The pedophile Rat Land “duel” citizens in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, and the pedophile zionist “christians”, believe their angry Babylonian pedophile war “god”, wants them to slaughter everyone for Rat Land and shekels.

USA/WASHINGTON DC, is an occupying foreign force crime cabal, and anti-American.

Them zionist “christians really think if they do not help Rat Land, (occupied Palestine), Holocaust everyone around them, the angry god will not allow them in “heaven”.

You are talking criminally insane, End of Times Death Cult members.

Their “god” likes buggering little boys and to lesser extent, little girls.

America does not need such evil gentuza on the face of her Land!

John C Carleton

Senate Vote Opposes Ending US Wars In Syria And Afghanistan

Bare With Me.

i have been down for about a week with Ross River Virus.
Thats a Malaria type mosquito transmitted disease which can only be contacted in a certain part of Australia, which is were i got it back in 96.

My battalion went to do a joint exercise with the Australia military.

Came home with raw ears, throat, headaches, joint pains, chills and the painful and debilitating symptoms.

Went to medical, got some anti-biotic.

Then a paper came to the command, explaining those who were there were exposed to Ross River Virus.

There is no treatment, there is no cure, the official medical advice is to live a healthy lifestyle.
Gets harder on you with age.

The Female Corpsman i was dealing with, was a friend of mine.
She was trying to help me, and was aware i had Desert Store Syndrome, which is now called Gulf War Illness, and the Navy was fucking me hard, like most of the GIs they used for lab rats, experimenting on, testing an experimental Anthrax Vaccine, they had not been able to test on humans.
They used the excuse Saddam Hussein, had Anthrax.
Most people did not get it entered into their medical records, and when i got it, the corpsman whispered, “don’t tell anyone you got that.

Damn WASHINGTON DC damn well knew Saddam had anthrax, WASHINGTON DC/USA, supplied it to him to kill Iranians, after the Iranians took their country back from the Rats in 1980.

Saddam was the CIA’s boy.

Being a minion of the USA is always chancy, now he was the target.

So she always tried to help me when she could, cause it pissed her off what the USA was doing to GIs.

So when the paper came saying those who had been there was exposed, and we read the symptoms, there was no doubt in either of our minds, i had Ross River Virus.

You never get rid of the stuff, and the older you get, the harder it goes with you, but the markers in your blood which proves you have it, disappears after about six months.

The Corpsman put in for me to have blood drawn.
Now, nowhere in the continental US, is that test done, because you only get the disease in one part of Australia, so the blood had to be shipped to Pearl Harbor to be tested.

The navy dragged their feet on authorizing the blood draw and test, till after six months had passed.

When the results came back, my buddy the corpsman called me to medical.

She sat me down, and said, they say the test was negative.

After i blessed the pedophile president, whore members of congress, the sold out fuckers at the pentagon, she said, “Now Carleton, this is not me, but i have been ordered to ask you if you are mad at the Navy?”.

The pig fuckers knew they had used me for a lab rat and were fucking me hard on that one, now they were fucking me again, cause this was a compensation disease.

i replied to her, “if you want to know if i am going to blow up buildings like Timothy McVeigh, no. Do i think the mother fucking sons of bitches in Washington and the Pentagon lie every time they open their damn pie hole? Hell yes!”.

Been down about a week, don’t look like i will die this time, seemed to have turned the corner, which don’t mean my head does not hurt till it hurts to think, tendons, joints hurting like hell, i seem to have moved beyond the chills and sweats for this time. It will take me at least a week to a month, to get back my strength, AFTER everything stops hurting, which will go on for several more days at least, hopefully pain diminishing in intensity.

This shit laughs at pain meds.

So thats why i have not been posting much of anything, i will try to start getting back in the saddle.

But it just warms an American’s heart, to see USA/WASHINTON DC, fucking veterans like they are street whores, while throwing money at the gentuza of other countries, to entice them to come here, sit on their ass, eat free food, get free medical, free housing, free money, sitting on their ass popping out kid after kid the Taxpayer has to take care of.

It also tells who’s USA/WASHINGTON DC’s Daddy, that they steal over 11 million dollars a day, ship it the homicidal pedophile Russian Expats from the Steppes of Russia, Holocausting maniacs in Occupied Palestine, (Rat Land), while American Veterans do without compensation, real health care, or even a reach around by the sold out zionist pedophile trash in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

My Viet Nam drafted vet brother, dying with agent orange, has to pay the VA for his meds, to keep him alive, from what the USA did to him, while he has been fucked by WASHINGTON DC, on everything but 20 percent on his hearing.

USA tried to keep from giving him that 20 % which he did not file for, until two or three years back.

He has told me many times he could have been drawing that 20% from the time he left Viet Nam, but everyone getting processed to go Stateside, was told:
Any of you sons of bitches, think you are going to file for hearing loss, you will be shipped to fort Sill, where you will pull shit detail, while it takes a long time to process your claim.

Don’t allow your children to join the USA military, unless you really-really, hate them!

John C Carleton

Canada investigates Jewish National Fund for funding Israel’s crimes-The Electronic Intifada

There is no justification for people who’s ancestors were never in the Middle East, invading, Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestine people, raping their children, stealing their lands, water and oil.

The Rats, RothsRats oil company steals the Palestinian oil.

John C Carleton

Israeli leaders still ache to deport African refugees-Benjamin Netanyahu has described Africans as worse than terrorists.-The electronic Intifada

Jaun Cole is a Russian Expat from the Steppes of Russia, (don’t matter the generations since his ancestors were kicked out), who continually writes on Truthdigs, zionist propaganda, about the bad American.

Mother fucker should get his Israhell loving ass out of America!

John C Carleton

CIA Was Aiding Jihadists Before Soviets Invaded Afghanistan – OpEd-Eurasia Review

A good read.

What understanding real history does, is lets you see the usual suspects, buggering humanity, generation after generation.

So, no, the shit you see around you did not happen by accident, it was planned this way, by the usual suspects, who are always evil.

John C Carleton

CIA Was Aiding Jihadists Before Soviets Invaded Afghanistan – OpEd

Iran Slams Russia for Deactivating S-300 during Israeli Airstrikes on Syria-Iran Front Page

Putin Protects Israhell from those Israhell attacks!

This has been quite apparent for some time.

It would seem there is a power struggle in Russia between the Ratschilds minions and patriotic Russians

John C Carleton

Iran Slams Russia for Deactivating S-300 during Israeli Airstrikes on Syria