Quneitra: Fighting Erupts Among Terrorist Over Distribution of Israeli Aid Packages-Fars News

SO The little crime cabal holocusting the Palestinians, and occupying Palestine, is taking American labor, forced out of them by force, or implied force by Uncle Sugars pedophilic ass, transferred to the little crime cabal, so they can keep their terrorist in the field raping and murdering little Children!


John Carleton


Worship me and i will give you the whole world

Satan to the Christ.

The Christ tuned him down.

Personally, when it came my turn, figured out soon enough, i did not want the whole world. The whole world includes all those idiots. Who wants to be responsible for all those idiots and sheep.

Started out with my piece of the earth, being in my mind, about five thousand acres. After fighting the world for a while, brought that down to five hundred acres. That came down to one hundred, then fifty.

The whole thing was, get enough acres, you can segregate yourself from the sheep, dumb asses and ass holes. Always figured to mark the rocks every hundred yards, so i would not have to guess at the elevation when i saw some ass hole trying to sneak up on me, where they had no business.

Finally realized i had a half an acre, and could not get everything done which i need to do.

Also realized, my gig here is to do my duty. Could not do what i am to do if i could get in the middle of enough acres, because i am sure i would have to be forced off that land to deal with cowardice and ignorance.

Other than not having to deal with the ass hole ignorant sheep cowards, there is nothing this world can offer me which i want.
Not having to deal with the sheep, appears not to be in my job description.

The king learns in the end, he can not take the world with him.

The messiah learns that the people don’t want saving.

The Banker learns all he could steal, will not buy him one forgiveness for one wrong, or another minuet when the Master calls the roll.

The soldier learns, he was lied to, and there will always be another war.

The control freak, learns they wasted their life, and will take their sickness with them to the other side.

The murderer, leans even if no one saw him, he can not escape the penalty.

The sheep are supposed to learn, not to be sheep. Here and there one makes the grade, but it is a slow process.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing on this earth, which is worth selling your soul for.

John C Carleton

Thanks Uncle Sugar!

I was one of at least 350,000 U.S. GI’s who were used as lab rats by the United States “Government” under cover of their illegal war crimes against Iraq, 1990-1991.

Back years ago, when i used to keep track of it, had Desert Shield/Storm vets, dying every months in their 30,s., 40,s and 50’s. The Anthrax shot, which had never been tested on humans, got tested.

Afterwards, they kept forcing the shot on GI’s, but instead of one big one, they broke it down into a series, which was still killing people and disabling them.

It took a lawsuit, against the federal government, to stop the chemical cocktail being forced on GI’s.
There were fighter pilots, transport pilots, resigning their commissions, reasoning they could make a lot of money flying commercially, but not if they could not pass the heath process, by being disabled.

Think i read where, or someone told me, the Dick Cheney had stock in the big pharma company making the shit. Someone sure as hell did. Bribes and kickbacks, something.

Remember when Norman Schwarzkopf took the thirty silver coins, rolled up his sleeve, on TV got a needle jaded in his arm as a publicity stunt.

He also betrayed the troops who fought under him by parroting the official line, of it was all in our heads, as has been disproved as USA FDA Approved zionist propaganda and bullshit.

Just call me suspicious, but i noticed his jab did not come from the same vile as mine.

Had a guy, CIA agent, after many years, guy knew i knew he was CIA, and he let slip a couple things, intentionally or not.

Navy screwed me hard again, on a exotic mosquito borne illness, caught in the jungles in Queensland.

Do not know if they intentionally screw certain people, or just look for ones got screwed hard, and try to recruit them.
Guy got in touch we me by phone, if i ever met him, i did not know who he was.

He tried for years to suck me in. They do not want you for agents, but “assets”

Being a weapons guy, veteran, guy with a reputation for speaking out against the evil of DC, i always figured i was supposed to be a dead mass shooter at a false flag shooting somewhere.

I spent a lot of time, soul searching, praying for wisdom, understanding and knowledge. I fought a fight with hate and banished hate. They try to play on that hate.

He finally in desperation, asked me did i not want some payback.

Told him no! If if i found who gave the order, held them down, and shot their ass full of it, and it did the same damn thing to them, it did to me, it would not improve my life any. Also, they will have to answer for what they did, just as i will have to answer for what i have done. No one gets away with anything.

Heard from him during the Hillary campaign, as i had been very vocal, not because trump was the second coming of christ, but hillary was too evil, stupid and uncontrollable to be the head clown. He tried to convince me there was a Russian behind every tree. Also informed me my cousin had endorsed Tillerson for Sec. of State.

Must say, Tillerson is starting to be a real embarrassment to Texas.

He called me the other day, but he was only interested in what i said about national issues.

He was not interested in mayor Pendehoberg, and his band of merry hairless chihuahuas at San Antonio City Hall.

So, no, i do not want to be the kind of scum sucking ass hole who screwed me.

Came to understand, if one gets with Natures plan, seeks the will of the light, everything which happens to us, its not personal, it is just a tool used in training.

I had to understand many things which would be important to my spiritual growth, and my usefulness to my duty, were taught by pain, betrayal, weakness of character in those i met in life.

I except the lessons, without hate directed at the ones who wronged me, as they were only doing what they had been sent to do. Nothing personal.

I have a very healthy disgust and disdain of certain things, and beings, but there is no hate. You don’t hate, you save your soul from a cancer, which eats your soul slowly.

Today, i fight chronic fatigue, pain is a daily thing, sometimes intense pain, several times a day, fried immune system, all kinds of wonderful side effects.

Thank you Uncle Sugar, for fucking me and my comrades, up the ass.

See you are still lying about it.

I realized long ago, you are incapable of empathy, honor or the truth.

Might want to stop Using the young of America, as cannon fodder in your wars of aggression, illegal invasion, in your quest for the realization of the zionist wet dream of the “Greater Israel Project”.

Might want to start cleaning up the cess pool of Washington DC, before you force the sheep to grow a set!

Time for You to take your place in the trash heap of history, where the term USA, and Uncle Sugar will cause people to spit on the ground for centuries to come.

John C Carleton

Obama’s legacy: the Failed State of Libya-Stratigic Culture

First, the obomister is a CIA construct, who had to ask permission to take a whiz in the white house.

No matter which evil clown is inthroned behind the desk of the oval office in the big white cat house situated in Sodom and Gomorra on the Potomac, the evil shit will continue unabated.

Some of you sharper ones, might just have noticed, Trump is trying to do the same to Syria, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, America.


John C Carleton


First ever bill on Palestine human rights introduced to U.S. Congress-mondowiess

A crack in the dike holding back all that well deserved attention Israhell is going to receive more and more, from American parents, veterans, who resent their children dying for the “Greater Israel Project”.

The American people can never be free, or America be made a good land in which to live and raise a family, until the intestinal parasites of the Israhell crime cabal are banned from the Land of the American States.

This includes their influence, their agents, Israeli citizens sitting in the senate, house of representatives, every damn agency run by Washington.

No such thing as dual citizenship. That is a mind fuck tool by zionist ass holes.

Be it women, offspring, dogs, guitars, or countries, one always has the strongest allegiance, to ONE, 1, one.

Any ass hole holding Israel citizenship, don’t give a FF about America or Americans.

Smart ones will pack their bags and go to occupied Palestine, the criminal cabal where they can not be extradited for the war crimes, pedophilia, crimes against the earth, and humanity.

Some parasites just can not let go until they have killed the host. If the host does not want to die, it has to kill out the parasites, which is sucking away the last of it’s life blood.

John C Carleton


Letter From Baltimore: We’re Going To Be Detroit, Sooner Than Later-V DARE

Sad to see this kind of crap in America.

This would not be happening if this is not what Washington DC wants to happen.

Not joking here. Washington Dc has been working for a couple of hundred years to make America the shit hole it is today. Got to give them credit, was not easy to piss off great wealth and promise, but the bastards have managed it.


John C Carleton

Letter From Baltimore: We’re Going To Be Detroit, Sooner Rather Than Later—But What About America?

Israel’s Money Machine-The Unz Review

If these babylonians judaic cult members, like murdering Palestinian babies, pregnant women, so much, why don’t they leave America? Get their cockroach asses to occupied Palestine, pick up an assault weapon paid for by the American Worker, through forced theft of their labor, and murder some babies and women themselves?

Fuck each and every Israhell firster.

Get the fuck out of my country.

That includes all the pedophile politicians in Washington DC.

Fuck Israel! I am an American!

John C Carleton


A Telling Comparison: Israel versus North Korea-Global Research

US made sure Korea was split in two. When after the end of WW 2, the Korean people tried to form their own government for the whole of Korea, Washington Dc sent out death squads to murder the Korean Patriots.

There would have been no war, and no North Korea without the evil intervening for power and financial reasons, by the USA.

Without the intervening of the USA, there would be no Israel, the world would have already cut that cancer off the ass of humanity.

All over the world, when you see evil, children blown to pieces in their homes, schools and hospitals, if you are an American Head up Assus sheep, you can proudly chant,


John C Carleton

A Telling Comparison: Israel versus North Korea