The Federal “Government”, USA, which is operated out of Washington DC, hates the truth.
Truth is not the friend of the USA.
Truth is a deadly enemy, to be killed at all cost! One would think that a “government” which claims to derive it’s authority to rule, from the American people, would want the American people well versed in the affairs of State.
But one would be wrong. The USA “elite”, want Americans dumb, stupid, ignorant. Just Smart enough to do the ever downward spiraling menial jobs for less and less pay, servicing the needs, wants and desires, of the Washington “Elite”.

Truth is to the “Elite”, the wooden stake that bloodsuckers fear, the silver bullet which will dispatch the Man-Wolf. Truth is to be feared by the “elite”! Let us examine why that is.

Washington DC hates the truth, always has, always will.
This is because Washington DC has always been a lie.
When the colonist rebelled against the King of the British Empire, fought a years long war, endured hardships which would make most Americans today, just give up.
Many died, many of them lost all they had. they endured this, because they thought they were fighting for freedom, their Natural Rights, their chance to stop being a slaves.
Beholden to no man but themselves.
Free men living in a free land!
That however, was never the plan.

The American “elites”, had different ideas of how the empire should be built.
They all agreed however, that it MUST be built! Now, if one is going to build empires, one will need slaves.
So, while the Rebels thought they were fighting for freedom, they were actually fighting to steal themselves and America from the British Empire, and transfer that ownership of the land and themselves as slaves, to the American “elite”.The Washington DC Empire, or the USA, was founded on a lie.

Everything that the USA Empire has done from that point on, has been a lie, propped up with more lies, and criminal in nature.
The owners of the Empire, (not the American living souls, living upon the face of the Land), make sure that truth is banished from Washington DC.
The Empire buys, bribes, or blackmails every news organization of any importance.

Truth will not be allowed to be used by these organizations. The whole of the USA commercial media, is a huge, lie generator.

A History of lies! I mean that literally. All US history, as put forth by popular media, culture, Holly Whore, government approved school books, is not only a lie, but a damn lie.

The Zionist, called Puritans back then by themselves, and yankees by the people of the surrounding states, started purposely writing fake history to cover up their crimes, lack of honor, and manhood. Jefferson caught the zionist yankees, trying to take credit for winning a Revolutionary War battle, the Virginians fought, Virginians won.

During the war of 1812, the zionist yankee ships and ships captains were carrying on a profitable smuggling with the enemy. Mass. refused to send their State troops,Would not allow then to leave the state.

Mass. threatened to secede, in time of war.
When the Southern States legally seceded forty nine years later, and NOT in time of war, these same lying, self righteous criminals, came down on the Southern people, raping, robbing, murdering, destroying, burning, occupying, for doing what they threatened to do themselves, forty nine years before.

When the USA does criminal acts like this, this can never be allowed into the history books. More BS history. The history of the Washington DC Empire, is a lie, used to prop up more lies, which are propped up by more lies.

From the point of subduing the States, the USA Empire has never stoped starting wars, raping, robbing, murdering, occupying, their way across the earth. A side note here, that should be noted. The Northern States which murdered their way through the South, with the defeat of the South, the people from those Northern States, also removed any question of their lands and their ass belonging to and being slaves of the pedophilic Uncle Sugar.

The Pedophile Empire, has never stopped using American children for sex toys and cannon fodder. The wealth of Americans, along with the natural resources which should have been used to grow and sustain the country, were stolen by the USA Empire, to build the Empire, for the Few “elite”.

The American Children are fed a steady stream of kill videos, war movies, be be in the mindset, to volunteer to be cannon fodder for the Empire. Of course, the reality of murdering little children who’s parents did not invade you, you invaded them, illegally, backed up by lies, is not as fun or clean as video games. By the time the children find that out, they are in a kill or be killed position, and they are the bad guys.

Not what Empire promised, but them, Empire always lies. Holly Whore puts out a steady stream of war movies, and movies glorifying murdering for Empire. When Empire wants to start another war, or another campaign, the Americans will be fed a steady stream of war movies on TV for days at a time. Every avenue of knowledge or truth, for the Americans, is blocked and viciously attacked by the baby murdering scum.

So you see, Mr. and Mrs. America,you can not keep those tons and tons of lies balanced up there forever. Truth will come out. Americans have three choices.

First, stick their heads even further up their self righteous asses, frantically singing Holy-Holy-Holy.

The other two have to do with the truth, and the manner in which the USA Empire, WILL be dismantled.

Second choice. Americans drive that silver tipped wooden stake through the cancerous heart of the pedophilic Uncle Sugar, and in an orderly fashion, dismantle the Empire.

Third choice is actually the first, except when all those lies fall on your ass at once, if you survive, you will be FORCED to pull you head out of your ass, stop being self-righteous, own up to the American’s complicity in the Empires crimes.

They did not have the moral fortitude, to look at the truth and act on it. With this option, empire crumbles where it will, people starve, people die, people fall through the cracks, all their pensions and Valuables having been stolen by the “elite” of the Empire, old people will off themselves, or die without their meds. Very messy. Take years to get under control and back on track.

I my self favor the silver tipped wooden stake and an orderly dismantling of the pedophilic Empire, with an orderly transition.

The Ole Dog!


  1. Brad says:

    Very well said. Tptb have been studying mind control/social engineering for a long time Aldous Huxley spoke about this at Berkley in the late 60’s. Then there is B. F. Skinner, the Tavistock institute, their think tanks and on and on.

    Your statement about tptb using war movies to gin up support for more resouce stealing wars is so true. TV is the prime choice for the elite’s mind control.

    TV actually induces a lower alpha – upper theta mind state that cause information to bypass critical thinking and go straight to your subconscious. They dont call the shows “programs” for nothing.

    The average man on the street is clueless to anything of real importance. They can quote sports scores and other meaningless garbage (bread and circuses). I have no real hope that the “sheeple”(the late William Cooper’s so apt term) will ever revolt.



  4. Helen B says:

    I look forward to the dismantling.

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