Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down-Kriss Kristofferson-YouTube

Kiss Kristofferson, has been from the time i was a young teenager, a social justice warrior hero, as well as a musical hero.

Never said he was perfect.

You are not either.

i am not!

If one, has never struggled with the weight of the world on their shoulders and your soul, from giving a shit, and fighting every damn day, trying to to wake humanity up, stop at least, some of the needless pain and suffering at the hands of criminally insane elites, then one should not criticize one who has walked that path, because it is a HARD path.

Not many who can travel it without it destroying them.
The few who persevere to the end, can look forward, to spiritual growth and further illumination.

i remember, a brother brought home, a couple of Kristofferson’s 8 tracks.

Me and Bobby Magee, and Border Lord.

The words, to the songs, made me think, about hypocrisy, about people blaming others for the problems they insist on not fixing, about sorrow, pain, suffering, but through all of his songs, there was no surrender.

He has never surrendered, and in his old age, still, goes out, and tells the truth.

Even when he is gone, the truth he shared with others, will be passed down to still unborn generations, by those he has touched with his truth.

He has my respect.

John C Carleton

US Reinvigorating Military Base in Northeastern Syria-Fars News

Washington DC has at least, a 156 year history of evil war crimes, attacking innocent people for more land, more power, more loot, more rape, more murder.

This is just more war crimes, by WASHINGTON DC/USA, for the benefit of Israhell.

If a person calls themselves an American, and does not understand this, they are one dumb ass American.

If one calls themselves an American, and approves of this evil shit, they need to be an American, who immigrates to occupied Palestine.

John C Carleton

Atlanta’s Burning Down-YouTube

The reason i began to make videos, was to try to get some real truth and Southern history out there.

Here is one, which should make you descendants of Confederates, think about how brave your ancestors were to fight terrorism, for four years, with almost nothing.

You should consider, not only the Confederate Soldiers being Murdered by the USA military, but their wives, children, being raped and murdered by the USA Military, while they were off fighting the same evil!

John C Carleton

Phone Conversations With The CIA

i don’t even remember, maybe back in 2006, i was given a phone number by my daughter to contact.

Now, i am one of those guys, and gals, the USA/WASHINGTON DC, upheld a time honored tradition of the USA, of experimenting on their own troops.

Hell, the Nazi’s the West likes to use as evil itself, and a boogie man, did not experiment on their own troops.

But the USA has done so, time after time after time.

And they have lied about it, time after time after time.

Any interested in what caused the so called Gulf War Illness, there is an older book, can be had for a little of nothing used, on Amazon. i will post a link.

Anyway, USA having screwed me real hard, they knew it, i knew, it.
They also screwed me again on a Malaria type disease, mosquito carried illness, i caught in Australia on a joint military exercise.

So they figured i hated them enough, they could get me in involved in one of their false flag scams.
Being a weapons guy, i always figured i was supposed to end up a dead “mass shooter” body somewhere at one of their false flag mass shootings.

When the CIA started dogging me, i was, and had been fighting the fucking up the ass, the Veterans administration, just loves to do to American Veterans of Foreign Wars, for a while.

Daughter was working at USAA, which i figured is owned by either the Pentagon or the CIA, in fact, perhaps not on paper.

Daughter was taking calls from people with problems with their insurance policies.

One day, she gets a call, from “Bill”, from Kentucky, a “retired Vet Nam era Army officer”, who didn’t want to talk insurance, as much as he did politics, her fathers brand of politics.

Now, in that position, at USAA, one is supposed to get the call done, move on to the next one, and carrying on long conversations, is frowned upon, but he was a customer, and she could not be rude.

Finally in desperation, she said, my father is who you should talk with on these things, which was the object of the call to begin with, and he thought that was a great idea.

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The Secret to Success in Human Form.

Don’t worry about all those sheep!

They like being sheep.

Don’t worry about the jackals!

They like being jackals.

Worry about yourself!

If one does their duty, if one learns from their mistakes, so as to clear the board for more lessons, if one does not trade Duty and illumination, for ANYTHING, this world has to offer, up to and including being the “master, or King”, of this world, one wins!

It is that simple.
If one does their duty, increases their illumination, learns their lessons from this life mistakes, one wins, even if they die, or are murdered, penniless, no bed, no home, no food, with the sheep and jackals cursing one, one has won!

Next Life!

Next verse, same as the first.

Learn new lessons, seek further illumination, do ones duty.

“If a man does his best, what else is there?”

John C Carleton

California Supreme Court Blocks Proposal To Split State Into Three Parts-Zero Hedge

The Northern Californians, are not real excited to be living in Mexico.

The State will split sooner or later, the Northern bunch, never has cared for the Southern bunch.

Back in the 1990s, i was talking to people in Queensland Australia, they wanted to secede from Southern Australia, the urban welfare centers of the country.

157 Years ago, the Southern States of America, seceded from the evil of the self righteous, thieving North American States.

The Northern States came down, raping, robbing, murdering, burning, starving, the Southern people.

The time, to rearrange the world, is here.

Local control is the only way to go.

John C Carleton

Western “Governments” Seek To Evacuate White Helments From Syria, Resettle Them in Canada-The Last American Vagabond

The Syrians know the White Helmets work for Israhell, helping murder Syrians.

Israhell, has lost this battle to murder Assad, and steal Syria, as they did Palestine.

The Syrians are taking their country back.
The Syrians, will deal with treasonous bastards.
Thats why, Israhell, has ordered Canada, to take some more of their terrorist.

But until Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem are holes in the ground, surrounded by greenish glass, there will be no peace in the Middle East.

Western Governments Seek To Evacuate White Helmets From Syria, Resettle Them In Canada