Zionist Donald Trump’s Bitches! His Voters!

Knew it was coming. Did not know how long it would take. Did not take long.

The trumpster, broke his voter base over like a single barrel shotgun, and did the doggy motion to them, “all night long”, as the 59, 1.5 million dollar missiles were fired at a Foreign, Sovereign, Independent, Nation State, which had in no way aggressed against, or even threaten any type action against America or America’s.

Let me point something out here. While my brother, who was drafted and sent to Viet Nam, can not get the compensation he deserves because the Damn VA screwed him over, the trumpster pisses off over 100 Million dollars being Nitwityahoo’s and Israhell’s Bitch!

Lot of you out there have brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters, children, out there with the same damn problem. I myself was used as a lab rat and experimented on my the USA Federal Government. Illegal Anthrax shot, forced on GIs. That is why you have “Gulf War Illness”. Had a congressman tell me years back everyone knew, as he put it, “Sure, we all know US fucked you guys up, not the Iraqis”. He would not write that down, or say it on the record. My wife was with me, heard it also. They are still lying about it today. Many are dead, disabled, and the US Government and VA is still screwing them over, while the trumpster pisses off over 100 Million dollars trying to start the Bankers Zionist WW 3.

You have masses of people out of work, does he cut back on the totally unnecessary trying to rule the world by force USA Mercenary Military so he can do Work Projects? Hell no! Going to cut social programs to buy more 1.5 million dollar missiles do do more war crimes with.

Mr. And Mrs. America. Do you want your children committing war crimes for the sake of the Greater Israhell Project?http://www.globalresearch.ca/greater-israel-the-zionist-plan-for-the-middle-east/5324815

Mr. And Mrs. America. Do you want your children coming home dead or screwed up, so the zionist bankers can have their “greater Israhell Project”, world domination, and another arranged World War?

I sure as hell don”t.

Time to take out the garbage America!

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

Zionism Vs. Communism: Secret Allies?

Churchill was wrong when he said Israel was the best solution for the Jewish question. As events unfold in Syria, we see that Soros’ Communism & Trump’s Zionism are not competitors. They are two pincers holding humanity in its malevolent grip.
It appears that the fate of the world hangs on a turf war between two branches of the Jewish Conspiracy for world hegemony.
In 1920, Winston Churchill said Communist Jews and Zionist Jews were in a “struggle for the soul of the Jewish people,” a struggle “between good and evil.”
Today this “conflict” is played out between George Soros and his toadies in the Democratic Party (Communism) versus Donald Trump and his dupes (Zionism).
The American people are just onlookers hoping a few crumbs will fall from the table. Now that the election charade is over, they are powerless.
Trump’s brazenly deceitful use of the chemical attack false flag as a pretext to attack Syria places him squarely in the Zionist camp, and on a collision path with Russia and Iran. Americans are sick of being used as a surrogate for Zionist imperial ambitions. Trump has proven that he is a Zionist errand boy. CNN and The New York Times are applauding. This enforces fears that the Mossad own Trump.
Trump has betrayed his campaign promise to the American people to avoid interventions and defuse tensions with Russia. He has lost a considerable segment of his support, certainly enough to poison his Presidency and ensure he doesn’t get re-elected.
Bashar al-Assad’s father Hafez said Israel was “a knife in the heart of the Middle East.” Events have proven him prophetic. The Yinon Plan aims at fragmenting Arab countries. In Benjamin Netanyahu’s words, Israel is destined to be “a rising global power” while the US does its dirty work.


If Nitwityahoo Had Slipped and Said Shit In The Halls Of Congress!

If Nitwityahoo, when he was getting serviced in the Halls of Congress, in Washington DC, had slipped, and said SHIT!, The vast majority of House of Representatives, Senators, White House Staff, Supreme court, and Department heads, would have had to buy new undergarments and take a shower. The Chambers would have probably been sealed off as a Hazardous Waste site, and required Super Fund clean up.

This is a disgrace that the “elected” officials in Washington DC Piss themselves with happiness at the words of a baby murdering Son of a Bitch!

Time to take out the Garbage Mr. and Mrs. America.

Time to get er done.

John C Carleton

Zionist Speak Translation Rule #1!

The USA Corporation, the Military arm of the British Anglo zionist Empire, occupier and oppressor of America and Americans, is looking for excuses as to why they have murdered Hundreds of Iraqi Civilians in Mosul! They express sorrow that they were ‘Forced” to “inflict” civilian casualties.

Now, to someone who does not understand Zionist speak, this perhaps sounds truthful and sincere.

SO SON! (or Ladies), Let me translate.

Zionist speak Translation Rule # 1.

Flip the meaning of the words, 180%, to the exact opposite as was spoken in Zionist Speak.

Thus the above apparent heartfelt “regret becomes——————Ta-Dha! Damn right we killed the little brown SOB’s. If they would just give up an allow Nitwityahoo, the child raping SOB, to occupy them for the Zionist Nightmare of their “Greater Israhell Project”, we wouldn’t have to murder their rag headed asses!

See! With this formula, you can translate all that USA Zionist Government Speak, and all those State Department lies, all those MSM bimbos and gigolo’s CIA Propaganda! See how simple it is once one knows the formula! Enjoy Grasshopper!

Time to wake up America. Time to take out the Garbage. Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

PS! Zionist Speak Translator Rule # 2. Refer to Rule # 1.

Ayn Rand Reconsidered: Jon Rappoport

The one glaring problem in her work is the overall effect of her hammering mercilessly on behalf of freedom and the individual—after 400 pages, her prose takes on a programmatic aspect. It grips the reader with iron. The moral imperative to be free replaces the exhilaration of being free.

On the other hand, she obviously wrote her two great novels in the middle of a feverish exaltation. Every page burned. Most characters went down in flames. A few rose into the sky. She knew she was up against the most powerful forces of society, and she was not going to compromise or relent one inch. She fully intended to destroy collectivism at its root. On the basis of that decision, she refused to suspend her attack, even for a moment.

Most people who brush up against her work can’t stop to consider the depth of her admiration for the independent and powerful and creative individual, or the nature of her aversion to the collectivist who can only borrow from such individuals—and then distort and undermine what they have misappropriated.

She means to be extreme. It is no accident. With no apologies, she splits the world down the middle. In her own way, she is an ultimate riverboat gambler. She shoves in all her chips on the self-appointed task of illuminating the great dichotomy of human history and modern life: the I versus the WE.

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4 Signs You May Be A Statist Puppet: Gary ‘Z’ McGee

“State is the name of the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly it lies; and this lie slips from its mouth: I, the state am the people”
~Friedrich Nietzsche

Statism is a pandemic religion, a psychosocial disease that has swept the world up in a web of political delusions. It has convinced people, through conditioning and propaganda, to be dependent upon the state. When really it’s all just smoke and mirrors thrown up by an entrenched authority so that it can maintain its power and control over the people. And that’s the crux: the power dynamic. People should have power over the government, not the other way around. As Alan Moore said, “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” Indeed, self-rule is far superior to state-rule. The problem is, most people aren’t aware of it.

Amidst this rampant statism stands the mass-man, the ignorant majority, the statist puppet, naïve to the political power swings surrounding him, dumb to the way things actually work. Sadly, statist puppets represent the majority of “we the people.” It’s not their fault, really. It’s simply how the majority of us were culturally conditioned to believe. We were all born into it, to a certain extent. But there comes a time when we must choose: become aware of how power works, or remain ignorant and powerless.

Here are four signs you may be a statist puppet.

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The Republican Charade: Clyde Wilson

I want to take a look at this strange institution we know as the Republican party and the course of its peculiar history in the American regime. The peculiar history both precedes and continues after Lincoln, although Lincoln is central to the story.

It is fairly easy to construct an ideological account of the Democratic party, what it has stood for and who it has represented, even though there has been at least one revolutionary change during its long history. I generalize broadly, because all major political parties since at least the early 19th century have most of the time sought to dilute their message to broaden their appeal and avoid ideological sharpness. But we can say of the Democratic party that through most of its history it was Jeffersonian—it stood for, at least in lip service, a limited federal government and laissez-faire economy, and it represented farmers and small businessmen, the South, the pioneer West, and to some extent the Northern working class. This identity for the most part even survived the War to Prevent Southern Independence. Clearly, the party in the 20th century came to represent a very different platform—social democracy as defined by the New Deal and the Great Society—and a considerably different constituency. In either case, onlookers have had a pretty good general impression of what the party stood for.

It is nearly impossible to construct a similar description of the Republican party. The party that elected Lincoln was pretty clear about some things, like the tariff, although it may have been less than honest about the reasons. It was obfuscatory about other things. Since Lincoln took power, it has been difficult to find a clear pattern in what the party has claimed to represent. The picture becomes even cloudier when you compare words and behaviour. This, I believe, is because its real agenda has not been such that it could be usefully acknowledged.

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