Overcoming the Instincts of Hive Consciousness

Argentine ants attack a single harvester ant. Photo credit: University of California, Riverside.

Ants are the only animal in the world that humanity can be accurately compared with, so much so that perhaps mankind was influenced by antkind more than any other being. Humans and ants are farmers, warriors, harvesters, thieves and enslavers alike. No other animal behaves like man, except ants, and no other being is as warmongering. Individually we each might be more like a dog or cat, or perhaps we might like to see ourselves as similar in character to a bird, but as a collective, mankind is mostly like antkind.

Antkind and humankind alike have virtually no societal limit to their growth. The environment limits their growth, not their instincts or biological needs. Few other species on the planet operate in this manner. The colony might be hundreds, or millions or billions, and growth will continue. No other species have societies of this proportion, and no other animal behaves the way ants and people might. No other species kills and enslaves each other and no other species practices the complete confrontation of war like humans and ants do.

The harvesting, farming, raising of livestock, enslavement, and war organization that is common between antkind and mankind make us remarkably similar. But perhaps of all our shared traits, the most detrimental similarity is the fact that antkind and mankind both build walls. Perhaps the fact that we build walls is actually the most markedly similar characteristic between us, preceding all other similarities.

Ants and humans build complex dwellings in part as a way to defend the collective, which appears righteous, but it is primarily the result of the near permanent collective state of war.


Smashing the Cult of Celebrity

At the dark heart of corporate consumer culture lie the social programs that mass-produce conformity, obedience, acquiescence and consent for the matrix.

The cult of celebrity is the royal monarch of these schemes, the ace in the hole for mass mind control and the disempowerment of the individual. This is the anointed paradigm of idol worship and idol sacrifice, a vampire’s feast on our individual and collective dreams. Who do you love? Who do you hate? Who do want to be like? 

Combine this paradigm with the technology of social media, and the individual is flung into oblivion, never fully understanding the importance and value of their own life, instead always comparing themselves to phony ideals and well-designed, well-funded marketing campaigns.

Marketeers and propagandists are skilled at leveraging human psychology to exploit human nature. They utilize the study of the psyche to gain inroads into your behavior, and they employ this science as a tool for stoking insecurities and triggering urges.

They may be selling an idea, a lifestyle, a product, or a war, but, the pitch is the same: a false idol rises from the wastelands of the American dream, and is presented to the hordes as a well-packaged product. The celebrity’s life is a projection of a niche fantasy, and a following is built up around this fantasy, and the cult followers are steered toward whatever point of purchase.

And that’s what a cult is: “a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.”

This kind of externalized validation serves as a power transfer. Your personal power is extracted and foisted onto a manufactured image in the matrix, and without realizing it, you’ve forfeited your power to influence the direction of your own life.

This is about usurping individuality in order to foster groupthink and hive consciousness.


US Seeks to Intentionally Prolong Syrian Bloodshed-Global Research

Look Folks!
Its simple!
Its right to do right,
and its wrong to do wrong!

If Right, showed up in Washington DC, the entire USA/Washington DC establishment, would gang rape Right to death.
Then some of the hard core evils sons of bitches, would eat parts of Right, in evil dark sided rituals.

No going back to being a Vestal Virgin, once one has been the Madan of a successful house of ill repute.

No reforming the evil of Washington DC/USA.

Americans need to go back in their reasoning, to 1776, and rethink the whole damn thing.

Now, i have more than one ex wife. Never went back and married one once i divorced em.
Reason you did not make it the first time is always there, along with all the baggage she picked up after the divorce.

Went found a new woman, started fresh and over.

Now, makes no sense to get rid of the evil of the empire, and keep their rules and laws.
The best short term course, may be a short return to the Articles of Confederation. i say short term, as a position for a battle in a war.
Articles of Confederation, did not stop the Usury bankers, elites, lawyers, from selling Americans asses back into slavery the first time, sure as hell won’t in this modern age.

Here lies the problem with the Articles of Confederation:
They were supposed to be a gentlemen’s agreement between men of honor.
Some of the men did have honor, but many did not. Un-honorable men, will not be kept from evil by dried ink on parchment, paper, or the digital representation there of on an electronic device.

Evil only understands force.

Brave new world coming.

Time to try some new things.

John C Carleton

US Seeks to Intentionally Prolong Syrian Bloodshed

More Civilians killed, Injured, in US Airstrikes in Northeastern Syria-FarsNews

US, is illegally in Syria.

Syria did not attack America.

The whole of the USA “government”, are international war criminals, murderers, evil sons of bitches who sent not only American Children to die/murder, but pay criminal scum from all over the world, to go to Syria, rape, murder, blow up things and people.

USA does all this for Israhell.

Because the honor-less dumb asses the American sheep keep sending to Washington DC can not keep their pants up, or their hands from reaching for the bribe money, taken from the American workers, at the point of a weapon, actual or implied, so over 8 million dollars a day can be sent to the little crime cabal occupying Palestine, Holocusting the indigenous Palestinian people.

A pittance comes back as bribes to the whores of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

But the whores of Babylon, sell their, and the American’s asses cheap.

John C Carleton


US Propaganda Collapses in Syria, But Threats Remain, US Continues to Support ISIS and Al Qaeda in Violation of UN Resolution- Global Research

“I want to tell you something very clear. Don’t Worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.”
Ariel Sharon-October 03, 2001.

“After we squeeze all we can from the United States, it can dry up and blow away.”
Benjamin Nitwityahoo

“I am the best thing that could happen to Israel.”
Donald Trump

USA, the corporation, is bribed and blackmailed into being Israhell’s bitch.

American children, murder other children, and their parents, in foreign lands, which have not attacked America, for the benefit of Israhell.

One on the black rock, one on Tel Aviv, and Common Law Trials for bribery, pedophilia, treason, rape, murder, War crimes, crimes against humanity, Washington DC.

Anything else is bull shit.

Get er done!

John C Carleton

US Propaganda Collapses in Syria, But Threats Remain. US Continues to Support ISIS and Al Qaeda in Violation of UN Resolution

Floride: Killing Us Softly-Global Research

It would seem, the push to force fluoridation on people, is an attempt at a central level, much higher than any national government, to produce dumbed down people.

People not smart enough to see through the juvenile criminal behavior, of the sold out whores who are placed in administrative positions at the National, State, and local level.

Might be, in combination with all the other shit they make one breath, eat, use, a project to kill off more humans at an earlier age.

i read of a Monsatan cafeteria, which served only non GMO foods, because the Monsatan employees, who understand GMO, won’t eat GMO.

There is an evil loose in the world, an old evil, but it has at this time, control over most of the political whores, in most of the countries of the world.

i would say, start cleaning up at the local level, and if they evil interferes, perhaps the people of the world, needs to follow that evil back to its source here on earth, and do some composting.

John C Carleton.

Fluoride: Killing Us Softly