Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, May 11, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / JIM WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Zionism is a virus, much like the rabies virus.

Infection is terminal and irreversible.

When the victim is infected, the virus eats the humanity, the brain and soul, until all is left is the host to the virus, trying to spread the virus to all others around it before the host, which is no longer human, dies.

Democracy is the cry of the Zionist Zombie.
They gang up and descend on a country which does not submit it’s loyalty to their people, to the Zionist Zombie bankers.

They Kill for Jesus, rape for Jesus, until the people have “democracy”.

This means now a zionist zombie is now placed in charge of the “peoples” government, which will steal the natural wealth of the country, give it to the zionist zombie bankers.

Now a former free people are now slaves to the zionist zombies.

This is zionist “democracy”.

Now these zionist zombies can look you right in the eye and tell you how wonderful for the former free peoples they now possess zionist “democracy”.

This is because, there is not a human brain left, just a worm eaten virus controlled hive mentality.

There is no soul, no honor, no truth, no humanity left.

If the world is to survive with humanity as a part of it, all out war will have to be waged against the virus, and all infected with it.

John C Carleton

Rouhani: US Supports Terror Groups in Syria, Iraq, Transfers Militants to Afghanistan-Fars News

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani slammed the US for protecting terrorists in Syria and Iraq, and warned that Washington is relocating the ISIL (known as ISIS and Daesh) terrorists to Afghanistan.
Addressing a tripartite summit on Syria that was also attended by his Russian and Turkish counterparts in Sochi on Thursday, Rouhani stated, “Unfortunately, the US government is sponsoring terrorists in Iraq and Syria in pursuit of their illegal moves to take advantage of them to its own benefit.”

“There are credible reports showing that the US is helping ISIL terrorists transport inside Syria and moving some of them to Afghanistan,” he added.

“Syrian-Syrian dialogue should continue with the aim of establishing sustainable peace in Syria. Independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, and non-interference in Syria’s internal affairs must be respected in any circumstances,” the Iranian president stressed.

“The common principles stressed by us in the fight against terrorism until the uprooting of this scourge, dialogue, compromise, tension reduction, continuation of the political process and amendment of the constitution, return of the displaced, exchange of detainees, and rebuilding of Syria; a free, independent Syria, a united, integrated Syria, with the protection of territorial integrity and national sovereignty and a Syria each and every child of which enjoys the inherent, natural and citizenship rights,” he said.

“In this path, it is only Syrians who decide for their future and others must not be allowed to interfere in their internal affairs,” Rouhani reiterated.

He appreciated the joint move by the three states, saying, “Our cooperation has been able to put out the fire of years of war and cruel massacre in Syria to a great extent.”

The Iranian president said cooperation between the guarantors of peace in Syria has also been able to preserve the territorial integrity and national sovereignty and independence of Syria.

“Neither in this country, nor in other parts of the world, terrorists must not feel safe and their sponsors must not think that they can use terrorism to the advantage of internal, regional and international equations, he underscored.

The Iranian president further noted Israel’s antagonistic efforts, troubling the war on terrorist groups, and complained, “The Zionist Regime is also active in helping terrorist groups in Syria and recently, some of the authorities of this regime have admitted to these heinous acts.”

“The Zionist Regime’s arbitrary actions in conducting acts of aggression the Syrian territory have jeopardised international peace and security.”

“The international community is responsible to confront these acts, particularly the continuation of occupation by the regime against the land and existence of the Syrian nation and government,” he continued.

Rouhani noted the US president’s declared decision to pull military troops out of Syria, and reminded that the US troops have entered the country without the permission of the government in Syria, against the international regulations.

“This decision, if not changed under the domestic policies of the United States, is good news for the people of Syria,” he said.

“Today, Syria needs our help for rebuilding itself. Postponing this process will only prolong the crisis and inflict more harms to the dear Syrian nation,” Rouhani said, and continued, “Amending the constitution based on the will and wish of the people can be a very important role in this regard.”

To conclude his remarks, the Iranian President reiterated that the Syrian-Syrian dialogue should continue without foreign interference in order to establish lasting peace in Syria, and the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and the non-interference in its internal affairs should be respected under all circumstances.

Rouhani also called for international help to the displaced Syrians and refugees to enable them to return home and begin the reconstruction of Syria.

“The fight against all terrorist groups in Syria must be continued until they are eradicated,” he reiterated, and added, “The presence of foreign forces, including Americans, who are present in the country without the permission of the Syrian government, should be terminated as soon as possible.”

The Iranian president once again asked the world states to take action against Israeli invasion of Syria, warning that the attacks have place global peace and security in jeopardy. “It is imperative that the international community confronts the arbitrary actions of the Zionist Regime in its acts of aggression towards the Syrian land, which endangers international peace and security.”


US-Led Coalition Evacuates Hundreds of Foreign ISIL, (ISIS), Terrorists from Eastern Deir Ezzur-Fars News

Another day, more USA Military war crimes against the American people, the Syrian people, the Iranian people, the Iraqi people, the Libyan people, the Yemen people, the Afghan people.

Just like the day before, and the day before.

Got to ask yourself, these “American” pilots, swooping in and saving terrorist asses for Israhell. how do they sleep at night.

Perhaps, they have no soul left.

John C Carleton


How Many Is Enough?

How many articles showing the USA bombing the Syrian military, civilians, Iraq military, civilians, swooping in with Helos, saving foreign ISIS commanders asses, removing them to safety, before the Iraq or Syrian militaries take them Out?

Let us not forget, USA being in both countries are bully boy war crimes, USA don’t have any thing but lies piled on lies to explain their presence in two countries, which DID NOT attack America!

How many is enough?

Rest of the world knows the truth.

Americans have their blood stained fingers in their ears, eyes tightly shut, screaming i can not see it, i can not hear it, you are a conspiracy nutcase!

How many articles showing the Washington DC crime cabal raping, murdering and sometimes in satanic rituals, eating the children they rape and kill?

Cause it is out there, been out there for generations.

Yet half of the American sheep, still slurp up all the bullshit and vote in the pretend elections.

So, how many stories about the perversion does one need?

Been out there for generations!

How many articles, about Israhell running WASSHINGTON DC, does one need?

How many stories of Israhell stealing over 11 million dollars a day from the American worker does one need?

How many articles about Israhell, with collaboration from both parties, white house, every alphabet agency out there, doing the attack on New York 11 September, 2001, does one need to show?

How many articles about the VA fucking in every way they can figure out, the American vet?

If a people, have no honor, but glory in evil, then truth is hated.

Americans hate the truth.

So where does one go from here, if they are not going to join the honor-less, Truth-less Americans?


John C Carleton

America Is A Land Full Of Shit, The People ARE The Shit.

Nothing wrong with the land, it is the evil, sanctimonious, self righteous, holder than thou, baby buggering, me first, second and third, warmongering, zioinist infected zombies who are the problem!

But you say NO!

Aunt Fanny was the sweetest woman, helped everyone who needed it, give the shirt off her back to anyone.

Well, yes she was pure evil shit.
She supported all the evil of the USA, stood proudly, pledged allegiance to the blood soaked banner of the Pedophilic evil of DC’s illegal wars of Holocaust, rape, theft invasions, occupations of peoples who never attacked America.
She was pure hypocritical evil shit!

Met a zionist “christian”.
It was his opinion, when i stated all these damn wars were immoral and illegal,, he thought the wars had to continue for the sake of the economy!

How the fuck does one with even rudimentary understandings of Jesus the Christ, say that shit and still claim Christ as a guiding point in his life?

Cognitive Dissonance, is the only answer i have.

You want to save America?


So the Americam people, dancing in the streets, on the guts of the innocent Holocausted by DC, keeping the economy growing, can party on?

America was never one people, culture.
Theres plenty of guilt to go around.
But BEFORE any people, can try to find forgiveness for all the evil they and their ancestors are guilty of, you have to stop lying and indoctrinating your children to do evil for this or that god.

Then you damn well have to look inward, deep inward, admit to your evils.

Until American reach that point, they will remain evil shit slinging worthless waste of air they breath,

Until Americans face and admit to their evil, there is no hope for America.

It was a noble experiment which went horribly wrong.

John C Carleton