Distilled further into todays American English, if you want to be the dude with the biggest, baddest balls, if you want to say i have to give you a hell of a lot of my pay, so you can “protect” me from this month’s flavor of boogie man, if you are perhaps going to get my ass killed in one of your wars, to steal other peoples wealth and labor, so you can prove one more time, you have the biggest, baddest set, then, DAMN IT! LEAD!

If one goes back to the time of Noblesse Oblige’s birth, it was this. Take Scotland. Part of my heritage, so i studied their history.

Many Scottish kings did not rule for more than six months, a year. Why? Because when there was a battle, the king was expected to have his ass out in the front. The average Scotsman did not have a whole lot. He may or may not own his own land, but even if it was said that he “owned” the land, he owed his sword, (or axe as the case may be), to the local “Nobel”, who was expected to show up with a set number of men to go into battle when the king called.

So poor farmers, often found themselves forced into battles that had nothing whatsoever, to do with anything at all, that remotely mattered to them. Hell, they were one meal from starving a lot of the time. The only exception would be when another Noble decided he wanted your kings little corner of the world. Invaders were not kind to the natives. Had to fight for family and survival.

Many of the battles however, were just two nobles, trying to prove who had the biggest, baddest set of balls.
Now if your “king”, was going to get you killed to prove he had the biggest, baddest set, then by god, his ass was expected to damn well lead! And they did, And they died. Whatever else they might have been, spoiled, arrogant, greedy, they were damn well MEN! They had BALLS!

The poor SOB’s who had to die for the “elites”, At least had that! They died following a real leader. One who was not afraid to put his own ass in harms way, for whatever arrogate or hair brained reason he thought of next! At least he had that. That is where and why, Noblesse Oblige was born. You want to call yourself a leader? Well damn well lead!

My god! Look at America today! Many of the “leaders or Elites”, who claim the right to rule, do so from family connections to these lines of “nobles”.
Their family connections gave them a chance to go to “prestigious” universities, obtain positions in international corporations which are for the most part, beyond the reach of the “average” American.
They therefore believe, they are superior as they have the blood of men, with the biggest, baddest, set of balls.

That blood seems to be damn thin in many of the family lines. Or perhaps it has been mixed with a blood which has drowned any honor, nobility, biggest, baddest, balls, from their blood. I am sorry, i see no Noblesse Oblige.

I see no honor, no integrity, no truth, no empathy, no humanity in these “elites”. I see soul-less, purveyors of evil and BS.

As late as the Viet Nam War, (it was a damn war, people died), if a young man of one of these lines, wanted to go into politics, most were expected to punch that “war ticket”.
The bankers son, the generals son, the admirals son, the politicians son, the rich businessman’s son, was not going to stir, burn shit in half barrels, hump through land mine infested water with leaches on their hose. They were going to be given as much safety as could be, and still have claimed to serve in the war. Many had their tours cut short, (cue Lurch Kerry).

But they were still expected to serve. The Viet Nam war brought a change as some of these families decided, f##k the “average” American, my son is not going. They received deferment after deferment, (Dick Cheney), or a cushy spot in a National Guard outfit that was NEVER going to see combat, (Bush Jr.). He even screwed that up.

In the last many years of war, all this destroying and killing the USA has carried out across the world. Can the dead Americans, who died in some foreign land, murdering some children or goat herders family, who had absolutely NO intention of evil against the USA until the USA murdered all their families, say, the people who said i must kill, that i must die, had the biggest, baddest set of balls around?
Can they say, the “elites”, the presidents, the businessmen, who benefited from this, have Noblesse Oblige?

Sadly, no. they died for evil pedophile bastards who rape, murder, and eat babies they have raped and murdered. They take bribes. They do insider trading, they rig elections, they sail around the world on private luxury ships, fly around the world on private jets, while they tell you you need a small box house and a bicycle. They have two, three, four “vacation” homes.

And when the bullets sing, the blood flows, when people scream in terror and agony, when they die, these scum and their offspring will be hiding safe in Washington DC, eating at Ping-pong Pizza! Their biggest baddest balls ancestors, would gut them like fish!

They would be insulted that these scum of the sewer system, should even claim lineage to them!

Until man learns to live without kings, without governments, lets at least get some real leaders. Lets get some people who are not afraid to be in the middle of the firefight. Lets get some people who do not start wars every week, because they believe that it is their duty to lead the men into battle. If they believe the outcome of the battle is worth men dying, then he should be willing to die for the outcome. Noblesse Oblige!

I consider Abraham Lincoln to be one of the worst war criminals in the history of the USA. There was one time when he spoke with profound wisdom.

John Singeton Mosby, Was a daring Confederate cavalry raider who under cover of darkness, took some of his men, rode into a zionist yankee camp, took all the mules, horses, and a yankee general. Being Mosby, he could not resist using the yankee telegraph in the yankee camp, to complain to the yankee war department, about the quality of horses and mules that they were providing him. He also mentioned he was taking the general.

When members of the yankee war department went in frantically to the war criminal Lincoln’s office with the report, they were all hot and bothered about the capture of the general.

Lincoln told them. “I can make a general with the scratch of my pen. Horses and mules are hard to come by!”

We can get more presidents, more congressmen, more senators, more bankers, more Goldman Sacs minions, more Israhell firsters! Real Americans with a real set of balls, are getting hard to find.
America need to stop wasting them on endless banker wars. America needs LEADERS!

If these ball-less wonders, if these rapers of children, think these wars they are forcing on the American people are worth people dying, then damn it, it is worth them dying, their sons and daughters dying, their grandchildren dying.

I put my ass on the line.
Two of my brothers put their asses on the line.
My grandfather put his ass on the line.
My great grandfather, great great, great great great, great great great great, great great great great great grandfathers put their ass on the line. FOR THIS COUNTRY!

i have a lot of company of people who put their ass on the line, their great greats put their asses on the line, FOR THIS COUNTRY!

Damn it, real leaders, people with integrity, honor, empathy, humanity, is not too much to ask from those who would rule. Whole lot less baby raping, whole lot less stealing, killing! a HELL of a lot more LEADERSHIP and BALLS!

Basically, if you don’t have Noblesse Oblige, get your wormy ass out of Washington, sit the hell down, and shut the f##k up!

Time to clean up the filth America.

Time to take out the garbage.

Time to get er done.

By my hand electronically,
As a descendant of the English, Irish, French, Scots, Wales Thrones,
A Sovereign King in my own inherited Right,

King John de Carleton

Sovereign Kingdom of Carleton.

May it be Below, as it is Above.