US Likely to Pull Back from Key Base at Syria’s Border with Jordon-Farsnews

How many of you knew that Trump, in international war crimes, sent US military personal to illegally enter a sovereign country and set up several military bases there. This is an international war crime.

I suppose if Russia, or Iran wanted to set up a few military bases surrounding Washington DC the American people would be fine with that.

John C Carleton

Get Off Your Ass and DO Your Job!

Have admitted here and there, to being a preachers kid, and the perceived black sheep of the family by some of my zionist siblings.

Wear that badge proudly. as did my mothers parents. My mothers zionism, was not their teaching.

Have admitted to studying theology, both in conversations with my father, and at University.

If you want to get right down to it, can legally preform marriage ceremonies, and burials, and i do from time to time for special people.

In my youth, i could preach some hell fire and brimstone sermons.

In my old age, i have no use for hell fire and brimstone. Just scare tactics used to herd the sheep.

As a result of searching for the truth, after coming back from a war with open eyes, having seen needless death and destruction, instigated by the government i had sworn to protect with my life, i got on my knees and begged the light, for knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

Never ask for something you do not really want, you might get it.
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Prisoners Of The Police State

“We’re run by the Pentagon, we’re run by Madison Avenue, we’re run by television, and as long as we accept those things and don’t revolt we’ll have to go along with the stream to the eventual avalanche…. As long as we go out and buy stuff, we’re at their mercy… We all live in a little Village. Your Village may be different from other people’s Villages, but we are all prisoners.”— Patrick McGoohan

First broadcast in Great Britain 50 years ago, The Prisoner—a dystopian television series described as “James Bond meets George Orwell filtered through Franz Kafka”—confronted societal themes that are still relevant today: the rise of a police state, the freedom of the individual, round-the-clock surveillance, the corruption of government, totalitarianism, weaponization, group think, mass marketing, and the tendency of humankind to meekly accept their lot in life as a prisoner in a prison of their own making.

Perhaps the best visual debate ever on individuality and freedom, The Prisoner (17 episodes in all) centers around a British secret agent who abruptly resigns only to find himself imprisoned, monitored by militarized drones, and interrogated in a mysterious, self-contained, cosmopolitan, seemingly tranquil retirement community known only as the Village. The Village is an idyllic setting with parks and green fields, recreational activities and even a butler.

While luxurious and resort-like, the Village is a virtual prison disguised as a seaside paradise: its inhabitants have no true freedom, they cannot leave the Village, they are under constant surveillance, their movements are tracked by surveillance drones, and they are stripped of their individuality and identified only by numbers.

The series’ protagonist, played by Patrick McGoohan, is Number Six.

Number Two, the Village administrator, acts as an agent for the unseen and all-powerful Number One, whose identity is not revealed until the final episode.

“I am not a number. I am a free man,” was the mantra chanted on each episode of The Prisoner, which was largely written and directed by McGoohan.

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Ukrainian Military Expert Admitted That the Country is Occupied by the US and NATO-The Stalker

And while the US taxpayer, eats crap food, worries about paying the rent, the evil that is Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, pisses away their labor and sweat trying to take over the world for the benefit of a hand full of evil control freak ass holes.


John c Carleton

Ukrainian Military Expert Admitted That the Country Is Occupied by the US and NATO

Six Case Studies That Point to Massive Pedophile Rings AT the Highest Levels of Power-The Last American Vagabond

Those who refuse to see the pedophile problem, in DC, in their State capitals, in their city halls, police department,, are abusers of children, accomplices in their rape, torture and murder.

Hey you zionist christians ass holes who, refuse to see the pedophile evil in Washington Dc which you worship, along with the pedophiles in Tel Aviv, yet sing HOLY-Holy-Holy the loudest on Sunday morning, is that to drown out the screams of the children?

A government, which rapes and murders children, does blood sacrifices, is not good, not great, and sure as hell not blessed by a god which is not completely demonic.

When you pedophile enabling sons of bitches say, “God bless America”, what god are you asking to bless America? A god which is not totally sadistic, perverted and evil, would have nothing to do with America, except sending plagues.


John C Carleton

Six Case Studies That Point To Massive Pedophilia Rings At The Highest Levels Of Power

US Forces Retreat From Base in Syrian Deserts-Farsnews

USA/ Washington DC sneaking out of another country with their tails between their legs.

Really, Uncle Sugar should just get his tail bobbed, save a lot of tail between his legs leaving countries the US military did not cut it in.

Don’t get me wrong, Syria/Russia/Iran are righteous here.

USA is the syphilitic pig in Syria.
No one asked for it or wants it.

John C Carleton

A US-China Trade War will End US Financial Monopoly-Jim Rogers-Covert Geopolitics

USA is going down, nothing can stop it.

The zionist whores in DC have stolen the wealth, the labor of the American people and land so they could live like perverted kings, and to wage war against the world.

You can only bleed an animal, so much until it does not have enough life blood to sustain life.

The evil that is Washington DC can not regulate their lust for innocent blood, treasure and power.

They have killed the economy of America.

The financial world of theAmerican people, is a dead man walking, just has not fallen down yet.

When it does, USA is kaput.

Wonder how many sheep have laid a little grass up to get through the lean years?

Mutton will be cheap and easy to find.

Damn shame i prefer goat.

John C Carleton

A US-China Trade War will End US Financial Monopoly | Jim Rogers