Hundreds of US Military Vehicles Enter Syria From Iraq.-FARSNEWS

Remember any US military presence in Syria is an international war crime, each US military member in Syria is an international war crime, and anyone they murder in Syria is an international war crime.

In Nurenburg, USA hanged German Military and civilian personal for “War Crimes”.

I believe common law “Nuremberg” war crime trials are in order.

International war crime trials, fair trials, fair hangings, Washington DC/Tel Aviv!

John C Carleton

“How long Shall The Wicked Prosper?”

From Pslams 94:3

But a real pertinent question the awake have been asking for years.

Souls i know, which are awake, for the most part are ready for the organic material to hit the propulsion system. Like me, they have things that they would rather have in place or ready first, but the stench of evil and corruption riding the breeze, rises from all of the power centers of the zionist world wide, (they are trying), humanity slavery Empire.

The stench causes bile to rise in the throat, the stomach to twist, spittle spat upon the ground in disgust at both the minions of evil, and the collaborating through ignorance and cowardliness, sheep!

Comes a time, the stench takes away the wholesome taste of your non GMO food. Comes a time, the constant stench of rapes, murders invasions, occupations, theft, always theft, turning good or at least workable countries into shit holes for the furthering of the Evil Zionist Empire.
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The Common Man Will Never be Free, Until He Reinstitute Common Law Courts

The court system under the Washington DC/USA Empire, is based on Admiralty Law, the Law of the Sea.

The courts, down to the JP courts, are corporate law, meant to deal from corporation to corporation. It is Administrative law under Admiralty Law. Administrative Corporate law can not legally or morally used against living Souls. That is why when you get any summons to their kangaroo courts, it is always addressed in all capitol letters. The minions of the Administrative Courts, are claiming that you are a corporation, that is why all capital letters. Look at any communication with a “government” type organization. Your name will always be spelled in all Capitol letter.

Administrative law, and the US court systems, right down to the local JP court, are designed to protect the elite from the poor they are robbing, raping, farming like cattle.

That is why you will NOT see Washington DC clean itself up. That is why it is known well that past presidents, vice presidents, speaker of the house, heads of alphabet agencies, generals, admirals, international bankers, sitting senators and house of representative members, are baby raping/ murdering/ bribe taking, sacks of treasonist, pedophilic shit. They not only are not arrested, they are protected by the Attorney Generals office while the neanderthal tries to throw people in prison for using medical pot.

If the American people raise enough hell, the machine will throw a few under the bus while the baby raping, theft, war crimes, murders, decadent, blackmail-able behavior continues on unabated.

If Americans want to clean up Washington, their own State empire puppet “governments”, to include the sub-corporations of county and city, them the common man HAS TO reinstate the ancient practice of Common Law Courts, or courts of Natural Rights.

There is not a main line politician in Washington DC who does not have a file somewhere, say foggy bottom or Tel Aviv, with which they can be blackmailed. This pedophilic sons of bitches, are the minions foggy bottom and their lover, Mossad, control the pedophilic war criminals of DC.

There is no incentive by their masters to take them down. Their masters have a lot of time, children, money and blackmail invested in these scum. Why would they take them down? Oh sure, one pisses off the masters sometimes, and gets thrown under the buss, but that is personal.

If Americans want clean up America, it will have to be American’s who do the cleaning up, and they simply can not do that job with out their common law courts.

Time to educate yourself on Common Law.

Time to educate yourselves to the real history of the USA.

Time to get er done!

John C Carleton

The Greatest Discovery Never Made- Ancient Civilizations Thrived With NO Ruling Elite-Anchent Origins

NO! there does not have to be an oppressive “government” run by pedophile, blood sucking elites.

Man thrived without them. Mankind will thrive again, once they all get their just rewards.

Educate yourselves!

Throw off the Zionist mind fuck!

John C Carleton

Texas Does Everything Big, Including Corruption in Politics

Texas likes to do things in a big way, and that includes political corruption.

Know a local businessman. His family runs a large restaurant.
He was nine years old when his family left Mexico, and came to Texas. Said he was used to seeing the bribery and corruption right out in the open. Said it did not take him long to figure out it was very much here and alive in Texas, Texan’s just like it under the table, looks better that way.

I might say, it is getting to very much in your face in Texas now days.

But lets talk the early 1900s. 1915-1917, Pa Ferguson was Governor of Texas, and he put LBJ to shame for corruption.
Was nothing he did not have his fingers in. Got him kicked out of office in 1917, and never allowed to hold State office again, so he ran Ma Ferguson, got her elected, and he was back in the saddle again! Colorful character.

My father grew up in those years, so knew a lot of stories not in the Texas History books.

Pa Ferguson raised cattle, bred bulls. He was known to be able to be bribed to get someone out of prison if you had the money.

Seems that a wealthy businessman had a worthless son who ended up in a Texas State Prison.
The Businessman when to see Pa Ferguson to get his son out of the pokey. He wanted to get right down to bribing business, but pa was not a complete fool.

Pa instead on telling the impatient father, all about his bull breading business. Finally he tells the father, tell you what, i will sell you one of my bulls for ten thousand dollars, which was real money back then.

The father said, why in the world would i want to pay you ten thousand dollars for a bull, what good would he be to me?

Pa told the father, your son just might ride that bull out of the pen.

As it was then, so it is now! In a big way!

Here is a link. He was an interesting character.

John C Carleton

I Have Had Enough of the Whores and Intestinal Parasites of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

Comes a time, when that straw breaks the camels back, that one last weight causes the ship to sink.

The situation in Washington Dc is embarrassing beyond redemption.

Makes you want to put the ass holes in time out, in Leavenworth, for the rest of their lives.

America had a few short years of liberty between the end of the first American war for Liberty, and the forcing of the current “constitution”, on the American people. It has been down hill from then, but, MY GOD, LOOK AT THIS SHIT!

You see, if they had told the American people that they had just made them slaves to the empire again, there might have been another revolution, and they were not that strong yet.

So the Americans were fead a steady stream of bull shit about the wonderful constitution which “guaranteed” their “freedoms”.
They were indoctrinated with the my country right or wrong, manifest destiny, god choose USA to rule the world propaganda.

Each year, more and more freedoms were taken away. Sometimes there would be a show in the supreme court, one step forward, two steps back kind of thing, but always with another piece of freedom switched from Natural or God Given rights, to government privileges.

Year after year this was done. The young being born into a less free society, for the most part, never question the absence of lost freedoms, because this less free world, is their “normal”. They have never know anything else.

This has been repeated generation after generation, until when Uncle Sugar’s pedophillic ass calls, as Pavlov’s dogs, They eagerly drop their pants and present their ass to Uncle Sugar.

During this time, all those years, there was always a cast of actors in washington Dc trying to keep the sheep in the line to the slaughter house.

Sometimes the people liked them, sometimes they did not.

Some of the cast were corrupt as hell, and brought the corruption out in the open, but the people did not like to look at open corruption, so most times, it was kept under the publics view.


Ever since the CIA murdered JFK, they did, t much, and don’t now, give a damn what the sheep think. They despise the sheep. They use the sheep as sex toys and cannon fodder. Livestock to be slaughtered and sold.

The last “president” who made the whole three ring circus act work was Ronald Reagan. He was a good B grade actor and he made the whole show work for the majority of Americans.

Then PAPA CIA Grassy knoll Bush ushered in the current cheap grade horror show with real evil, perverted, but amazingly bad actors.

Followed by his pick to implement his continued diabolical anti-human plan, the crime duo from Arkansas, the Clinton Clowns.

Followed by eight years of his inbred bumpkin son drooling on himself while the Dick Cheney ran things with evil glee.

Followed by a CIA construct paired up with a gender challenged, tooth showing, snarling hate filled being any pro football team would have hired for a guard.

Now an egotistical strutting peacock middle aged pampered ass who could not pour statesman ship, diplomacy, foreign policy, economics out of a damn run down at the heel cowboy boot if the instructions were written on the run down heel.

His wife is a high maintenance gold digger.

The White house is run by Pence and Tillerson.

And every thirty shekel whore in DC is screaming to kiss Israelis ass, bomb, Iran, Russia and China.

Sometimes they take their immoral corruption, deviancy, in your face trashiness, pissing on the same law they use to in slave you, just one act to far.

It then becomes a matter of the great unwashed masses having to clean this shit up. It becomes a matter of self respect that you can no longer allow such scum bags to claim to be your leaders and to represent you as they run around the world raping and murdering millions.

It is a matter FIRST, to pull your head out of you ass and educate yourself towards that end.

John C Carleton

Abolish the ATF

Although Donald Trump portrayed himself as an anti-gun control candidate on the campaign trail, the president apparently has no problem with sending federal agents into Chicago to more fiercely enforce gun laws.

The New York Times reported late last month that the Trump administration has sent in federal agencies to partner with local law enforcement in Chicago, in order to confiscate more guns:

Anthony Riccio, the chief of the Police Department’s Bureau of Organized Crime, said the new team would “significantly help our efforts to trace and stop the flow of illegal guns.”

The phrase “illegal guns” makes it sound like we’re only dealing with very sinister elements within society. But in Chicago, where gun control laws are among the most stringent in the country, the phrase “illegal guns” might as well be interpreted as “most guns, whether owned by peaceful people or not.”

Thus, it appears that the Trump administration is using federal agents to assist local politics in what is one of the most anti-gun jurisdictions in the nation. And, not coincidentally, it’s one of the most violent jurisdictions.

At the same time, as pointed out by Anti-Media, “There has yet to be any outcry from conservative or gun rights groups over Trump’s federalized gun grab in Chicago. Can you imagine what would have happened if Obama had done this?”

Trump’s contradictory stance on gun control is a time-honored tactic of Republican presidents. When George W. Bush was running for president, he announced “This nation must enforce the gun laws which exist on the books.” and pledged more aggressive enforcement.

As President, Bush did indeed pursue more prosecutions which led to the pro-gun control organization Americans for Gun Safety approvingly concluding that “the Bush Administration has made progress” on enforcing federal gun laws, including those against mere possession of a gun while violating federal drug laws. This, of course, could bring draconian prison sentences for anyone in possession of a gun while engaged in the heinous crime of growing marijuana plants.

With his current pledge to help the City of Chicago confiscate more guns, Trump appears to be pursuing a similarly bad policy.