The Inevitable Collapse of Israeli-Saudi-America Alliance Against Iran and Resistance

People keep using America when they should be using Washington DC/USA.

Washington DC/USA, is not now, and never has been the same as America or the American people.

If you live in America, and put another country first, America is going to become very unhealthy for you.

Fuck Israhell!

Fuck Washington DC!

I am an American!

America first!

John C Carleton

How the U.S. Dictatorship Works-Stratigic Culture

Liberty is for slaves. Liberty is your master allowing you some rights, at their discretion.

Freedom is for freemen.

Time for Americans to have freedom.

Each person, when they start smelling the coffee, needs to educate themselves into reality as fast as possible.

Crap is already coming down, not much time left until the only education is on the job training, with alligators taking nips out of your ass.

You must free your minds before you can be free.

Weapons and war will not bring Americans freedom, if they are still slaves in their minds.

John C Carleton

Compelling New Study Forces Mainstream Media to Report on Links between Vaccines and Autism-Free Thought Project

Again, just too much evidence.

Medical people lie to you all the time.

Their jobs depend on lying to you.

Learn! You children and grandchildren lives, health, future depends on you learning the truth about Vaccines.

John C Carleton

Compelling New Study Forces Mainstream Media to Report On Link Between Vaccines and Autism

9-11/Israel did it-Wikispooks

Folks, just way too much evidence out there Israhell has been attacking America/Americans, at least from 1967 on.

USS Liberty on, to include 9-11, on again until the present.

All people who call themselves Americans, have to ask themselves a question.

Do i put America first, or do i put the true enemy of the American people first?

If the answer, is anything other than, i put America/ Americans first, then you are not an American.

If the Answer is, i put Mexico first, get you ass and all your spawn back to Mexico.

If your answer is i put Africa first, get your ass and all your spawn, get your asses to Africa.

If your answer is Israhell, i would advise, you gather your belongings, all your spawn, use that Israhell Passport, get you ass the hell out of my country, before the shit hits the fan.
Afterwards, well, these American boys going to be hungry for pork, they going to get to cornering pigs, where ever they can for the great sheep and pig BBQ.
No shortage of either pigs or sheep.

The American people are becoming aware, if they march around the walls of evil, of Washington DC, seven times, blow the trumpet of truth, the walls of evil will come tumbling down, shining the burning light of illumination on the dwellers of that city of depravity, buggery, pedophilia, Theft, murder and evil!

John C Carleton

America Betrayed-Darkmoon.

Fuck Israhell! I Am an American!

America first!

Now, not that the average Judaic fanatical religious cult member in occupied Palestine, does not deserve the karma they have coming, But the word is Zionist.

I don’t care what color, nationality, gender, religion, a zionist is an evil piece of shit which will never live in peace with those around them.

Every time the Usury banker sons bitches push things too far, the mobs go after the poor Jews. The rich ones, make sure they work the mobs up against “Jews” when the mobs need to concentrate on the Zionist Usury Bankers, and their zionist whore politicians.

Makes no sense to take out people unable to stop the parasites from feasting on you, and allow the parasites to hide out in their mansions in other countries, until the anger and the bloodlust of the mobs are satisfied.

Then they come out of the woodwork like cockroaches, and start butt fucking everyone again.

If you want the laughing hyena to stop eating your children, you do not go step on the grasshopper.

John C Carleton

America Betrayed

Why James Madison Hated Democracy

Why was James Madison so critical of democracies? Moreover, why was he so concerned about them when, according to the definition he provided, “democracies” basically don’t exist anywhere, either in his time or in our own.

Today, many conservatives like to claim that “the Founding Fathers” opposed democracy and supported less majoritarian republics.

However, as is nearly always the case whenever “the Founding Fathers” are involved, a more accurate statement would be “some Founding Fathers” condemned democracy. Indeed, many of the Founding Fathers — especially among the Anti-Federalists, openly described themselves as being in favor of “democracy” and “the democratical spirit.”

This is no coincidence.

By attacking democracy, Madison was attempting to discredit the more decentralized and more democratic state governments that were preventing the sort of powerful and centralized government that Madison wanted.

Thus, Madison sought to condemn localized government that was close to the people, and substitute a vast, less-representative “republic” that was the be the playground of a small number of powerful men — all at taxpayer expense, of course.

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Israel will get ‘more understanding’ from trump’s negotiators because they are all observant Jews, Sharansky says-Mondoweiss

We have a Problem!

Fuck Israel. I am an American!

America first!

Anyone allied with the enemies of America the land, and America the people, is my enemy.

I keep noticing, Washington DC is the bitch of the main enemy of Americans!

Ok, Fuck Washington DC!

Both “parties”!

I am an American!

Americans first!

John C Carleton