U.S. Holds the World Record of Killing of Innocent Civilians-Centre for Research on Globalization

While i tend to agree with the Canadian professor, might point out that Canada has yet to admit to the genocide of the first peoples the Canadian Government carried out, is still carrying out. It is not safe for a first people’s women, today, around a Canadian Mountie. Nothing is dome when a Mountie rapes and murders a first people female.

As for the USA, birthed in violence, ruled by deceit and force.
Evil, all ways has been.

USA, is not America, it is a corporation, of, by and far ultra rich pedophile ass holes.

John C Carleton


Dr Alma Arrendondo Lynch, Republican Candidate US Congress US Congressional District 23 at Alamo Rally-Youtube

Alamo Rally Today, defending Texas Heritage.

Hairless Chihuahua San Antonio City Council, and Mayor Pendehoberg, after spending about a half a million dollars, taking down a confederate Memorial, which by the results of their own Taxpayer funded survey, 75% of San Antonians wanted left alone.

Now they are back for the Memorial to the Texas Hero’s, died in the Alamo.
They are abetted by the spawn of the Puritan Yankee Caretbagger of infamous Bush family, in conjunction with the criminal collaborators in Austin.

Tired of this stuff.

John C Carleton

There are Roads Going North, and Roads Going South Out of Texas, and You Can Rent a Damn U Haul Almost Anywhere in Texas

At the Alamo today.

Puta Mayor Pendehoberg and his band of hairless Chihuahua’s on city council, San Antonio, are out of control.

Now they have help from the spawn of Puritan holier than thou carpet bagging, infamous family, the Bush’s, aided by the collaborating criminals in Austin, want to take down the memorial honoring the Hero’s of the Alamo.

Last month or month before, they spent about half a million dollars to take down a memorial to Confederate soldiers, that 75%, by the city councils own tax payer funded survey, said the citizens of San Antonio wanted left alone.

Fk em, and the burro they rode in on!

John C Carleton

The “Navy Way” is the Wrong Course-gCaptain

I was a Seabee, not a fleeter. Was in my dress blues once, a thing Seabees don’t really like, and some fleeter called me sailor.
I pointed to my rating badge on my sleeve, and asked him, do you see a Fking mop bucket and a paint scraper here?

One of my collateral duties at one point, was training. I know well the amount of gun decking goes on in the Navy for training purposes. I fought it all the way, but officers promotions are tied to the amount of training, qualifications their command accomplishes. So, things get pencil whipped.

Thats how you end up with lost sailors getting captured by Iran in their waters, when the sailors think they are in Kuwait.

Thats why i saw people i had to depend on, reading manuals while the C-141 was in the air, on the way to a war. Because their training got gun decked.

Thats why when John McCain, tried to sink the USS Forrestal during the Viet Nam war, fires are blazing, ship is in danger of sinking, flight deck fire fighting crew wiped out, now the second string had to come in, fight fires above and below deck. While the fires were raging, the sailors were sitting on a deck, with fires around them, trying to read the instructions on using a individual portable breathing device. Every sailor on the ship should have been trained in that, but it got gun decked.

This is not a new thing in the US Navy, but with a dying Empire, it is getting worse all the time.

John C Carleton

The “Navy Way” is the Wrong Course