Texas City Tells People No Hurricane Harvey Aid Unless They Promise Not To Boycott Israel-Globail Research

This is called bald faced zionism, and prostitution by the collaborators in Austin who are Israhell’s bitches.

Zionism is a virus, when children are infected with it, they grow up with it eating away at the part of the soul, which has empathy. honor, goodness, self examination, truth, and understanding.

The people, who support that little crime cabal, occupying Palestine, and Holocusting the Palestinian people, are as evil, and as guilty of the pedophilia, rapes, torture, starvation, genocide, murders and thefts, as the buck toothed, inbreed, pagan cult members, who are carrying out these crimes against humanity.

John C Carleton


To Get Hurricane Rebuilding Money in Texas, Contractors Must Promise, They won’t Boycott Israel-The Intercept

I been telling everyone, USA/Washington DC is controlled by that little crime cabal, (British Empire Outpost, in the middle East), occupying Palestine, and Holocusting the Palestinian people, so the can not reclaim their stolen land, all of it.

Been telling everyone, that the fifty “State” “governments”, are nothing more than occupation sub corporations of the main DC corporation, which is now controlled, again, by Israhell and Nitwityahoo.

Don’t see how much more proof one would want or need, unless they are a zionist troll or an American Head up Assus sheep.

Fair trials and fair hangings for collaborators.

Freedom from oppression for the living souls, living on the face of the land, both Texas and any other souls living on the face of the land, in the other 49 occupied states.

John C Carleton


CIA Urges Trump to Delay Release of 3,000 Files on JFK Assassination- Covert Geopolitics

The CIA manufactured the term “conspiracy theorist”, to dazzle the sheep with bull shit, so the sheep would not actually pick apart the CIA’s lies trying to cover up their having assassinated a sitting American president.

Sheep are herd animals, and as such, do not want to bring attention to themselves. the reason for the herd after all, is so that there are many sheep for the predators to eat, hopefully they will eat other sheep. Herd animal brings attention to itself, it increases the chances of the predators picking it out for lunch.

Therefore, labeling someone a conspiracy nut when they seek or speak the truth, is enough to keep most sheep from looking at the truth.

Damn, i am ready for the great sheep BBQ. The sooner more and more of these sheep bite the dust, the sooner the awake can start to try to rebuild America.
And another one bites the dust!

John C Carleton

CIA Urges Trump to Delay Release of 3,000 Files on JFK Assassination

Myths Vs Facts-A good Video On the Battle of the Alamo

Any official history is bull shit.

As a Texan, i grew up proud to be a Texan. As an old fart, i still am!

As i stated in a video, if one finds themselves in Texas, finds they don’t like the way Texans do things, there are roads going North, and there are roads going South, and they rent U Hauls damn near anywhere in Texas. See You!

On the other hand, passed down from my fathers male line, “It takes a thousand props to hold up a lie, but the truth will stand alone”.

Truth always works better.

Not all of history heroes were what we would call today, good men. They were often violate, vindictive, many with personal failings.

But on the day that mattered, they looked death in the face and died as heroes. All men, (and women), have feet of clay. Bible thumpers will paint an impossible for most humans to achieve rules. But for the most part, those making the rules, can not live up to their own rules.

SO any hero out there screwed up many times before They achieved the feat which would secure their place in history.

Hope you enjoy the video.

John C Carleton

Organized Chaos and Confusion as Political Control

It’s not supposed to be clear, now or then. If you’re confused by the news you’re hearing, you should be. They want you to be. They try to make you be. But you don’t have to be.

Who are “they”? They are the corporate mainstream media (MSM) that serve as mouthpieces for the power elites, who are connected through an intricate system of institutions and associations, both obvious and shadowy. They run the show that the media produce for the masses. To paraphrase the illustrious American propagandist, Edward Bernays: This is the engineering of the consent of the ignorant herd by the intelligent few.

That this has been going on for a long time should be obvious. That such propaganda is surround-sound today is a fact. It is total and non-stop. Even its critics are often seduced as they are horrified.

But I utter the obvious to explore the obscure. In particular, the ways the elites try to manage the public mind by confusing contradictions, half-truths, multiple and conflicting narratives, and revelations proffered to conceal more fundamental facts.

The basic way people’s thinking is controlled today is by confusing them and creating a perpetual state of mental vertigo. Muddled and disordered by double-speak, illogical reporting, and a kaleidoscopic merry-go-round of conflicting reports, the average person is reduced to a mental mess.

“To the average man who tries to keep informed, a world emerges that is astonishingly incoherent, absurd, and irrational, which changes rapidly and constantly for reasons he can’t understand.”

Take Donald Trump. He is regularly castigated by the media for his endless stream of tweets and contradictory statements. He is called a moron, mentally imbalanced, and a clown. But what these critics fail to grasp is that he is beating them at their own game of sowing confusion. He is our modern mythic Johnny Appleseed, wildly spewing seeds of bedlam to incite and confound. He is no anomaly. He has stepped out of our celebrity reality-TV screened world to carry on the media’s task of what Orwell said was a necessary task for the rulers in a totalitarian society: “to dislocate the sense of reality.”

The mainstream media do this daily. Think of their reporting of some recent news and ask yourself what exactly have they said – Russia-gate, the Iran agreement, the Las Vegas massacre, Catalonia, health insurance, etc. Gibberish piled upon gibberish, that’s what they’ve said. A salmagundi of contradictory verbiage that leaves a half-way sentient person shaking one’s head in astonishment. Or leaves one baffled, devoid of any sense of the truth.

While the gross Harvey Weinstein, buddy to Democrat politicians who took large sums from his deep pockets, dominates the MSM’s spotlight, as if his exploits suddenly appeared out of nowhere, the U.S. war against Syria and so many other countries “isn’t happening,” as Harold Pinter put it in his Nobel acceptance speech when he said the systematic crimes of the United States have been disappeared behind “a highly successful act of hypnosis.” The nuclear threats to Russia and China aren’t happening. It doesn’t matter right now anyway. We might get back to that next week or next month, if we are finished with Weinstein by then or if Stephen Paddock’s autopsy report isn’t back from Stanford where they are studying his brain tissue to find the cause and manner of his death – (you know what deep secrets brain tissue can reveal.) And yes, I will be exploring a question a brilliant reporter asked the Las Vegas authorities:

“Do you think Paddock did it because he could?”

In 2003 the Bush administration blatantly lied about Saddam Hussein possessing weapons of mass destruction in order to wage a barbaric and criminal war against Iraq. Then Obama glided in on the giddy fantasies of liberals, the same people who supported Clinton’s savaging of Serbia in 1999. He smiled and smiled and spoke articulately about the need for war, drone assassinations, the bailing out of Wall Street and the big banks, the need to confront Russia over his own administration’s engineered Ukrainian coup, and a crackdown on whistleblowers. For decades the media echoed the blatant deceptions of these men. From slick to obvious to slick went the propaganda. And then the shock and awe of Mr. Trump’s election. How to deal with one of their own, one spawned from the entertainment-media-news complex? Trump accused them of creating fake news. He relentlessly attacked them. Then he continued to tweet out his messages meant to confuse and inflame. He continued to make statements that were then contradicted. What were the poor media to do except one-up him. This they have done.

We have now entered a new phase of propaganda where sowing mass confusion on every issue 24/7 is the method of choice.

Edward Curtin