When Zionist Whores Hid their Face in Shame, Rather Than Post Their Escapades on Twitter

Used to be, a zionist whore, selling out America and the American people, would hide that fact to the end.
If found out, they would hang their heads in shame.

i long for those long gone times!

What changed?

Why do they grow bold?

i believe the answer is very simple really.

The zionist whores, with their Holly Whore, with their magazines pushing decadence, their newspapers glorifying hoodlums, their TV stations pouring crap into the minds of the young hours a day, have succeeding in drawing most of the American sheep down to their level.

Most Americans, know no shame, for anything.
Shame, honor, loyalty, a persons word being their bond, being true to their mate, putting their children before themselves, duty, compassion, empathy, these are all missing from the make up of most Americans today.

They are just walking, talking screwing, zionist zombies, the empty shell of the host, from which the zionist virus has eaten away the brain and soul.

Such soul-less creatures feel right at home with the Usury, pedophilic, lying, buggering, scum sucking, candy from a baby stealing, zionist sons of bitches.

Thats why the zionist pedophiles no longer hang their heads in shame,
American zionist zombies, have no brain!

Hell of a situation:
Bloodsucking zionist to my right, scum sucking zionist to my left.
Brainless American sheep zionist zombies to my front and rear!

Going to be a glorious battle!

Lo, there do i see my father:
Lo, there do i see my mother and my sisters and my brothers:
Lo, do i see the line of people back to my beginning:
Lo, They do call for me:
Lo, They do bid me to take my place amongst them:
In the halls of Valhalla, where the Brave may live forever!

So be it!

Get er done!

John C Carleton

The zionist are Loosing, and They are Desperate

THE zionist are loosing.

They are desperate.

They simply must have WW 3.


Several things.

USA, which is a corporation, not a government, not a country.

USA, the for profit corporation, incorporated under foreign British Anglo zionist Empire law, uses a fiat currency.

This currency was instituted when Washington DC in violation to Washington’s own constitution, turned money matters over to a private Usury Bank.

From 1913 to now, this dollar has lost all but about 2 cents of it’s original buying power.

In other words, it was a scam, which is on it’s last legs. Going to be a huge economic wreak which will make the “great” depression of 1929, look like a cake walk at a Sunday school outing.

This is the case of all zionist controlled countries, using fiat currencies.

Going to be a world wide financial train wreak.

Out of the melting ice of Antartica, are coming the technological remains of a civilization which will make ours look like a bunch of cave men using rocks as weapons and tools.

It will prove the lie of the Roman Church bible.

In other words, it will prove the whole bible is the made up bullshit of a superstitious primitive race, who mistook an advanced being, from another world, a war lord probably, as a god.

This means, all that bull shit about Palestine being promised by a god, who’s not real, don’t mean shit.
Couple this, with the people claiming to be the people this war lord promised Palestine to, are not the people who are occupying Palestine, raping and Holocusting the indigenous people of Palestine.

This means, they are just evil, lying sons of bitches, who should be hanged from the nearest son of a bitching tree!

Humanity will realize this when they see the technological wonders coming from the melting ice.

The baby raping zionist ass wipes, have a REAL problem.

Thats why, the in your face lies, and the incessant caterwauling for World War Three.

The sons of bitches don’t get WW 3 going, before the truth hits humanity like a class five hurricane, then, the proof of their lie, is open like a book, for all humanity to read.
They will be so done!

They know this.

They actually love war, human suffering, murder, rape.

They will do anything to get WW 3 started.

Going to come down to this.
Is humanity going to hunt these sons of bitches down, hang their asses to the nearest tree or light post, or drop their pants, bend over, be good little slaves, sex toys and cannon fodder.

Lots of empty light post, tree limbs.

Fair Common Law Trials! Fair hangings!

Get er Done!

John C Carleton

i AM Simply Amazed at the stupidity of the American Sheep

Not just them yankee sheep either.

Today, i saw a good bit of America, celebrating, because innocent, men, women, and children, in a foreign land, a people and land which has never attacked America, nor even threatened to attack America, have been blown to bits by USA missiles, used in a war crime, by a Bozo the clown dumb ass reality Star.

Now them yankees, always had a strange way of thinking to my way of thinking, but what i am going to lay on you now is simply amazing!

Here is how the average Southerner, (the few who know any real history of that period), view American history.

The American colonist, rebelled, formed the United States, a Land and people, blessed by God.

In the mid 1800’s something went wrong with Washington DC and the yankee people.

They started hating, lying, instigating, running the southern way of life down, lying about the Southern people, referring to them as heathens, animals, sub human.

Then, using lies, they invaded, raped, robbed, stole, burned, lied, occupied.

They were the spawn of the devil himself.

But as soon as they kicked the pesky rebels ass, and reconstruction was over, Washington DC, never lied to start a war again, never again mass murdered innocent people in outright war crimes, never again illegally invaded another sovereign country.

So it was with great glee, the Southerners who hate Washington DC for illegally invading their country, raping, robbing, murdering their kin, cheered Washington DC, for illegally invading another sovereign country, raping, robbing, murdering.


Wait a minuet!

i am bit confused by the though processes of the current crop of Southerners.

God bless Robert E Lee:
Who fought the evil of Washington DC!

Wonder what he would have to say about the descendants of Confederate soldiers, kissing the ass of that pedophile yankee doodle dandy son of bitch, Uncle Sugar?

John C Carleton

To All Enemies Of The Empire – Be Patient

Russia doesn’t have to respond in force to US bombs, and it doesn’t have to engage the US forces directly. All it has to do is outlast the yankees. That’s all that Assad or a successor to him have to do.

The Taliban has shown in Afghanistan that the yankees can be defeated, just as Ho Chi Minh showed in Vietnam. Before that, both China and North Korea showed that imperial forces can be neutralized.

America’s ‘leaders’ are living on myths of American superiority. Trump’s shiny new and smart missiles are a graphic example of this kind of thinking, as is Obama’s “American exceptionalism” and Rumsfeld’s “shock and awe”. They’re all living in a dream world.

USA, Inc. is committing suicide by degrees. Russia need only exercise patience as they kill themselves. What are thought to be nickel and dime wars and engagements turn out to be long lasting sponges that soak up enormous resources. Russia and China need only wait.

The US government has outmoded second generation military forces that are incapable of conducting 4GW (fourth generation warfare). The US ‘leadership’ is a joke. It doesn’t think ahead. It focuses on unimportant side issues. It acts emotionally. It’s motivated at times by moral considerations that are irrelevant, and then at other times it ignores moral issues that are of great importance. To top it off, the US makes huge strategic blunders, as in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and elsewhere. American tax slaves are stretched thin paying for expensive military hardware that cannot deal with foes who are prepared to fight the Americans for 100 years if they have to. The Herd is losing the spirit, morale and trust to maintain a far-flung empire.

Russia doesn’t have to engage the US to the point where World War III starts. If it understands the Empire’s weaknesses, it can wait while it self-destructs.

Popcorn Sutton: Whiskey Rebel

“Jesus turned water into wine, I turned it into damn likker” – Popcorn Sutton

Appalachia’s history is largely comprised of tales of resistance of one form or another. The poster child of Appalachia’s rebellion against unjust authority has always been the Moonshiner, the maker of non-government approved distilled spirits. These spirits were commonly referred to in the southern lexicon as moonshine, mountain dew, white lightning, “painter piss,” or perhaps more simply “likker.” There is no moonshiner more infamous than the Smoky Mountain’s own, Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton. He was not only one of the most famous makers of illicit liquor, but he also led his entire life in defiance of government authority and was quite a character to boot.

Sutton was born in Haywood County, North Carolina, a rural mountainous county on the Tennessee border. At an early age he learned whiskey making from his family and local whiskey makers a like in Haywood and neighboring Cocke County, Tennessee. In due time, he became a well-known whiskey maker in the region. Taking full advantage of the legal jurisdictional confusion between the two states, he plied his trade to the fullest. This was a very common practice employed by bootleggers and moonshiners in years past, when one sheriff would get on your trail you hopped across the state or county line and continued your business.

The tradition of whiskey making as employed by mountain folk originates further back than many people realize. It comes from the Poitín tradition popular in the peat bogs and mountain regions of Scotland and Ireland where most of the ancestors of the southern mountain people originated. While the mountain region of the Southern states lacked wheat, rye or barley for malt historically, residents of the region adapted using Indian corn and malted corn for the fermenting agent. Whiskey making is considered as sacred a right as bearing military style and cosmetically offensive “assault weapons” or keeping livestock. Moonshining in the southern mountains is not only justified on the grounds of natural rights, but also on even simpler grounds. Many makers of illicit whiskey, when asked why they do it have the simple answer of “… my daddy made whiskey, and his daddy made whiskey, and his daddy before him made whiskey, so I’m just gonna keep makin’ it to.”


Southern Wind-Rebel Son-YouTube

Most American’s, even most descendants of the men who fought the evil of Washington DC, under Command Of General Robert Edward Lee, General Commanding, Confederate States Army, do not understand what the Southern people were subjected to, the gang rapes of ministers daughters, the burning of churches, personages, the murder of ministers, the gang rape to death of black women by yankee troops, (guess they freed them from further hardship in this world), burning of crops, killing of livestock, to induce starvation in the Southern civilian population, and it did.
The stealing, the stealing of everything.
The yankee scum dug up fresh graves, looking for loot, they desecrated the bodies in drunken parties.

God Bless Robert Edward Lee:
Who fought the evil of Washington DC!

John C Carleton

The UNITED STATES/Washington DC, Butt FUCKS a Descendant of the Washington Family

Let me tell you just how much Washington DC/UNITED STATES, same shit, cares about America and Americans.

There is a Viet Nam Vet, who is in his seventies.

He is borderline diabetic, if he drank or ate sugary stuff, he would be full blown.

He has Ischemic heart disease.

Just had an emergency pace maker implanted, half his heart stopped working.

Has had cancers on arms, hand and face removed.

Can not hear shit.

And the VA, the lying ass, illegal criminal loving UNITED STATES government, is butt fucking this mans ass raw with a red, white and blue dick.

He is after fighting them for years, i believe at 30 precent.

The occupying UNITED STATES government, at the point of a weapon, or with implied violate, makes the American worker, turn over a huge piece of the fruits of their labors to Washington DC, which Washington DC then gives to their rich buddies, other damn countries, pedophiles, to son of a bitching war criminals, and they are fucking this mans ass raw.

The Pedophiles in Washington DC, at the point of a weapon, take from Americans, and gives it to South Americans, Mexico peoples, Middle eastern countries, to which to Israhell alone, over eight MILLION DOLLARs every son of a bitching day gets forced from the American worker, to fund the British Anglo zionist Outpost in the Middle East.

Any American hating foreigner can just get past the token border patrol force, illegally, become a criminal, get their ass into one of the occupied American States,Washington DC will force the Americans to feed, cloth, medicate, house, educate, foreign criminals, while American children do without.
AND they are butt fucking this American Armed Forces Veteran’s ass Raw with a Red, Whit and Blue dick!

But theres more, much more!

Just to show you, what those lying hypocritical, self righteous, criminally insane, pedophilic sons of bitches and cunts in Washington DC really think of America and the people who fought and died for it, this veteran, is descended from the Washington Family.

Thats right!

He is a second cousin, seven times removed, from George Washington!

His seventh Great Grandmother Washington, was George Washington’s great aunt!

And Washington DC, is butt fucking his ass hole raw, with a RED, WHITE and BLUE DICK!

His third great grandfather, was wounded with a British musket ball, in the chest, at the fucking battle of Brandywine!

He served three years, with the Virginia troops, stood fucking guard duty at fucking Valley Forge, was sink in hospital at Valley Forge, from fucking standing guard duty in the snow/cold, without proper food, clothing, shelter, while the politicians, were fat, drunk, and warm.

This Viet Nam Vets 5th great grandfather, a captain in the Virginia forces, died of complications with his lungs, from soldering in the cold winters, shortly after the war was over.

His father, to old to go to the front, served as a major, in the home guards!

On his mothers side, his 4th great grandfather also served.

His Great-graet grandfather fought with Andrew Jackson, at the battle of New Orleans in 1814.

Three of his GG grandfathers served as Confederate Soldiers, fighting the invading scum of the UNITED STATES, who were raping, robbing murdering, stealing, their way across the South.

His great grandfather, was a medical doctor, a circuit riding Methodist Minister, who joined the Confederate forces with the men he had been preaching to and doctoring.

When the position of Chaplin was officially formed in the Confederate forces, he officially did what he was already doing with the men he fought beside.

There is an account he told his children, of when on the battlefield, one of his comrades fell, wounded to death, he knelt and prayed with his dying friend, as UNITED STATES bullets, were knocking bark from a nearby live oak tree in his face.

AND, Uncle Sugars pedophilic ass is butt fucking the great grandson, of a true fighting for freedom American, a Viet Nam Vet, who fought for the USA, ass raw with a diseased RED, WHITE AND BLUR DICK!

His grandfather fought in the Usury banker’s WW 1, in the Fields of Flanders! In the mud, lice, rats eating his dead buddies in the trenches, while the politicians were drunk, fat, safe, warm, back in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac!

His oldest brother went to Korea, and the politicians were drunk, fat, safe and warm back in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac!

He, the Viet Nam Vet, left a pregnant wife, went did a year in that hell hole.

His father did not get him a no-combat National guard slot like the pedophile Bush Sr. got for the idiot son Jr., who even screwed that up.

His father, an a minister, and a pastor, sent him off telling him he loved him very much, and a prayer God would send his boy back , but only if it were his will.

He did not run to Canada, or England to hide, as did William Jefferson Clinton.

He did not get his tour cut in half tike the treasonous son of a bitch Kerry.

He did not betray his country and fellow service men like the pedophile son of a mother fucking bitch, Song Bird McCain.

He showed up, did his war, did his time

And the very sons of bitches, which dodged service, received preferential treatment, are fucking this great American veteran, straight up the ass with RED, White and Blue DICK.

And the pedophilic, thirty shekel whores in Washington DC/USA/Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, are still fucking this Viet Nam Vet, who was drafted, did not volunteer, Washington said if you don’t go, we will throw your ass in prison and ruin your life, up the ass with a RED,WHITE,and Blue Dick!

Damn sheep go around, “God Bless America’!

Why the hell would he?

Is he a perverted ass hole, likes pedophiles who fuck American’s over?

A “God” who gets sexually aroused, by fucking American Veterans asses Raw with a RED, WHITE and BLUE DICK?

John C Carleton