“If The Devil Isn’t After You Boy, He already Has You”

“If The Devil Isn’t After You Boy, He already Has You”.

i recall my father telling me that on more than once.
My father was a wise man.
Had lots of other sayings he taught me.

Remember him telling me once:
Now, them preachers who get up there telling you how terrible booze is, and then say, I have never taken a drink in my life!

Dad said:
“Now how they know its terrible, if they never tried it”.

But lets just run a hand along those words from my father about the devil and having you.

In other words, if you are not struggling daily with yourself, to learn more, become a better person, a better husband, wife, son, daughter, grandchild, minister, plumber, if you are not trying to change the evil you see in the world, and give your fellow man a hand, the devil already has your ass, so don’t worry about it.

On the other hand, if you give a shit, struggle daily to improve your self, you corner of the world, then there are going to be times you stumble, going to be times you fall.

If you are like me, going to be times when you hit the wall 90 mile an hour, and never hit the brakes fuck up!

But, it is getting back up again and again, dusting ones self off, washing the slime of the gutter off ones ass, learning the lesson, and seeking forgiveness, the place it matters most, ones own self, which grows character, teaches the lesson.

If one is truly sorry, and one has learned the lesson, there is no reason to repeat the behavior.

Have this older, (an i am no spring chicken), friend who is, well, he describes himself as eccentric.

Years back, wife asked him one time, if he had ever been married?

He replied:
Yeah, when I was young.

What Happened?

Got divorced.

Never got married again?

Nope, once you made a mistake, why you want to do it again?

So take heart in the daily battle with the evil of old, as each tries to vanquish that evil, hidden within ourselves, for if humanity did not give the evil a place to hide, evil could not exist around humanity.

Humanity, has proved it is in no damn hurry to obtain that goal of illumination of Being, Universally.

But each time any of us as an individual, learns a lesson from a screw up, no matter how small or large the lesson, humanity has taken one more baby step to wards that goal.


Baby steps are better than sitting on ones ass.

i will leave you with a bit of wisdom i used to give lazy Seabees who wanted to sit on their ass and lie to each other about their sexual mightiness, rather than clean up whatever it was at the time, i was telling them to clean up.

Ever now and then one would try the ole:
If we clean it up, it will just get dirty again!

Would tell em:
When you took a shit this morning, did you wipe your ass?

They looking confused:
Hell yes!

Why, the son of a bitch is just going to get dirty again, next time you take a shit!

Hang in there!

John C Carleton

The Peasants’ Revolt Of 1381 – Part One (Medieval History Documentary)-YouTube

Now personally, by the 14th century, i had had it with the English, England, and all the rest.

Thats why i am an American.

Americans are really trying my patience.

But if you consider yourself an American, then you should know the history of England/Scotland/Ireland/Wales/France.

Because if you understand what life was like back in Europe, you will understand why your ancestors sailed for a untamed hard land, rather than put up with such shit!

Damn shame, the shit hole oppressive corruption and control freak virus, caught up with Americans over here.

John C Carleton

US Sends Military Aid to Terrorists in Al-Tanf-Fars News

Pay your income taxes now!

Uncle pedophile Sugar, needs your funds to send terrorist to Holocaust innocent children in foreign lands which have not attacked America, for the benefit of the Ratschilds private resort, Rat Land, (occupied Palestine), which they stole from the Semitic Palestinians.

John C Carleton

US Sends Military Aid to Terrorists in Al-Tanf

TEHRAN (FNA)- The US has dispatched military aid to the terrorists supported by Washington in al-Tanf region in Eastern Syria despite its claims of withdrawing troops from the Arab country.
The Arabic-language Baladi news website affiliated to the terrorist groups reported on Wednesday that the US-led coalition planes have transferred several cargos of military and logistic aid to Maqawir al-Thawra militants near the occupied al-Tanf base at the borders with Iraq.

The US forces had also earlier staged military exercises with Maqawir al-Thawra terrorists.

US President Donald Trump had late last year announced a decision to withdraw military forces from Syria.

In relevant remarks earlier this month, a Lebanese military expert played down Trump’s statements about a pullout from Syria, saying that the US Army will keep some of its troops in its al-Tanf base along Syria’s Eastern borders in a bid to protect the terrorists in that region.

Brigadier-General Amin Hatit told the Arabic-language service of Russian Sputnik news agency that one of the main reasons for reinstating some of the US troops in al-Tanf military base is to help the US-backed militants in the region.

He noted that the US has realized that in case of retreating from al-Tan region, the terrorists stationed in the region will face the Syrian Army’s military operations, and said that the US is planning long-term presence in al-Tanf region to maintain security of terrorists.

Brigadier-General Hatit, meantime, pointed to the location of al-Tanf region in a triangle of Syria, Jordan and Iraq and deployment of the terrorists by the US in the region, and said Washington should account for helping the Syrian terrorists in the vicinity of Iraq and Jordan.

The Lebanese military expert, meantime, pointed to the doubts pertaining to the exit of US troops from Syria, and said that the US troops stationed in al-Sedqeh garrison in the Euphrates will probably remain there for good and other forces of the airbase near Hasaka will also remain for long-term in that region.



‘IT The Israhell Pedophile Rromoting and Cheerleading zionist Hazbara Troll, Or, A new ode about a old diseased troll!

IT the Israhell Pedophile promoting and cheerleading zionist Hazbara troll-
Has dreams of being paid in coins which ring of gold-

Kjell Hasthi, formally of Mia the troll infamy-
Has failed as a Hazbara sock puppeteer just as dismally –

IT is plain inbreeding between buck toothed zionist Usury worshiping scum-
Is in fact, not only unhealthy, but also quite dumb-

This zionist virus of the moist areas, has become undone and anemic-
IT the Hazbara troll threatens to become a public health STD epidemic!

The Ole Dog!

A Few Points Which Real Americans Must Face, Then Use To Defeat America’s Enemies, Foreign, and Domestic!

First off, yes I am crazy.

See, I am the product of thousands of years of breeding, and I am not talking sheep.

Got some Lion in me.
Got some Eagle in me.
Got some Dragon in me.
Got the wolf in me.

The wolf is dominate in me.

My father could fork his tongue like a big Lizard.
Some of his grandkids can.

Sheep do not understand the ones who are the go doers of history, and the world.
Things the Lions, Eagles, Dragons, (or the Snake, or the Lizard, all are the same line), and Wolves do, the sheep do not understand, they say, they must be crazy to do those things!

So yeah, I am crazy, (SHEEP DEFINITION), but I ain’t nuts!

And what I will tell you here, is provable.
I am not given to lying.

In this list, I will not go in-depth on each topic.

There are enough posted pieces and links on this site alone to keep you busy for a year or two of reading.
If one is really looking, there is enough on each subject on the internet to keep several researchers busy for a lifetime.

I am also not politically correct, and don’t give a flying trapeze who’s ass I give the red ass, as long as it is the truth which caused them to get the Red Ass!

When I was younger, people tried to get me to act like a sheep, and I gave it half a try.

A top predator just can not act like a sheep!

The blood which flows in my veins, has the DNA, of Nebuchadnezzar II, Alexander The Great, Julius Caesar, Ragnar, Rollo, William the Bastard, Edward the 1st.
Two of my great-great grandfather types, a 3ed and a 4th g g grandfathers, were at Valley Forge with George Washington, who was the great nephew of my 6th Great grandmother Anne Washington.

On the other side of the fight, one of my Carleton cousins, Sir Guy Carleton, was for a while, British General Commanding.

So you see, I ain’t no sheep.

Next, I would rather not be taking point in this fight, but it is my duty.
One must do their duty, and honor their ancestors.

It is a poor man indeed, who has no idea who his ancestors were, does not honor them, so that they do not speak wisdom of past times to them.
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i personally, was thinking more like hanging.
But thats the American influence on me.

Part French.
Guillotine with a dull blade?

Some of my ancestors, used to have folks pissed them off big time, drawn and quartered, including doing it to another of my ancestors.

Now i am a straight line Y DNA Viking, America Via- England Via- Normandy- Via Denmark.
They got this thing where they cut the ribs, pull someone pissed em off’s lungs out like little angel wings.
Called the Blood Eagle.
While they are still alive of course.

But then, if there were any justice in Rat Land, Nitwityahoo would be dropped butt ass naked, middle of Gaza, middle of the night.
Pay per view, cameras everywhere, some implanted in his back and skull,
Maybe one sticking out of his nasty ass!

See if he could make it back to Rat Land proper, before dawn.

And thats being kind and compassionate!

John C Carleton

Is it in Netanyahu’s interest to indict him before the General Election?

Security Expert: US Aims to Use Iraq to Wall off Syria from Iran-Fars News

A war crime here, a war crime there, pretty soon you talking Nuremberg style War Crime Trials, right down town DC!

John C Carleton

TEHRAN (FNA)- Washington is attempting to turn Iraq into a wall between Iran and Syria, a prominent Iraqi security expert opined.
Kazzem al-Haaj was quoted by the Arabic-language al-Ma’aloumeh news website as saying on Tuesday that the US wants to establish bases in specific zones with respect to their geographical and demographical conditions in Iraq, specially regions near the Iraqi Kurdistan region, to drive a wedge between Iran and Syria and Lebanon.

He warned that the measure is aimed at paving the ground for Washington to implement the next stage of its plot and launch a war against the resistance front and Iran.

Al-Ma’aloumeh had also earlier this month quoted Iraqi sources as saying that the US army was searching for new locations to establish military bases in the two towns of al-Ramadi and Fallujah in al-Anbar province.

A number of US military advisors along with army forces traveled to the ‘Military Farm’ region in Eastern Fallujah to find a location for their new base, a source said.

He added that the US forces have located a number of positions in different parts of al-Ramadi, and said that they want to set up new bases in the province.

The source underlined that the reason for the US decision to establish new bases in al-Anbar and redeployment of forces in the province is not clear.


Gold and Silver Have I None, But What I Have, I Give To Thee

One day the head criminal from the Not federal, No reserve(s), and Not a Bank, was getting out of his limousine, to have a thousand dollar lunch, washed down by a two thousand dollar bottle of wine.

A war veteran, dejected, dirty, homeless, shit on by USA/WASHINGTON DC, asked meekly, could you spare some change for a hungry man sir?

The Not fed pedophile Usury banker, looked at the dejected fellow with distaste, but there were some people watching, so he did not want them to see what a real ass hole he was.

SO he proclaimed loudly:

Silver and gold have I none, but what I have, I give to thee!
Heres some inked paper.

He reached in his wallet, making sure to go through the stack of One hundred dollar bills, and find a one dollar bill, and handed to the Veteran.

As he was feasting, he was trying to figure out how to force the American taxpayer fools to repay him that dollar along with the lunch tab!

John C Carleton