One Has to be Willingly Ignorant, or Genetically Challenged, to Believe the Israhell Hoax

The Babylonian Judaic cult, and the Zionist Christian cult, (formally know as “Puritans”, they self declared themselves the pure race), now race neutral, (anyone can be a Puritan scum bag Zionist), peddle a fairy tail. A nightmare really, and certainly so for the victims of these sick cults, the murdered/raped/in-slaved, untold millions of innocent humans.

It goes like this. The one and ONLY GOD, (because they say so), created this earth, and all in it in seven days. He made Adam and Eve, they populated the earth. All humanity comes from them. Course, they do not explain where the women the sons of Adam and Eve married and had children with came from, as the is absolutely no mention of them having even one daughter. Sons are listed.

Now after a bunch of things happened, and there were a lot of different groups of humans living on the earth, (each and everyone a descendant of Adam and Eve, talk about incest, this “one and only God”, in the whole universe, picked the Hebrew people, to be his earthly pets. He had them murder a lot of people, their farm animals bash little babies brains out against rocks, make human sacrifices and blood offerings. He then promised them that they were VERY special people, the pure race, the chosen ones. He further informed them they had the right to do any damn thing they wanted to to the lesser beings, people not Hebrew.

Damn, sounds just like the war criminal USA Washington DC Evil Empire when they invaded the Sovereign Souther States.
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Three USA Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan,if the USA was not Occupying Afghanistan, They Would be Alive

I am not unsympathetic to the families of these men. I have seen the lives destroyed by the loss of a son, father, brother, and now, females also. There were five of us boys, One served occupation forces, Japan, and in country, Korean War. One served a year in Viet Nam, one did Desert Shield and Storm.

The truth must be looked at however. The USA military today, is a mercenary force, made up of poor kids who could not find the same bennies in a civilian job, especially as civilian job are few and far between nowadays, and whats there is usually low paying part time with out bennies.

The officer corps, is made up of people who could find a way to do four years in college, swallow the bull shit being fed as education now days, regurgitate it on a piece of paper on command. But most of them, could not make it in the civilian business world. The USA officer corps, is a well fare program. It gives jobs to college graduates who can not in the real world, apply successfully, what they supposably learned in those hallowed halls.
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Control Freak is a Severe Mental Illness, and a Side Effect of the Zionist Virus

Control freak is a very destructive metal illness. It seems to be a side effect of the zionist virus eating parts of the brain.

Control Freak zionism, got the American Natives Holocusted by the Zionist USA.

Control freak got the Southern States attacked by the Evil Washington DC USA Zionist Empire, their people Holocusted by the evil of the control freak zionist

After the Zionist USA in a four year war crime spree, raping children, murdering them, gang raping nuns and ministers daughters, raping livestock, burning down homes, churches, pig pins, out houses, court houses, robbery, theft, digging up the dead and desecrating them, burning convents, bragging that Sherman was greater than God,they occupied the Southern States, which they did not then, and do not now, have the legal or moral right to do.
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Fifty Years ago, Israhell murdered US Sailors, Tried to sink an Unarmed US Ship, so it Could be Blamed on Egypt.

The Six day war was ongoing. Can you say Israhell tried a False Flag. Sink the USS Liberty, blame it on Egypt, cause the US to come in on their side, or at the least, run interference for them at the UN for their war crimes.

US Navy dispatched help, which was called back by the USA president, LBJ, who said he was not going to embarrass an allied crime cabal. So the US government, left those US sailors and a ship, to be sunk and murdered by the little crime cabal occupying Palestine, and Holocusting the indigenous Palestinian people. The US “government”, did not give a shit about the lives of the sailors.

If a Russian ship had not come to the rescue, the ship would have been sunk, and every sailor murdered.

John McCains father, a Navy admiral, led the cover up, for which he was rewarded with a senate seat, which his sell out, pedo, international War Criminal son inherited for continuing to shaft the American people for the benefit of Israhell.

The sailors who survived the attempt to murder them by the zionist, were threatened with dire consequences if they told the American people the truth.

These are the evil scum sucking ass holes that inhabit Sodom and Gomorrah DC on the Potomac.

These are the enemies of any real American, and humanity at large.

Time to pull your heads out of your Zionist indoctrinated asses Americans.

Time to educate yourself.

Time to grow a set.

John C Carleton

911-Israel did it

Anyone who is not purposely keeping themselves ignorant of the facts, knows that the Bush Jr. Whitehouse, key members of congress, FBI, CIA, conspired with Israhell to attack America on 9-11.

John C Carleton

It’s Not Terrorism When We Do It-Syrians Report Use of Chemical Weapons on Town of 200K

The World War two crowd, always said, “My country, right or wrong”.

Thats bull shit. The evil asses of Washington DC are International War Criminals. They every day, murder innocent civilians, both in America, and every other Land that does not do exactly as they are told, or have a military strong enough, like Iran, China, Russia, to tell Uncle Sugars pedophilic ass to f##k off. If you vote for these asses, either side, if you work for the system, if you do not speak out against this evil, you are a pedophilic baby raping, murdering, scum bag International War Criminal by proxy. Time for straddling the fence is over. Keep trying to, going to wind up with a sharp post up your ass.

John C Carleton

It’s Not Terrorism When We Do It—Syrians Report US Use of Chemical Weapons on Town of 200K

Your Life Here, Is a School, With Periodic Exams, and a Final Exam, Nothing More

When i use the word human, i guess i am referring to this meat sandwich the living souls, the energy, the essence, by whatever name one uses to refer to that which is individually each and every one of us.

That leaves open the question, If this meat sandwich i am wearing, and wearing out, is not me, take my soul, stick it in another body, i am still me, then what am i? What are you? As human applies to the meat sandwich, when one says humanity, one is really referring that immortal thing which makes each of us, us. Seems those things inside, us, here on this earth, in this life, do not really know who or what we are. So we use the term humanity.

Same thing with the word god/God. What is a god? In my youth, i knew some women i thought were gods, but time made things sag and expand. You have people running around, saying there is only one god, and he’s my god. And if you do not do everything he says to do, translated by me of course, he will burn your sorry ass for eternity in a Devils hell!!!!
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