The USS Liberty, Israhell attacked in International waters, in 1967, murdering 34 US sailors and marines, trying to sink the ship so Egypt could be blamed, drawing US into their “Six Day War”, so US would take Egypt out for them.
The Ship however, refused to sink!

The Foreign “Governor” of The Occupied Republic of Texas, Makes College Campus Safe For Pussies, While Helping Tear Down Texican Monuments, and Protecting His Kin in Occupied Palestine From Being Boycotted For Their Mass Murder and Theft

Tear Down Them Confederate Statues, But don’t dare tell an off colored joke, AND DON’T DARE TRY TO BOYCOTT MY KIN IN OCCUPIED PALESTINE!

Greg Abbott issued broad protections for campus speech a week ago. A few days later, he rendered those new protections meaningless.

Ignoring warnings from a civil-liberties groupand yours truly, the Republican governor signed provisions into Texas law that use criminal law to enforce the Obama administration’s unconstitutional definition of campus sexual harassment.

Their practical effect will be scaring faculty and other university employees into reporting any “sex-based” conduct or speech that may be “unwelcome” to someone at their campus. That includes overheard sex jokes.

SB 212 threatens termination and up to six months in jail for any campus employee who “witnesses or receives information” – that means hearsay – that may count as sexual harassment under this exceedingly broad definition, and fails to report it to the Title IX apparatus.

Those staggering employment and criminal penalties practically ensure that Title IX offices will be flooded with sexual harassment reports, and that students will be subjected to wide-ranging administrative investigations for constitutionally protected speech.

Abbott signed both SB 212 and a related bill, HB 1735, that uses the same definition of sexual harassment and deprives accused students of basic due process. Texas law will conflict with U.S. Department of Education rules if proposed Title IX revisions remain substantially similar in the final published regulation.


The Foreign “Governor” of The Occupied Republic of Texas, Makes College Campus Safe For Pussies, While Helping Tare Down Texican Monuments, and Protecting His Kin in Occupied Palestine From Being Boycotted For Their Mass Murder and Theft

New York Man Arrested, Charged, His Home Stolen, Because He Protected His Life And Property From The King’s Criminals

In Merry Ole England, The Sheriff use to kill you for shooting one of the “King’s Deer”, when you and your family was starving to death.

In the USA Today, in certain places, they will lock you up and steal all you have for shooting one of the King’s Criminals, while protecting Ones Own property and life.

Thought thats why our ancestors got on them ships, sailed across a dangerous ocean, fought a revolution, to get away from and rid of Kings.

Hell off a thing!

John C Carleton

NY Homeowner Charged With Felony, Home Seized After Killing 2 in Home Invasion

Was General Patton Assassinated By The USA Government


Except it was joint Red Bolshevik Communist Khazarian Russian AND USA Assassination.

Here is a link to a self published, out of print, (surprise-suprise) book written by an America Intelligence officer who worked under Patton’s command.

He warned Patton several times there was a Russian plot to murder Patton.

He also told the USA top brass and the collaborating with Russia Communist Khazarian Red Bolsheviks, British Empire double agent treasonous American who ran the OSS, the WW 2 forerunner of the Child for sexual slavery and illegal drug smuggling, Anti-America CIA Criminal Cabal, several times of the plot, and ending up fearing for his life from what he had thought of as his own side.

The PDF form is provided by the family of the officer.

‘Death, The Murder Of General Patton’

John C Carleton

Was General Patton Assassinated

‘Wagging the Dog’ While Lying About It

Israhell FIRSTER, Donald Trump

The Donald Trump administration, aided and abetted by the Republican congressional conference, will go down in history as a regime of liars, grifters, dime store propagandists, common criminals, and schoolyard bullies. The evidence that “Team Trump” can and probably will lie the United States into a war with Iran, just as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney lied America into a war with Iraq, is seen in the latest tomfoolery regarding recent attacks on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman. The attacks follow by almost a month similar suspicious attacks on four ships at anchor in the Gulf of Oman, off the coast of the United Arab Emirates sheikhdom of Fujairah. Although Iran was blamed by members of the Trump administration for the May 12 attacks, no evidence was provided to bolster such claims.

Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton, a cartoon character-type war monger who could have served as a role model for the fictional film “Wag the Dog” about a US war against Albania based on concocted falsehoods and a steady stream of televised propaganda, strongly appears to have had his fingerprints all over the June 13 attack on two ships transiting outbound from the Strait of Hormuz into the Gulf of Oman.


‘Wagging the Dog’ While Lying About It

The Whole World (Except the Israhell Loving and Worshiping American Head Up Assus Sheep) Knows Israhell or the USA Attacked Those Tankers.

But just to show you the pap American sheep are fed, trying to herd them into a war with Iran, for the benefit of the Khazarian Mafia, I will post a sample of the zionist shit fed the American Public.

John C Carleton

Tanker Attacks Seen as Calibrated But Risky Iranian Response to U.S. Sanctions

Pearl Horbor Unmasked

Three War Criminal dividing the spoils of war.

USA “official”, “government” approved “history” books should be filed in Libraries under F for Fiction.

In the official history books defense, they do have some truth in them.

USA/WASHINGTON DC, usually don’t lie about the dates, just what actually happened on that date.

FDR was a communist!

Thats fact!

FDR LOVED the Khazarian mass murderer Joseph Stalin.
Called him Uncle Joe.

Uncle Joe did not want to have to fight Germany and Japan, so the USA fought Japan for the USSR communist Khazarians.

John C Carleton

Pearl Harbor Unmasked

Gulf Of Oman False Flag Attack: Israel Did It Using Popeye Submarine Launched Cruise Missiles

Bomb Iran!!!!!!!!!

I have not kept up with all the weapons systems out there.

Personally more worried about stopping zionist wars of aggression than what weapons they use to Holocaust humanity, but I do not have the slightest doubt, either ISRAHELL OR WASHINGTON DC did the dastardly underhanded deed.

Iran had nothing to gain.

Israhell has been screaming for the USA to take out Iran for them for generations.

WASHINGTON DC, is a RothsRats operation, and rodent’s nest.

WASHINGTON DC HATES America and Americans.

WASHINGTON DC LOVES the Non-Semitic Russian Expat and spawn Khazarian Mafia holed up in Occupied Palestine.

John C Carleton

America Last: The Real Meaning of the Donald’s Deplorable Aggression Against Iran

Trump is an Israhell Firster.

Bolton is a Khazarian Mafia member, (Israhell “citizen”), an Israhell Fiorster.

Pompeo is the former head of the Anti-American, twin of Mossad, children for sexual slavery, illegal drug smuggling, war starting, false flag doing, head of State murdering, CIA, and an Israhell Firster, warvangelical born again zionist bible thumping “christian.

Fuck Israhell!

America first!

American children should not fight and die in wars detrimental to America and beneficial for the evil of Israhell, based on false flags done by Mossad.

John C Carleton

America Last: The Real Meaning of the Donald’s Deplorable Aggression Against Iran
By David Stockman

June 17, 2019 “Information Clearing House” – In the present era of 24/7 “breaking news”, the journalistic information intermediated by the internet and the cable networks has largely been reduced to noise, devoid of signal. Or at least any historical context beyond the here and now.

The currently threatened escalation of Washington’s economic war on Iran into an actual shooting war is a fraught case in point. Based on the news coverage since the two oil tankers were damaged yesterday you’d think that a crew of bloody-minded aggressors in Tehran had up and decided out of the blue to attack the whole world via disrupting its 18 million barrel per day oil lifeline through the Straits of Hormuz.

The truth of the matter, however, is just the opposite. The blatant aggressor is Washington and the dangerous confrontation now unfolding is utterly unnecessary.

That’s the foundational reality, and it’s far more important to understand than the momentary disputation about whether the Japanese oil tanker got hit by an Iranian mine or incoming projectile of uncertain origin.

Indeed, the Bombzie Twins, Pompeo and Bolton, have been in such heavy war heat for years that you can virtually bet when the dust settles the following false flags and manufactured pretexts for war per Max Blumenthal will have a Gulf of Oman coda:

Remember the Maine, Operation Northwoods, Gulf of Tonkin, Kuwaiti incubator babies, Saddam’s WMD’s, Qaddafi soldiers’ Viagra spree, Last Messages From Aleppo, Douma, burning aid on Colombia-Venezuela bridge…. and now today’s attacks in the Gulf of Oman.

So whatever deliberate or accidental incident may next materialize on the Persian Gulf waters, the truth is that it will happen because:

the US 5th Fleet naval and air war machine is all over the Gulf and it shouldn’t even be there; and,
Washington has blatantly attacked Iran via crushing economic sanctions designed to close the entire global market to its oil exports and suffocate its domestic economy to the point of collapse – yet Iran is zero threat to the security of the American homeland, and, for that matter, Europe and Asia as well.
That’s right. Iran has no blue water Navy that could even get to the Atlantic and only 18,000 sailors including everyone from admirals to medics; an aging, decrepit fleet of war planes with no long range flight or refueling capabilities; ballistic missiles that mainly have a range of under 800 miles; a very limited air defense based on a Russian supplied S-300 system (not the far more capable S-400); and a land Army of less than 350,000 or approximately the size of that of Myanmar.