Jeffery Epstein Stands Before The Light!

Birds of a feather.
The Female the Pedophile Mossad agent Epstein has his arm around, is said to be a high up Mossad agent.
Mossad Honey Traps anyone.
Trump does any damn near anything Nitwityahoo wants him to?

Jeffrey Epstein, Pedophile, Mossad agent, runner of Mossad pedophile honeytraps, scum sucking piece of shit, big Buddys with the likes of President Trump and Bill the walking Rape sex attack tool Clinton, becomes aware he is standing before a brilliant Light Creature, in a world or place he has never seen the likes of in all his memory.

He asked the Light Creature:
What am I doing here?

Light Creature:
Hush, I am reading the New York Media web sites, they are all abuzz about have that slime ball pedophile evil son of a Khazarioan bitch Epstein committed suicide in a jail cell!

That means the piece of shit will be through here soon, I best get the air fresheners out!

What the hell is that smell!!??

The Khazarian perverted baby raper said timidly, being a bit confused:
I am Jeffery Epstein, but I NEVER committed suicide!

The light looked up with distaste in his face clearly identifiable.

So your evil ass is here is it?
All the government sources and MSM talking heads are saying you offed your sorry self.

Mossad Jeff:
Look, I was having my lawyers deal with some very powerful people to get me another slap on the wrist!
Why the hell would I off myself, they would not dare lock me up for real!
Hell, I know way too much on a whole lot of very rich and powerful people!

Light Creature:
I suspect you knowing all this was why you committed suicide.

Jeffery the Friend of Trump, who “likes em on the young side, like me”:

The guards brought my dinner to eat, I ate.
I got very-very sleepy, laid down for a nap and when I woke up, you were there, or I was here, or we were there, or whatever the case is, but I DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE!

Light Creature:
Oh I believe you.
I am surprised they let you live as long as they did.

Might as well get started!

Ok, Valhalla form 1865, allows the interviewee, thats you, to sign a confession, forego the review of your life, you go straight to Hel, saves us all time and aggravation.

I mean, you and I both know there is no way in Hel you going to beat the charge!

The Pedophile buddy of Clinton and Trump said:
I want an attorney!

The Light:
Well, Bill got disbarred and Rudy has yet to be hanged for his part in covering up Israhell’s attack on the American Home Land at New York 11 September, 2001.
So neither one is available here right now.

Although Bill does look like he is dead already, just refusing to fall.
I must send a valkyrie to investigate, see if the old son of a white trash bitch is dead, just refusing to cross over!

This is Valhalla’s Court System, you don’t get a phone call, you don’t get a lawyer, they go right to Hel upon arrival anyway, like bankers and politicians.

You want to fight the charges, or sign the form and report to Hel straight away?

The Pedophile Friend of the rich and powerful, now dead, cause dead men tell no tales:
Damn right I am going to fight it!
I am a Khazarian, we can do any damn thing we want to!
God said so!

Light Creature:
I saw God just before I returned to my chambers and your shit smelling ass showed up.
Odin said perhaps in your case I should wave the “no cruel or unusual punishment” clause, and get inventive with your ass.

Odin says children are for nurturing, helping them grow spiritually, with honor and truth, not for raping!

So I advise you to just sign the mother hunching form, shut the fuck up, and get on the bus to Hel, because Odin his own self gave me free hand with you, and if I have to sit here and view all the evil of your life, you are not going to Hel, Hel is too easy!
I got this other place which is only talked about in whispers!

Now you maybe got away with shit on earth because you were blackmailing judges, presidents, congressmen, heads of alphabet agencies, Pentagon generals, but you don’t have shit on anyone on this side, you on your own fuck head, so you had better be signing that damn form in the next five seconds!

Signing hurriedly as if his ass depended on it, which it did.

Light Creature:
Good, shut the hell up, get your sorry ass on the damn buss for the damned and Hel.

And you will have some of those powerful buddies of yours to talk about old time with in Hel soon!

Light Creature singing as he sprayed disinfectant with one hand and a perfume scented smell with the other in his chambers:
The Wheels of the bus goes Bump-Bump-Bump!
The wheels of the bus goes Bump-Bump-Bump
All day long!

Light Creature:

In walks a well known queer pedophile US Senator.

Light Creature:
There goes my vacation!
The DC pedophile suicided flu seems to be spreading!

John C Carleton

Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in New York jail, reports say (YEAH RIGHT)

Epstein was a dead man walking from his arrest.

Epstine ran a honey trap for Mossad.
If the CIA was involved?

Washington DC stinks from the stench of all the innocent blood shed by the USA/WASHINGTON DC, from the innocent children USA soldiers raped to death in the SouthLand, 1861-1865, to the last baby murdered in Washington DC today, by a pedophile politician who talks of God, Jesus, love, duty, honor, and don’t have a clue what any of those things mean.

John C Carleton

Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in prison, report says

Israel’s Barak, US sex trafficking suspect Epstein ties exposed

I am very sorry true Trump believers, your boy is dirty
Thats why Epstein was a dead man walking when the new indictments came down.

Former Israeli Prime Minister and election candidate Ehud Barak held a multi-million-dollar business partnership with Jeffrey Epstein, the US billionaire who was this week arrested for sex trafficking underage girls.

According to an exposé yesterday by Israeli daily Haaretz, Barak – who served as Israel’s Prime Minister between 1999 and 2001 and recently announced his formation of a new party, Democratic Israel, ahead of the country’s general election in September – held business ties with Epstein as recently as 2015.

Epstein is a US billionaire who made his fortune on Wall Street and is known to have close relationships with influential political figures, including former US President Bill Clinton and current US President Donald Trump.

In 2008 Epstein pleaded guilty to soliciting underage girls for prostitution, paying dozens of 14 and 15-year olds to perform sex acts over a period of six years. He spent 13 months in county jail, but was given lenient terms under which he was allowed to leave prison six days per week to go to work.

On Saturday, Epstein was arrested on fresh charges of sexually exploiting underage girls at his New York and Florida mansions, as well as “recruiting” other teenagers to carry out sex acts. He pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking and conspiracy to sex traffic minors.

READ: Meretz lawmaker rejects Ehud Barak merger over October 2000 killings

Now Haaretz has exposed that Barak had close ties with Epstein as recently as 2015. It was previously known that the pair held connections, with an Israeli journalist last year reporting that, in 2004, Epstein gave Barak $2.3 million for “research”. The details of this research were never exposed, with Barak refusing to comment on his work as a “private citizen”.


Israel’s Barak, US sex trafficking suspect Epstein ties exposed

John the Baptist said: I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness!-John 1:23 KJV

I know how he felt!

Always been compared to him, as my given name is John, and by father was a Southern Baptist minister.

I recall how when I was a very small kid, the family went on vacation.
Come Sunday, we were going to church.

Church was the smallest church in the area my father could find.
He did not have use for big churches.
Said people lost their zeal to become better people lost in the crowd, became a social club.

Time came as it does in any small Southern Baptist church when the guest are given a chance to introduce themselves.
We stood as my father introduced himself as Paul Carleton, introduced the four kids left at home at that point, as Mary, David, Daniel and John.

Now if you don’t think that made some heads whip around!

But I also know how he felt, crying out the truth, crying out the dangers facing his people, and for all the apparent good he was doing, for all he got to stop, look and listen, and maybe start on the right path, he may as well have cut him a pole and damned well gone fishing.

John the Baptist said, I am doing my part, I am crying out the truth, and being persecuted because of my crying out the truth, but I feel like I might as well be standing in the middle of the desert crying out the truth, for all the results I can see!

Feel that lonesome feeling myself.pain, sorrow and disappointment, crucified for telling the truth and not shutting up about it!

Want some elbow room, feeling crowded in?

Start telling the truth, all the time, and refuse to stop telling the truth!

You going to have all kinds of room around you, way around you.

Sheep are weak creatures, some who had cheered Jesus as he spoke throughout the land, jeered him as he died in pain, sorrow, disappointment, crucified for telling the truth and refusing to stop telling the truth.

Some switched sides, because they were afraid the government might remember they trailed with Jesus, so they cussed and jeered him to save their own cowardly asses.

Some switched sides and jeered, because they are sheep, they want to feel safe.

Way they saw it, Jesus lost, government won.
To hell with Jesus!

Weak creatures!

For reasons I will not bore you with here, the CIA tried to trap me in some of their false flag operative schemes, or the FBI, I figured this was the CIA.

After years of phone conversations with a person I never met in person, to my knowledge, he one day tried to convince me to come on board, by trying to convince me, if a man like me stood up, took control, changes could be made.
But of course, I would have to stop telling all that truth all the time, play politics, do it their way.

He said if Jesus had toned it down a bit, went at it a bit different, he might have won.

I shocked him, when I replied, “Jesus did win!”.

He thinking is on a material level, his world is ruled by his lust.
How much power can I get?
How much money can I steal?
How many women can I bed?
How much fame can I win?

Then you die, then you answer for what you did with your opportunities to learn, grow spiritually on earth, in human form.

Oh yes, some one else has all your women, wine and song now.
Your body died.

Someone else is sitting on “your” throne now.

Jesus, even though he did not get the Hebrews to repent of their evil, nor to rise up against Roman occupation, won!
Even though they crucified his ass, he won!

Because he remained true to himself, his beliefs, his duty he was sent to that life to do.
Jesus the Christ grew spiritually from the disappointment in the Hebrews, his disapointment in humanity, his disappointment in the sheep people, from the struggle, from the pain, from the lonesomeness of him. having the target on his ass, which he had put there himself, trying to help the hebrews, he saw as his people.

Jesus right up till the end could have promised to shut up, be a good Roman slave, and existed until another death found him, ashamed and defeated.

But he refused to shut up, he refused to compromise with evil, he refused to sell his duty and principles for fleeting pleasure and fame on this rock, for so very brief a moment on the books of time.

So he Won!

The Hebrews lost.
He did not come to save them, but to give the Hebrews the chance to repent and save themselves

BUT the Hebrews did not want to repent and change, the Hebrews did not want to hear the message Jesus the Christ came to deliver, of self ownership, of self help, of self growth, through illumination.

So the Hebrews helped the Romans murder the messenger, and partied on!

Today, there are no Hebrews.

Today there are no Romans, (Empire Romans).

The truth Jesus the Christ cast into the wind of the Hebrews scorn over two thousand years ago, still stands, and is relevant today as it was when he spoke those truths.

Jesus won, the Hebrews lost, the Romans lost, humanity lost!

The few truth tellers today, have all the elbow room they desire.

I know when I really crossed the Rubicon, or in this case the Potomac, made the commitment to tell the truth, stand up for my people, my country, my culture, my land, I got a lot more elbow room.

Siblings, extended family members, “friends”, who figured Washington DC was going to kill my ass sooner or later for speaking out, put distance between my body and theirs, as they did not want to become collateral damage!

There is a tipping point in illumination, when that blinding realization of just how meaningless other than for lessons learned, and our duty, this physical life is, how very fleeting this life is, but of how permninate your soul, your energy, your essence is.
When you come to understand the words in the Bible, not in the way most church goers understand it, but more clear, more fully understood:
“put not your treasure into earthly things, where thieves break trough and steal, where moth and time does corrupt, but within Heaven, (your own soul), where they are safe from evil, and the power of this world”.

When I graduated high school, took my college entrance exam, I scored in the top 97% of the whole country in that year.
Local Congressmen called my father, offered West Point.
Have the blood lines, strong, not weak, of the bloodlines all American presidents came from up till at least the Bushes.
On my mothers side my 3ed cousin was secretary of the Treasure and State, at different times.

I could have been president if that was what I had desired as a young man.
But my soul, had grown enough spiritually, to understand, the corruption of this world, and the illumination of the other.
As such, the former glitter of wealth, power, fame, I understood would become as ashes in my mouth as I grew older, as the fun of unbridled lust slipped away, with the bill to be payed coming due upon demand!

Long way of saying, any success or failure in this life, fighting the evil, being a truth teller, trying to wake the sheep, depends not on the actions of the sheep, but on my actions alone.

If the sheep do not hear my voice, my words of truth, it is on their heads, and their lambs heads.
If Texicans do not hear my voice and do not heed my words of truth, it is on their heads, and their children heads.
If the Americans do not hear my voice, heed my warnings, my truth, it is on their heads, and the heads of their children.
If the worlds people, humanity, does not hear my voice, heed the words of my truth, it is on their heads, and the heads of their children.

If I do my duty, I tell the truth no matter the cost, I refuse to shut up telling the truth, I deliver the message, the messenger is held blameless for the actions of the receivers of the message, as long as the message was delivered.

That means, I win!
They murder me, I still win!

Whether or not humanity wins, depends on the individual action of each individual human, on the day they stand before the record of this life.

No group called Humanity, Americans, Texicans, or another group, will be standing there with you.
There will be no one to share the blame of individual spiritual failures with.

So in the end, each individual, is either their own savior, or their own damnation.

No skin off my ass, I delivered the message, and will until they murder me, I die of old age, or it is no longer relevant.

I win!

John C Carleton

New-Kingdom of Carleton’s Approved American Male Self Examination Technique

My 4th g-grandfather dying from lung problems picked up winter soldiering against the British.
He was an American. He was a man. He had a set of balls.

It has come to my attention, most males in America, having reached the age of 18, consider themselves men.

Not all males are men.
This can be quite confusing to politically correct males.
So i have provided a check chart and a self examination with which to separate the American men from the male sheep boys.

#1. Are you an American?

A. No.
B. Yes.

If answer is no, shut the fuck up and sit the hell down, you are a guest in my land, show some damn manners!
If the answer is yes, proceed to #2.

#2. Remove your fruit of the looms, reach under your penis, see if there are a couple egg shaped things hanging in a bag under your penis.

A. No.
B. Yes.

If the answer is no, you are not old enough for this conversation, come back in a few years, or you are a sheep.
If you are a sheep, go away, as you will not understand any of this, and it will make you bleat in fear, piss and shit yourself in your wool!

Now the rest of you, say you are American, and have a set of balls, there is one final test.

Now, I have never lived in Missouri, but I picked up one of their customs.


Cause I have seen very few, Americans, who in my opinion, have a set of balls.
Or at least know what to do with them!

So stand the fuck up!
Speak the hell up!
In defense of your culture, your country, your way of life, your people.

Otherwise shut the hell up, get your cowardly self serving ass back to the meadow.
The sheep herd is missing some of their wool shitting boys and will not rest easy until the herds whole again!

John C Carleton

Dayton Shooter Was A Pro-Satan Leftist Who Supported Warren, Sanders, Antifa And Communism

It has been a tumultuous weekend for the country, which suffered two consecutive mass shootings over the last 48 hours in both El Paso and Dayton.

And while the media was eager to quickly expose the El Paso shooter as a right-wing extremist with the implication that he is merely following Trump’s belligerent rhetoric, only few details had emerged about the Dayton, Ohio shooter although we certainly understand why the mainstream media may not have rushed to make these alleged details public – because according to, the Dayton shooter was an Elizabeth Warren (and Bernie Sanders) supporter who advocated for socialism, communism and supported Antifa.