CIA AGENT Confesses

If i find that story, anywhere else, know it is on youtube but probably goes back to the same source, i will repost it.

No question Whitehouse, CIA, Mossad, did 9-11, Here is all the proof you need.

I simply have reason to question anything from that source, so i trashed the post from this site.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Go to Youtube, someone posted a video on the story, i did not watch. Sure if you do a search on youtube using that title, it will come up.

Just a personal decision not to link to questionable sources.

John C Carleton

What will the Current State “Governments” be Replaced with After the Economic Collapse?

The USA/Washington Dc is a war criminals international for profit corporation.

In 1865, this criminal cabal murdered the Sovereignty of all States, and occupied criminally, all States.

The State governments stopped in fact, being governments, and became sub corporations of the USA corporation. In other words, the plantation overseer who farmed the in-slaved people for the profit of the USA corporation.

Now the Empire is dying, the USA corporation is up to their eyeballs in alligators, and the swamp level is rising.

Here is the question the living souls living on the Land of the respective states need to ask themselves. What are they going to replace the failed corporation with, in their states?
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Forgotten “Anniveraries” of U.S. Sponsored Military Coups against Democracy -Global Research

This is a short list, when you expand to world wide, the criminality of the Washington Dc Elites become glaringly obvious. Using America, and Americans, to fight their economic wars of conquest and occupation, becomes like the criminal record of the most despicable, murdering, raping, torturing, mass murdering, starving people to death, using chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction, on innocent children. Blowing up schools, hospitals,homes, weddings, funerals Son of a Bitch who has ever been a criminal sleaze ball.

Americans need to educate themselves in the true history of the USA.

John C Carleton

Forgotten “Anniversaries” of U.S. Sponsored Military Coups against Democracy

U.S. Official: USS Fitzgerald Crew Likely At Fault in Collision with Container Ship-gCaptain

I am for letting the Empire die. America, the Land, the living souls, do not need a huge war machine. Scrap most of those ships, sink some for fish reefs.

What you are seeing here, is a lack of training and discipline.

The Empire is dying, too much has been demanded of those who join, and too much taken, too many time being crapped on by the Empire.

A country tired of wars. The people starting to understand that all this shit is manufactured, and countries are being taken down, millions murdered, so the blood sucking parasites at the top of the Anglo-Zionist Empire, get fatter on the blood of the innocent.

After all those years of war, seeing vets shit on, learning the real story of 9-11, that the enemy was in the White house, foggy bottom, Tel Aviv.

The best and brightest, no longer join. Vets from military families stretching back generations, tell their children and grandchildren not to join.

So they lower the requirements. Some criminal history, don’t keep you out. Lower entrance scores, sometimes no high school graduation required, physical requirements lowered.

I want the Beast to starve to death, i want Empire dead. Therefore i do not want to fix the military. Just pointing out the Empire is dying.

Sooner the better for the world at large, America and Americans in particular.

John C Carleton

U.S. Official: USS Fitzgerald Crew Likely at Fault in Collision with Containership

Syria: People Leaving Raqqa for Fear of Attacks by US Airstrikes, ISIL Terrorist-Farsnews

Be proud America, look at what that pedophilic bunch of evil scum sucking, bribe taking, cowardly chickenhawk clowns from Washington DC are doing to innocent Syrian children and families.

Remember, Washington is backing ISIS, or ISIL. They along with Israhell, are the parents of ISIS.

Remember, the USA/Washington DC, has absolutely no moral or legal right to even be in Syria, let alone funding groups of “moderate baby raping and murdering terrorist, sent against the Syrian people, or to have IT’s military be in or carry out operations in Syria.

Talking international war criminals here.

These two arms of the Anglo-Zionist Empire, Washington DC=USA/Israhell, arm everyone they can, and use them against each other, to get what the zionist want.

In this case, Assad dead, Syrias gold confiscated, pipe line through Syria to bypass Russian pipeline to Europe, most of Syria given to the little crime cabal occupying Palestine, and holocusting the Palestinian people, for their Greater Israhell Project. Oh yes, whats left of the Syrian people, gets a Rothschild Usury bank, instead of the non-Usury Syrian banks.

American’s must thrown off the zionist mind f##k, educate themselves to reality.

Only them will they be ready to start the rebuild process, after the coming collapse of the economy and the Empire.

Not a lot of time left.

John C Carleton

The Empire is Dying

USA/Washington Dc is part of an Empire. It has been from say WW one on, the military arm of the Empire. It is not an American Empire, but an Anglo-Zionist Empire.

Israhell is part of that Empire. Israhell controls Washington DC through blackmail and bribes.

Israhell is not the head of the Empire, it is the Empires outpost in the middle east.

The Vatican is part of this evil empire.

The City of London, the square mile, is part of the Empire.

Central banks, UN, BIS, IMF, ICC, many others organizations are a part of the evil Empire.

The Empire runs on Usury, wars, pedophilia, blackmail, bribes, dumbing down people so they accept their slavery, while not understanding they are slaves.

The Usury scam, fiat currency, debt based economy, running all commodities, goods through Wall street and other exchanges, running up the price of food, raw materials, shelter, so the scum sucking Usury bankers can live high on the hog while the productive class gets pig shit thrown at them by the elitist bastards, is dying. When the usury scum have stole all the value there is, inflated the currency in order to steal the purchasing power from the worker class, all they can, until it is worthless, the Empire will collapse.
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A Zionist Bed Time Story

Once, there was a land, called America. Indigenous peoples lived there. Europeans moved there.

There were several different European countries claimed large parts of this land, even though it was already occupied. They never explained how it was they could just claim a land someone else owned.

The zionist element among them, murdered all who stood in their way of Empire, European, black, native, did not matter. Anyone stood in the way of the “god” mandated Empire, was slaughtered.

After the Usury bankers war, WW 2, this zionist held land, set about conquering the world.
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