‘Hostile And Aggressive’ Migrants Break Through Border Into Southern Mexico, Join US-Bound Caravan-Zero Hedge

Coming to your block soon!

Thanks to USA/WASHINGTON DC policies encouraging criminals from backwards countries to overrun the native bred and born.

And the dumb fucks at city hall, if your city is one with treasonous ass holes declaring “sanctuary cities”, for those criminal scum who are raping, robbing, murdering, eating free off of, getting free medical off of, free housing off of, free education off of, the backs of the Native born of those States, forced by USA to steal from the States people, to give to foreign criminals.


The Land of USA occupation.

And the Home of the American Usury Slave!

John C Carleton


April 15 Is Slavery Day-Paul Craig Roberts

April 15 Is Slavery Day

Paul Craig Roberts

The Jews’ path to profitable victimhood was the Holocaust. For blacks the path is slavery.

We hear endlessly about Slavery. Slavery is always the fault of white people, especially the Founding Fathers, the Confederacy, and Robert E. Lee.

Slavery is never the fault of black Africans who engaged in slave wars against one another. Slaves were a status symbol. When slave wars produced more slaves than victors could afford to maintain, the Africans began selling each other to the Arabs. When the Europeans discovered the New World and needed a work force for the rice and sugar and later cotton plantations, they purchased Africans from the black Kingdom of Dahomey.

Before propaganda and the teaching of hatred of white people took over from education in American universities, the origin of the slave trade was well known. Books, such as Karl Polanyi’s Dahomey and the Slave Trade, described the facts of the African tribal slave wars.

One would think that Polanyi’s book would be a textbook in black studies courses, but since the purpose of black studies is to demonize white people, today Polanyi’s book is regarded as racist. It is out of print. Amazon lists six used copies available at prices ranging from $121.37 to $208.23. Clearly, blacks are never going to learn anything factual from black studies.

Every race has been held in slavery. Everyone the Romans conquered and every barbarian tribe that crossed the Roman Limes could end up as slaves. Arabs raided all over Europe for white slaves. A good text for black studies would be New York University Press’s 2007 book, White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh. The authors are not talking about indentured servants, a form of slavery for a contracted period of usually five or seven years. From The Story of the Irish Race by Seumas MacManus you can learn that tens of thousands of Irish were enslaved and shipped to the West Indies to work and die on the sugar plantations.

But people, especially blacks, don’t want to know this. They cling to their brainwashing and unique victim status like the Jews who won’t let anyone question the Holocaust.

While blacks build their victim status, the real slavery today goes unnoticed. Let’s begin by understanding what a slave is. A slave is a person who does not own the products of his/her own labor. That is, a slave is a person who is taxed on his/her work. A person who does not own the product of his own work is exploited. In 19th century America, the tax rate on slaves has been estimated to be about 50 percent. The other half of the slave’s work product was necessary to maintain the slave and the owner’s investment in the slave. In the feudal era, the tax rate on serfs was limited to about 30 percent. The technology in the feudal era was less than in the 19th century, and the lower productivity of labor in the feudal era meant that the serfs could not reproduce if they were taxed more than a third of their work product.

Before the Reagan marginal tax rate reductions, middle class Americans were taxed at or above the rate of medieval serfs, and the rich with a 50% marginal income tax rate and a 70% tax rate on investment income were taxed at higher rates than 19th century slaves on Southern plantations. The invention of the income tax turned us all into government-owned slaves.

Many people confuse slavery with a lack of mobility. This is a mistake. Some 19th century slaves had mobility in America. Those with skills were leased to businesses in towns and cities. Deductions from the slaves’s pay was sent to the slave’s owner just as employers today deduct from the pay of employees and send the payroll tax to Washington.

Bloomberg Business Week recently reported on a new form of slavery that has risen in America. Students sell part of their future income to investors in exchange for their educational expenses. The article tells the story of a 23-year old woman who sold a piece of her future earning power for 8.5 years in an “income sharing contract.” https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-04-09/college-grads-sell-stakes-in-themselves-to-wall-street?cmpid=BBD040919_BIZ&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_term=190409&utm_campaign=bloombergdaily

When I was educated, tuition for instate students at state universities was nominal. Today students have to cover the cost by selling themselves into partial slavery. The work product of the woman who is the example in the Bloomberg Business Week article is partly owned by private investors and partly owned by state and federal governments. It is possible that her share of her work product is less than that of a 19th century slave.

This form of slavery is acceptable to blacks and whites. What if 19th century plantations had treated slaves as a free work force earning a salary that was taxed at 50%? How would this be any different from the slavery we all suffer today?


April 15 Is Slavery Day

Thirty Three Years Hitched To The Same Wagon, With the Same Mare

Got Texas dressed up, best blue jeans, boots polished, and took the wife to a nice feed bag place in a medium sized city, between San Antonio and Sodom and Gomorrah on the Colorado.

The traffic on the Interstate was bad.

The young lady showing us to our table revealed to my wife, it was her first day on the job.

Might have been her last.
She may have quit.
My wife mentioned it was our 33ed anniversary.

i told the girl, i never asked her to marry her.

Wife says, “He pursued me”!

Told the wife, yes, sometimes the predator, deceives the pursued into believing they are the pursuer.

About now the wife is telling me to shut up.

i told the girl, her mom said we were getting married weren’t we, the wife set a date, and i just showed up.

The wife tells the girl, “See how stupid he is”?

i told the girl, it was not just an old wives tail, about the girls mother feeding the boy so he will think if he marries the girl, she can cook like the mother, cause it happened to me!

i saw her later, so she did not quit right away.
Who knows?
She looked to be getting up to marrying age, maybe she was taking notes.

Thirty three years, and we both had the same size, style stake, cooked the same way, same salad dressing, same side dish.
Now the wife does get her salad dressing and gravy on the side, and i have em dump mine on top.

It is my belief i am the most honest Carleton i know of.
i have always said, any woman married a Carleton, and stayed with him, deserved a medal.

You can not see it in the photo, but hanging on that gold chain around her neck, is a 22 karat gold star.
Had a jeweler make the design i gave him.
Presented it to her a Christmas or two back in front of everyone, like a general would give a soldier a medal, for duty above and beyond and such things.

Course when i took her off her sisters hands, they said the Pope should make me a saint!

i tell the wife, God put us together, cause he took pity on two innocent people somewhere.

This was not my first marriage.
i will own up to two Ex wifes, and one several month long shack up with a crazy women before the wife and i got together.
Had a history, and was known to get rid of women, when i grew tired of their crap.

My personal best was two weeks for the second marriage.

When the wife and i got married, she snuggled up next to me with that warm soft body and said, “Honey, you ever try to leave me I will kill, you!”

Thirty three years later, we are still together

A Man can love a Women like that!

John C Carleton

Honor, Integrity, Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding,Duty, are not just words

Every living soul, energy, i, by whatever name one wants to call that immortal thing inside this body, which lives on, does not die, is a pilgrim on the path to the enlightenment of illumination.

Some are young in this journey, having just graduated to Human Form, for this school of lessons which is called life on this world, the Earth.
Some are very-very-very old here in Human Form.

The old always look at the young, disgusted with some of their ways, forgetting, at that age, they were as bad or worse.

So as aggravating as children, teenagers, “young Adults” or young souls are, thats the way the cow ate the cabbage.
The aggravation of the sheep will always be with the old souls.

That said, the youngster souls don’t seem to be growing.
They are me first, second, third, till the last.
No honor.
No integrity.
No truth.
No knowledge.
No wisdom,
No understanding.
No sense of Duty.
And if i may add, no balls!

All those things i listed above, which the sheep, (new souls), do not possess, they recognize the words, but have no true concept of the real meanings the words convey.

The sheep may think they know what the words mean, but they do not.

To truly comprehend the meanings of these words in an enlightened manner, a soul has to EARN that right.

Natural Law, when one is born, bestows on one certain God given Rights.

This right, the Right to comprehension of those words, is not in the basic package of Natural or God given Rights, one receives at birth.

To earn that right, a soul must struggle, fight, try, fail, win, against their own baseness, for many many lives.
They must ask for comprehension of these concepts.

And above all else They must WANT comprehension of the concepts, but also, the integration of these treasures into ones own being.

Now that is not achievable when a soul is running around trying to rule the whole world, posses all the wealth in the world, bed all the women or men in the world, have all power over all others.

Got to learn what the real treasures of this world are.

Not power, not wealth, not sex with everyone all the time, but the lessons learned by our mistakes and failures, folded into that i which does not die, but lives on.

For many lives, i felt if i could just put the message in the right words, tone, delivery, i could wake the sheep and help them reach enlightenment.

i was arrogant and overestimated my importance in the scheme of things.

God, the Universe, That which is decides when the sheep are ready to move up a notch, and if they need some help getting started on the journey, the Light will send the Four Horsemen to get the herd headed in the right direction.

As for as what name to place on The Power Over Nature, i will leave you with a quote from George Patton:
“God is God, no matter what you chose to call him.”
George S Patton

JOHN C Carleton

Three Reflexes All Real Soldiers, Real Warriors Possess.

Been times people ask me if i was afraid in my war.
Mostly younger people trying to gauge just how brave they have to be.

As a NCO, some of what i taught my troops, was everyone knows fear, at least any sane person.
The thought of some big hunk of a shell or metal tearing you ass apart at any moment should scare the shit out of you!
Told em there were times a strong man could not have driven a straight pin up my ass with a 20 pound sledgehammer!

Which will bring us to one of the reflexes momentarily.

Always told em, anyone says they been to a war, and did not know fear, is one of three things:
1. Insane.
2. Or a liar.
3. Because either they were not there, or they were there and are lying about not knowing fear.

But along with the every sane person knows fear, i would qualify that with, a little bit of fear, is a good thing, keeps you on your toes, keeps you alert, keeps you alive.

And you never let your fear rule you.
You must rule your fear.

Now these three reflexes should all happen at the same split second.

A. Shit Hits the Fan, hereafter referred to as SHTF.
B1. At the same split second the SHTF, The asshole tightens up so tight that strong man can not drive that straight pin up ones ass with a 20 pound sledge.

B2. Grasp their weapon and make ready.

B3. Identify from which direction the shit is coming, and what flavor that shit is.

This should all be instantaneous, and done without thought.

The only reason i listed the ass hole tightening up as the most important in the order of things to do when the SHTF, is i just never liked the shit, of having shit in my pants, when the Shit Hit the Fan.

Feel free to personally rearrange the importance order to suit yourself.

But when we muster afterwards to count heads, do be so kind as to stand down wind from me.

John C Carleton