Americans Want The Government To Solve Their Problems

Isn’t it interesting how, no matter which political party is in charge, the government continues to grow? This is especially puzzling, since Republican voters and politicians are supposedly supportive of small government. You’d think that the size of the government would ebb and flow over time, as Democrats increase spending and Republicans roll back government growth when they get into office. However, that never happens, and there’s a very simple reason why.

On Sunday, an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showed that 57% of Americans wanted the government to do more to solve problems, which is the most support for government intervention since the poll began in 1995. That support was stagnant throughout Obama’s presidency until 2015, when it suddenly shot up.

But that’s not all. A recent Pew poll found that American support for more government spending on a wide variety of programs has drastically increased compared to several years ago. On average, support for bigger government increased 7 percentage points since September, and hasn’t been this high since 2008.

Though 74% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents still say that they want a smaller government, much of the shift in support for big government is coming from the right. Compared to 2013, the last time that this poll was taken, Republicans are now nearly twice as likely to support more spending on anti-terrorism programs, and economic assistance for the needy. Support for more spending on scientific research went from 25% to 33%, and environmental protection went from 11% to 23%. Support for rebuilding infrastructure went from 33% to 55%. And of course, support for more defense spending exploded among Republicans, from 44% in 2013 to 71% in 2017.

Support for more spending increased in most of the same categories for Democrats, but to different degrees. But many of the biggest swings in the polls came from Republicans. Why is this?

Because now that a Republican is in the White House, and Republicans dominate the legislative branch, they’re suddenly okay with more spending. When you look at the numbers, Republican support for more spending in most of these categories steadily decreased during Barack Obama’s presidency, and suddenly jumped back up after he left office. They were only against big government when it wasn’t their government.


The End Of A Way Of Life Is Upon Americans.

The Way of Life, a certain generation grows up with, never last, and the next is always different, sometime in small ways, sometimes huge ways.

My father was born the year the Titanic went down, 1912. His grandfather, and great grandfathers fought the evil of zionism from Washington DC. His GG GGG GGGG grandfathers fought the British so Americans could have freedom.

Told the story of the whole family, when he was about four or so, going twelve miles in a covered wagon, to pay five cents, to listen to a wind up Victrola phonograph.

He told me of talking to WW 1 veterans. One told him something, stuck with him, and from him to me. Told me, the vet said, “It was a poor mans hell, and a rich man’s heaven”. Continue reading

Update On The Zionist Webworms And Zionist Virus Infected Nanny Goat.

The old mulberry tree is still green and lush, providing shade and shelter to outside creatures, including myself taking a break on hot South Texas days.

After the first major Zionist Webworm BBQ, a couple of smaller ones, got them under control. Kill a few each day, maintain the tree, the tree continues to provide. Something in that Zionist Virus just keeps the parasites sucking the life out of the host until the host dies, then they go find a new sucker to leech off of. Killed some today, getting hard to find any in my old friend, the mulberry tree.
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One Of The Main Reasons, The Corporate Elites Have Tried To kill Common Law Courts

There are many reasons the Elites, and their legal fictions, corporations, have tried to kill off all Common Law Courts, hiding even the knowledge of them from the general population.

One main reason is this. Under Admiralty Law, Administrative Law Courts, can only deal with other corporations. The crime cabal which stole American’s freedom from them, wishes to treat the living souls, as slaves, as property. They can not do this when Common Law Courts are available to the common man. Because, under the venue of Common Law Courts, their status as “working” for a corporation, or even being the owner of a corporation, there are no immunities from being charged with their crimes, when their actions, their employees actions, harm a Living Soul. This includes polluting the land, ocean, water sources. Under their Administrative law courts, they give themselves immunity from prosecution, simply by dreaming up a legal fiction, Corporation ABC for example. When Corporation ABC, causes Living Souls harm, from bad products, cancer causing additive, or pollution affecting the Living Souls, or the Land they live on, they will pay a small fine to the head corporation, in this case, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. You will note that VERY seldom, does any of these funds make it to the Living Souls Damaged by ABC corporation. The ABC corporation’s employees, and the owners, are deemed exempt from further prosecution. Now do you start to see why Common Law Courts are the deadly enemy of Pedophile Elites? Under Common law courts, the common man can lay hands on these criminals, give them a fair trial, and i mean that, start bending the rules and you end up like them, you DO NOT want that. Found guilty, the Common Law Court, can pass a sentence to include death, for these crimes.

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Should The Common Man, Be Forced To Submit To The Elites Corporate, Administrative Law.

Not no, but HELL NO!

It is not my intention at this point, to put forth an in-depth scholarly study of the subject, but to reintroduce the concept of Common Law, or better phrased Natural Law, to the common man. Not many have even heard of the concept, as oppressive governments have stifled the knowledge, and made sure the young are not taught anything of their true heritage. Keep someone ignorant, they are much easier to control. I envision a series of articles which will, like building a stone or brick house, lay one piece of knowledge on the ground level, so as to have a strong foundation, and raise the walls of knowledge on the subject, as high as needed to support the roof of freedom, which knowledge helps to bring to humanity.

Most kings had absolute power within their countries. They could, and did just about what they wanted. Oh, they had to deal with the Vatican, but that was not at a level that concerned the common man. As time passed, some of the common men began to gain some prominence both financially, and personally, they chaffed under the rule of a one man show.The process which brought them to the point of doing something about it has been well documented, there are many books dealing with this alone. If you are interested in the process, you will have no problem finding more written about it than most people will read.

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If This Is Freedom, What Is Tyranny?

“Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is the numbers of people all over the world who have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience… Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world, in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running the country. That’s our problem… people are obedient, all these herdlike people.”

— Howard Zinn

If truth be known, Americans are no more free than were Germans under Gestapo Germany. “Freedom in America” is the greatest lie in the world.

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Putin: ‘95% of World Terrorist Attacks Are Orchestrated By The CIA’

I was raised by a father who understood much, and passed all he could to me. My Mother had been indoctrinate with Zionism by her Grandfather. She tried to pass it on to me, but it did not take. It was however, a great education in Zionism, the evil, the two faced hypocrisy, the praying for the baby rapers in Washington DC. My mother sent three sons to fight Zionist wars. She prayed for her sons to kill the hell out of the heathen. She would have not had anything to do with baby rapers, but she prayed that her God would bless them regularly, because Zionist christianity teaches submission to authority, and she prayed for the “leaders”.

John C Carleton