Can a Zionist, Truly Repent, Receive Forgiveness?

This is a question, people been asking for thousands of years!

The answer, has been reviled to me!

See, have this billy goat named Ramsar.

Being the keeper, of especially vile, evil, zionist, reincarnated as zionist goats, (all they want to do is fight when they have the advantage, rape the young, sex-sex-sex, and eating, eating everything down to the roots, killing all the plants, the trees, all living things around them, i have been shown the grace of the Light.

Now you have to understand, the middle level zionist scum suckers, are reincarnated on my brothers land, in his herd.

i just get the real bad ones.

But there is hope!

Ramsar, who is abut two years old now, is just a big ole pet.
Not mean, i have to scratch between his horns, under his jaw.
he follows me around the pasture.

He was a vile zionist, or he would not been sent here, but he truly repented, asked forgiveness, AND, changed his ways!

He still likes sex and eating, but he don’t want to fight the weaker goats, and he don’t rape the young.

See there is hope!

Next life, he will probably finally allowed to be born as a human with a soul, not a two legged, child raping human appearing thing with a cancerous tumor where a heart should be.

And believe it or not, Ramsar Jr., is showing promise!

We may be about to have a great transition in ages here!

Keep the faith!

Oh the bad ones, make the best damn Alsatian zionist goat sausage you ever tasted!

Last time, had this especially vile, ugly, mean, scum sucking nanny named Golda.

Worthless living, but made damn good sausage!

Taste a bit like pork!

John C Carleton

How Rockefeller Covered Up the Mass Slaughter of Children By US Military-Neonnettle

If one wants to see examples of the USA military slaughtering large numbers of innocent children for financial reasons, all one has to do is look at the four year war crime of 1861-1865, and the following occupation, to see the USA joyously, raping, slaughtering huge numbers of innocent children, the ones they did not starve to death.

USA, has never been the good guys!


John C Carleton

The Damn zionist Whores in Washington DC Want My Confederate Flag Down, i Lowered it, And Ran The Palestinian Flag Up!

All this shit because the damn war criminals from Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, want my Confederate flag down?


It is Down, and the Palestinian flag is Flying over Occupied Texas, in solidarity, with the Holocusted indigenous Semitic Palestinians, in occupied Palestine.

Texas and Palestine, are bothers, as both are occupied by the same evil.

i think, all over the world, people should raise the Palestinian flag, as a symbol, of the evil and brutality of Israhell.

i hope to see the Palestinian flag flying all over the world.

Get er done!

Now i have to raise another flag pole, no way my Confederate flag is staying down.

John C Carleton

A Big one on the Black Rock, a Big one on Tel Aviv=Peace in the Middle East, and Where the Hell Was Putin? Having “Warm, Productive meetings”, with Nitwityahoo?

This shit is as plain as the nose on your face.

Either that or the KGB did not allow Putin to have his balls back.

Here are two stories, which are damn well informative, as they are disgusting.

Time to stop being fucking reasonable .

Time to stop, compromising with damn evil ass holes!

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

‘Saudi Crown Prince Bombshell To Jewish Leaders: Palestinians Must “Accept Peace or Shut Up”.-Zero Hedge.


‘Massive Fireball Light Up Syrian Sky After Israeli Strike; “Dozens” Of Iranian Soldiers
Reportedly Killed’-The Last American Vagabond.

Massive Fireballs Light Up Syrian Sky After Israeli Strike; “Dozens” Of Iranian Soldiers Reportedly Killed

Western Media Complicit in War Crimes-Stratigic Culture

When there are Common Law trials, talking heads, who knowingly spread lies, to further the war crimes of the Western British Anglo zionist Empire, who’s’s lies have assisted in countless millions of murders by the Empire, should be given a fair trial, and a fair hanging.

There will have to be examples made of the war criminals all across Western society.

The zionist preacher, cheering on the Holocusting of the indigenous Palestinians in their own damn homeland, should stand on the trapdoor next to the trap door for the Head of State, who gave the orders to the General, who should be standing on the trapdoor next to the head of State.

There must be retribution, and examples made.
Get er done!

John C Carleton.

US Military is Americas Worst Enemy.-Information Clearing House

Couple of points.

First, i consider Israhell, a worst enemy to Americans than the US military, as Israhell, is the one using American children as cannon fodder.

Israhell controls Washington DC through bribes and blackmail.

If the US military is murdering someone, Israhell ordered that murder, that war.

Second, the author, started at Viet Nam pointing out the USA/Washington DC’s war crimes and illegal wars of aggression.

As A Texan, who’s country has been militarily occupied, by the USA, for 152 years, after the USA, illegally, immorally, criminally, in an outright war crime, and violation of their own damn documents and laws, invaded, robbed, raped, gang raped to death, children, women, black and white, free and slave, burned , blew up, killed livestock, burned farms, crops, out houses, pig pins, churches, homes, courthouses.

Half a million murdered, starved, raped Southerners later, everyone is supposed to forget the murder of between half a million to a million Americans, by the criminal Washington DC.

Don’t Damn Well think so.

God bless Robert E Lee, who fought the evil of Washington DC.

Forget hell!

John C Carleton

Things which really matter

As down the path of life i trod,
Matters little if my home be of brick, timber or sod,
It is not the dazzle of mammon or prestige one should hold near,
It is the quite knowledge of those who have passed to hold dear,
When faced with a modern dragon in my path,
Many lives before, i faced the same dragons wrath,
If i listen closely to my many lives past,
The lessons they paid for, so i could last,
In this race for the prize of illumination, of fact,
The i of this life may lack,
When i am lost, not knowing, unable to see,
They very quietly, speak to me,
Of lessons learned, prices paid, mistakes not to repeat,
Of the coveted times when past and present may together meet,
They cheer me on when my sight grows dim,
When i am sinking in the waters of life, they extend a limb,
To pull me to the bank and safety of solid ground,
So i am always climbing up the mountain,never down,
Of illumination, of service, of honor and of duty to human kind,
i must honor those who have past, keep them in my mind,
Hold them dear in my heart for our reunion on the other side,
Where in sweet peace and solitude, for a bit we will abide.

John C Carleton

“Why not Son? Aren’t you normal?”

i have been fighting the evil on the face of the earth, every day, day in and day out.

Damn well every now and then got to remember to stop and smell the roses.

i post story after story, few of my short things, (am under no illusion i am a writer, will leave that to Lewie).

Damn it, time i tell you something which don’t make you think of all the bad shit going on.

The i was about 17, had this girlfriend up on San Antone.

Now, i was smarter than most of them hill billies.

Anyone grew up in a small community knows just what i am talking about.

Now, when the pond is small, any half way decent fish is desirable.

Works the same with girls.

Now, any half decent looking gal in a small pond tends to get the big head. Just natural i suppose, but i always knew that across a few county lines, was a big place, had more good looking, willing girls than i could get to in a life time.

Sides, one of them boys hooked up with one of them local gals, she owned his ass and time, lock, stock and barrel.
Hell, he might as well just put a ring in his nose, hand her a rope tied to it, cause he could not take a leak behind a tree without permission.

Me, i would leave high school on Friday evening, head that car to San Antone.
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