March on Google postponed after Antifa left-wing Terror Group Threatens to Ram Cars into Peaceful Protesters-Natural News

Might point out that the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and several other groups were Peaceful protestors in Charlotte, which were attacked by these same criminals.

That there were some ass holes sent to start trouble by Soros, as skin heads, white supremacist, does not change the fact that the vast majority of Southern heritage marches were peaceful.

I have seen, skin heads, KKK people get chased away from Sons of Confederate Veterans events. There are black members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, because Souther Blacks fought them evil raping/murdering yankee Washington DC scum, they were raping, robbing, murdering the blacks also, free and slave.

In a letter back home, one yankee Sgt., wrote that the slaves did not want to leave home and follow the yankee army anymore, as the blacks had figured out that they only wanted the strongest men to labor, and the best looking black winches for sexual purposes.

He also said when an officer went raping, plundering, murdering, he had to put on a Pvt’s uniform.

This stuff is not going away as long as Washington DC stands as a criminal organization.

John C Carleton

Texas Must Secede

I am against violence as a political tool, against wars and revolution.

Hard as i try to maintain that status, the criminal whores of Washington DC/Austin, have forced me to the point where there seems to be three choices.

(1), be a good slave to the zionist criminals of Washington DC and their flunkeys in Austin.


(3) SECEDE, kick the yankee scum and the Mexico gentuza out of Texas.

Option one and two are simply not a choice to be considered.

That leaves option three. Option three will be no cake walk. Hope there are enough Native Texas sons to get the job done.
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My Homeland is Once Again Under Attack

In the year 1861, the criminal mob that is Washington DC, using Puritan religious fanatical propaganda and indoctrination, mixed with the Marxist of the failed 1840s uprisings in Europe, attacked my Country.

In 1865, the last of the freedom fighters surrendered, except for some like Frank and Jessy James. I must pause here to state that they are cousins, both from lines in England and the James family in America, from which i am descended.

The Southern people, starved, wounded, broke, under corrupt foreign military occupation, buried their dead, and went about trying to rebuild the South with Washington DC stealing a good chunk of everything off the top.

One hundred and fifty years of military occupation later, (the Federal troops have never left), Washington has sent communist style agitators to cause trouble, try to erase the history of the Southern people.

Once again the pedophilic, evil doers, whores dressed all in purple, from Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, not content with corrupting the Souther people to their evil ways, try to erase even the memory of the brave men and women of the South, black and white, Cherokee Indian, Texas Mexicans, Irish, (just can not keep an irishman out of a good fight), and others, who stood up to their evil.

A people without a history, are only cattle waiting to be slaughtered.

Not my History!

Not my Texas!

Not my Dixie

John C Carleton

What the Media won’t tell you about Charlotte-youtube

I have been convinced for years that the Federal “government”, makes damn Sure that such divisive groups as the NAACP, LULAC, BLACK Lives Matter, KKK, La Raza, many others stay in business and are funded indirectly by the Federal “government”, with only the very top few in these organizations really know who they are working for, and what the real reason they are causing discord.

Violence, hate, riots to take attention off an impending economic collapse, on demand.

Infiltrate well meaning organizations who are trying to fight back, get people in those organizations preaching hate, not peace.

Charlotte was planned at the Federal level, carried out at the city level, backed by the State level.

What you need to ask yourself, if they want you watching the discord, what is it they do not want you watching.

Or, are they trying to declare martial law so they can take the gloves and mask off and show you the real face of Washington DC?

John C Carleton

Interview With the descendant of Free Texas Blacks, who are Confederate Veterans-Youtube

Today, George Soros bused in some Black Lives Matters agitators.

They had a rally about taking a Confederate Monument down in Travis Park.

No one bothered them.

They were supposed to vacate the park by 1300 as the pro Southern history and Heritage rally kicked off at 1400 hrs.

They came back, tried their best to start trouble. My wife got caught in a police convoy, trying to check on me, ended up with a front row seat, to the agitation that the San Antonio police put up with.

The Police more than bent over backwards to keep the peace, taking sass from some of these agitators who seemed to be trying to get arrested. When the police are wrong, i am the first to point it out. But today i was proud of the restraint they showed.

My apologies, the video is not the best, as i was running both ends of the camera.

John C Carleton

I propose a law called the ‘Zionist Self Deportation Law’

First, if you are not aware, when a new elected or appointed person makes it to Washington DC to join the Washington DC/USA crime canal, they are “asked” to sign a pledge to put Israhell first. This pledge is not of the “government” itself. and is not mandatory, coming from a USA based zionist organization.

If they do not sign however, their campaign funds will dry up, the next election, a very strong, very well financed candidate, will be running against them. The will do one term, and go home. Appointed people can be un-appointed, very fast as the USS Trumptanic appointments have shown.

So i, as an American, propose, that it be mandatory for anyone, everyone, having a tax exempt status, serving in the public sector anywhere, at any level, to sign a pledge to put America and Americans before any form of Zionism.

Violation of that pledge, would carry a mandatory, non pardonable sentence of 15-life, at hard labor, making little rocks out of big ones, hell picking cotton!
Or, they voluntarily deport themselves, get the hell out of the country, fast!

If ever caught back in the country, that would trigger a mandatory, non pardonable death penalty to be carried out within 24 hours.

Here is the good part. A zionist word is worthless. They have no honor, they are going to lie!

Lawyers, cops, politicians, schoolteachers, bankers, and ministers, especially zionist ministers!

I would drag John Hagee’s fat ass down to the front of the row to sign that pledge!
He would violate it next Sundays donation session.

Give him the choice of breaking rocks in the hot sun, or get the hell out of the country.

Fat son of a bitch would deport himself. Of course all of his ill gotten gain would be frozen, transferred to a fund to feed the hungry Palestinian orphans.

Have all these evil, baby raping politicians, MSM talking heads and owners, bankers, ministers, lawyers and such, deport themselves.

It is very simple, and would soon bring a calming effect to the people of America as these blood sucking parasite class, the agitators, the BS slingers, are gone, and with them their evil lies and agitation.

I mean, deportation would not be mandatory. Its not like they would not have a choice.

I mean, who knows, maybe John Hagee has always harbored a secret desire to break rocks in the hot sun.

John C Carleton

The Worst Terrorist Attack In The History Of The World

In May of 2016, Barack Obama became the first US president in history to visit the memorial of the American atomic bombings of Japan in Hiroshima. However, in true American fashion, he offered no apology.

The location of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park was once the city’s busiest downtown commercial and residential district. However, the devastating atomic blast from the U.S. bomb that killed over 100,000 innocent civilians left the clearing in which the monument now sits.

The United States, with the consent of the United Kingdom as laid down in the Quebec Agreement, dropped nuclear weapons on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, during the final stage of World War II. The two bombings, which killed more than a hundred thousand innocent civilians, remain the only use of nuclear weapons for warfare in history.

The United States holding the largest stock of nuclear weapons in the world is as ironic as it is terrifying.

On August 6, the U.S. dropped a uranium gun-type atomic bomb (Little Boy) on the city of Hiroshima. American President Harry S. Truman called for Japan’s surrender 16 hours later. Truman then told the Japanese, in psychopathic fashion, to “expect a rain of ruin from the air, the like of which has never been seen on this earth.”

Three days later, on August 9, the U.S. dropped a plutonium implosion-type bomb (Fat Man) on the city of Nagasaki. Within the first two to four months of the bombings, the acute effects of the atomic bombings killed 90,000-146,000 people in Hiroshima and 39,000-80,000 in Nagasaki; roughly half of the deaths in each city occurred on the first day.

During the following months, large numbers died from the effect of burns, radiation sickness, and other injuries, compounded by illness and malnutrition. In both cities, most of the dead were innocent civilians, including tens of thousands of children.

While the Japanese monument in Hiroshima was specifically built to remember the horror of America’s nuclear bombs and the murderous devastation left in their wake, Japan is quite literally covered in lesser known silent monuments from dozens of firebombings carried out on its cities by the United States military – before the atomic blasts.

One bombing campaign, in Tokyo alone, killed nearly as many innocent civilians as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

On the night of March 9, 1945, four months before the nuclear attack, the U.S. launched one of the most murderous and horrifying bombing campaigns in the history of the world. That night marked the beginning of a several weeks-long wave of firebomb and napalm attacks across more than 60 Japanese cities. Many of these bombings were just as bad as the two atomic bomb attacks. However, when adding the sum total of innocence slain by U.S. bombs, the deaths in those five dozen cities eclipses the total deaths in both atomic bombings by several magnitudes.

While Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been deeply engraved on the consciousness of humanity and commemorated in monuments, museums, films, novels and textbooks, the firebombing and napalming of civilians of many other Japanese and Asian cities has largely disappeared from consciousness, except for the victims.

In Tokyo alone, U.S. bombers dropped 300,000 incendiary bombs, completely destroying 16 square miles of neighborhoods – killing more than 100,000 people, mostly civilians. Some survivor accounts detail flaming napalm seeping into bomb shelters and burning entire families alive.

Tokyo was one of more than 60 cities in which hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were burned alive as they sought cover from the death raining down from above.

During what some historians refer to as The Forgotten Holocaust, the U.S. dropped millions of incendiary bombs, napalm, and even fastened bombs to live bats that were trained to fly up underneath roofs to explode and set houses on fire.

Some historians have calculated the total dead from the U.S. bombing campaigns in Japan to upwards of one million innocent civilians. It is no wonder you’ve never heard about these attacks in your high school history class as it shows the true face of American terror.


Goggle, Youtube, fighting truth and freedom.

I know my Musical limitations. I have enough musical talent to really appreciate people who can play like i never will, and have voices which make mine sound like a billy goat in heat.

I do enjoy music. Not going to be the next Willy or Waylon, although i am a Texas boy.

When i started making videos, it was from a love of music, but in my case, was a way of speaking the truth through song. Tried to put a little history or truth in front of each one.

The first one i did was a conversion of Janis Joplins Mercedes Benz called, Obama won’t you buy me a Cadillac Escalade.

After a bit and a couple of C&W songs of artist i admired, made one for Hillary. Took Bobby Bare’s Marie Laveau, converted to Hillary Rodveau.

After Trump made an ass out of himself by continuing the wars, attacking Syria with missiles at a cost of about 100 million dollars, because the West lied about Syria using “chemical weapons”, i did one for trump. Took “I fought the law and the law won’, converted it to ‘I tried to trump America,(and America won).

You can still watch that one on my Youtube channel, but not the obomister one, and not the Hillary one.

They are still there, but you can not see them. If you have a link already, you can go there and watch, but searching Youtube, they will not be shown or recommended. They are invisible. There, but not really.

Have a video called, ‘I’m a good ole rebel’. Fellow left a comment and asked me to watch a song he did about “Texas Forever”. Went to his video channel, could not find it. Messaged him back, if he sends a link, i can watch it.

This gives me hope. With all the MSM propaganda machine, with all the Universities under their control, all the propaganda force fed American children in the government indoctrination centers known as “public Schools”, and people are still waking up to their evil.

They are having to increase the level of propaganda and censorship trying to stop the awakening.

Passed down from my father to me.
Takes a thousand props to hold up a lie, but the truth will stand alone.

The evil has already lost. The Evil of Zionism may murder a few million more before the scum bags go down. In the end however, lies are temporary bull shit. Truth is eternal.

John C Carleton