Do Americans Support Military Action Against Iran?

Notice no one polled the almost half of Americans who want noting to do with the war crimes of USA/WASHINGTON DC.

The Americans who will not even “vote” in USA’s pretend elections.
These folks are what Washington DC call political dissidents.

They refuse to drink the DC zionist grape Kool aid.
So USA calls them names and ignores them, except when DC persecutes them for their morals and integrity, loyalty to America.

John C Carleton

“It has emerged that President Trump approved military strikes against Iran before pulling back at the last minute when planes were in the air and ships were in position. U.S. military and diplomatic officials were expecting strikes against several Iranian radar and missile sites in response to the downing of an RQ-4 Global Hawk surveillance drone over the Strait of Hormuz in the early hours of Thursday morning. Yesterday it appeared Trump was keen on de-escalation, with the president saying the shoot down could be attributed to a “loose and stupid” Iranian officer and the president did not believe the airstrikes were a proportionate response.”



17 years of a man’s life, and counting, with no charges.
Thats not the America my ancestors fought for, it’s not the America I thought I was fighting for.

It is simple, this is wrong.
This is evil.

First off, Israhell attacked America 11 September, 2001, USA/Washington DC collaborated, Saudi looks to have financed.

The claims by the USA they can hold anyone they want, as long as they want, is evil, is Bull Shit, and is Un-Constitutionl.

And I say that as a non-fan of the constitution, just pointing out if you believe it is a sacred document, USA/WASHINGTON DC, in this case, and many others, took a giant shit on the constitution, folded it up, and wiped their asses on it.

Are you a colaberating sheep who keeps betraying your people, your country by “voting” for the evil baby raping sons of bitches who do this?

If you are, Karma is a mother hunching bitch!

How can you claim to believe in freedom, and support shit like this?

How can you claim to have the Love of Jesus the Christ in you, and support such evil shit as this?

May God have mercy on your soul!

John C Carleton

Peter Mayer – Why I published ‘Hitler’s Generals’ by David Irving (86/99)-YouTube

There are few men I admire in this world today.
David Irving is one of them.

David Irvin was a successful author, living a good life, well covered in the media when he would bring out a book.

But he is a truth teller, and he went down too many rabbit holes to back up.

So he wrote the documented real truth of the World Wars, World politics which brought them, books on all the main characters of that era.

And he has lived under attack, personal hardships, financial hardships ever after.
He has never faltered in his duty to the truth.
The reason he is attacked so viciously, is the truth is like sunshine to Dracula, to certain “governments” and “people”, (not real sure some of them are human).

If you want the truth of those years and main characters, I will without reservations, recommend his books.

Here is a link to where you can buy his book.
There are also some book on the site for free download.

John C Carleton

Will Tunnels Under the Border Reframe the Border Wall Debate?

General George S Patton, who damn well understood such things said:

Want to stop the invasion of America from hands out third world ass holes who hate America, have no plans on assimilating?

Build a wall around Washington DC!

The whores of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, steals the labor of the struggling American worker, and promises it to foreigners for “free”, if they will invade the 47 occupied North American States, two occupied Republics, and one occupied Polynesian Kingdom.

The Anti-America Khazarin whores in DC, steal over 11 million dollars a day from the America worker, sends it to Israhell.

The chump change left over is what is offered to the third world barbarians as incentive to invade America.

I am a Loyal American. America’s enemies are my enemies.

The USA, and America, have never been, is not now, and will never be the same thing.

USA is an Anti-American foreign corporation, (incorporated under evil British Empire law).

America is a Land and People, occupied by the foreign to America, Anti-America/Anti American, USA corporation.

John C Carleton

Will Tunnels Under the Border Reframe the Border Wall Debate?

“Come Heavily Armed”: Oregon Senator Threatens Violence As Governor Hunts Down Lawmakers

Oregon Demophiles are trying to steal from the common folks of Oregon, with a scam.

Shit is going to hit the fan sooner or later with all the evil Anti-America political whores are heaping on the American people.

Clif High, who for years ran a predictive linguistics program, which was very good, posted this recently on Twitter.

“Just so you will know:
“yellow vest” protests leading to violence and huge social order breakdown are coming to OR.
Interstate relationships with WA, CA, ID will also break down, requiring federal intervention. Over these next 12 months. Winter will be fierce.”

Here is a link to his website, well worth checking out.

John C Carleton

The Christmas Truce of 1914, Humanity In The Usury Banker’s Killing Fields

World War One, started in the year 1914.

It was a preplanned Bankers war, not caused by what folks are told in official “history” books was the cause.

WW 1 was a time between the cavalry charges of the last century, and the mechanized killing fields of WW 2.

The planners, the generals, as is so often the case, tried to fight this war with the last century’s tactics.

They lined the troops up, and shot each other.
Temporary trenches, became war long permeant features which would exist until the end of the war in 1918.
Muddy, cold, hot, lice, vermin ridden, sickness and disease hell holes.

The generals had what they called going over the top.
The troops would come boiling out of the trenches in a massed frontal attack on the other sides trenches.
It was suicide.
Poison gas, airplanes used the first time, machine guns lined up to slaughter the massed attacking troops.

In the winter trenches, the first year of the war, a miracle happened.

As Christmas approached in the trench hell holes, soldiers began singing Christmas carols of peace and hope.

One side would sing one, then the other side would sing one.

Soon, they were joining in together, singing the same songs of peace and hope in their own languages.

The more brave or more foolish, on both side soon started trickling out into no mans land, to meet those men who they had been trying to kill.

Some places signs were held up, saying we won’t shoot if you don’t.

This was never an official truce of the politicians and generals, but a truce by the men doing the actual fighting and dying.
The politicians and generals shit their pants over the truce.

The sides came out of their trenches, traded souvenirs, cigarettes, showed each other pictures of their mothers, fathers, wives, sweethearts, children.

They talked of what they did back in the real world.
They told each other what they wanted to do if they survived to go back to civilian life.
They played games, played unofficial soccer matches.

Knowing soldiers, I an sure they each cussed their own politicians, generals, who were warm, dry and safe.

They each saw the humanity in the other, which did not match the devil with horns picture of the enemy the brass and whore politicians had given them.

They did not want to kill each other.

This time, allowed them to bury their dead, many who had laid in no mans land for weeks.

If it had been left to these men, WW 1 would never have entered 1915.
The war would have ended December 25, 1914.

But there is too much money to be made out of war, political, military careers to be made and advanced.

After Christmas, the politicians ordered the generals, and the generals forced these new found friends to start killing each other again.

WW 1 was sold as The War to End All Wars

Eric Bogel, wrote a song of WW 1.
He wrote it after resting in a WW 1 cemetery in France, by the grave of Private William McBride, killed in the year 1916, at the age of nineteen.

The ending stanza says it all:

“I can’t help but wonder young willy McBride
Do all of the men who lie here know why they died
Did you really believe when they gave you the cause
Did you really believe the war would end wars
Well the suffering, the sorrow, the glory the shame
The killing, the dying was all done in vain
Cause Willy McBride it all happened again and again
And again and again and again and again

Did they beat the drums slowly, did they play the fief lowly
Did the rifles fire over you as they lowered you down
Did the bugle sing the last Post and Quarters
Did the pipes play the flowers of the forrest?”

Enough damn bankers wars!

Get off you damn knees folks!
Tell the politicians and generals to go fuck themselves!
Remember the old hippy saying of the 1960s?
What if they gave a war and no one came?

These wars are not for your benefit.
If the Usury Bankers, Political Whores, and the dick sucking, Yes Men Generals, want another war, let them and their spawn fight and die in it!

If the troops, had refused to start shooting at each other again, December 26, 1914, four more years of slaughter, would not have happened.

I guarantee you, the whore generals, whore bankers, and whore politicians, are not going to put their asses in the cross hairs.

Come on Humanity!
Time to grow up.

1 Corinthians 13:11
“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

Time to put away childish things such as bankers wars, and grow up humanity!

John C Carleton

ISRAHELL Did 9-11 – A (((Who’s Who)))

I do not agree with everything on this site, such as referring to Non Semitic Khazarians as “Jews”.

A “Jew” is a member of a cult religion.

Khazarian is the evil bloodline.

But yes, the zionist Khazarian “Jews” did 9-11, and the zionist yankee “puritans” assisted.

John Carleton


Did this some years back.

When you are marching off to war, the crowds cheer and wave flags.
When the soldier comes home, wounded, in body and mind, then the crowds don’t cheer.
They don’t even want to have to look at the results of the war they cheered for.
They would just rather the veteran go away.

A line out of a song about WW 1 comes to mind,The Band Played Waltzing Matilda.

When they were bringing the wounded home:

And the band played Watzing Matilda, as they carried us down the gangway,
But nobody cheered, they just stood there and stared,
Then they turned all their faces away!

Enough Wars for Usury Bankers and cowardly politicians!

John C Carleton

Israel’s Secretive Nuclear Facility Leaking as Watchdog Finds Israel Has Nearly 100 Nukes

Bomb Iran!!!!!!!!!

Israhell, has been screaming for more than forty years, if the US don’t take out Iran, Iran will have a working Nuclear weapon in six months.

All the while, US intelligence agencies kept saying Iran IS NOT building a nuclear weapon.

Iran maintains, they do not want one, as it would be against their religious beliefs to use one.

All the while, the hypocritical Khazarian Non Semitic terrorist, threaten to blow up the world with their illegal nukes, if they are not allowed to rape, rob and murder with impunity.
Called the “Samson Option”.

John C Carleton

Israel’s Secretive Nuclear Facility Leaking as Watchdog Finds Israel Has Nearly 100 Nukes