Allison’s Cavalry

Colonel R.D. Allison

Captain, 24th Tennessee Regiment.
Later elected Colonel, 24th Tennessee Regiment.

Raised Allison’s Cavalry Squadron, Dekalb County, Tennessee 1862.
Battles include:
Shiloh, Chattanooga, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Nashville, Murfreesboro, Tunnel Hill.
Wounded six times in battle and gained distinction for daring and bravery.
Picture courtesy of family collection. Taken: 1870, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Allison’s Tennessee Cavalry Squadron was raised March 1862, at Alexandria, TN., by Col. R. D. Allison, John S. Reece, and Robert V. Wright. Col. Allison and John Reece had previously served with the 24th Tennessee Infantry, Company F but had been discharged due to their age.

The three companies that made up Allison’s were mostly men from DeKalb Co. TN with a few from the surrounding counties. It was one of the few DeKalb units that actually fought in there home area.

The greater part of these men received their training at Camp Trousdale on the L & N RR near the little village of Richland Station, now Portland. Here they were organized into regiments, uniformed as well as possible, armed with Flintlock Muskets and given tents. Brick ovens for baking were built, the remains of which can be found today. The camp was north-eastward from Portland and included therein was Cold Spring School. The school building was used as a hospital and has been moved to another location on the McGlothlin farm where it still stands, being used as an outbuilding. [In a strange coincidence, my mother’s mother was McGlothlin. This was the family farm. LP]

During the first half of 1863 it was involved in several small battles and skirmishes in and around Alexandria and Liberty. While camped near Liberty, the squadron was warned of the approachment of Federal troops from west of town. A guard of ten men was sent to investigate and near Salem church a column of Yankees was spotted. The guards opened fire on the advancing Bluecoats and quickly raced back to camp to warn the rest of the men. The firing had warned the men in camp and they quickly saddled their horses and started the supply wagons toward Snow’s Hill, a steep high ground that was easily defended by the often out-numbered Confederates. A running fight ensued. At Dry Creek bridge, Capt. Wright’s Co. C. stopped and waited for the Federals. Once in sight they opened fire, stalling the yankees for a bit, then riding on. Capt. Reece’s Co. B. used the same tactic a little ways up the road at the Stanford home. At Ashbury Church, Co. A., was able to hold the enemy long enough for the supply wagons to make it up Snow’s Hill. This fight involved over 1000 Federal troops and a total of 75 Confederate troops, with 8 Yankees killed and 1 Confederate wounded. Believing that Allison’s Cavalry was the advanced guard of Gen. John Hunt Morgan’s command, the Federals did not attempt to pursue the units up the steep ground.

In July 1863, Allison’s Squadron moved to the Chattanooga area with the Army of Tennessee and in August was placed under Colonel George C. Dibrell, of Lieutenant General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Cavalry Corps. With Dibrell the squadron fought the Battle of Chickamauga, September 18-20, where it suffered its heaviest casualties of the war.

In October 1863, the squadron was reported in Major General Joseph Wheeler’s Cavalry Corps., and spent the next several months in north Georgia, recruiting.

In August 1864, Allison’s Cavalry took part in General Wheeler’s raid into Tennessee. General Wheeler, only 27 years old, took his 4500 men north of Atlanta, and within a few days, destroyed 35 miles of railroad track near Marietta and Dalton and burned a bridge over the Etowah. Near Knoxville, Wheeler sent Gen. Williams, with several companies including Allison’s, to Strawberry plains to attack a Federal Garrison there. Finding it to strong, they attempted to catch up with Wheeler’s main force, but always remained a day or two behind. Moving through Rutherford County, they fought a considerable battle on the Woodbury Pike. The men with Gen. Williams never succeed in rejoining Wheeler’s group and eventually went to Saltville, Virginia, where they fought a battle and saved the salt works from enemy capture.

The last company reports from the Squadron were dated December 31st 1864, at Robertsville, South Carolina. Lieut. B. L. Ridley, in a journal entry dated March 27th 1865, stated: “This afternoon went with General Stewart to the depot, where we found Colonel Allison, a Tennessee Cavalryman, on his way westward with the body of his son, who was killed a day or two ago near Goldsboro trying to rescue some ladies from the clutches of the enemy.” In the reorganization of Gen. Joe Johnston’s Army, the Squadron was reported, on April 9th 1865, as part of Lieut. Gen. Wade Hampton’s Cavalry Corps., and surrendered and was paroled as part of this Corps.

John C. Estes enlisted in Company B, Tennessee Allison’s Cavalry Battalion, in DeKalb County, Tenn. in 1862. John C. Estes was born 25 August 1827 DeKalb Co. Tennessee. He died 12 March 1884 in Franklin, Kentucky. He is buried in the family cemetery.

John C. Estes is my father’s father’s mother’s father. [My great-great grandfather.] He rode with Colonel Allison throughout the war.

Lewie Paine


in this life, i had two dreams.

One i achieved, the other was just Jonah’s ship to Tarshish, to keep from warning the Nanivites of the wrath to come, if they did not repent of their evil.

i recall, from the time i was getting through high school, the thought, i just want to be the average American.

i simply had no idea, how badly the average American got fucked up the ass by the USA.

The USA, has been educating me on that ever since.

The other dream, was about five hundred acres, in the hills somewhere.

The older i got, the more the USA fucked me up the ass, the more i had to put up with the un-horable bleating of the sheep, the more i realized, that was a dream, of getting myself to a location, where i could seclude myself from the evil of the sheep, and the evil of the USA.

i have no dreams left in this life.

All that is left for me is my duty.

it is my duty, to tell the sheep who hate the truth, the truth.Telling the truth to the sheep, does not make one popular.

Ask Jesus the Christ about that!

Part B of that, is telling Ahab and Jezebel, that their evil will find them out, and the dogs will eat their ass.

This don’t make you popular with the sheep who idolize Ahab and Jezebel, or the evil murdering sons of bitches and bitches of the USA whorehouse.

This world, all of it, has nothing to offer me.

Don’t want to be king. Don’t want to be president. Don’t want to be filthy rich. Don’t want power over all humanity and the earth. Don’t want women, cars, ships, jets, mansions.

Of the twelve hundred or so, Christian sects, before 325 AD, 1140, taught reincarnation.

Reincarnation did not work well for kings and government herding the sheep where they wanted them, so the Roman catholic church, taught, one god, one life, and burning hell forever, if you did not do exactly as the Roman Catholic Church taught.

The Roman Cathotic Church, that Love of God bunch, hunted down and murdered all who dared teach anything but their version.

i have been the King, more than once. i have been the general, more than once. i have had all the women i wanted, all the money i wanted, all the power i wanted over others, life and death power.

When you meet someone, who has the abilities to make these things happen in their lives, and they turn their backs on them, it is because, from past lives, they know that path is a dead end, and does not bring happiness.

Happiness, is not why we are here.

This world is a school. The soul learns from it’s mistakes, eats the pain, and grows.

i belong more to the other side than this one.

Had a nephew tell be the other day how a guy he was having breakfast with, had a heart attack and died right there. Told me he started doing CPR, but could not bring him back.

i told him, when That Which Is, allows me to check out of this shit hole, if someone brings me back, i will hunt them down!

Dreams are for the young.

Duty is for the old!

John C Carleton.

Walking Pneumonia With Out the Boogie-Woogie Flu

Have been down for days. Get up, go out, feed the animals, get back in. Have not been able to eat hardly anything.

i Would like to thank Uncle Sugar’s pedophillic ass!

i was one of the most healthy people i knew before i shipped off in one of Uncle Sugars wars of aggression.

Grew up drinking uncontaminated well water, without added chemicals. Ate meat which we raised ourselves, vegetables which we raised, drank raw cows milk right out of the cow.

Was in country when the oil wells were set on fire. Some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets i ever saw in this life, then the fires. Everything turns dark, black, we breathed this stuff.

During that war, Uncle Sugar’s pedophillic ass used the war as cover to test a experimental vaccine, on it’s own GI’s. It was illegal, immoral, and un-American.

The Nazi’s which everyone loves to hate, did not experiment on their own troops.

USA has a loooonnnnngggggggg history of using captive military men run run experiments on.

From giving black soldiers syphilis, let them take it home to their families, studying them all the way through their lives, testing chemical/biological weapons on US GI’s, putting them up next to nuclear explosions, sending troops into Japan, days after the bombs were dropped, assuring them the scientist had checked it all out, and there was no danger.

Then always, always, lying about what they did, and refusing medical help and compensation to their victims.

i came home from that war, sick. Everyday after, i have had pain, sometimes horrible pain, sometimes not so bad. i have suffered sickness, from that time to now.
The experimental vaccine, fried our immune systems.

Get a common cold, will probably end up with pneumonia. Will take weeks to stop hacking and coughing, to get back in the saddle.

Thats why i have been absent for here.

Too damn sick.

Thank you Uncle Sugar!

John C Carleton

Paper Gold Trading Days for London & New York Numbered-Geopollitics

The paper gold and silver scam, run by Washington DC, will end.

He who has the gold, makes the rules.

That won’t be the USA.

That won’t be the American people.

The Criminal USA corporation, has pissed away the promise America was, murdering people in unjust wars, stealing everything from Americans, using the fruits of Americans, to try to rule the world.

Course, the American sheep have goose stepped to all the unjust USA wars, except the one time the South stood up to them.

We all know how that ended.

American people will get what they deserve, and it will not be pretty.


John C Carleton

Paper Gold Trading Days for London & New York Numbered