Shit on a Shingle

Not real sure the name given to this culinary delight in foreign militaries, in the USA military Shit on a Shingle in the mess deck, means Uncle Sugar just fed you another meal that people on the outside would not pay for. Another words, he just showed you once again, he is just using and abusing you.

Nothing but the best for the troops, if they buy it themselves.

America, and Americans, under the occupation and direction of Washington DC, has become Shit on a Shingle.

Nothing but the best for Americans, as long as they still have a job, and a couple of credit cards to slowly go so far in debt trying to survive in a Shit on a Shingle economy, and a Shit on a Shingle inflationary currency, they will never be able to pay off the debt. This makes them debt slaves for the rest of their lives, probably be rules imposted by Washington DC soon, making children responsible for their dead parents debts.
Unless there is a repudiation of all debt, they will never be above water again. USA-USA-USA-USA!

Of course as my wife is tired of hearing me tell her, if about 95% of the Shit on a Shingle, me first, no honor American sheep went poof and disappeared, it would be a better world.

So America, under occupation of the USA, has become a Shit on a Shingle land, overfilled with a Shit on a Shingle people.

Mother Nature does not like Shit on a Shingle people.
Mother Nature tries to keep nature in balance.
Mother Nature will make adjustments.

And another one bites the dust!
And another one, and another one, another one bites the dust.

Always did have a crush on Mother Nature, always liked her style.

John C Carleton

Dog Days of Summer are at an End

The dog days of summer are at an end
Morning Chemtrials a sense of impending autumn seem to lend
The morning heat is only eighty eight
Cool of Hollowed days does seem a bit late
The wife will be a witch by popular demand
But the daughter puts her to shame whither in air, on sea or land
Grandchildren will be this and that
Grown Autistic son will be a Sheriff in a cowboy hat
Grandpa will be the Viking warrior poet priest
Rams skull on a seven foot staff leaves hypocrites shaken at least
They cross themselves and whisper behind my back
The horrors of the balls i have which they lack
Ahhh the anticipated Autumn Solstice time grows new
The time we love the most, the autumn goat BBQ
Dog friends and i had a meeting of the mind
Took the star shaped chemtrial as a sign to our kind
By Christmas time, the heavy metal fall out would cover the ground
Choking the air passages of the old and young without a sound
Dying plants with a chemical death
little small animals laboring for breath
We one and all agree
The bastards should be hung as an ornament from an autumn tree.

Council of five dogs, one cat, who thinks he’s a dog,
and myself.

John C Carleton

The Illegal Occupation of Syria That Mainstream Media Refuses To Talk About-The Last American Vagabond

How many different ways can one express their disgust and disdain for the sold out whores of Washington DC, from the top to the bottom rug of the ladder?

How many ways can one call Washington on their evil pedophile culture of attacking and murdering innocent persons for perverse pleasure and profit?

Think i have covered them all. Going to have to start over, recycle the truths of their evil.

John C Carleton

The Illegal US Occupation Of Syria That Mainstream Media Refuses To Talk About

US Military to Be No Longer Safe in Middle East-Stratigic Culture

Who wants Iran blown off the map, so they can be #1 in the middle east?

Why the little crime cabal Holocusting the Palestinian people, stealing their land, and murdering them so they can not reclaim their land.

Who is Israhell’s # one bitch at this point?

John C Carleton

Culling The Herd

When one reads the bible, one sees a pattern of people going from being spiritual, moral, upright, to evil, decadence easy living comes, selfishness.

In the Bible, time and again, the god of the Hebrews, had to slap the people down on their butts, rub their faces in their own evil, have them made slaves by other peoples, sometimes for generations, before they repented and got back with the plan.

When one studies history, one sees the same pattern arise again and again, to different peoples, in different lands. A people will work hard, be a moral people, help each other, the sick, the elderly, the needy, the orphaned and the widow. As generations go by, and the people turn away from morality, helping each other, hard work. They become me first, honor-less ass holes who see just how much they can screw everyone around them over. There is not a lack of religion, the opposite is true. The religion, becomes corrupted, and most of the people pay it lip service, and go on about their self serving lives, until their world falls on them.

In Nature, one sees the same thing, without the religion of course.

Being a hill billy country boy, i grew up watching the plentiful and the lean years. Nature has a way of keeping things in balance.

During the plentiful years, any animal in the herd, can get sex, have offspring, plenty of food for everyone. Good years last long enough, those of lessor genes, lessor stamina, which would have never reached adulthood, in the leans years, make it to adulthood and pass on their inferior genes. The herd swells. The good years means everyone gets to have plenty to eat. Party time.

Then the lean years come, rains do no fall, streams slow to trickles, the food plants do not grow much, the food crops of nature, the roots, the nuts, the fruit, are slim to none.

Now there will be a massive die off.
The weaker, the less industrious, the less mentally sharp, will die.
The hard chargers, the ones who hustle, work for the food, fight to stay alive, will survive, while the inferior animals die off.

This is actually a good thing, as when the good years return, and the herd starts to grow again, it starts with good genes, strong specimens, above average intelligence.

Means there will be several generations of decent animals in the herd, before the weak, lazy, mentally slow, start building up again, as the food supply makes a come back.
When there has been several good years, the herd has built up a large population again, in which large numbers of inferior animals are dead weight, the lean years will return, to cull the herd.

Lean years are coming for America, not a moment to soon.
The American herd is a disgusting, useless, evil, mean, self-righteous bunch of ass holes.

And another one bites the dust!

Those who do not understand nature, consider nature cruel.
Those who understand nature, understand that Natures culling of the herd, is not only efficient, but desirable.

And another one bites the Dust!

John C Carleton

IRGC Commander: CAATSA Means Abrogation of N. Deal, U.S. Should Withdraw Bases to 2,000 km Away

Washington DC trying hard to start WW 3.

Washington is now going to swear in an “Alternative, or mirror, Venezuela government.

What damn business is it of ass holes in Washington DC, what the hell Iran, N.K, and Venezuela does?

Well, Iran and N.K. do not have Rothschild Usury banks so the labor of the people can be stolen, and Venezuela has said, being tired of Washington trying to overthrow their elected government, that they will not sell their oil for dollars anymore.

When Muammar Gaddafi stopped selling his oil for US dollars, Hillary Clinton had him raped with an knife before being murdered. His country is a shit hole now.

But hey, Washington stole his gold, and Libya now has a Rothschild bank.

And the US already overthrew the Iranian government in the fifties, installed a brutal puppet head of state. Iranians did not get control of their country back until late seventies.

Washington DC has been trying to overthrow their government again, from the late seventies, until today. Tomorrow, the USA will still be trying to overthrow the Iranians peoples will again.

John C Carleton

Taxi Driver Video, the Zapruder of the Las Vegas Shooting-Youtube

Now, any ole ass hole who went through a war, who is not a total idiot kept alive in the war, by better men, will be able to tell approximate distance, caliber, type weapon, process this In milli seconds.

By 5 seconds, the official narrative is proved bullshit, as one hears not M-16s, but 7.62 belt fed, crew served weapons firing.

If by chance they are using 5.56mm, or .223 caliber, don’t think so, but was not there myself, going on a recording, it sure as hell was belt fed with a hell of a lot lower rate of fire than an M-16. Been out of the game a while myself. Don’t know of a 5.56 belt fed low rate of fire machine gun, don’t mean it is not out there. But definitely belt fed, and more than one shooter and location.

Yes, Plural, weapons. One near the taxi, one farther away. Some have said this is echo. It is not. Go to about 50 sec., hear a erratic far burst of firing, not M-16.No echo.
At about 106 sec., hear 7.62 belt fed firing close to taxi again. Taxi had not moved at this point.

One to three, belt fed, 7.62×51 mm crew served machine guns, firing from different locations.

Uncle Sugars pedophilic ass is flapping in the hot air from Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

If you still believe the official narrative after watching this, you believe Oswald shot JFK, Jack Ruby shot Oswald out of anger and sorrow at the death of JFK, James Ray shot Rev MLK, the tooth fairy brings money for old teeth, and the Easter bunny leaves chocolate eggs.

When a Pole cat has contacted the rabies virus, things will not end without a lot of stink. Seems the whores of Babylon have contacted both the rabies and zionist virus simultaneously.

John C Carleton