The Case Against Trump-Darkmoon

I believe for generations to come, when the names, Israel and United States are spoken, people will spit on the ground in disgust.

Israhell, could not have done the murders and wars it has with out the USA.

The USA was an evil crime cabal before there was an fake “Israel”.

Neither, will stop raping, robbing, murdering until forced to.
How many more millions of murdered humans will it take before the world, in self defense, eliminates these two scourges of humanity?

The Case Against Trump

John McCain: When Tokyo Rose Ran For President-The Unz Review

Am afraid the brain cancer will kill the son of a bitch, before he can receive the benefit of a fair trial, and a fair hanging.

He has done nothing to redeem himself. To the contrary, he has done every despicable thing he could think of.

The day he takes his last breath, it will be a better world for the absence of his evil.

John C Carleton


During the First War for American freedom, there was the Redcoats, who were the British Military. There was the Fledgeling American Military.

Then you had the civilian troops, the militia, if you will.

On the British side, they were called Tories. The Tories, were the Loyalist to the British, or established government. One did not have to fight to be a Tory, just being an everyday citizen, doing business with, collaborating with, supporting in your politics of, the established power structure, which was Britain.

On the American side, they were called American, or State Militia.

I told a friend a family story on the subject, and he in turn told me a story he had read.

Back about the time most Revolution War solders were about all dead from age, a town was going to have a celebration of the War. Someone said, theres an old man lives up in the hills, he was a Revolutionary war soldier. So they sent people to ask him to come down, be the guest of honor at the event.
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Texas City Tells People No Hurricane Harvey Aid Unless They Promise Not To Boycott Israel-Globail Research

This is called bald faced zionism, and prostitution by the collaborators in Austin who are Israhell’s bitches.

Zionism is a virus, when children are infected with it, they grow up with it eating away at the part of the soul, which has empathy. honor, goodness, self examination, truth, and understanding.

The people, who support that little crime cabal, occupying Palestine, and Holocusting the Palestinian people, are as evil, and as guilty of the pedophilia, rapes, torture, starvation, genocide, murders and thefts, as the buck toothed, inbreed, pagan cult members, who are carrying out these crimes against humanity.

John C Carleton

To Get Hurricane Rebuilding Money in Texas, Contractors Must Promise, They won’t Boycott Israel-The Intercept

I been telling everyone, USA/Washington DC is controlled by that little crime cabal, (British Empire Outpost, in the middle East), occupying Palestine, and Holocusting the Palestinian people, so the can not reclaim their stolen land, all of it.

Been telling everyone, that the fifty “State” “governments”, are nothing more than occupation sub corporations of the main DC corporation, which is now controlled, again, by Israhell and Nitwityahoo.

Don’t see how much more proof one would want or need, unless they are a zionist troll or an American Head up Assus sheep.

Fair trials and fair hangings for collaborators.

Freedom from oppression for the living souls, living on the face of the land, both Texas and any other souls living on the face of the land, in the other 49 occupied states.

John C Carleton