Law in a Stateless Society

“When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law.”

– Frederic Bastiat

A seemingly well-planned and directed campaign against Sharia Law has been taking place in a number of American cities. While the obvious purpose of this effort has been to drum up support for anything anti-Muslim, it does raise some interesting inquiries. In asking “what is Sharia Law, and who would be bound by it?”, much deeper political questions are implicated.

An initial question to be asked is “what is law ?” A superficial answer is that it is rules set by government that the state will enforce through coercion. While the word includes that, an understanding of the concept involves so much more. At its core, “law” is unavoidably tied up with the property question: who gets to make decisions about what? Every dispute or conflict we have with others comes down to a property question: “did my dog trespass on your lawn?” The distinction between “victimizing” and “victimless” crimes turns on the question of whether a property interest was trespassed. Murder is the intentional taking of the life of another, a violation of the victim’s ownership of self; prostitution, if based on a voluntary transaction between two adults, involves no property violation.  Do some people get to establish enforceable rules against others and, if so, how does such authority arise? In a society that respects the inviolability of the private property principle, only owners of what is theirs can rightfully make such decisions.  If Muslims in America wish to create and enforce rules of conduct – under the name “Sharia Law” – who would be bound to observe such standards? If you are not a Muslim, would you be bound? If you are a Muslim, but have not agreed to obey such rules, could they nonetheless be enforced against you and, if so, by whom?

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Northeastern Syria: Hundreds of Civilians Killed, Hundreds of Thousands Displaced Under US Coalition AirStrikes

Here is what Washington DC is doing in Syria. Remember, the US does not have a right to be in Syria, and they are murdering the people of a foreign Sovereign Nation State.

What the US is doing in Syria, the US hanged german officers and officials for. War crime trials, Washington DC, 2017.

John C Carleton

Senior MP: US Helicopters Transfer Tens of ISIL Terrorist To Afghanistan-FARSNEWS

If you still support Washington DC, you support murdering innocent people in war crimes.

If you say you support the troops, demand they no longer be sent to invade sovereign countries in international war crimes and murder the innocent for the benefit of Israhell and USURY zionist Bankers.

John C Carleton

The Danger to America and American’s, from the USA/Washington DC Top Shelve Government Pedophiles

Pedophiles are evil disgusting pieces of pig shit. They should be executed so they never rape another child. Dead pedophiles do not rape children. Amazing how that works.

Any decent person, man or woman, their hand should be against these rapers, and murderers of children. Thats just a given.

The danger to America and Americans, above to their children being used as sex toys and dinner by the evil, despicable, bribe taking, ass selling, lying, perverted, un-honorable, low IQ pedophiles of the WASHINGTON DC USA EVIL EMPIRE is this.

Pedophilia is evil, it is despicable. Holly wood, Disney, the music industry, television executives, Washington DC, has been trying to normalize it for years, but even the sheep have a problem with that. So it remains one of the worst stigmas known to humanity today.

Therefore, the elites, who get to play public servant, or politician, newscaster, entertainer, who rapes children, gets videos, proof of those rapes into the wrong hands, gets blackmailed. That is a clear and present danger to the interest, the security, the financial wellness, the survival of freedom for America and Americans.

Thats why you saw the whole of the USA government pissing their pants when Nitwityahoo from occupied Palestine did his little comedy act in the halls of congress. because anyone not jumping to their feet, shitting their pants in excitement to his evil drivel, had the possibility of them raping children released on the internet.

If Nitwityahoo Had Slipped and Said Shit In The Halls Of Congress!

That is not good for the career of a Washington elite.

Time to educate yourselves America.

Time to take out the garbage.

Time to get er done.

John C Carleton

One Has to be Willingly Ignorant, or Genetically Challenged, to Believe the Israhell Hoax

The Babylonian Judaic cult, and the Zionist Christian cult, (formally know as “Puritans”, they self declared themselves the pure race), now race neutral, (anyone can be a Puritan scum bag Zionist), peddle a fairy tail. A nightmare really, and certainly so for the victims of these sick cults, the murdered/raped/in-slaved, untold millions of innocent humans.

It goes like this. The one and ONLY GOD, (because they say so), created this earth, and all in it in seven days. He made Adam and Eve, they populated the earth. All humanity comes from them. Course, they do not explain where the women the sons of Adam and Eve married and had children with came from, as the is absolutely no mention of them having even one daughter. Sons are listed.

Now after a bunch of things happened, and there were a lot of different groups of humans living on the earth, (each and everyone a descendant of Adam and Eve, talk about incest, this “one and only God”, in the whole universe, picked the Hebrew people, to be his earthly pets. He had them murder a lot of people, their farm animals bash little babies brains out against rocks, make human sacrifices and blood offerings. He then promised them that they were VERY special people, the pure race, the chosen ones. He further informed them they had the right to do any damn thing they wanted to to the lesser beings, people not Hebrew.

Damn, sounds just like the war criminal USA Washington DC Evil Empire when they invaded the Sovereign Souther States.
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