Christendom teaches you can steal, kill, rape, rob, and just say I am sorry!

Jesus pays for all the evil shit you do, and you can keep doing evil shit, and just saying you are sorry.

Jesus despised the hypocrisy, the pedophilia, the evil of the sheep!

From what I can see, the sheep, are sorry!

Sorry sons of bitches.
Cowardly ass holes.
Delusional evil loving kiddy butt fuckers, and or supporters of kiddy butt fucking.

No one gets away with anything.

The person doing the wrong, the evil, will pay.
Sometimes those around them pay also.

Jesus the Christ said his checkbook is out of checks, his credit cards are Maxed out, and the evil non repenting sheep are on their own!

John C Carleton

The Physics of Karma You Never Learned in School

The American Sheep Await The Four Horsemen

i love America.

The Land, it’s majesty, It’s many different types of terrain, differing foliage.
Deserts, forrest, plaines, mountains, swamps.

The American sheep?

Now, i have all my life made excuses for them.
They have been dumbed down on purpose.
They have been indoctrinated.
All they need is the truth!

Bull Shit!

Try to tell these sheeply pig fuckers the truth, they will turn on your ass, call you every thing derogatory they can bleat at you!

Fucking ball less cowards!

And pig fuckers!

But i might have already mentioned that.

For Forty years, i have tried to save these reality mentally challenged pig fuckers from their pig fucking selves.

Tried to tell them the truth, of the world, of how things really worked in Washington DC and the State Capitals.

Told them, you can not keep running up the USA credit cards forever, comes a time, the interest is more than you bring in, then you might as well drop them fruit of the looms, bend over, spread the cheeks of your ass, financially speaking of course.

Course, thats what some of them will have to do to eat on that day.

And don’t EVEN try to tell them about the political whores they vote for, like pig loving sheep, are kiddy fuckers!


Not no, do not fuck the kiddies, but HELL NO! don’t tell me about it.

Don’t set well with their suppers and holier than thou Sunday morning self admiration.

The Four horsemen have left the starting line!

i have come to the conclusion, the American sheep, will be worthless, a waste of good air when they breath, until the Four Horsemen have buggered the American sheep up the ass so hard and far, their front teeth are shattered outwards!

In other words, i give up on the worthless hypocritical cowards.

They will have to cross the tempering fires of grief, starvation, fear, cold, wet, heat, war, mayhem, before they are worth the powder it would take to blow them up!

The ones make it through alive.

i no longer try to make excuses for them.

i no longer think all they need to do is hear the truth.

They have heard the truth, many times, and they attacked the truth and the truth tellers, every damn time!

Thats why sometime back now, i threw my vote on the side of the Horseman riding.

John C Carleton


Papa CIA Pedophile BadBush, friends with the Bin Laden family, met with his friends, to explaine Bin Laden had been chosen to place the blame for Israhell and USA’s attack on America on 11 September 2001.

Although all commercial planes were grounded, Pedophile BadBush got the Bin Ladens, on a non US Military aircraft, and allowed them to fly out of America.

If the USA, really believed Bin Laden did it, they would have made sure to keep his family in America as a bargaining chip.

Bin Laden was a CIA asset, and was dying from kidney failure.

He died of kidney failure in 2001.

Rest of the world knows this.

Most American sheep, DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.

If the American sheep embrace the truth of 9-11, then they must embrace the truth of USA/Washington DC’s evil, and the evil of the baby raping murderers they vote for.

And the American sheep are COWARDS!

John C Carleton

George H. W. Bush Met With The Bin Laden Family On The Morning of 9/11

David Icke Exposes George H W Bush-YouTube

The American Sheep, are fine with the politicians they vote for fucking children up the ass, murdering and then eating the children.

You want to become no vote up on social media outcaste, FAST?

Start posting things about Israel’s pedophilia, WASHINGTON DC’s Pedophilia, or Pedophilia in America even, and no one is going to bother you associating with you on social media.

They fucking know it is there, but they lie to themselves, and tell themselves, if they pretend they do not know about it, they will not be held accountable for doing nothing about it.

Most Americans are sheep.
Worthless, cowardly, honor-less, truth-less, lying, hypocritical, judgmental, goose stepping with self imposed ignorance, to the tune of the zionist pedophile masters, pedophile enabling sheep!

Most Americans need to become personal acquainted with the four horsemen.

John C Carleton

NASA: Global warming promotes Arctic sea ice growth

According to NASA, the increased rate of thickening of sea ice in the Arctic is due to Global Warming.

Wintertime Arctic Sea Ice Growth Slows Long-term Decline: NASA

Dec. 7, 2018

New NASA research has found that increases in the rate at which Arctic sea ice grows in the winter may have partially slowed down the decline of the Arctic sea ice cover.

As temperatures in the Arctic have warmed at double the pace of the rest of the planet, the expanse of frozen seawater that blankets the Arctic Ocean and neighboring seas has shrunk and thinned over the past three decades. The end-of-summer Arctic sea ice extent has almost halved since the early 1980s. A recent NASA study found that since 1958, the Arctic sea ice cover has lost on average around two-thirds of its thickness and now 70 percent of the sea ice cap is made of seasonal ice, or ice that forms and melts within a single year.

But at the same time that sea ice is vanishing quicker than it has ever been observed in the satellite record, it is also thickening at a faster rate during winter. This increase in growth rate might last for decades, a new study accepted for publication in Geophysical Research Letters found.


Wolfgang Halbig has stunning evidence that Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed months before ‘massacre’

We are told that on December 14, 2012, a lone gunman, Adam Lanza, went to Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) in Newtown, Connecticut, where in the space of 11 minutes, shot and killed 20 first-graders and 6 adults.

We are also told that after the massacre, SHES relocated to an empty school in neighboring Monroe, CT — Chalk Hill Middle School at 375 Fan Hill Rd. — until a new swanky SHES was rebuilt with the $50 million from the state of Connecticut as a result of the shooting massacre.

It turns out that SHES had moved to Chalk Hill months before the alleged massacre, which leads to this question:

Since SHES had moved to Monroe, who, then, were the students and teachers whom Lanza shot to death at SHES on December 14, 2012?

The evidence of SHES’s move to Chalk Hill comes from Wolfgang W. Halbig, a humble straight-talking 71-year-old man with an impressive professional record as a law enforcement officer (U.S. Customs inspector and Florida state trooper), an educator (public school coach, teacher, assistant principal and principal), and a nationally-recognized school safety consultant who was an expert witness in the Columbine and other school shootings….

On Feb. 13, 2014, Halbig became a public face of Sandy Hook skeptics when, in a radio interview with Dave Gahary of American Free Press, he called the school shooting a “contrived event,” i.e., fake.

For publicly questioning the authenticity of the official Sandy Hook narrative, Halbig is targeted with harassment, physical threats, and civil lawsuits.

Last year, Halbig was sued by Leonard Pozner, the father of Sandy Hook victim, 6-year-old Noah Pozner. Curiously, at the very point in the lawsuit when Leonard was supposed to present a video deposition, he dropped the lawsuit….

A major contention of Sandy Hook skeptics is that Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) had been closed for some time before the alleged massacre on December 14, 2012. The skeptics point to the following evidence (see “Sandy Hook hoax: 6 signs that school was closed before massacre”):

  1. Years before the “massacre,” the school was reported to be in disrepair and contaminated with environmental toxins, including the deadly asbestos.
  2. Absence of legally-required designated handicapped parking spaces and signage in the many aerial photographic and video images of the school’s parking lot taken by news media on the day of the “massacre”.
  3. Testimony from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine of the school’s lack of Internet activity from the beginning of 2008 through all of 2012.
  4. Refusal on the part of the State of Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission to provide Halbig with documents he’d requested, invoking the Freedom of Information Act: SHES maintenance orders and emails from SHES principal Dawn Hochsprung to food services provider in the months immediately preceding the “massacre” — remember this!
  5. Photographic evidence of an abandoned school from the State of Connecticut’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection — of a dangerous, exposed metal rod on an exterior staircase; and classrooms and hallways jammed with furniture and office supplies in clear violation of the fire safety code. Below is one example:

All of which would explain why aerial footage and police dash-cam videos curiously don’t show  hundreds of students being evacuated from SHES on the day of the “massacre”.

Now, Halbig has received stunning evidence of SHES’s closure and the removal of its teachers and students to Chalk Hill School in Monroe, CT, months before the “massacre”. The evidence consists of:

  1. An email exchange between SHES’s principal and school custodian on moving the school.
  2. An invoice from Dean Foods of a food delivery to SHES at Chalk Hill Middle School in Monroe, CT.
  3. A spreadsheet listing invoices of Dean Foods deliveries to SHES in Monroe.
  4. An email from an employee of Dean Foods confirming that the food deliveries were sent to SHES in Monroe.
  5. A USAC form indicating that services were provided Chalk Hill Middle School although that school hasn’t been used by the Monroe school district since June 2011….

Please keep Mr. Halbig in your prayers.



The Khazarian Conspiracy: Fake Jews of the Synagogue of Satan!-YouTube.

Now, i would suggest it is way past time for the American “Goy”, to pull their heads out of their zionist indoctrinated asses.

These ass holes have nothing to do with the Ancient Hebrews.

Other than they worship the same demon war god, of the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult, which did the people of Judea in the Hebrews very late history.

This “god” and cult, was not the god, nor the religion of the Hebrews during the time of King David, and King Solomon.

Revelations has already happened, it was about what the Romans were going to do and did, to the pain in the ass Hebrews.

If you are waiting for “Jesus” to come save you from the mess you have made of your life and world, well, he is coming, but to judge your ass, not to save it!

Grab your shoulders with both hands, yank your head out of your ass, then watch this video.

See if that little light bulb in your brain turns on.

John C Carleton