US to Blame for North Korea’s Nuclear and Ballistic Missile Program-Global Research

I have noted before, that as a Southerner, who’s Ancestors shot US Army scum who were gang raping children to death among other things, dealing with other “proud descendants” of Confederate soldiers, that most have tunnel vision.

They can see no evil in the US, until the US attacked the South.

Some of them can give lectures on the evils done the South, to include the Southern people, both black and white, free and slave, by the USA military and civilian government, (Washington DC, the same one), but once you get past reconstruction period, that see no USA evil pops right back into place. They can not see that when they served in the USA military, they were doing the same damn thing to another people, that USA did to us.

When i served in the USA military, i helped Washington DC, do to another people, what the bastards did to us.

I became the bastard.

Now if you have a festering wound, putting fresh bandaids on it is not going to heal that stinking mess.
Have to jerk the cover off, dig the dead tissue out, get the poison out, clean it out, sterilize and properly bandage it.

Now, until Americans grow up, and grow a set, look at the real history of the last three hundred years at least, look at the evil done all over the world, in the name of the American people.

If you do not fess up, stand up, speak up, them you are not someone that America needs. You are in fact, collaborating with a great and ancient evil, against the living souls, living on the face of the North American Continent.

Most of the killing and evil in the world can be traced right to the halls of government in Washington DC. No the trail does not end there, but it goes right in the front doors of DC officialdom, and sneaks out the back doors.

John C Carleton

US Sanctions Continue to Backfire: China Opens $10 Billion Credit Line for Iran-Global Research

Just no fun being a Usury zionist scum sold out political whore anymore!

No respect!

Every time a USA zionist minion from Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, throws a tantrum nowadays, everyone points them to the sand box and tells them to pound it.

China is playing top shelf chess.

USA is playing with themselves behind a very skinny tree.

Very messy and nasty when Empires die.

John C Carleton

Suddenly “De-Dollarization” is A Thing-Zero Hedge

Dollars dying. Tough, hard times coming to America.

Dollar dies, the Empire dies, at least the US Military arm of the Empire.

Americans wanting to know what awaits them when the US goes down, might want to read up on what happened to Russia and the Russian people for the next ten years.

I do not think most Americans have the courage, fortitude, to survive what the Russian people did. Many did not survive there, many will not survive here.

John C Carleton


A Letter to My American Friends-The Unz Review

A bit lengthy article, but one Americans NEED to read.

Americans are some of the most propagandized people in the history of the world.

I used to wonder how the German people could be so ignorant of what was happening around them.

Then i saw that the same thing happened in America. People who are intelligent enough to know and understand the truth, but the truth is inconvenient to them. It upsets them, Would cause them to have to take a moral stand.


I am a bit of a historian, and i will state with no reservations that the official history of the USA should be in the Fiction section of libraries.

It is unadulterated bull shit.

John C Carleton

The Fall Offensive: The US, France and Brazil-The Unz Review

Interesting read.

It is my thoughts that most Americans are worthless, the world would not miss them if most got raptured to that great zionist christian heaven.

You can say the bad times are coming to America from an angry god tired of their slothful, immoral, un-honorable, mean spirited crap.
Or you can say Mother Nature is going to thin the herd.

Makes no difference, America is in for about ten years, of hard bad times.

The Americans on the other side of these ten years, will be better people, more honorable, more caring, more driven to produce and serve in this world.

John C Carleton

The Tempering Fires of Life.

Don’t go down this rabbit hole to often, or to deep, in public.

Whether you want to mark it down to an angry god, pissed off at the sins, failings of the vast amount of humanity at that point, who says, alright you ungrateful curs, i am going to put you pansy asses through a wringer that will weed out the weak, stupid, immoral, perverted,cowardly, religiously insane,pedophiles, Zionist, war criminals, until some real spiritual people with real balls are left to repopulate the world.

Or you are of the school of thought that Nature regularly culls the herds, makes no difference really.

If one is awake, aware, one can not separate Nature from the Divine.

Now, the priest in my DNA must warn you, that for thousands of years, my ancestors were poet warrior priest, and farmers, always the Land. It makes no difference if one attributes the culling to an angry god, or a wise Nature, culling the bad DNA out periodically, the end result is the same.

Not here to get a theological debate going.
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The world needs to implement a Naval Blockade against the USA

The world, the rest of the earth, need to implement a naval blockade against the USA.

No US Naval ships allowed beyond the claimed coast territories of the American States which Washington DC/USA, is illegally occupying.

Any merchant ship, passing in or out of that zone to be inspected to make sure that the USA is not slipping contraband and military items out or in on foreign flagged ships.

No US military ship, or aircraft resupplied anywhere in the world except the USA, unless it is to allow the ship or plane to return to Washington DC. Give them just enough food and fuel to make it back to Washington DC. If after being given enough supplies to get home, they try some funny stuff, when they run out of fuel and food this time, let them float around the ocean until rust eats through the hull and sinks. But on the bright side, the fish get some artificial reefs.

No USA Military plane refueled anywhere in the world, except to get back to Washington DC. If they do not go back, no more fuel, seize the planes for storage fees in which ever country they are stranded.

No USA plane, military or commercial flies in or out of the USA without having the cargo inspected by the country in which the aircraft is departing or landing.

No food, fuel, electricity to be provided to any foreign USA military base or out post. Let them starve, freeze or return to the USA.

American has been made a shit hole by Washington DC/USA, as they robbed the land and the people, using the proceeds of their theft to try to build a one world zionist operated slave plantation.
Time Americans took America back from the Empire, rebuild the country, kick out all who do not want to assimilate into North American Culture.

There has to be Trials, examples have to be made of the Washington DC elites. Pedophiles, bribe takers, Usury bankers, whore sold out politicians, war criminals, murderers, thieves, heads of corrupt international Corporations, Collaborating governors, all the evil that is Washington, must be given fair trials and fair hangings.

Examples have to be made, very public examples have to be made with the evil that is Washington, so the young whores think better than trying to ply their trade against the American people.

Or just go ahead, drop your fruit of the looms, bend over, spread the cheeks of your ass.

Who knows, the bastards might even give you a reach around, but i would not count on it.

John C Carleton

De-Dollarization Spikes-Venezuela Stops Dollars for Oil Payments-Global Research

Venezuela did what the zionist consider an unpardonable sin.

Venezuela’s government decided to use the wealth of the country for the Venezuela people, instead of allowing zionist controlled international corporations to steal the wealth for the zionist pedophile war criminal elite.

That is why Washington Dc has been trying to overthrow their government and install a thirty shekel puppet whore who will funnel the wealth of Venezuela to the Rothschild Usury Banks, for the benefit of the pedophile elite.

No more Venezuela oil for fake, dying, US dollars. Washington DC thirty shekel whores are going to shit their pants.

You will see the lies about Venezuela going ballistic, a false flag and an invasion of Venezuela is not out of the question.

John C Carleton