Assad confirms Russia, US, Israel in Contact over Southern Syria-AMN

This is a Political Menage a trois!

Washington DC does EXACTLY as Israhell ordered them to.

Rutin is in bed with Nitwityahoo and Israhell.

Israhell, is a crime cabal, run by Pedophile, mass murderers.

Russia is the only one of the three, invited to the Syrian Party.

This makes everything Israhell/USA, does in Syria, war Crimes, deserving Fair Common Law Trials, Fair hangings.

Putin, is emotionally tied through his mother, to the occupiers of Palestine, who after all, are Slavic/Truman half breed, reject, outcast, from the Steppes of Russia.

Seen Russia shoot down any Israhell jest doing war crimes Syria?

Syria needs Russia, but understands they are probably going to have to trade a shit load of land to Israhell, as Russia’s price for helping.

Hope the shit hits the fan before Putin stabs Syria in the back fully.

John C Carleton

The Knesset officially declares that Israeli democracy is for Jews Only-Mondoweiss


Pedophilia, Holocusting, Genociding, Mass Murder, Torture, War Crimes, yes!


“Israeli Democracy”, is two Slavic/Turkmen reject, outcast, half breeds, from the Steppes of Russia, and an Indigenous, Semitic, Palestinian voting on who gets raped and murdered, and maybe eaten?

John C Carleton

US Air Strikes Leave Civilian Casualties Again in Northeastern Syria-Fars News

Hey American sheep, Chanting USA!-USA!-USA-USA!, as the bombs fall on little children in their own damn country, which did not attack, did not threaten to attack America.

That is called war crimes.

USA, hanged German and Japanese Military, and Civilian, officials, after World War two, for “War Crimes”, which numbered far fewer than these sons a bitches have racked up!

Your birds always come home to roost.

The birds coming home to roost in America, are mutton eating vultures!

John C Carleton

“Civilians Trapped”: Major Assault On Yemen Port Begains; Saudi Ship Attacked-Zero Hedge

In case any of you American sheep out there don’t know it, all the murdered children, blown up schools, hospitals, homes, dead parents, husbands, wives, have Uncle Sugar’s pedophilic war criminal finger prints all over them.

“God Bless the USA!”

Why the fuck would he?

He an evil, pedophilic, homicidal, clinically insane, blood lusting degenerate?

John C Carleton

Sympathy For The Devil-Viet Nam-YouTube

Washington lied about the reason for the war of 1812.

Washington lied about the reason and truth of the not Civil War!

Washington lied about the reason for the Spanish American War.

Washington lied, allowed Americans to be slaughtered, to get America into World War 1, a Pedophile, Usury, International, Bankers preplanned war.

Washington lied, allowed Americans to be slaughtered, to drag an unwilling America, into the Pedophiles Bankers pre planned continuation, of World War Two.

There would not have been a division between either North and South Korea, or North and South Viet Nam, if not for Washington meddling in their internal affairs.

Washington arranged for both wars, made damn sure they happened.

Washington lied, to get to slaughter three million Far Easterners, in and around Viet Nam.

The story was, if South Vietnam went commie, then all the other countries between there and America, would go commie, and Americans would be fighting invading commies on their own shorelines!

South Viet nam, did go communist, and the fucking sky did not fall as Washington promised it would!

The war i went to, the USA, set it up, made damn sure it happened, lied to drag America into the war!


All you fucking sheep, out there chanting, USA!-USA!-USA!-USA!, as the Washington DC pedophiles rape your children, and use them for cannon fodder in terrorist, (USA is the terrorist), wars of aggression, invasion, rape, pillaging, mayhem, occupation, theft, to murder other parents children, half way around the world, who have not done a damn son a bitching thing to you or yours, why the fuck, do you think the cock suckers in congress, the big white Cat House, all of a sudden became the fucking good guys, and started telling the damn truth!??

Son of a Bitch!

Thats got to be some damn good shit you are smoking!

Care to share?

John C Carleton

FreeBird-lynyrd Skynyrd-1976-Youtube


Americans still had some hope for the country.
They could not even conceive of the evil in your face corruption, pedophilia, selling Americas ass out which exist in Washington DC today!

Oh, it was corrupt and bad, but, no idea it would get to this point!

i was drinking cold Falstaff beer, in the Bicentennial cans, after a hard days work on the weekends, and slow classes through the week.

Several girls come to mind, all of which would be old women now.

Some may have broadened their view on life.

Several of them, i know broadened their ass!


Youth and infinity becomes old age and waiting on that other side express.

But some damn good memories!

John C Carleton

Understanding Jewish Power-Unz Review

Jew is a slang word, for one who belongs to the Judaic Religion.

Jew is not a race, sub race, it is a damn religion, which is used to murder, steal, rape, and cover their asses while they do their crimes.

A bunch of evil criminals, and stupid ass holes who believe their 1st grade level bull shit and fairy tale.

John C Carleton