Dust in the wind-Kansas-YouTube.

When the blink of the eye of this life is over, how will you be remembered. what will you face standing before the light?

A well done!, for fighting against evils such as pedophilia, Usury, Usury Bakers Wars, Genocides, Holocaust, mass starvations, mass slavery of humanity?

Or will the light say, depart from me you piece of zionist shit!

Why did you cheer the rape, theft, Holocusting, the Palestinian people faced, from the imps of the dark side?

Get the hell out of my sight!

You disgust me!

How would you like to start over again as a zionist cockroach?

John C Carleton

When Did They Know? 36 Truthers on how they awakened to the 9-11 Lie-Truth and Shadows

Any Son of a Bitch, Supports Washington DC, in their false wars, against countries did not attack America, while giving over 8 million Tax payer dollars a day, to the ones who did, is NOT an AMERICAN.

When one stands before the light, the lies the sheep use to justify their greed and cowardliness, are not allowed into evidence.

Everyone going to have to face the truth and their own actions.

Sooner one gets started, sooner one can pay for their evil wrongs, and start growing spiritually.

John C Carleton

When did they know? 36 truthers on how they awakened to the 9/11 lie

US Complicity in Gaza Massacre-Stratigic Culture

i once told a zionist brother, the reason Obama, did not release all the proof of America’s evil in that Iraqi prison, was the American zionist sheep, just were not ready to watch on video, US soldiers butt fucking little Iraqi boys in front of their parents.

He got white as a sheet and said i should never speak of that again.

Thats the Zionist christian response to all of the evil they vote for and damn well SUPPORT, stick their heads up their asses, pretend the truth does not exist.

Cowardly, wicked, ball-less, honor-less sons of bitches.

Unless they are female, then they are just evil bitches.

Fuck Washington DC/USA and their evil campaign against humanity.

John C Carleton


US Policy: Provocation & War-Global Research

The stupidity, the ignorance, the don’t give a shit of American sheep, to Washington DC’s evil, peophilia, theft, murder, war crimes, Genocide, disgust me.

i find most American sheep to be wasting good air when they breath, eating food which could feed the hungry around the world.

When most take their last breath, they will leave the Earth, a better place, for dying.

John C Carleton


EU to Switch from US Dollar to Euro on Oil Trades with Iran-Information Clearing House

How many of you ignorant zionist loving American sheep understand, when the dollar finishes dying, America becomes a third world shit hole, overnight?

As your lambs starve to death, are raped, slaughtered by the Washington DC/USA evil on the face of America, the Land, will you line the streets, chanting USA-USA-USA-USA!

Or will you be too busy selling your ass on the street to try to get some food, you will not have the time?

John C Carleton


Kill and Kill and Kill-The Seeker

Those Animals LIKE murdering innocent people so they can steal their land.

The American zionist loving sheep, LOVE cheerleading the slaughter of a people who’s only crime was to be Native peoples, in a land the Zionist wanted to steal.

“Be not deceived, for God is not mocked, for whatever man sows, that shall he also reap”.

When the zionist, come for the American sheep, the ones cheered this slaughter, i doubt they face it with the fortitude, courage the Palestinians have.

American sheep are me first, last, always cowards!

John C Carleton


Thought for Today-The Seeker-UK

WW 2, was a Usury Bankers war, the planned continuation of the Usury Bankers WW 1.

Right damn now, the ass holes, along with the ignorant, stupid, ball-less, hypocritical, sold out, gutless, thirty shekel whores of the American sheep’s assistance, are trying to start the Usury bankers planned continuance of the Usury Bankers WW 2, namely, WW 3, in which millions, if not billions of innocent people die.

And the damn self righteous, hypocritical, zionist loving American sheep, cheerlead for WW 3.

If they do not pull their heads out of their zionist indoctrinated asses, i await with anticipation, the creator sending what Americans have sown, for them to reap.

i have absolutely NO respect left, for the American sheep.

Fuck em!

i hope when their turn comes under the zionist gun,
They fucking enjoy it.

Because i will enjoy watching them reap what they have sowed.

i have given up on the American sheep.

Perhaps the next generation will embrace honor, integrity, kindness to others, truth, because the last several generations have pissed in the face of the creator, and partied on with credit they can never pay off, except in blood.

John C Carleton