Abbas calls US Ambassador to Israel ‘son of a bitch,’ ambassador accuses Abbas of Antisemitism-Mondoweiss

Well, Abbas is right. He is a son of a bitch.

He is there from the USA, to Fk the Palestinians.

And how the hell, does telling the truth about the evil descendant of Eastern Europeans, Turkmen/Slavic peoples from the Steeps of Russia and Ukraine who have invaded/occupied Palestine, Holocusted the Palestinian people, translate into “anti-semitics”?

One on the Black rock, one on Tel Aviv = Peace in the Middle East!

John C Carleton

America the Occupied, Beaten, Raped and Murdered!

How did such noble a thought and dream end thus
With the American people thrown under the bus

Why did the American sheep stand singing loudly of their dreams
To drown out Ladies Liberty and Justice heart wrenching screams

As they were gang raped to death in USA Congressional halls
While shackled to devices of torture imbedded in those walls

Their demise celebrated throughout the land
A piece of their flesh given to every child, women and man

To dine on in celebration of the shit hole America had become
Undeterred by the disgust, disdain, and condemnation of some

They were fair and loyal brides on their wedding night
Not understanding they would come to deplore the sight

Of the unfaithful swaggering drunken bore
Who spent the house payment on money grubbing diseased whores

Yet on that day when Americans find their honor and courage again
The Son of a Bitch will run screaming from his sin

Chased by the Sons & daughters of American Justice girls and boys
The way a cat will use captured birds and mice as toys

Then the fair ladies will arise to embrace America once more
To give relief and rest to Americans souls so sore

Chaffed raw by the constant abuse of the cad
Who’s demise made all of America exceedingly glad

Even my dog friends agree with me
A toxic landfill is the best use possible for Washington DC

The Ole Dog!

Colin Powell Acknowledges Israeli Nuclear Arsenal: 200 Nukes Targeted against Iran-Global Research.

The problem of the illegal Israhell nukes can be easily taken care of.

One merely informs, the owners of the little crime cabal, that Tel Aviv is going poof, their crime cabal is out of business, and if one damn nuke, goes off anywhere in the world, the owners will be hunted down, and ALL their family lines, taken out past the third generation.

Some people might say thats cruel.

What do they have to say about the many persons, raped, murdered, the wars started, by these evil ass wipes, every fucking day?

Get off your fucking knees humanity!

One on the black rock, one on Tel Aviv=Peace in the Middle East.

John C Carleton

Colin Powell Acknowledges Israeli Nuclear Arsenal: 200 Israeli Nukes Targeted against Iran…

US Continues Airborne Rescue of ISIL Commanders in Syria-FarsNews

Another day, American tax payer money, and the US military, is used to further the goals of baby raping evil dregs of society terrorist, again, just like yesterday, the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that,———————.


Just makes the American Head Up Assus Sheep, so damn proud!

John C Carleton

The 50-Year Anniversary of the My Lai Massacre

50 years ago today, on March 16,1968, a company of green, battle-untested US Army combat soldiers from the Americal Division, swept into the un-defended Vietnamese hamlet of My Lai, rounded up the 500+ unarmed women, children, babies and old men, and efficiently executed almost all of them in cold blood, Nazi-style. No weapons or Viet Cong soldiers were found in the village. The entire killing operation took only 4 hours.

Although there was a prolonged attempt to cover-up the operation (which involved a young up-and-coming US Army Major named Colin Powell), those who participated in the massacre did not deny the details of the slaughter when the case came to trial two years later. Despite the cover-up, the story did eventually filter back to the Western news media, thanks to a some courageous military eye-witnesses whose consciences were still intact. An Army court-marital trial eventually convened against a handful of the soldiers, including Lt. William Calley and Company C commanding officer, Ernest Medina.

According to many of the soldiers, Medina had ordered the killing of “every living thing in My Lai”, which was interpreted, of course, to mean all the civilians as well as their farm animals. Calley was charged with the murder of 109 civilians. And convicted of murdering 20. In his defense statement he stated that he had been taught to hate all Vietnamese, even children, who, he had been told, “were very good at planting mines”.

The end-result of the My Lai raid, which was part of a larger mission called Task Force Barker, had been recorded by military photographers, and eventually the Army had to abandon its cover-up. The military tribunals were conducted in censored military courts with juries of Army officers who had no legal credentials to try war crimes, which is still standard operating procedure in the US Army.

All the charges against the soldiers involved were dropped, except for Calley’s murder charges. Medina and all the other shooters of the 500 dead Vietnamese went free. Out of the initial 109 murder charges, Calley was convicted of the murders of “at least 20 civilians”, and he was sentenced to life imprisonment for his crime. However, under pressure from thousands of very vocal, very patriotic, and very pro-war Americans, President Nixon pardoned him within weeks of the verdict.

By the time of the trial, many thoughtful and ethical Americans, including many soldiers and veterans, were sick and tired of the war and the killing. And after everything that had happened since 1968, it was clear to thoughtful people that the psychological and physical costs to the returning wounded soldiers were unacceptable. The Calley trial provoked a lot of interest because it occurred at the same time that the antiwar movements around the world were ramping up. The Vietnam War was becoming widely acknowledged as an “overwhelming atrocity”.

At the time of the trial, 79% of Americans, according to one poll, objected to Calley’s conviction. Some veteran’s groups even voiced the opinion that instead of condemnation, Calley should have received the Congressional Medal of Honor “for killing commie gooks”.


Sunday Morning Coming down-kriss Kristofferson-YouTube

Kriss is one of my musical and rebel heroes.

He has spent his life trying to get the sheep to listen to the truth.

He struggled with his own demons, as all true Prophets do, but with a courage many do not have, he paid his dues in order to try to help people understand some things which they really should, but most don’t.

Usually, the commercially acceptable songs, are not those with a deep message. This one slipped through the cracks of the commercial censors.

John C Carleton

Saturday at Dark Thirty.

Gave up trying to go back to sleep around 0500 hours.

Got a cup of coffee, scanned the new, see if WW 3 started overnight, what evil lies Washington Was pushing.

Checked out what the Brits had been up to. Tell you what, i really can not figure out, if the Brits or the US thirty shekel political whores, and enabling sheep, are the most sicking/disgusting.

God! Their mama’s must be proud!!

Got another cup, moved out to the round table behind the house.

Have three roosters, and next door has one.
They start in about 0500, lying to each other about who has the biggest set, and keep it up until it is light enough for them to head out in search things to eat.
The turkey gobbler in the back of the place, adds base to the choir.
This translates into a background of crowing about nothing.
Same with roosters as with Washington DC political whores, first liar don’t stand a chance.
Thats also true among fishermen, but their lies, BS, exaggerations, don’t start wars in which millions die.
Thats also true among wives, once one wife has told what a sorry SOB her husband is, and how angelic she is for putting up with him, the dam is broken, and every damn wife there going to try to outdo the last in just how sorry her husband is, and how wonderful and long suffering she is.
This, may at times, start wars.

Gets daylight, i will continue with getting ready for spring garden planting. Have eight metal bathtubs, i have set up, tops waist high, (no getting down on knees). Have five filled with my own mixture of garden soil, plan to get the other three ready to go today. Then build frames covered in chicken wire, go over the tops. If you never been around chickens, they will eat your garden plants, got to keep them out. Fact is, chicken will eat anything it can fit down its neck, don’t eat it first.
Seen them eat frogs, mice, snakes, bugs, worms.

Need to clean the chicken house out, put the Non GMO chicken manure, in the mix with the goat manure, white paper, brown paper, dog hair, old blue jeans, wood ashes, dead animals. Digging up an old compost pile, transferring to larger hole, mixing for final stage of composting. New material going in the old pit.
Good garden soil, is an art, and takes years to get right. A grandson is interested in gardening. After i am dead and gone, he will probably be using soil i prepared. And continuing to compost, for the next generation.

Don’t know about you, but i would prefer it said about me when i am gone, he knew how to make damn good compost, rather than, SOB started that war in which millions died.

Do the world a favor, start a compost pile.

Don’t put politicians in your compost pile though, they are toxic to most life forms.

Getting daylight now, got to go milk a goat.

Speaking of gardening, heres a Texas boy singing a song on the subject.

John C Carleton