How False Flags Are Carried Out Today-Stratigic Culture

Read when i was a kid, about a European politician, back in the maybe 1700s, long time since reading the story, who was corrupt as hell, and just as popular as hell is with dying people.

He would hire, someone every now and then, to take a shot at him from hiding, and he would claim the opposition was trying to kill him, because he was standing up for the people against them.

“A politician, is the lowest life form on the face of the earth!”
General George S Patton.

He had a lot of experience with politicians.

John C Carleton

A modest proposal-The Irish Savant

Now, my mother was a rabid “christian” zionist.
She had that crap beat into her head as a child, and did her best to beat it into the heads of all her children.

Did i every mention i am the black sheep of my family, with the exception of two brothers and my departed father?

I have these things i do which makes hypocrite Zionist go berserk, drop straight to their knees, and pray “earnestly for your deliverance from evil, and that you repent!

Thongs like telling the truth, being honest, not acting like a hypocrite!

Zionism has infected whole areas, States, countries!

Remember back about 1976 or so, in high school, a young teacher who had graduated from school, gone off became a teacher, came home, to give back to his community.

He was trying desperately to enlighten these multigenerational inbred hillbillies.

He one day was talking about how things were changing past the county line, down by the lake.
He asked the class, “for instance, how many of you have smoked pot’?

i looked around, and i was the only damn person with their hand in the air.

Some of these ass holes i had been smoking pot with the night before.

America, needs to stamp out this evil zionist hypocrisy.

It leads to the shit hole you see around you.

i do not trust the judgement of most people indoctrinated with “christian zionism”.

Neither do i trust the judgement of most indoctrinated into the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult, known as Judaism.

If they know it is bull shit, still play the game, they are evil sons of bitches.

If they can not see the truth, because of their cult indoctrination, they are a danger to all of humanity, to the very health of Mother Earth, herself.

John Carleton

That something which the sheep fear, the awake dread, is trying to be born

Sheep are sheep.
Sheep have always been sheep
Sheep are fearful herd animals.
Sheep will always be fearful herd animals.
Every now and then, one wakes up, decides they don’t want to be a sheep any longer, and starts learning and growing.
i look forward to the time when masses of sheep, start that long process of evolving beyond the herd, as an individual, taking responsibility for their own actions, soul, destiny.

But in the meantime, the evil of zionism, is trying their damnedest, to deliver the long planned, Usury Bankers War WW 3.

The sheep fear everything, but WW 3 has been built up in their fear factor all the lives.
Now the possibility is thrown in the face of the sheep, by those trying to start WW 3, every damn day.
Look at the TV news, MSM everywhere, they pumping out that fear porn every damn day.

The awake, dread another war, but understand as long as this world stands, there will be wars.
The trick is to have as few as possible, and them make them as short, and humane as possible.

But we sure as hell don’t need make do wars, like WW 3.
Wars which did not need to happen, but for the greed and perversions of those who call themselves learned and leaders.

It is much better, humanity rises up, has fair Common Law Trials, Fair Hanging, (except France, who may use the traditional Guillotine), of all these evil sold out, usury thirty shekel whores.

Is it better, a few thousand guilty die, or billions of humans, because humanity, did not have the foresight, the understanding of the situation, the BALLS, to hang these ass holes, and avoid another damn Usury bankers war?

WW 1 vet told my father about war:
“Its a poor mans hell, and a rich mans Heaven”.

Time to take care of this micky mouse shit!

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh, ( Alleged Oklahoma City Bomber)-You Tube

When i was in the military, after my experience in Desert Shield/Desert Storm, i understood everything the US government fed American’s, and all the info fed those of us who were waiting for the next war, was pure unadulterated USA Grade A, bullshit.

Having seen a story about the war i personally experienced, in Soldier of Fortune Magazine, and to this day, being the most truthful coverage of the real scoop, i started reading the magazine, so as to be fully aware of what i was flying into, the next Uncle Sugar said, Saddle and mount up, not the bullshit lies reason given the troops and American Public.

They were the best reporting i saw on Ruby Ridge, Idaho, Waco, Texas, and Oklahoma City.

The Federal Government Bombed the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

i can personally testify, i had a several year phone relationship, who’s phone number came to me under very peculiar circumstances.

i do not have the smoking gun evidence, but this man, was former military, supposably retired.
He was CIA, and when he figured out i was not going to be enticed into their games, so i could in my opinion, end up dead at a mass shooting site, i having been a weapons guy, competing in long range service rifle competitions.
The CIA, sure as hell was not looking to use me based on my theological knowledge.

After he finally figured out, i was not biting, and we had over a few years, developed a kind of familiarity, he either, cause he was smart enough to know i knew who he was, or slipped, i do not know and said in a conversation once, “when I was recruited.”
He also talked about a “friend” of his who was recruited in Viet Nam from the Army.

USA, is not now, and have never been, the good guys.

John C Carleton

How the Russian Navy Saved the Union During the Civil War-Knowledge Nuts

i grow tired of the whining of the Russians, because the zionist which they aided in the War Crime against the American people, are now returning the favor.

Cry babies!

It’s called Karma.

How you like them apples?

Russians need to own up to their countries crimes against humanity, and war crimes.

Confession is the first step to repentance.

John C Carleton

How The Russian Navy Saved The Union In The Civil War

Turkey Will Repatriate All Gold From The US In Attempt To Ditch Dollar-Zero Hedge

Want to know what the death of an Empire looks like?
Well son, pull up a chair and watch the Empire die with it’s counterfeit currency.

Turkey’s gold has long back been stole and sold, to support the price suppression scam run by Washington DC, in which everyones gold trusted to them, what they could steal out of bank vaults, force cash settlements on on clients, at commercial vaults, who were paying fees, to store their own damn gold, along with Libya’s gold, Iraq’s gold.

Some buyers of “paper gold”, which the Fed, USA/ British Anglo zionist Empire have thrown into the market, between 100-200 paper ounces of Gold and silver, to every real physical ounce available for deliver.

It’s a scam, and it’s crashing.

India, Russia and China, have stocked up on stolen gold, at bargain basement prices, as they are big enough boys to demand deliver on the paper.

John C Carleton.

The Green Fields of France-Eric Bogle-YouTube

WW 1 was a Usury Bankers war, and did not benefit America

A WW 1 vet told my father, “It was a rich mans heaven, and a poor mans hell”.

My maternal grandfather was there. He made it back, but died young.

WW 2 was a zionist Usury bankers war, and did not benefit American or humanity.

WW 3, which the zionist Usury bankers are trying hard to get started, is not for humanities sake,

Humanity don’t need WW 3.

Humanity needs to hang Usury Bankers, and their political call boys and girls!

John C Carleton