US Aiding ISIL, Other Terrorists in Western Iraq-Fars News

USA went completely rogue by 1860.

USA is a criminal cabal.

USA is not the good guys, they are just real good at telling lies and dumbing down the American sheep.

John C Carleton

TEHRAN (FNA)- The head of Badr organization’s office in al-Anbar province warned of the American forces’ suspicious moves in the Western deserts of the province, saying that the US is aiding the terrorists stationed in the region.
The Arabic-language al-Ma’aloumeh news website quoted Qusai al-Anbari as saying on Wednesday that the Americans are assisting a terrorist group called Ghosts of Desert in desert areas of al-Anbar, adding that they have been airdropping foodstuff packages for the ISIL from helicopters hovering over the region in the past few days.

Meantime, Hassan Salem, a representative of Iraq’s al-Fatah coalition in the parliament, referred to the American forces’ illegal deployment in Iraq and Washington’s attempts to revive the terrorist groups in the country, and stressed the legislature’s firm determination to expel them and close Ain al-Assad base which is under the US occupation.

Al-Anbari had also warned last week that the US army was training hundreds of ISIL terrorists in al-Anbar province after relocating them from Syria to Iraq to prepare them for a new round of insecurities in the country.

“Between 700 to 1,000 ISIL militants are being trained by the US troops in al-Anbar province,” al-Maloumeh quoted al-Anbari as saying.

He pointed to the special conditions considered for the ISIL militants, and said that the US troops had specified redlines for third parties to avoid approaching the region.

This is while the Arabic-language Arabi Post recently disclosed that the US troops had been intensively training the ISIL terrorists in two military bases of Ain al-Assad and al-Habanieh in al-Anbar province under name of Ghosts of Desert.

The sources said the US army troops had equipped the ISIL terrorists with 200 military and non-military vehicles.


A Factual Appraisal By The Red Cross-The Seeker UK

Did the Nazi’s do war crimes, kill civilians?
Damn right they did.

Did the British do war crimes, kill civilians?
Damn right they did.

Did the USA do war crimes, kill civilians?
Damn right they did.

Did the Russians do war crimes, kill civilians?
Damn right they did.

The good side in that Usury bankers preplanned war, was the countries which stayed out of it.

The Germans, probably from what i can find, murdered less civilians than USA, England, Russia.

Britain, USA, both fire bombed civilian cities on purpose to murder complete cities full of Germans.
Many with little or no military value.

USA, fire bombed Japanese cities, intending to burn down the cities and incinerate the civilian populations.
And don’t forget, dropping two atom bombs on Japanese cities, when the Japanese had been trying to surrender to the USA for six months.

Russia is the clear winner of murdering civilians, rape, robbery, pillaging, pure evil terror tactics.
Russia probably murdered more civilians than the other three together.

The winners, always write the history books.

My father passed down to me a saying which has been in the family for generations.

Takes a thousand props to hold up a lie, but the truth will stand alone.

The zionist, whitewash the responsibility they have of using the Jewish people, the poor ones, as pawns in a game to secure Palestine.

Then they told such huge lies to set up the poor-poor “Jew” bullshit, that when people finally find the truth, they lose all pity for the “jew”.

Especially when the zionist, mostly Russian expats, or descendants of such, who are Holocausting the Semitic Palestinians, stealing their water, land, oil, while making the Germans look like angels compared to the hate and evil the Israhell zionist do.

Time and again, the top shelf zionist use the poor and middle class zionist, to do their dirty work, but when humanity finally have enough, those zionsit guiding the evil, making sure it happened, are safe in their retreats, in other countries, while the lower classes, get slaughtered.

Now not saying the evil sons of bitches don’t deserve what they get, but they were only foot soldiers, the top shelf zionist, always survive in ease and comfort, while the lower classes pay the price.

The zionist are their own worst enemies.

Read this piece, and let the light of illumination of the lies of the zionist, Russia, USA and Britain, awaken you to reality.

If the zionist did not have the big lie of their version of the Holocaust, (many different peoples and nationalities, ethnicities were holocaust in WW 2), then the world would not be giving them the pass on the evil they do to other peoples today.

Thats why they invented the big lie of the planned extermination of all”Jews” in WW 2.

John C Carleton

A Factual Appraisal by the Red Cross

New Site Dedicated To Freeing The Occupied Republic Of Texas From The Evil Of WASHINGTON DC.

USA burns children to death in their church, Waco, Texas


As a native Texan, who’s mothers family have been in Texas from the 1840s, fathers family came in 1863, trying to save their women and children from being raped and murdered by the evil USA war criminals in Arkansas, i think 153 years of oppression, suppression, and theft by the evil of USA/WASHINGTON DC is quite enough.

This new site is dedicated to freeing the Republic of Texas from the criminal occupation by the sold out Rat minion pedophiles of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

John C Carleton

Zionist Zombies Dancing On The Blood Of The Innocent

Zionist zombies dancing on the blood of the innocent-
The peace of the earth and humanity is the scent-

Which draws them to their Rat induced feast-
On the flesh of babies, raped, sacrificed to the beast-

Of their evil pedophilic angry violent war god-
which demands massive human sacrifices, humanity under an iron rod-

Of slavery to the evil of the pedophilic Rats and their degenerate plan-
For making zionist zombie slaves of each child, woman and man-

Humanity must rally together world wide to fight for survival-
A gathering of real men, a Viking mentality revival-

Odin has called for the awaking of manhood in his people-
The shunning of the ball-less zionist zombie sheeple-

The darkness of the Rat zionist evil has crept across the earth-
Damn near encompassing it’s entire girth-

It is time to rise from the ashes of history like the fabled Phoenix of old-
It is time not to hide in the shadows, but time to be exceedingly bold-

The Gods of old are ready to rise once again to lead-
But humanity must repent of their worshiping of zionist greed-

Of honoring degenerate ass holes who bugger the young child-
Mankind must reject the evil Rat virus, and not in a way mild-

A stand must be taken to push back the Rat induced zionist tide-
So that the Old Ones, can again in the hearts of humanity abide!

The Ole Dog!

I’m A Good Ole Rebel-Vimeo

The other day, Youtube flagged one of my music videos as offensive.

All i said, was The Republic of Texas had been occupied for 153 years and counting, that was enough and we would have to see what could be done about that, all true.

Or maybe it was the Confederate battle flag on the field of the Texas flag,

Or they just don’t like Country and Wester Music, as i sang Hank Williams Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, and Ray Charles and Willie Nelsons Seven Spanish Angels.

They sent me a couple of Emails telling me i was a bad boy.
i tried to reply, thanking them for forcing me to get off my butt and find another place to put my videos, but they have it where you can not reply to their BS.

Oh well, Thanks YouTube!

John C Carleton

Syria: Israel Conducts Fresh Missile Attacks on Syrian Army Positions in Quneitra-Fars News

Add STILL, ALL Russian weapons have a Putin chip in them, which will not allow them to fire at ANYTHING Israhell.

Either Putin’s Daddy is Nitwityahoo, or Putin don’t have a hair on his Turkmen/slavic zionist ass!

When Israhell jets, in war crimes, violate Syria’s sovereignty, fire on Syria, there should be no Israhell airports left for them to land in.

Anything else is BULLSHIT, Russian collaboration with Israhell, and a betrayal of Syria.

Or again, maybe Putin just don’t have a hair on his zionist ass.

John C Carleton

TEHRAN (FNA)- Israel conducted new missile attacks on the Syrian Army’s military positions in a town in Quneitra province, media reports said.
“The Israeli Army units hit West of the town of Hadar in Northern part of Quneitra province on Sunday night,” SANA news agency reported.

Meantime, the Arabic-language service of Sputnik news agency reported that the Israeli Army has fired several rockets at the Northern farms of Quneitra City East of buffer line between Israel and Syria from its positions in the Occupied Golan.

The source pointed to Israel’s missile attacks on the former headquarters of the UNDOF West of Bravo line which detaches the freed section of the Golan from the section that is still under Israel’s occupation, and said three Israeli missiles have hit the farms West of the town of Hadar in buffer line, but caused no damage.

Meantime, the Israeli fighter jets have been conducting numerous flights on Asba al-Jalil region in Syria-Lebanon-Golan Heights.

Israel’s new aggression against Syria came as Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay’at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front), Haras ul-Din and Turkistani party terrorists have attacked the Syrian Army’s positions in de-militarized zone stretching from Northern Hama to Northwestern Lattakia.

In a relevant development in late January, Damascus threatened to exercise its legitimate right for self-defense against Israeli aggression and target Tel Aviv airport in a mirror response, unless the Security Council puts an end to IDF intrusions into Syrian airspace.

Apparently fed up with years of Israeli impunity in the Syrian skies and regular strikes carried out in the vicinity of Damascus International Airport, Syria has threatened to retaliate in explicit terms, RT reported.

“Isn’t time now for the UN Security Council to stop the Israeli repeated aggressions on the Syrian Arab Republic territories?” Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari wondered.

“Or is it required to draw the attention of the war-makers in this Council by exercising our legitimate right to defend ourselves and respond to the Israeli aggression on Damascus International Civil Airport in the same way on Tel Aviv Airport?” he stressed.


Finnish “Soldiers Of Odin” Announce Hunt For Rapists & Pedos In Controversial Video-Zero Hedge

The Finnish Police Board stated:

“responding to sexual crimes with crimes of violence does not help in the protection of human life and health or contribute to public safety.”


A dead pedophile, never raped a child!

John C Carleton.

Lying About Judeo-Bolshevism-The Unz Review

One cannot in fact, separate the evil of communism from the “Jew”.

“Jew” is a religion, not a sub race of the human race, i personally do not like the term as it is historically a recent construct which is used to try to make the Kazarian and European converts to the cult religion, magically become the descendants of the now defunct for over a thousand years, Hebrews who in their late period history, embraced the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult religion.

Zionist is a word i prefer to describe the evil of this cult.
Christian zionism is a splinter cult, from the Babylonian cult religion, as is radical Islam.

A zionist is a zionist, no matter their DNA, and zionism is an evil, anti-human cult, embraced by either ignorant or knowingly evil people.

John C Carleton