America Has a Pedophile Problem.

Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such are the kingdom of heaven. He said this because a child is innocent. They have not reached that age where they understand that evil exist in this world, that some people are evil. They are trusting. Who of you as parents, have not taken that small hand in yours, and understand that your child puts their whole trust in you, to love them, to keep them safe. The children are the future. What did Jesus say about someone who hurt a child? He said, “It were better for them that a millstone should be hanged around their neck, and be cast into the sea.” He also said, “It were better that they were never born.” It is safe to say,Jesus did not like pedophiles.

Pedophiles are not a new thing. As long as there have been humans, there have been people who looked human, but they are evil, they seem to not possess a soul. What human with a soul could use a child to gratify their perverted sexual lust? I do not think being a cabin boy on a British man of war was a happy experience. father told me stories about when he was a young man, fathers having babies with his own babies. Knew a Pastor of a church, town over who was suspected of molesting his own daughter.My brother walked in on the Youth Pastor from their church, raping his step son. Family i am close to, father raped two of his daughters, repeatedly. SOB died of cancer, but the damage was done. One only has to look at the real news, to understand America has a huge problem with these predators.

Who then are the pedophiles? They are the lawyer next door who pretends to be civic minded. They are your child’s school teacher, your priest, your minister, the judge setting there in a black robe, pretending to care about justice. They are the prosecutor who puts other people in jail for lessor crimes than their own, policeman, bankers, doctors, the person who sings the loudest in church, prays the most at the front. A pedophile can be poor, rich, female, male, any color, any religion, any nationality. They are past presidents, they are setting congressman and senators. They are heads of Federal agencies They all have one thing in common, They are evil, despicable creatures, who’s last breath, will leave a better world. Many of the people you know, deal with every day, are the victims of these bastards.

What then is the result of being raped by adults, on the child, beyond the physical pain? Often a child which is the victim of rape, will have very low self esteem, and be sexually promiscuous. Many never tell anyone about it, hold it inside, and it eats them up. This leads to all sorts of mental and emotional problems. One of the girls who’s father raped her, tried to drown the hurt wit alcohol. At forty-five years old, she has three children from a failed marriage, at least two who’s father was not the husband, a current husband who will be left alone soon because she has sorosis of the liver. The other sister has also suffered with relationship problems, promiscuous behavior. The step son of my brother, went down a dead end road, not sure if anyone knows where he is. Many times, the child will stay emotionally at the age when the trauma happened. Many develop Multiple Personalities. people you know, who you may think are liars, because they will do or say something and share they did not, because they did not do it. That was a another part of their brain, another personality, and many times, these personalities do not communicate with each other. The person goes through their lives, as a hurt child, never really growing up, but forced to live in an adult world which they do not understand. This is how the child tries to protect itself from the memories of the rape. The child who was raped, is in there somewhere, shoved way to the back, and the other children do not talk to that child. PTSD is a common thing among child rape victims. Their whole life has been made a living hell, all because some worthless Son of a Bitch, used them for a sex toy. Many times, when that rapist is a family friend or family member, the victim has to have contact with the person who raped them at family gatherings.

Some pedophiles are murderers as well as child rapist. They murder the child so they do not get caught. Some murder because it gets them sexually excited to murder the child as they are ejaculating. Some of the sick bastards eat the children after they rape and murder them. There are organizations which steal, kidnap, use government Child
Protection Agencies to feed the child rape market. In the British Government, it has been known for a long time that pedophilia is institutionalized with the elites who run the government. It has links to Buckingham. Pedophiles are serving in the House of Representatives, the Senate, White house staff and department heads. In the UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, there are pedophiles who regularly rape and murder children.

Why has it grown to be such a problem? How could these sorry animals not only survive in American society, but thrive? Because the American People, do not want to know. They do not want to pull the curtain back and stare at the evil and filth. It is a lack of moral courage, lack of honor, lack of humanity in the American people which allows this evil to flourish, and to reach into the highest offices of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. If they claim to be moral, Christian, and they admit this is going on, they either have to do something about it, or admit to themselves that they are a worthless piece of dung, a coward, and a hypocrite. They do not want to do either, so they pretend they do not see it.

A few months back, i knew a young man, in his forties, who has sons who he is raising in church, teaching them to be respectful, has them in the Boy Scouts, and volunteers with the organization. He was in combat when he was in the USA Army. I thought with a little nurturing, he would make a fine leader. I had lunch with him, and told he a few things that i thought he should know to help him grow as an American, and as a leader. When i got to the point where that information was about pedophiles, some of his Generals, presidents, congress and senate, he bowed up and demanded, how did i know? He did not want to hear more, because he did not want to see, because he had the balls to face bullets, but not facts which would make him take a stand which could cost him is cushy Federal job. I was wrong, he is not a leader, hell, he is not even human. His ass is more important to him, than taking a stand. Bet he went to church the next Sunday and sang louder than anyone else, to drown out any thoughts of pedophiles. He tells everyone how much he loves Jesus, but he ignores Jesus’s command to chain a few cinder blocks around some of these baby raping bastards necks, and throw them in the deep end of the pool. You can not be human, and continue to allow little children to be raped, murdered, and do nothing. Jesus would Bitch Slap this coward.

I believe that if we do not clean this up, if Americans do not stand up, demand that these evil scum be hanged publicly, and not take no as an answer form Federal Politicians, Judges, Heads of departments who are baby raping murders, that it is over. Might as well just aim all those nukes back at America and launch the damn things. If American does not have the balls to deal with this, NOW, American does not deserve to exist. Whats it going to be Good Christian Soldiers? You going to obey Jesus that you say you serve, grab a few pedophiles, chain and millstones, or are you going to be an egg sucking hypocrite? This evil can not stand. It must be felt with, but FIRST Mr. and Mrs. America, You have to look. You have to stop singing HOLY-HOLY-HOLY, pull your heads out of your self-righteous asses, and LOOK at the EVIL! Then stand up say, lets get er done!

John C Carleton

4 thoughts on “America Has a Pedophile Problem.

  1. yep says:

    blame your jewish policticians for all this…..blame israel also….they use this to spy on america… every demo-crat …they are the problem

  2. JoanieBaloney says:

    Author sounds very angry and hates Christians. Whew. Goodbye.

    • John C Carleton says:

      Zionist are not true Christians, they are, what used to be called Puritans, the ones who started all those wars in England, finally had to hide out in Mass. and New England when the fanatical Zionist Comwell’s “Puritan), they believed they were the pure race, chosen by “god”, (where have i heard that delusion before?), lost power.
      There they murdered all who would not join them/obey them.
      They called them witches, gave them sham trails, sort of like the USA court system today.

      Later, they murdered about two million Americans through rape, starvation, burning families in their own homes all across the south.

      After that, they called themselves “Christian Evangelicals, and set out to murder all in the whole world who will not give them their wealth, and obey them.

      Not very “Christlike”, if you ask me.
      Perhaps, you remember in the commandments, Thy shalt not murder, thou shalt not steal, they shalt not bare false witness.
      Zionist christians already have three strikes against then, and i have seven more commandments to cover.

      Now i posted this just in case it is through ignorance you made a fool of yourself.
      If you are a Hazbara troll, well, go have sex with yourself.

    • Helen B says:

      Justifiably angry … aren’t you?
      If you’re not, then I have to question what you’re up to.

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