Israel’s PR campaign is failing: the more Americans know, the less favorable they are-Mondoweiss

Again, Zionism is not a “jewish” disease alone. The evangelical christians are eaten up with the brain, soul eating virus. As the Saudi “royals” have proved, it is alive and well in Muslim countries, as it is in Washington DC and most every “State” capital in the US occupied part of North America. It is rampant in the EU countries.

Violence begets violence.

Education, truth, is the answer.

John C Carleton

Was the Heretic Pharaoh Akhenaton in Fact the Father of Modern Monotheism?-Ancient Origins

The Hebrews, in the time of Kings David and Saul, were not Monotheist. They believed there were many gods.

I have enjoyed this site. It has interesting articles about things that the zionist do not want you to know, as a lot of it proves the lie of their bull shit.

How childish and ignorant are the true followers of the Abrahamic religions. Christianity, Islam, and Judaic religions, all claim the same “god”. According to each of these branches of the same tree, he is the ONLY god. And he said they could, and should kill the hell out of the other two branches and everyone else in the world because they are SPECIAL! Each branch believes this. This is a very sadistic or confused god. He keeps forgetting what he told one branch, and telling each of the others a completely different set of rules, and who is the very special branch.

John C Carleton

US is a Hostage of Zionist Extremist-Henrymakow

Good information on the terrorism that was used to form the little crime cabal occupying Palestine.

I have a problem with painting the “Jews” with such a broad brush.

Zionist now, thats different, they are evil scum. The ass holes in Washington that the little crime cabal blackmails and bribes to control, were zionist before there was an Israhell.

Jew is not a sub race of the human race, anymore than Catholics, Baptist, Church of England, Church of Christ, or any other religion constitutes a “race”

Jew is a relatively modern slang term applied to the religious cult adhering to the adulterated Babylonian religion the Hebrews brought back with them from captivity in Babylon. The Judaic religion, is not the religion of the Hebrews in the time of King David and Saul. Their “god” is not the “god” of the Hebrews in the time of King David and Saul.

There are true believers in Zionism, they are indoctrinated as children, and most never escape it’s evil. They can be kind to people in certain ways, but if their “god” says to murder the hell out of some one or country, it’s praise the lord and pass the ammunition.

My mother, who was raised by her grandfather, a rabid zionist, was one such, she tried her best to indoctrinate me with zionism. Afraid it just did not take. But because of this, i understand zionism more than most. I understand that while some “jews” are zionist, so are some Catholics, Baptist, Church of England,athiest even.

You have the true believers like the children brainwashed in occupied Palestine, by Judaic cult members, like my mother, who was raised a Primitive, or hardshell Baptist, like most of my brothers and sisters, who accepted the indoctrination, never Questioned it.

Guess i took after her parents, who rebelled against the evil, and were punished by both families for not accepting the indoctrination.

Then you have the ones, the Zionist, who understand full well that the religious teachings of zionism, no matter the brand, are pure evil made up bull shit, but it allows them to use other people, gives them cover for their evil.

You want to understand the evil that is zionism, you have to study it, it’s history. What you are fed by the zionist as what or who zionist are, is pure propaganda and bull shit.

John C Carleton

US Army Preparing to Occupy Large Part Of Syria-FARSNEWS

Once again. Each and every US military personal in Syria is an International War Criminal, as per International Law.

The Corporation, USA/Washington DC which sent them, is an International war criminal corporation.

The bastards can not lie the truth away.

Time for Americans to educate themselves in the truth of their world.

John C Carleton

Hundreds of Civilians Killed in US-Led Coalition Air Strikes In Syria in One Month-FARSNEWS

The US Is an International war criminal corporation. They were not attacked by Syria. This means their invasion is an international war crime, and everyone in Syria they have killed, a murder and an individual war crime.

Now, either as Commander in Chief, Trump is an International War Criminal, or he does not control the military.

If he does not control the military, generations of Americans have been lied to about how the “Government” works.

Can not have it both ways.

Time to educate yourselves Americans.

John C Carleton

It is a Hot Saturday morning in Occupied Texas.

Have fed and watered the livestock and pets.

Poked a few holes and fun at the evil mass murdering hypocrites of the Washington DC/USA Evil Empire.

Read some articles telling of the USA’s war crimes overnight, lies that they are spewing to try to make night day, dark light, and evil good.

Going in a few minuets, after i water some plants, (oh yeah, home grown tomatoes) to cook some Irish potatoes and non-GMO fed, free range hens eggs. If that don’t get the wife stirring, i had better go check her pulse.

Have to get all my gear ready, so about Monday, I can arrange for a couple of my billy goats to become ground meat and Alsatian goat sausage. Best sausage i have ever eaten. Little meat market down the road a piece in the next town makes it for me.

Need to run over to one of the kids house for a project.

Somewhere in the evening, will start making the rounds of the livestock again.

Ahh! Retirement.

John C Carleton

US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War Two-Global Research

US murdered a whole bunch of people before WW 2.

They Started with the Native Americans, then they moved up to the Southern people of the Confederacy.

After that, they took their murder fest on the road world wide, and have never slowed down.

john C Carleton

US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II