Hey Southern Patriot, serving in the USA military, you are the ass hole zionist yankee scum, who you hate, because they gang banged your great-great grandmother and great grandfather when he was ten! You are the raping murdering scum, attacking a people who did nothing to you! Maybe the damn yankees were right. Maybe Southerners are too stupid to have their own government.

I know by now that you Naval Jack waving Buba’s are thinking what you would do to me if you could get you hands on me. I know you have swelled with indignation that any ass hole would question your Southern Pride. Well, if you are serving in the US military, and saluting the damn yankee rag that flew above while the yankee bastards gang raped your ten year old great grandfather, then as far as i am concerned, you can stick your Southern pride up your Zionist Yankee ass! I did not come to this lightly. It is not with self righteous pride, that i look down and say this. Because i was a zionist yankee doing to another people, what i hated the zionist yankees doing to my Southern people. I my self, had to grasp my shoulders, and forcefully jerk my Southern head, out of my Zionist Yankee ass.

Here is how i did that.

After becoming disabled, from being used as a lab rat, by the US military, (illegal, experimental shot, not entered into medical records, Gulf war illness), and spending a few years coming to grips with the evil and corruption of the USA Federal government, from bottom to top, i looked around for something civic to do. Something to try to make a difference in the total ignorance and cowardice of the present American people. I settled on a Southern Heritage Organization. Marched in parades, went to meetings, did projects. All this time, Washington DC is encouraging the anti-Southern hysteria, encouraging vandalism of Southern graves, heritage sites, Southern people. I found that while a good social function, and having some good historical presentations, these organizations were not going to win any fight with the damn yankee war department, in Washington DC. They were not founded to fight. they were founded to honor the Confederate dead, and the reason they fought. They have done a fairly good job of that. But they do not know how to fight, and they will not learn until the war is over, one way or the other. They are doing what the Federal bastards want them to do. Spending their time and energy on predetermined outcomes. These outcomes VERY seldom come out on the side of the South. I was asked however, to do lectures on Confederate Chaplains. My great grandfather was a Confederate Chaplin, my Father was a Southern Baptist Minister, and so was i, Pro Bono, lay minister, marry you or bury you. No problems. SO i started reading up on the subject. Was then asked to do a lecture on religion and chaplains from both sides, at a Civil War Round Table organization, which had descendants from both sides. I never like doing things half way, so i studied the subject more and more, as i gave lectures. What i found shocked me. We are them.

I plan to write a three volume set on the time period from say 1066 in England, to present day zionist war crimes around the world. Show how it came out of England from the self-righteous, fanatical, self important, war criminal Cromwell, to the bastards sitting in Washington DC, raping, murdering, eating human babies, and starting wars of aggression, murder, rape, pillaged occupation. Just like they did to the South. Don’t have time and space here. When after Cromwell got a bunch of people murdered in wars for his fanatical dreams of a Zionist Empire here on earth, had the kings head chopped off, declared himself king under a different name, tried to pass that on to his son, the English rebelled against him. The English got their kings back, the Church of England also refused to be “purified” by the zionist fanatic control freaks. So these self-righteous king killers, got their sorry butts on sailing ships, went and parked their butts in New England and Massachusetts. Here they murdered all who would not conform, and called them witches and war locks.

As things progresses in the British Colonies, the Puritans, as they called themselves, (every body else called them Yankees, a derogatory term), were a real pain in the ass to everyone else. The were racist. They were not honorable in business, they were liars, they looked down their noses at the Dutch people in Pennsylvania and New York, and the Southern people who were mixed with Irish and Scottish, not pure Anglo Saxon, Gods chosen people to build a zionist Empire, here on Earth.

When the American Revolution came, the yankees had to have Southern help in every battle, every campaign. Remember they were a bunch of smugglers and self righteous fanatics, not a combination known to build moral character. Jefferson caught them trying to take credit for a battle won by Virginia troops. None of the battles and campaigns fought in the South had yankee help. Southerners did not need it, and the self-righteous yankees did not offer it. In the war of 1812, the zionist yankees are caught smuggling, dealing with the enemy in time of war. New England threatens to secede. Mass. will no allow their troops to leave the State to help, even when the British are over running the national capital. At this point, no one had any use for them. The Dutch in Penn. and New York despised them. James Fenimore Cooper, A noted writer from New York, in the AMERICAN DEMOCRAT, details how this self righteous, racist, yankee scum stole New York from those who built it, and the federal government from those who did the fighting and dying in the revolutionary war.

Realizing that they had a public relations problem, and having no problem at all lying their asses off, they set about writing a false American history, which made them the good guys and heroes, while everyone else such as those Southerners, were mixed race, lazy trash. Here is where things really got out of control. When a peoples god is not real, never was real, but was just a construct, an excuse to force their control freak nightmare on everyone else, they search for a god. They became spiritually as a woman who has hit bottom, going from one mans bed to another, searching for true love. In part of New York, they had an area called the Burnt Over District, because one fanatical religious fad after another swept through these people like wild fires. The religion which came out of this, was to build the Zionist USA Empire, here on earth. In order to do this, they had to get rid of the black people who they did not want in their states. They wanted to send them back to Africa, lest they pollute the white race. The Southern people had to be exterminated and or enslaved, as the were mixed with inferior races, Irish and Scottish. Here the original Zionist, started loosing control of the beast, and other races emigrating into the Northern areas, embraced the Zionist mindset and false religion, while ignoring that the people who brought it to them, looked down on them as inferior also.

This Yankee Zionism, is what got the South raped robbed, devastated, and occupied. It is what got your great-great grandmother and your great grandfather gang banged. It is why you are in a foreign land, doing the same thing to another innocent people, that the damn yankee Zionist bastards did to the South. That why if you go to a zionist church, you serve a zionist religion, you kiss Israhell’s ass, you salute the US federal blood banner, you serve in the USA military, you vote for their collaborating political whores, you are the damn yankees you hate! You have met the enemy and he is you! you raped your great grandfather! Come to think of it, that means that you raped your great-great grandmother also. This makes you your own Great-Great grandfather! Wow! A real Zionist Son of a Bitch! Talk about Zionist Incest! Perfect example.

Now , if you are a descendant of a Confederate solder, and you are a collaborator with the zionist yankee bastards, i do not think they want you getting in a Confederate Uniform. Don’t think they want you marching in a parade in that uniform. Don’t think they want you waving the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia, or the Confederate Naval Jack. In fact, i think they are insulted that you claim linage. I think if they were here, they would bitch slap you, and kick your ass. They might shoot your sorry zionist yankee ass. Thats what they did. They were good at it.

Let us hope that the Souths sons and daughters free their minds from this Zionist mind f##k that is holding them as zombie zionist slaves.

John C Carleton

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