The Sweat of a Kazarian’s Brow Produced By Labor, is like Holy Water to Dracula

The Kazarian half breed Turkmen/slavic reject outcaste Russian Expat Rats are allergic to labor.

They have a fear of death if they break a sweat doing manual labor.

They prefer theft, Usury, blackmail, producing porn, sexual slavery of non Kazarians.

The evil pedophilic Kazarian Mafia, needs to be rooted out of all civilized countries.

Fair common Law Trials, Fair Hangings.

Those which seem not to merit immediate hanging, following a Fair Common Law Trial of course, should be repatriated to Mother Russia.

They spawned em, they should deal with em!

Course if they are ever caught sneaking out of Russia to infect the world with evil again, this would in self defense of non zionist zombie virus infected humans, activate an automatic death sentence which would be unappealable.

Rats spread disease and death.
They eat the food meant for humans.
They shit on the food they can not eat.
The civilized world must be made Rat free.

Let the Rats return to Mother Russia, or face the consequences of their crimes!

John C Carleton.

Three Poems, One Of Them Mine, Plus a Seabee Tale

To understand my poem fully, i have to explain the setting.

We were trying to get the Battalion ready to go to Iraq, trying to teach the troops how to survive in combat.

This was being done at Fort Hunter Liggett California, desert.
This was my second time to do war games at Liggett.

A Liggett is a ground squirrel, which are everywhere there.
Digging fighting positions, you dig through their tunnels.

Anyway, a few years previous the Gods of War in the guise of Political Correctness, had forced on the Bees, females.

Where you used to be able to whip it out and take a leak when in the field and the call came, now, you had to worry about some female seeing you take a leak.

This time, i had a rifle squad on top of a hill so steep, it was deemed unsafe to send a backhoe up to dig fighting positions, so we dug them by hand.

We dug them.
i was squad leader.
Never ask your troops to do something you will not do yourself.
i showed them how to dig them right, all the fixtures needed in the positions.
Dug my own, and helped with some of the others.
And they were damn well done right!
i was trying to teach my troops, how not to go home in a body bag.
You fight the way you train.
Combat, the basic functions, should be so ingrained in your training, you don’t have to think when it hits the fan.

Anyway, good Seabees are Real Good Bitchers.
Ask any Navy Chief from the Bees.

Now, as we had females, to take a leak, a guy had to walk down this steep hill, to a hot stinking porta-head, take a leak, and them climb back up this hill.

Plus, you are constantly on their asses to drink water so they do not dehydrate.
you drink, you piss.
Fact of Life.

Added to that, when you trudged up and down that hill to take a leak, the troops were forced to hump all their chem gear, be in frag jackets, with M-16, web gear, included loaded mags for the rifle.

This lead to a hell of a lot of bitching, some of it mine.
After i had blessed the Naval Academy which graduated dumb asses, The dumb asses they graduated, the Pentagon, the Commander in Chief, his ole lady, their spawn, the horse they rode in on, and their dog, i did what a good leader is supposed to do, break the rules when necessary for the good of the troops which increases their effectiveness for the mission at hand.

There was this one old tree, mostly dead, but fighting to stay alive, at the top of that hill.

i made a command decision that when a man got behind that trunk as best he could, he was officially in the head, and could take a leak.
Told the females, i was sorry this would not work for them.

This tree, in my squad, became affectionally known as the pissing tree.

A Master Chief, knowing i could sling some words in poetry, asked me to write a poem about the experience.

This is it.

‘The Pissing Tree’

The Battalion said come go with me-
and we will show you the Pissing Tree-

You could go to Waikiki-
Or gay Parie-

Though you travel far or wide-
Go to the coast and watch the tide-

Nothing will thrill you so much you see-
Than to go to Liggett Land and see the Pissing Tree!

This was damn hard, dirty, sleepless demanding times.
When we came out of the field, and i had a few hours more or less free, with a shower and fresh set of cammies, i found the library.

i met two poets, long dead, through their poems there, and brought away two, one each, which have remained with me the rest of my life.

They are worth sharing.

i am a warrior, did and will do if life demands it again, what a warrior does.

But i despise the wasting of good mens lives, through bull shit wars, or bad leadership, Civilians and Military.

Let me introduce you, if you do not already know this one, to:

‘Suicide In The Trenches’

I knew a simple soldier boy-
Who grinned at life in empty joy-

Slept soundly through the lonesome dark-
And whistled early with the lark-

In winter trenches cowed and glum-
With crumbs and lice and lack of rum-

He put a bullet through his brain-
No one spoke of him again-

You smug faced crowds with kindling eye-
Who cheer when soldier lads march by-

Sneak home and hope you will never know-
The hell where youth and laughter go.

Siegfried Sassoon


‘A Dead Statesman’

I could not, I dared not rob-
So I lied to please the mob-

Now all my lies are proved untrue-
And i must face the men i slew-

What tale shall serve me here among-
Mine angry and defrauded young.

Rudyard Kipling

Something to think about.

John C Carleton

Odin Grows Weary of The Evil of the Frost Outlanders

Odin grows weary of the evil of the frost outlanders-
Pedophilic blood sucking Usury buck toothed gentuza devoid of manners-

The spawn of which Loki is descended from-
The trickster, the problem, the deceiver, the give me some-

Of everything I did not labor for, not a drop of sweat that fell-
Feed me, cloth me, give me shelter and i will in return damn you all to Hel-

I will rape and murder your young in Frost Outlander rituals at night-
I will instigate deviancy, moral-less-ness in your young so that they bite-

The hand that rocked the cradle, the hand that tiled the ground-
The memory of their ancestors, their customs tried and sound-

So they run off after fads and cults, leaving the path of Truth and Right-
They become to their people and Land, a worthless blight-

Odin has had all of poisoning his people he can stand-
He has ordered an accounting on his demand-

Of the Frost Outlanders for their excesses of evil-
For their zionist zombie Hazbara lies and endless drivel-

Humanity must be given relief of their oppression sore-
From the Steppes of Russia pedophilic Kazarian whore-

Odin has dispatched Geri and Freki to cull the herd-
Of the Kazarian Frost Outlanders and are just waiting for Odins word-

To unleash the four horsemen and the hounds of Hel to start-
To drive the wooden stake through the Kazarian whore’s heart-

When Loki and his Frost Outlanders are nothing but dust-
Humanities heartfelt truthful cry will be illumination or bust-

Then mankind can grow in spirit, truth, humanity can travel far-
But just in case some Frost Outlanders escape, Odin keeps ready his Ulfheonar!

The Ole Dog!

The Child Raping and Witch Burning Self Righteous Hypocritical Puritan yankees are Unrepentant and PROUD of Their Evil.

Have had a piker yankee scum trying to mount the big Lizards leg for two days, verbally, on Disqus.

These yankee scum hate the truth, truth is like sunlight to Dracula to these evil baby raping zionist yankee puritan losers.

Truth runs off them like water off a ducks back, like shit through a goose.

The same self righteousness, hypocrisy, bloodlust, control freak tendencies, lack of humanity, among the Puritans, which caused all the wars and bloodshed in England/Ireland, Scotland and wales under Cromwell, got people who would not be controlled by the control freaks, burned as witches in Massachusetts.

It is the same zionist virus infected zionist zombie puritan yankees, which got little Southern children gang raped and murdered, Southern ministers daughters gang raped because their minister fathers dared prey publicly for their leaders as the bible teaches christians to do, got black women raped to death, mothers raped, grandmas raped, grandpas raped, all of the before mentioned murdered wholesale, whole cities full of civilians shelled and burned, crops burned, farm animals shot, (after they raped them sometimes), mass thievery.

It is the same virus, in conjunction with the Russian Expat Kazarians, who run the USA/WASHINGTON DC from Israhell, which is getting the same treatment done to the Yemen people, Somalians people, Afghan people, Syrians, Iraqis, Palestinians, Libyans, and Americans.

There is no cure for a zionist virus zionist Zombie once it is infected.

The thing which appears human, is not.

Same as the frothing at the mouth skunk infected with the rabies virus, is no longer the skunk, but a virus zombie, who’s only goal before it dies, or is killed in self defense, is to spread the virus to as many other host as it can.

When you put the virus infected skunk out of it’s misery, you are being humane, showing compassion, mercy.

But be sure to burn the carcass so as to not allow the virus to spread farther.

The evil virus is very unrepentant and very contagious to weak creatures.

John C Carleton

Bobby Fischer, Grand Master of Revisionism

Robert James “Bobby” Fischer began playing chess at Age Six when his mother Regina bought him a chess set at a candy store. Fischer and his older sister Joan learned the rules from the enclosed manual. Bobby and his sister began playing with each other, but Joan soon wasn’t a match for Bobby.[i]

Fischer’s potential was discovered by Carmine Nigro, the newly elected president of the Brooklyn Chess Club. Although seven-year-old Bobby lost his first exhibition game with a local chess master, Nigro was impressed with the sensible moves Bobby made in the game. Nigro approached Regina and Bobby after the game and invited Bobby to join the Brooklyn Chess Club. Bobby became a regular member of the club, and Nigro, an expert player of near-master strength, became Bobby’s first tutor and mentor.[ii]

Bobby was a dedicated chess student with an insatiable desire to read chess literature. One chess master said of him: “Bobby virtually inhaled chess literature. He remembered everything and it became a part of him.”[iii]

Bobby at Age 12 became the youngest member in the history of the Manhattan Chess Club. The Manhattan Chess Club was the strongest chess club in the country, and afforded Bobby the opportunity to play chess 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Bobby would play as many as 100 speed games a day. With additional tutoring from Jack Collins, one of the great teachers of chess, Fischer at age 13 became the youngest American ever to achieve the ranking of chess master.[iv]

Fischer became the United States Chess Champion at age 14[v], eventually winning the U.S. title a total of eight times. In December 1963, Fischer won every game in the U.S. Chess Championship against 11 of the highest-ranked players in the country. It was an awesome performance; Fischer had proven himself to be in a different league. Everyone realized that Fischer posed a threat to Soviet supremacy in chess, and the world buzzed in anticipation of his future performances.[vi]

World Champion

American Chess Grandmaster Pal Benkö generously gave Fischer the opportunity to play for the 1972 World Chess Championship. Benkö explains:

It was like this: Fischer did not play in the American championship because of some quarrel. That automatically meant that he could not play in the interzonal tournament in Palma de Mallorca. The winner of that tournament had the possibility through all kinds of matches to challenge the world champion in the end. I ceded my place to him because I thought he had a better chance. That turned out to be correct. He won in Mallorca and after that beat Taimanov, Larsen and Petrosian and finally had the right to play against Spassky.[vii]

Fischer still almost did not make it to Reykjavik, Iceland to challenge Soviet chess grandmaster Boris Spassky for the World Chess Championship. A call from U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and additional prize money from millionaire businessman James Slater were factors that finally persuaded Fischer to make the trip.[viii]

Even with Fischer in Iceland the championship almost did not take place. Fischer forfeited the second game and continued to make incessant demands of tournament officials. The joke making the rounds in Reykjavik was that Fischer had demanded the setting of the sun three hours earlier. Fortunately, Boris Spassky was a gentleman and true sportsman throughout the match. Spassky capitulated to most of Fischer’s demands and allowed the match to continue.[ix]

American Chess Grandmaster Isaac Kashdan stated: “In a contest for the nicest guy in chess, Bobby Fischer would finish out of the money. But he is definitely the best chess player in the world.” Fischer won the World Chess Championship by a 12 ½ to 8 ½ margin over  Spassky.[x] Spassky and Fischer became lifelong friends after their match.[xi]


Attractive financial offers were made to Bobby Fischer after he won the World Chess Championship. However, except for a relatively modest offer to be the guest of honor at the First Philippine International Chess Tournament in 1973, Fischer turned them all down.[xiii] Fischer also refused to play competitive chess for the next 20 years.

So what did Fischer do with his free time? Fischer biographer Frank Brady writes:

Many people who haven’t been formally educated awaken later in life with a desire to progress and deepen their view of the world, to go back to school or self-educate themselves. Bobby joined their ranks out of an essential self-awareness…

Bobby’s lack of traditional institutional education was well known and continually reported in the press, but what wasn’t common knowledge was that after he won the World Championship at age 29, he began a systemized regimen of study outside chess. History, government, religion, politics, and current events became his great interests, and during the 33-year interval from his first Reykjavik stay to his second he spent most of his spare time reading and amassing knowledge.[xiv]

Fischer began to develop politically incorrect ideas from his readings. Fischer read The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and many other conspiracy books. He also became convinced that the so-called Holocaust was a major fraud. Fischer’s Jewish mother Regina wrote him stating that Nazi Germany had murdered children like vermin in homicidal gas chambers. Fischer, however, remained an outspoken critic of the Holocaust story.[xv]

Fischer would even tell first-time acquaintances that the Holocaust was a hoax. For example, Dutch Chess Grandmaster Jan Timman writes about his only meeting with Bobby Fischer in 1990 in Brussels: “It was inevitable that the conversation would touch on the Holocaust. ‘It is a hoax,’ he said very softly, almost mumbling.”[xvi]

Fischer had been embraced as the prodigal son by the Worldwide Church of God after winning the World Chess Championship. However, Fischer left the church, stating in 1977: “They cleaned out my pockets. Now my only income is a few royalty checks from my books. I was really very foolish.”[xvii]

Fischer eventually found a way to make money by agreeing to a rematch with Boris Spassky in 1992.

Fischer Returns to Chess

The Fischer rematch with Spassky took place in war-ravaged Yugoslavia. Fischer received a letter from the U.S. Department of the Treasury 10 days before the match began stating that as a U.S. citizen he would be prohibited from playing the match under Executive Order 12810. Violations of this Executive Order would be punishable by civil and criminal penalties and up to 10 years in prison.[xviii]

Fischer despised the U.S. government and disregarded the Treasury Department’s letter. In a press conference held the night before the match, Fischer was asked: “Are you worried by U.S. government threats over your defiance of the sanctions?” Fischer responded:

One second here. [He then removed a letter from his briefcase and held it up.] This is the order to provide information of illegal activities, from the Department of the Treasury in Washington, D.C., August 21, 1992. So this is my reply to their order not to defend my title here. [He then spat on the letter, and applause broke out.] That is my answer.[xix]

Fischer continued to make controversial statements during the press conference. When asked about Communism, he said, “Soviet Communism is basically a mask for Bolshevism which is a mask for Judaism.” Denying that he was an anti-Semite, Fischer responded that Arabs were Semites too, “And I am definitely not anti-Arab.”[xx]

The chess match was somewhat anticlimactic, with Fischer beating Spassky and collecting the winner’s prize of $3.5 million.


Assange & Snowden are CIA “Rat Traps”-Henry Manow

USA/WASHINGTON DC, is the God of many American sheep.

Their God is “good”.

Try to show em the evil their “God” does, to them and their own prodigy included, they will go bananas, frothing at the mouth, attacking the one trying to show them the truth!


Land occupied by the USA.
And Home of the American sheep Usury slave.

John C Carleton

Arrest of Julian Assange is Just Theatre-Henery Makow

Israhell did the attack on the American Home Land, 11 September, 2001.
Saudi financed.

Anyone, claiming to be a whistle blower, with all kinds of intel, who denies the in your face evidence, and supports Israhell’s and the USA’s official fairy tale on 9/11, are lying sacks of shit, Ratschilds minions, and enemies of Humanity.

John C Carleton