Southern Christianity, Vs Yankee Zionism

I grew up with a Southern Christian father, and a Zionist Yankee mother. She never made it up North, lived in Texas all her life. Her great grandfathers, both side, shot zionist baby raping Yankees. But she was a Yankee Zionist.

After the war was over, the Zionist Yankees infiltrated Southern Churches with their Zionism disease. My mothers grandfather, who partially raised her, was indoctrinated, and he beat it in her head.

Father was exposed to the Yankee Zionist “Christian” teachings, but for the most part, had as little to do with them as possible.

The purpose of this piece is to give the reader a short history of the differences between the two “Christianity’s”.

First i will explain Southern Christianity, at the time of the late war of invasion, rape, murder, arson, robbery, pedophilia and beastlity by the War Criminal US Federal Government.

Southern Christianity, is best explained by taking the old believes of the Celts, and laying Christianity over them. Southern Christianity stressed living in harmony with nature. Treating nature kindly, as it is our mother.The south was for the most part, rural and based on farming. People who live with nature, instead of fighting nature, develop a undying respect for nature. It is the sustainer of life on this earth. The Pagan holidays became “Christian” holidays. Southern Christianity recognized that there is a power which runs the Universe. The names of the gods changed, but the respect for nature remained.

Other than a love for and submission to nature, Southern Christianity was about a daily struggle to improve ones self. The focus was not, as was with Zionism, forcing your vision of what god whispers in your ear only, on everyone else. It was about EACH INDIVIDUAL, worrying about their own lives. What they could do do be a better husband, father, wife, son, daughter, civic leader,businessman. It was based on a self examination daily of ones self, and ones dealings with everyone and thing around them. From that examination, one made changes to THEIR life, to build a better world. Now did every Southerner believe this way? NO, there were people from the South, went North, came back, raped children, murdered, stole with the rest of the yankee zionist
scum. But Southern Society was based on these beliefs.

Yankee Zionist Christianity was based on the insane ravings of a fanatical, self-righteous, war criminal. Cromwell of England.

When the English people, after much war, killing, wasting of funds, threw the fanatical evil war making Zionist Christians, (called themselves Puritans, they were the pure ones in their sick, worm eaten minds), out of power, and the English people wanted a little pay back, the cowards, got their sorry butts on ships and ran and hid in New England, and Massachusetts. In fact, the new king had to send and get some of the criminals back from the colonies so they could pay for their crimes against England and the crown. Once in the colonies, these fanatical criminals, proceeded to murder all who would not conform. Called them “witches and warlocks” to cover their control freak murders.

These fanatical religious zealots were in fact, a cult. A control freak cult, fueled by indoctrination of the innocent victim children from birth. They spread their poison out to the surrounding States and people, used their evil to slaughter, rape and pillage the South. As soon as they were through with the Southern people, they turned their attention to Holocausting the Native American populations. They had already made a good start before they raped the South. As they went about systematically genociding the native peoples, their would every now and then invade the American nations around them, throw in an foreign invasion here and there. As they conquered, they indoctrinated the children with their mind f##k poison. The Children of the people they brutally raped and murdered, became willing soldiers of Zionist invasion and rape.

Today, only a few countries stand against the evil of Zionism, and they are under constant attack. Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, a few others, a very few, are still fighting the complete world domination by this evil death control freak cult. Yankee Zionist are of all colors, nationalities, religions, ethnic back grounds. The Yankee zionism MIUST be defeated. The indoctrination of the filth of Zionism into little children must stop.The guilty punished as a warning to any who would go down that road.

In a nut shell, “christian zionism, is the insane belief the world will end in a great battle, where Jesus the Christ, who the zionist murdered, will return to save the zionist from their well deserved punishment for their evil ways.

“Southern Christianity”, must be returned to the people. Translated to what i mean is, the people need to once again work with and honor Nature. Humanity must strive to make a better world by each of us daily trying to help someone, be a better friend, a better helper to humanity and the world. No, this way don’t get you all the sex slaves, all the gold, all the power. But were you planning on taking them with you when you have to return to homeport?

John C Carleton

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