Why Another False Flag Attack is Due-Covert Geopolitics

Fair Common Law Trials, Fair hangings, Washington DC.

The American sheep must face their complicity in the evils done in their name.

They must confess to the evil they cheered, voted for, supported.

Ignorance is never an excuse, as ignorance is a self imposed condition.

“Well you see, i supported the evil of the baby raping war criminals, because i refused to face the truth and grow a set of balls, is not a plea which will stand up, on this earth, or on the other side.

America deserves whats coming, and it can not be stopped at this late date anyway.

So you ass hole American sheep, you supporters of baby raping trash, you evil scum who cheer reports of the slaughters the DC pedophiles do around the world, suck it up, stand up, drop your fruit of the loom’s, bend over, cause pay back is a bitch, and you have it coming.

And after forty years of pleading, warning, begging the sheep to stand up, embrace honor and truth, i must admit, i am going to really enjoy watching the sheep bleating in fear, as they get what they deserve.

Less sheep and Usury Bankers=a whole lot better world.

John C Carleton

Why Another False Flag Attack is Due

America’s Most Deified Politician

Gettysburg, 1863.

. . . has a birthday today that is celebrated throughout the land, especially at neocon think tanks and tabloids.  I speak of course of the man the “Straussian” wing of neoconworld refers to as “Father” Abraham Lincoln.  So I thought I’d offer some reading suggestions as part of today’s birthday celebration.

Lincoln was by far the most hated, despised, and reviled of all American presidents during his lifetime, as historian Larry Tagg documents in The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln: America’s Most Reviled President.  His deification was the posthumous work of the Republican Party propaganda machine.

Lincoln was very careful with his language when he explained to the world in his first inaugural address and other speeches that he was willing to enshrine slavery explicitly in the text of the Constitution (with the “Corwin Amendment”), but that he would invade any state that refused to collect the newly-doubled federal tariff tax and send the proceeds to Washington, D.C.  So-called “Lincoln scholars” lie though their teeth about this, in other words.

Lincoln’s invasion of the “free and independent” Southern states, as all states are called in the Declaration of Independence, was the very definition of treason under Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution,which defines treason as “only” levying war upon the United States, or giving aid and comfort to “their” enemy.  The word “their,” signifying the states in the plural, means treason is waging war against South Carolina, Virginia, etc.

Lincoln was the biggest enemy the First Amendment ever had, even worse than John Adams, who enforced the Sedition Act that made criticizing his administration a crime.  Adams only imprisoned a few critics, whereas Lincoln illegally suspended the writ of Habeas Corpus and had his military imprison tens of thousands of Northern-state critics while shutting down over 300 opposition newspapers.  He imprisoned newspaper owners and editors, deported Congressman Clement L. Vallandigham of Ohio, his harshest congressional critic, most of the Maryland legislature was imprisoned, as was the mayor of Baltimore, and he declared that anyone who merely remained silent while his administration was being discussed was guilty of “treason.”

His lifelong racist and white supremacist rhetoric and actions would make David Duke blush.  Not to mention his lifelong obsession with deporting all the black people out of America (i.e., “colonization), working diligently to accomplish that goal while in the White House until his dying day.

Even Lincoln-worshipping historians have admitted that, had the South won the war, it would have justified in executing Lincoln and his entire high command for the war crime of mass murdering Southern civilians, as described herehere, and here.  Lincoln promoted and lavishly supported the worst of these mass murderers of civilians, especially Sherman, Grant, and Sheridan.

Like Lenin in Russia and Bismarck in Germany, he was the one person most responsible for the creation of the centralized, monopolistic, dictatorial state that Americans now slave under, as well as the abolition of the American system of federalism or states’ rights.  That of course is why he was praised to the treetops by fellow centralizer Hitler himself, and congratulated by Karl Marx during his lifetime and by Marx’s political sons and daughters to this very day.

When Chief Justice Roger B. Taney issued an opinion that his suspension of Habeas Corpus was unconstitutional (which his own attorney general agreed with), Lincoln issued an arrest warrant for the judge.  Charles Adams called this “Lincoln’s great crime.”

It was Lincoln who finally imposed the rotten, corrupt, British system of “mercantilism” in America, with institutionalized corporate welfare/crony capitalism, protectionism as another hideous form of crony capitalism, and a federal monetary monopoly to pay for it all, along with the first income tax and myriad other economic interventions.  Edgar Lee Masters, author of Lincoln the Man, called this “plunder and nothing else.”

In his last days, when genuine abolitionists (Lincoln always adamantly distanced himself from them) asked his assistance in getting the Thirteenth Amendment passed to legally end slavery, he refused to help them according to Harvard historian David Donald, the preeminent Lincoln scholar of the last generation.

Thomas DiLorenzo

The South’s Stockholm Syndrome-Abbeville Institute

Am a member of Two Southern Heritage organizations.

i deal with this all the time.

Indoctrinated Southerners who love the USA, which murdered, raped, robbed, occupied, their families and country, and the stained with innocent blood banner they carried.

Mother Nature needs to take out a whole damn lot of Southerners also, when she culls the human herd.

John C Carleton

The South’s Stockholm Syndrome

Proposed Warrior Olympics

Three main characters or types of beings involved in these games.

1; Sheep.

Matters not if European., American, Asian, Slavic, African.

Sheep are sheep the world over, just different colored wool and bleating dialect.

2: Jackals.

Again, fur color, national origin, dialect the lies are told in, maters not.

A scum sucking, child raping, war crime committing, bribe taking, ass kissing, rope chewing,, candy from a baby stealing, widow and orphan abusing, piece of shit jackal is a piece of shit jackal, world over.

3: Warriors.

Again, Warriors are warriors.
Nuff said.

There is a fourth category, but their involvement in these games are more in giving support to the Warriors as each has talent.

These are the enlightened old souls, who fight the dark side of evil, each in their own way, but are known to get swept up in the wars from time to time, although war is not their passion.

They are allowed to participate in the games also, when the passion strikes.

Now, basic rules.

Keep in mind this is a work in progress, and the rules or methods might change from time to time.

Rule #1.
Each countries Warriors, will compete on their own home turf.
Each countries Warriors using their own countries jackals as the game pieces and aids.

Rule # 2.
If a warrior from one country, finds himself living in another country, it is acceptable for said foreign warrior, in the spirit of Brothers in Arms, to hunt jackal with the warriors of his host country.
His points earned will apply to the host countries total score.

Rule #3.
Some jackals are worth more points than others.
Say an International Usury Banker jackal, is of course worth more point than a local banker.
A National level jackal is worth more points than say a county or city jackal.

All these assigning point to the different jackals, and sub types, will take some doing, this i will work on later.

Rule # 4.
Sheep do not add points to any score.
Sheep are not direct participants, except when the herd wanders into the middle of the games, and some are taken out because it could not be avoided.
Warriors will sometimes find themselves having to deal with sheep who are in their stupidity, and complicity, defending/hiding/running interference for the jackals.
While the Warrior must of certainty, remove the sheep from the equation, sheep are not a high enough life form to merit points for their removal.
Just kind of like, going to make an omelet, going to have to break some sheep heads.

More rules to follow at a later date.

Now, some ideas of types of events.

The, Run jackal Run!, event.

This event has four different sub groups.

First, a single Warrior chasing a single jackal through differing and interesting terrain.

Second, a single Warrior, chasing a group of jackals.

Third, a group of Warriors chasing a single jackal.

Fourth, a group of Warriors chasing a group of jackals.

jackal Toss!

This event, uses a differing type of game aids, such as sheer cliff drop offs, sharpened spikes on a flat surface, spikes pointing up, about two foot long, Openings of log chippers, and other interesting aids.

The object is to give points, for how far the warrior can toss the jackal, on/off/into/onto/through, the aid.

Additional point will be given for form, showmanship and other factors to be worked out later.

Jackal Impelling.
Again here, there are several sub species of this event, depending on the impelling aid, distance, drop and other factors.

Aids of course being sharpened fence post, broken off parking meter poles, the type aids are only limited by the Warriors imagination.

Javelin Toss.
Again, it matters which game you are competing in, depending if you are throwing the javelin at,

a: a stationary jackal, or a running jackal.

b: It also matters if you are throwing the jackal at a stationary javelin, or a moving javelin.

Shitting IT’s pants and wailing in fear jackals are worth no points, but the warrior, is expected to do their duty regardless of point gain or not.

The jackal Deep sixing.
This is a game where the Warrior devises new and interesting ways of weighting down the jackals before throwing them in the deep end of the pool.

If the jackal is a pedophile jackal, the prescribed weight is a millstone.
As millstones have gone out of style, substitutions of cinder blocks will be accepted without penalty.

The On The Wing jackal toss.

In this event, clay pigeons will be replaced with vocal aided, (screaming like shit), jackals at the Warrior’s skeet range.

Again differing scores depending on gauge, action type.

i am growing a bit tired of two finger typing, will continue this later.

i have a sudden urge to go clean and oil shotguns.

John C Carleton

Warriors Living In a Sheep World

Reincarnation is a fact of life, and death.

The earthly body dies, but the energy, the soul, will return in a new body, do it all over again, until certain perimeters are met.

This takes millions of lives, beginning in the simplest forms of life, through countless human lives.

i personally, from the time i became aware of reality, thought when after these millions of lives, one reaches the finale illumination in this, shall i say, training plan, one has to make a decision.
If one wants to remain on the top of this place, or pursue more knowledge, wisdom, understanding, more brilliant and pure an illumination, then one must start over as maybe the equivalent of a cockroach on the next level.

i know, the thought of starting on the bottom again, is a daunting thought, but there are some whom will always search for the truth, while understanding the enormity of knowledge in the universe.

Personally, figure sooner later, i have to be that cockroach again

All the universe has is time and energy, there is no hurry.

There are souls who are engineers again and again. Priest again and again, farmers again and again, animal herders, again and again. Some times a soul will do more than one thing in life.

Then there are the warriors.

Warriors fight wars. Thats what they do, every damn life.

In between wars, they may farm, be an engineer, a priest, a poet, a farmer.

But they are warriors, not sheep or jackals.

They do not act, think or look like sheep.

They are warriors living in a sheep world, which is a bitch.

War time hero, peace time fuck up.

Thats because, in wars done right, warriors are running things, the sheep are just pointed at at the cannons mouth, and told to charge.

Wars are not always done right.
Case in point. Look at the cluster fuck the US military is presently.
Look at the monkeys trying to fuck a football, bunch of clowns which are passed off as generals and admirals by the pedophile bribery taking, treasonist bastards from DC.

As soon as the wars are over, the jackals who started the war, take the sheep back from the warriors, and demand everyone, but the jackals themselves, act like sheep.

i have spent the last ten plus years trying to find out, figure out, how to stop wars.

It can not be done, until the sheep are ready to stop living in the sheep world.
This is something which is beyond the warriors ability to arrange.

Until the sheep become human, wars will continue.

Now, as there is no ending the wars in any foreseeable future, wars must be directed for the benefit of humanity.

Sheep simply can not be allowed to organize and execute wars.

They would make the killing, the suffering, the atrocities, get out of hand.

Even the armed, uniformed, taught to kill sheep, is still a sheep.

The warriors, must ensure, that war is as honorable as it can be made, rules followed, civilians spared as much of the war as can be arranged.
Warriors must organize and run the wars the jackals start, the sheep by their actions demand, for the sake of the sheep.

Fucking sheep determine what kind of world the rest of us live in.

Warriors just try to keep the sheep from destroying the world, and the sheep’s own asses.

Every now and then the warriors get to hunt jackals.

My personal favorite part of a Warriors duties.

So to all my Brothers in Arms, my fellow Warriors the world over, isn’t it about time for a jackal hunt?

Been a long damn time since the Warriors had one!

Lots of lamp post, empty tree limbs.

Get er done.

John C Carleton

US Massacre Of Syrian Troops Threatens To Unleash Wider War-Information Clearinghouse

The American sheep are collaborators in all the evil of the British Anglo zionist Empire.

They deserve destruction and a looooooooooooooong sheep BBQ in the hereafter.

They deserve to live for a while in starvation, deprivation, contempt in the eyes of the world, bleating in fear, before they are recycled.

Damn worthless ass holes probably come back as sheep again, help fuck the world up again.

i had a conversation with a friend yesterday. Told him i felt like Abraham trying to get “God” down to, if i found ten just men in America, it would be spared.

Told him, fuck it, fuck the American sheep ass holes.

He and i agreed, of all the Americans we knew, if we were going to colonize a dangerous uninhabited place, if we counted the Americans we would want to take with us, we individually, would still have fingers left when counting the ones worth a shit on our fingers, individually.

American presently are some of the most cowardly, evil, worthless sons of bitches, and bitches, the world has ever know.

Fuck it, shoot all them nukes off, point them all right back at America.

Be a better damn world.

John C Carleton


Global Reset: China Officially Starts the Dumping of the PETRO Dollar–Covert GeoPolitics

Am in no way an insider.

Don’t get fed any secrets by anyone physically living in this time and place.

Do a lot of digging, thinking.

The “deep State”, seems to be a new name for the same ole evil bunch.

The sheep are so stupid and easy led.

One can see the evil projects of the ancient evil, given new names regularly.

Works fairly well, as most sheep could not mentally track a snail across a side walk.

Their terrorist groups in the middle east, have different names, although they are all doing the bidding of the same evil.

Their terrorist groups, are regularly given new names. This is easily done, as the evil ones who own these terrorist groups, also owns all the MSM, and a big damn chunk of the “alternative ” media.

Sheep need to pull their heads out of their zionist indoctrinated asses, and smell something other than their own shit.

And turn off the damn TV. Not a damn thing on it worth watching, and is a major tool at getting the sheep to keep their heads stuck so far up their asses, they have no clue what sunlight on their face feels like.

Light is the enemy of the dark.

John C Carleton

Global Reset: China Officially Starts the Dumping of the Petrodollar

Terrorist Netanyahu Got Stopped by Assad with a Downed F-16-Covert Geopolitics

Israel is just an Outpost of the British Anglo zionist Empire, but an important step in the evil asses of Empire’s, wet dream of controlling the whole world and every living thing in it.

Sick pedophile bastards!

Israhell runs the USA.

That is to say, the orders, on what the whores of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac do next, is passed through Israhell.

Israhell blackmails the USA pedophiles.

Isrhell’s evil pedophilic bastards are also controlled through blackmail and bribes.

Now, had hoped Putin was for real, but he is just another sold out whore politician, who has taken the thirty silver shekels.

The thirty silver shekels, take a different form for each individual scum bag sold out whore.

Whatever Pootin was paid, it was not enough, never is!

He will, either dying on this earth, or in the repercussions on the other side, regret his selling himself and soul so cheaply.

Israhell has to be taken down, but that just means a battle will have been won, an important battle, but not the war.

The evil whores who have sold their souls, understand surrendering and telling the truth, would only get then hanged by angry mobs.

“if the American people were to find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.”
George Herbert Walker Bush, 1992.

Same goes for the people all over the world and the whores who screw them to the wall for the 1 percent, and to further evil on the earth.

Times wasting, lots of lamp post and empty tree limbs.

Get er done!

John C Carleton

Terrorist Netanyahu Got Slapped by Assad with a Downed F-16