U.S. Army Conducts Heliborne Operation Again to Save Foreign ISIL Members in Deir Ezzur-Farsnews

Here we go, one more time.

USA military fles in, picks up their Mossad and CIA personal who are running Murder All Syrians INC, and fly them out before they are killed by the Syrian and the Russian’s.

Leaving of course the low level criminals murders which they hired, to be killed.



Mexico is for Mexicans, Yankee land is for Yankees, Texas is for Texans

Now being a Texan, is not a matter of race, it is a matter of courage, morals, fortitude in the face of danger. Being a Texan is an attitude.

Texas was a wild and wooly place, took wild and wooly people to make it safe for cowards, late comers who wish to reap what they did not sow.

From about 1830 on, dirty thieving, pedophilic baby murdering yankees, have talked of how backwoods, stupid, moral less the Southern people are.

Yet they are invading by the tens of thousands, as they have completely hosed yankeeland, and do not have the intelligence or moral fortitude to stay home and fix their screw ups. No! the dumb ass egotistical worms, want to screw the South up, just like they did the North.

There are Roads which head North and South out of Texas. Need to post Yankee evacuation signs along the Northern roads, and Mexican evacuation signs along the Southern roads. Just as Texas has hurricane evacuation signs, tell the people which way to go.
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I Now Know How My Great Grandfather Felt in 1861

My great grandfather, Willian Lewis Carleton. Trained to be a medical doctor under his father, and listened in wonder at the stories of the First American War For Freedom, at the knee of his grandfather, Lewis Carlton, Revolution war solder, wounded in the chest with a musket ball at the battle of Brandywine. Served three years in the Virginia troops, Stood guard duty at Valley Forge.
Discharged Jan. 1780.

Discharged, he walked home where he had left his widowed mother, and brother Thomas, in Virginia.

Folks told him they bought the place, and his family moved to Wilkes County North Carolina. So he walked to North Carolina.

On the way, he came across an American coronal who was holding Tory Prisoners from a recent local battle. He looks and sees his brother Thomas.

Now Torys were like our militia, farmers and such, not professional soldiers. Coronal did not know what he was going to do with them anyway. My third great grandfather showed him his discharge, a copy which hangs on my wall, and the coronal let him take Thomas with him home with the promise to keep him at home.

Today, Thomas’s descendants are Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution, as somewhere along the line he stopped talking about being a Tory and only identified himself as a revolutionary war soldier. In 1923 his prodigy were allowed in the Sons and Daughters of theAmerican Revolution.

Lewis Carleton married the granddaughter of a white slave sent to Virginia, because he got caught trying to steal a pewter sign off a business in London. This would never have happened in England or Ireland, but this was America, a new land where people would prove themselves against a new land. Some of the old prejudices were left behind, but way too many brought along.
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The Brave Samaritan-Abbeville Institute

The political whores at San Antonio City Hall, at an estimated cost of a Half million dollars, removed from a city park, a memorial to Confederate Soldiers, which had stood there from 1899 until the other night. The whores of council and the cowardly mayor, spent taxpayer money running a survey which said 75% of San Antonio wanted it left alone, and the city hall agitators to shut the F up.

So they took it down while San Antonio Streets have pot holes, side walks where children have to get in the street because tree roots have pushed a slab up at ridiculous angles, took years to do it.

Bet the bitches and sons of bitches at San Antonio City Hall will be wanting to pass the tax hat in the form of bonds in the next election because they do not have enough money left over after taking down statues, grafting taxpayer funds to friends companies to get kickbacks, to operate the city.

See, if the bastards had not made satisfaction, trial before god on the field of honor illegal, this would not be a problem.

John C Carleton

The Brave Samaritan

American Legion calls for Full Investigation Into Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty

Israhell is the puppet master, causing all those Washington DC whores to bend Americans over and sodomize them.

Sorry, the truth hurts zionist christians taught that that Israhell can do no wrong.

Your damn priest and preachers have been lying to you.

John C Carleton

American Legion calls for full investigation into Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty