truth and Liberty,
Individualism, Natural Rights, Truth, Honor, and the Living Souls on the face of North America, if they dare to demand any of the above.

Thats right! Americans are considered the enemy of the USA.

Remember all that legal mumbo-jumbo in that clause? That means they think they have the right to kill you, for demanding your God given, Natural rights!

Houston! We have a problem.

Now you who have successfully extracted your American heads from your formally Zionist indoctrinated asses, help your friends and family members who’s nose seems to be hanging up on that Zionist hemorrhoid.

Americans have much work to do tidying up America.

America could use the help!

John C Carleton