Teach Your Children The Truth! Or the Zionist will Teach Them Lies

A few months back, took a grandson to stand in reverence by some graves of Confederate Soldiers. I explained to him that these men did not want war. They were farmers, small business men. Store keepers, blacksmiths, doctors, ministers, ranchers. They did not go to war. War came to them and violated the peace, their families, their States, and their Country. They simply, as good men should always do, lay down their plows and picked up their arms, kissed their loved ones goodbye, and went to try to stop the evil of the Zionist invasion. They stood shoulder to shoulder, starving, worrying about if the damn zionist yankees had raped all their children, wives, mothers, grandmothers, cows, pigs, dogs, chickens, killed them all. Burned their homes, barns, pig pins, out houses, churches, courthouses, convents, hospitals, theological seminaries. They tied rags around their worn out shoes, and marched in the snow, digging defenses and manning them. They them fought and died against a much better fed, clothed, armed, superior numerally enemy.

When they lost, and they lost, no shame, they went back home, lived under a ten year Zionist occupation where there were no rights for Southerners against violence, theft and rape at the hans of the Zionist USA Washington DC Federal Empire. At the end of this ten years of Military occupation, the USA Zionist Federal Government decided to put it in good ole boy Southern terms, do a little shuck and jive. The baby raping degenerates in Washington, forced on the conquered States, “constitutions” which were dictated to them from Washington. These forced contracts, were then “ratified”, and the newly reconstituted puppet governments of the States, “voted ” to rejoin the “Union”. At this point, the bayonet was put away, and the implied promise of a “legal” hanging in a Zionist yankee kangaroo administrative court, or sometimes just a bullet “resisting” arrest, was used to keep the conquered peoples in fear of their conquers and occupiers.

Thus the Evil Criminal Federal Washington Dc USA Empire, tried to make the fruit of the poison tree, plantable to conquered slaves to the Zionist Empire, and to the opinion of the world. It is all lies, propped up with yet more lies, and they are starting to fall down.

All Empires die. The USA federal Washington DC Zionist Empire has spread hate, corruption, rape, cruelty, death, occupation to innocent peoples all over the world. The Roman Empire had nothing on the USA Empire. The Romans were pikers compared to the destruction and evil done in the short years of the prominence of the USA Federal Zionist Empire. But now it is dying. It can still consume your children and grandchildren before it breaths its last. An ignorant person can not defend themselves as they do not understand what is attacking them, much less how to defend against it.

Teach your children the truth, only the truth, all the truth, or the Zionist will teach them damn Zionist yankee lies.

John C Carleton