It Took Obama More Than Two Years to Kill This Many Civilians. It Took Trump Less Than Six Months.-Global Research

Speaks for itself.

Have a saying, don’t tell me what you are going to do, show me what you did.

Don’t matter the shit Washington, including Trump, spews out of their upper anus orifice.

What matters, is what they have done, and continue to do.


John C Carleton

It Took Obama More Than Two Years to Kill This Many Civilians. It Took Trump Less Than Six Months.

Some People Are Waking Up

Those who are awake, always are impatient with the sheep.
Want them to get it, so the cleansing of the earth can happen, a chance as the old ways die, to forge a different future than as continued cattle to international corporations. Eternal slavery to scum sucking Usury International Bankers.

Many who are on the net daily, making comments, writing blogs, trying every way they know how, to make the sheep wake the flock up, grow more impatient as the melt down and zionist Governments showing what they really think of the sheep, grows increasingly closer.

Don’t get out looking for hob-knobing with other humans now. Meet people in the stores when i have to go, in a few functions.
Sheep disgust me, as they are collaborating with evil with their ignorance or lack of moral fortitude.
When you know the truth, you really don’t have much you can carry on with a sheep, and hearing them regurgitating the zionist BS and propaganda they have been force fed from birth, even trying to bring you over to their mass ignorance, is like running down the blacktop, in the summer time, without shoes. It is stressful to the body as a whole. So the awake learns to avoid the sheep when possible.

But here i want to throw in a bit of encouragement to all of you long suffering awake.
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Turkey Leaks Secret Locations of US Troops in Syria as Tensions Rise Between Ankara, Washington-Farsnews

Keep in mind, that the US troops in Syria, are there to help the terrorist.

Keep in mind, that Washington, acting for Israhell, started this war.

Keep in mind, that all US troops in Syria are international war criminals, they have no moral or legal right to have invaded a sovereign Nation State, murder it’s citizens.

Keep in mind, that those who sent those troops, funded those troops, are international war criminals.

John C Carleton


Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War-Global Research

There were no World Wars until there were Central Usury Banks.

There were wars, but they did not reach the scale of word wars.

The Usury banker scum and their thirty shekel whores, want to bring the world, world War 3.

Educate yourself on their methods, and refuse to allow your children/grandchildren to be their cannon fodder.

Son of Bitches want a war, let them pick up a damn rifle, and take point.

You don’t have to have revolutions. The banker scum get richer from revolutions, then just blackmail and bribe whoever wins, to gain control again.

But if people educate themselves, and just stop complying with the ass holes, shun them, ridicule them, don’t join their military/Law Enforcement goon squads. Educate your children and grandchildren in the truth, and teach them to resist peacefully. Teach them not to join the oppressors forces.

Just stay home, grow some good home grown tomatoes and go fishing.

John C Carleton

Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War

Attempt by a Internet News Web Site to Get My Username and Password to My Lap Top.

Computer security caught it and i have a screenshot of the server for that site trying to get into, gain control of my computer.

I am hammering the pedophiles hard. This could have been an attempt to down load child porn onto the computer, “tip” off the police.

Could have been an attempt to download things onto the computer viewed as “terrorist” material?

Could have wanted to impersonate me, send vile post out on websites, to get me banned?

Could have been an attempt to fry my computer with a virus.

Whatever the intent, it was not well intended.

I sent them an email requesting an explanation.

I am waiting their explanation.

John C Carleton

Burden of proof, Administrative Vs Common Law.

Sometimes when i call for Pedophile/War Crimes Trials, and ask the question, why are these known serving top shelf pedophiles and war criminals still walking around, some sheep will start trying to lecture me on the burden of proof. Of course they are talking of Admiralty law, the Law of the Sea. The corporate Administrative courts of the Empire, Washington DC/USA, are the administrators of that law. They are courts which deal with Corporate law. The Law in which one corporation deals with another. The problem arises when the crime cabal of Washington DC, illegally applies this law to living souls, a big no-no!

The way these despicable anti-human corporation thirty shekel minions do the criminal act of applying corporate law to living souls, they wave their magic wand, in the form of twisting, bending, shitting on the rules, is to wave that magic wand, and put your name in all capital letters, representing you as a corporation so they can bend you over, the living soul.

This is one of the reasons there is GMO foods, vaccines, dumbing down public schools, fluoride in the water, dumping fly ash with it’s heavy metals in the sky as chemtrials, they NEED Americans to be ignorant and stupid. The better to bend you over.

Common law is Ancient law, it is Natural Law, the law of nature and living souls protecting themselves from murderers, thieves, rapist, parasites, would be rulers, control freaks, religious fanatics. It is also used to settle disputes among freemen.
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Hundreds of US Military Vehicles Enter Syria From Iraq.-FARSNEWS

Remember any US military presence in Syria is an international war crime, each US military member in Syria is an international war crime, and anyone they murder in Syria is an international war crime.

In Nurenburg, USA hanged German Military and civilian personal for “War Crimes”.

I believe common law “Nuremberg” war crime trials are in order.

International war crime trials, fair trials, fair hangings, Washington DC/Tel Aviv!

John C Carleton

“How long Shall The Wicked Prosper?”

From Pslams 94:3

But a real pertinent question the awake have been asking for years.

Souls i know, which are awake, for the most part are ready for the organic material to hit the propulsion system. Like me, they have things that they would rather have in place or ready first, but the stench of evil and corruption riding the breeze, rises from all of the power centers of the zionist world wide, (they are trying), humanity slavery Empire.

The stench causes bile to rise in the throat, the stomach to twist, spittle spat upon the ground in disgust at both the minions of evil, and the collaborating through ignorance and cowardliness, sheep!

Comes a time, the stench takes away the wholesome taste of your non GMO food. Comes a time, the constant stench of rapes, murders invasions, occupations, theft, always theft, turning good or at least workable countries into shit holes for the furthering of the Evil Zionist Empire.
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