Putin Herded the US into an Impasse From Which There is no Escape-Stalkerzone.org

Good read.

The dumb asses in Washington DC, congress/Pentagon, think, they will do this because that is what i would do in that situation.

You want to know what someone will do in a certain situation, you have to understand a people’s values, beliefs, culture.

Washington Dc in their own self adoration, understands nothing of Russia, Nothing of Syria, nothing of Afghanistan.

Not only are the ass wipes in Washington Dc not fit to rule, those not given fair trials and a fair hanging for international war crimes, pedophilia, murder, treason, deserve to serve the rest of their lives in prison, at hard labor.

There will be no peace in the world until the evil of Washington Dc is dealt with.

John C Carleton

Putin Herded the US Into an Impasse From Which There Is No Escape

Tens of Civilians killed, injured in US air raids in Eastern Syria-Farsnews

Remember, any US presence in Syria is an International War Crime.

Also keep in mind, that ISIS, and all the other names of the week that are used, are controlled by Washington DC/Tel Aviv. They were sent to murder Syrians by Washington DC/Tel Aviv.

Therefore comes as no surprise when the airfares of these two crime cabals murder Syrians in support of the terrorist which they themselves sent to Syria.

John C Carleton


To whom Do i Owe my Alligence

Have had the opportunity do a lot of genealogical research on my family origins.

Can take most lines back to at least the early colonization of North America with Europeans.

On most of those, a trip to France, England, Scotland, wales, Ireland, would fill in the missing two to four generations would need to satisfy myself to the unbroken continuing lines of old families. Not going to happen. Universe demands my attention on other things.

Some lines, can trace back to BC. several thousand years.
What i kept finding, was my direct ancestors killing my other direct ancestors in battles, and sometimes in snake pits, and drawing and quartering.

I come from the four winds and the seven seas.

So to whom, do i owe my allegiance?
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It’s a Good Day to Die, in a World of Shit

When one is in a war, when one lives with the knowledge, that one may die at any second, of any minute, of any hour, of any day, one realizes, they are living in a world of shit.

Two different ways of handling that.

The meeker of the troops, will hunt duties and positions, which will increase their chance of making it home alive, live in a world of shit and fear, until they die, or make it home.

The warrior, gets up every morning, has a cup of bad coffee, and says to his buddies, It’s a good day to die. Goes on about their duties.

This way, one may still be living in a world of shit, but one pays no attention to the shit.

Today, in the world, very much so, in occupied America, Americans are living in a world of shit. This world of shit has been carefully crafted for Americans, by the zionist scum sucking, pedophilic SOB’s from Washington DC/Tel Aviv.

One will note that the yankee Puritan zionist were crafting a world of shit for American’s before the zionist occupying Palestine took over planning a world of shit for Americans.

Time for Americans to educate themselves to truth and true history, them peacefully just refuse to play the zionist game.

Yes they may kill some Americans, but they can not kill all Americans.

So each day when you get up, think of Washington DC/Tel Aviv when you are taking your morning piss. Picture Nitwityahoo/Hillary/Trump/McShame and their ilk, as the face you are aiming at, say it is a good day to die, stand up like a real American and tell Washington DC/Tel Aviv to fuck off.

Now if they kill you, then it was a good day to die, and you are out of it. Not your problem anymore.

Either way, the zionist world of shit has to end!

John C Carleton

The Chinese Have Realized That Washington is Evil-Paul Craig Roberts-Sinopolitico

I never fully trust anyone who went to Washington DC.

That said, this is a damn good read. Might not agree with him on some things here and there, but i agree with most, if not all of what he has got say here. He lays out how your perception is carefully crafted for the benefit of the zionist. He defines zionist somewhat.

Worth the time to read, very informative.

John C Carleton


Sri Lanka Signs $1.1 Billion Chana Port Deal-gCaptain

USA bombs and murders the people of a country they want to run. Then they have to put an occupation army in the country, keep fighting, and in the end, get kicked out.

China does business with the country, builds ports, railways, bridges. Don’t have to occupy militarily, pay for a puppet government, don’t have to murder millions to be the #1 trading partner.

USA the international war criminal that LIKES murdering people in foreign lands.

Which one would you want to do business with?

Sri Lanka Signs $1.1 Billion China Port Deal

Hands off my Confederate Monuments in Texas

Anyone has been paying attention knows that Black Lives Matter is a George Soros hand puppet to stir up shit in the American States.

Now, i am Texan. Several generations on all sides Texan.

Texas never was Lilly white, and never will be. Texas was wild Indians, and the tribes did not get along, avoided each other at best.

Then a few adventures here and there. Spain laid claim to Texas, along with the rest of what later would become Mexico.

The King of Spain had to get some Canary Islander families, and start San Antonio de Bexar.

Here and there some Mexican family with big balls would move to Texas. Most Mexicans were not interested.

Same as with Southern Families, who came to Texas, some families, no matter where you are from, just run to big balls.

After Mexico got her freedom from Spain, Texas was a far flung place far from Mexico City. Hard life, took big balls.

the Mexican government welcomed the more adventuresome of the Southern immigrants. the Immigrants became Mexican citizens. Everything went along fairly well until the little bantam rooster Santa Anna came to power.

He started putting restrictions on the Texicans, in-prisoned Austin.

1836, Texicans kicked Santa Anna’s butt, won their freedom, founded the Republic of Texas.

1846, somewhat illegally, Texas became a State of these United States.

1851, Nueces Strip, my first cousin, Baker Barton, a Texas Ranger, was killed in battle with Comanches.
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