How To Get Rid of All of The USA/WASHINGTON DC’s Debt!

It is not America’s debt, the credit card was run up by the baby rapers in Washington DC.

WASHINGTON DC/USA, is a foreign for profit corporation, incorporated under the foreign to America, British empire law.

The British Empire, is nothing more than the old drug running, murder for profit, war mongering Dutch East India Company, Moved to the CITY OF LONDON, rebranded the British Empire.

America is a Land and the Souls loyal to her, living on the Face of the Land of America.

Two different things.

A corporation, is anti-human, a legal fiction, which can not be smelled, tasted felt, heard or seen.

Corporations, do not in reality exist.

They are a Babylonian Black Magic Illusion.

So, to all who gambled currency, on loaning money to the corporation, and getting back Usury sweat of the brow of the American soul and worker’s wages, tough shit!

Thats what you get for practicing Usury, slavery, and just generally being a collaborating with evil ass hole.

Something which does not exit in reality, a Babylonian Black Magic Illusion, not a physical reality, in reality, can not own shit, so Washington DC, the city, is not to be confused with the corporation, WASHINGTON DC.

WASHINGTON DC/USA, does not own Washington DC, because something which is not real, but an illusion, can not own that which is real.

However, as i am long suffering, generous by nature, i am willing for American to deed Washington DC to all the creditors of USA/WASHINGTON DC.

Thats what they get.

America does not owe them jack shit or diddly squat.

America however, will stipulate, a 99 year American use clause, whereby although the land will be owned by USA’s creditors, America retains use of the land for 99 years.

Built a wall as high as technology allows, around the whole place, becomes the garbage dump for the whole east coast.

After 99 years, the Usury bastards which loaned currency to a corporation, trying to make Usury slaves of the American worker, gets Washington DC, or their heirs.

Don’t matter to me, and any central government of the freed American States could NEVER be seated where so many children have been raped and murdered, so many unjustified aggressive, invasive wars were planed.

The shed blood of the innocent, forbids it.

The Blood of my cousin, Lt. Col. John Augustine Washington, murdered from concealment, in Virginia, in 1861, by the CITY which bore his families name, forbids it.

The blood of my cousin General George S. Patton, murdered by a joint USA/WASHINGTON DC/Russian hit squad, working for the OSS, forerunner of the evil crime cabal, the CIA, forbids it.

He was from the Washingtons also, and was also murdered by the CITY which bore his lines name.

So, Americans can shed the debt of the USA/WASHINGTON DC corporation anytime they want.

The zionist Usury pedophiles don’t want to leave when America transfers title!

No problems, build the damn wall around them.

Make sure no Pedophiles escape.

See how easy it is to solve America’s problems!

John C Carleton

US DOJ Agrees to “Comply with Law” Re WTC 911 Grand Jury Petition-Covert Geopolitics

Israhell attacked America on 11 September 2001.

Washington DC/USA, assisted.

Israhell/WASHOINGTON DC murdered 3,000 souls, lied, blamed their evil on innocent countries, attacked these countries in War crimes, which are still ongoing eight years later.


Land of the loyal to Pedophile Israhell, zionist “duel citizen”.
Home of the American Usury sheep Slave!

John C Carleton

US DOJ Agrees to “Comply with Law” Re WTC 911 Grand Jury Petition

YEMEN: The Consequence of Western Global Imperialism and Criminality is Genocide-21st Century Wire

Listened to a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.

She said:

Goldwater told America, to keep the good times going, we going to have to drop a lot of bombs all over the world.
Americans said No!
We are a “Christian” Nation!

Jimmy Carter was shivering in front of the fireplace.
Said, America has to cut back.
America “Christians” said, Hell No!

Bush came along, told the American “Christians”, heres your check, don’t ask questions!
And the “American “Christians”, said, OK!

Fucking evil hypocritical sons of bitches, are just like the evil Hebrews, who murdered Jesus the Christ, so he would quit calling them out on their evil.

i spent forty years trying to tell the Americans to get some truth, Honor, and to repent of their evil.

They deserve whats coming, and I will no longer try to stop whats coming, but wish for it to hurry up!

Americans are worthless, evil scum sucking ass holes, who vote for people who rape and murder their children.

As long as the check keeps coming!

John C Carleton

YEMEN: The Consequence of Western Global Imperialism and Criminality is Genocide

Unz Goes Nuclear-Unz Review

Jew is a relatively modern word.
Jew is a derogatory slang word for Jude.

Jude is what the pedophile practitioners of the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult were called by Europeans about 1000 AD onward.

The reason the people who practiced this cult religion were called Jude, is they were practicing the same religion, as the Judea folks did in the late Hebrew period.

This was not the religion of the early Hebrews during the times of King David and King Solomon.
Not even the same God.

So, Jew, is a slang word, for one born into the cult, or one who practices the heathen pedophilic, Usury practices of the cult.

The current “Jew’s”, most of them anyway, Ancestors were never in the Middle East.
They are a Turkmen/slavic halfbreed reject outcaste bunch from the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine, who’s Ancestors converted to the evil child raping promoting cult, between 0700-0800 AD, in their now defunct kingdom, in the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine.

This Cult, and these people, have nothing whatsoever, no ties, to the Hebrew people, or the early Hebrew religion, at the Times of Kings David and Solomon.

They just some real evil Russian Expats, like to steal, rape and murder anyone not belonging to their Cult.

And you will have your foot on their necks, or they will have their dicks up your children’s asses, and their hands in your wallet.

They will allow no middle ground.

Why they got kicked out of all them countries, raping/murdering little “GOY” boys, and stealing with Usury, and underhanded deals.

They seem unable, to tell the truth.
But some good info here about some of the tricks of the “Jew” trade.

John C Carleton

Oh Hell, Said Jesus The Christ!

Oh Hell said Jesus the Christ-
And some other thing which were not near as nice-

When he received his orders to take the truth to the Hebrew-
He told his father he’s just as soon clean the Loo-

But being a dutiful son who loved his father in full-
He mentally prepared himself to deal with their self righteous bull-

He found a people buggering their own children-
Consumed by evil, vile liars, honor-less, living in sin-

He told them of their evils, and explained to them the way-
To find again the path of illumination, which keeps the dark at bay-

They angrily rose up and demanded of their Roman masters, his head-
Celebrated by buggering the orphan children once he was dead-

He reported back to his father in his after action report-
The world did not need a soul-less people of this sort-

One was sent to be Emperor of Rome-
With orders to take away their country and home-

To make the Hebrew cease to as a people exist –
Their memory a fractured, tortured web of lies and mist-

Jesus went on to fight many more battles against the same evil virus seeking a new host-
Which switches peoples as needed to survive, so that these infected host peoples, do evil the most!

The Ole Dog!

Notice How Evil Beings Get Mad When Someone Tells The Truth of Their Evil, But Don’t Want to Stop Their Evil, They Just Want The Truth Teller, to Shut Up!

Tell the truth, you going to lose “friends”, and get attacked.

You will be called every derogatory name they can think of, to try to cow you into stop telling then truth of their evil acts.

Tin foil hatter.
Conspiracy nut.
Mean spirited.

Lots of others.

It never seems to accrue to these evil sons of bitches, and bitches as the case may be, if they were not doing the evil deeds, people would not be pointing out their evil deeds!

For example:
They don’t want to be called an evil scum sucking degenerate baby raper?

Stop raping babies!

See how simple the answer to all life’s problems are.

In the case of the baby rapers, you have to hang their pedophile ass to get them to stop raping and murdering babies.
After Fair Common Law Trials of Course.
Followed by fair hangings.
After you cut their balls out, and offer to cook em for their last meal.
Then cut their kick stand off, and shove it up their ass.
Sew the hole shut so they can not stop having sex with themselves.
Then a Fair rope around their baby raping necks, a short rope that is, and a long fall.

Time to clean up America folks!

Get er done!

John C Carleton

The People vs. The Paris Agreement

Let them eat carbon!” said French President Emmanuel Macron this week, offering his peasants a six-month reprieve on their coming carbon sin tax. And, kicking his feet up on his desk at the Élysée Palace, he breathed a sigh of relief. He had bought himself some time to figure out how to deal with the rabble at the gates. But how much time?

Not much at all, it turns out. As of press time, the yellow jackets have announced their intention to proceed with “Act 4” of their protests this weekend, and the government has responded by announcing its decision to close the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and other tourism landmarks on Saturday. Meanwhile, Paris, for its part, is bracing for another weekend of violence and street battles.

For those living under a rock who might not have heard, France has been subject to a series of protests in recent weeks over widespread dissatisfaction with the Macron government and its insistence on pushing through a series of deeply unpopular tax increases and economic reforms. The protesters have adopted the “gilets jaunes,” or yellow vests that all French drivers are required to store as a safety measure in the event of a roadside breakdown. It is the perfect symbol for the movement in many ways: it is a standard item that everyone has to hand, it is a visible sign of distress, and it is connected to the fuel tax that was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back and sent the people spilling out onto the streets.

Given the number of fake, Soros-backed, globalist-friendly “color revolutions” that have arisen in so many countries over the past two decades, it is understandable if readers maintain some skepticism about the reality of this latest, color-coordinated protest movement. But unlike those well-funded, globalist-backed protests, this one is hoping to ultimately topple the administration of Macron, the former Rothschild & Co. investment banker who was touted by the MSM as France’s “sensible” answer to the populist wave sweeping Europe. In other words, it’s doubtful that Soros or his fellow travelers are rooting for the yellow jackets to succeed.

So, could this be a truly popular revolution taking place right in the heart of the EU empire? And if so, what does it mean?

Unsurprisingly, that highly contentious question is being asked all over the place right now, from the talking head panels on the MSM boob tube to the corridors of power in Europe to the streets of Paris, and there are almost as many answers as there are people asking the question. The socialists are hailing these protests as a repeat of ’68, when revolution hung heavy in the air. The nationalists are convinced that this is all about the migrant crisis and is a harbinger of a coming Le Pen government. But all sides can agree on one thing: The spark that lit the match in this particular powder keg was the Paris climate agreement.

Yes, it was just three scant years ago that we were treated to all the ballyhoo and tosh about the Paris Agreement and how it was going to save the world. Who could forget those scenes of the UN bureaucrats holding hands with the political fatcats, congratulating themselves for having saved the world by making the bold decision to control the world’s temperature?

“Yes, the politicians and unelected UN bureaucrats can do anything they want!” cried the masses. “They are our rulers, after all! . . . But how exactly do they intend to do this?”

“Why, by appeasing the weather gods, of course,” came the response. And, it turns out, the weather gods can only be appeased by giving more money to the government. So, dutifully, Macron and his government went about raising carbon taxes, sending already sky-high gasoline prices in France rocketing into the stratosphere.

There’s just one problem with all of this: The people have decided that, on the whole, they’d rather not pay $7.06 per gallon of gasoline to appease those weather gods. In fact, levying a projected €8 billion/year tax on a workforce already complaining about high unemployment and high taxes in order to reduce emissions of the life-giving carbon dioxide in a country that accounts for less than 1% of global carbon dioxide emissions anyway might just be a teensy-weensy bit unproductive.

The whole situation is a fascinating insight into the reality of the growing discontent of the masses who are, on the whole, happy to go along with the global warming swindle . . . so long as it stays out of their pocketbook. Sadly, as they are only now finding out, the entire point of the global warming swindle is to transfer funds out of their pocketbook and into the hands of the very corporations and foundations that are behind the swindle.

France is by no means alone in this dawning realization. Voters in Washington state just rejected a proposed carbon swindle that would have levied an estimated $2.3 billion/year tax on the state’s economy that, even by the UN’s own made up voodoo witch doctor nonsense, would have contributed about 0% to the goal of stopping global climate change (rounding for the nearest whole number). And now the Canadian government is facing pushback on a proposed federal carbon tax from its own provinces.

Meanwhile in London the likes of George Monbiot (who is wrong about everything) is trying to drum up a new protest movement that is going to demand greater action from politicians on the urgent issue of climate change . . . at least until the protesters discover that they’re just helping to demand their own tax increases.

Of course, as you’ll hear any number of talking heads tell you in regard to the yellow jacket phenomenon unfolding in France, this is no longer just about a carbon tax. But that’s where it started, and it is important.



Seeing as I am a half assed country picker, one of the songs I sing is ‘Ride Me Down Easy’.

When I sing a song, I usually personalize it a bit.

There is a verse in the song says, “I locked horns with the devil himself”.
I sing that, “I locked horns with the Devil herself”.

And not just one either.

Engaged four times.
Married three.
Divorced two.
Shacked up once.

Got lots of experience.

The eyes are the window to the soul.
Problem is you boys looking at this devil’s teats and ass!

Take a long hard look in those eyes, you will slide a protective shield down the front of your pants, and back away, never taking your eyes off of it!

IT will; fit right in at the UN.

John Carleton

Nikki Haley To Be Replaced By Blonde Version Of Nikki Haley