How Jews Celebrate Murder-Real Jew News

Jews are their own worst enemy.

The vast majority, seem to feel they deserve to do any damn thing they want, to everyone else.

They seem adverse, to labor, the earning of ones keep, by the sweat of their brow.

They seem to think other people should do the labor and sweating, just hand to the Jew, the fruits of other peoples labor.

i have tried my best, to accept the Jew, as just another person, but they refuse to let me, as they keep fucking my country and people, demanding special privilege.

Alright them, i will give Jewery, special attention in defense of my country.

Good two years back, told one Jewish woman, went to school with my wife, there were things about Israhell, which would come out, sooner or later, and she really did not want to be identified with Israhell, as a Jew who supported Israhell.

She said she had taken the star off her pass port, Blow-Blaw_blaw.

Trump announced the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, she was shitting her pants in joy, on Facebook, so were other “American” Jews i knew.

I notice, none of them served in the military, they have children, grandchildren of age, but none serve in the military, but they are overjoyed, at a move, WHICH WILL, lead to WAR, in which USA soldiers die as a result, just not their children and grandchildren.

War for Zionism, good for Goy to die for, not good for Jews to die for.

Just like they want someone else do their labor, they want someone else to do their fighting and dying.

They are their own worst enemies.

And they ARE not Americans.

America is a place in the heart, if the heart is filled with occupied Palestine, there is no place in the heart for America.

America’s enemies, are my enemies, because America is in my heart.

John C Carleton

Film review: Te Spider’s Web-Britain’s Second Empire-New thinking for the British Economy

This is a very good read if you wish to keep your children, grandchildren, from being used as tax slaves, sex toys, cannon fodder in Usury Banker wars.

Educate yourself America!

Cast off the blindness of your zionist indoctrination!

John C Carleton

A Zionist “Christian” Dancing Barefooted, on the Hot Fry Griddle Of the Emerging Illumination of the Truth.

My mother, as a child, had the kiss the Jews ass, beat into her head.

She tried to beat it into the heads of her children.

Growing up with a zionist mother, and most siblings being good little zionist, i got to watch, study in depth, the mental illness which is Christian Zionism.

Now, there is not enough room in this short piece, and you don’t have enough time, to listen to all i could tell you about the virus of zionism.

Best comparison i can make, the Movie, ‘Ole Yeller’.

Dog loves boy, boy loves dog.

So good so far.

But here comes the zionist virus infected one, infects ole yelle.

Now, Ole Yeller, starts changing.

He no longer loves the boy.

He no longer even sees the boy as a former friend, only as another host, to pass the virus to, so the virus does not die, with the present host, when the virus kills the present host.

This zionist virus, is spread, by false science, false history, several different religions, all of which hate the other for the most part, but are all working towards the same end, to mass produce zionist zombies, waiting on the commands of their Babylonian Voodoo Priest.

A zionist zombie, no longer puts the safety of it’s own children 1st, but sacrifices them to an Angry war god, which sends them home in body bags, missing eyes, limbs, and some with souls so shattered, they will never overcome the horror in this life.

For what?

SO some very rich, very evil beings, can get richer, on the suffering of Humanity, in yet another Usury Bankers World war, in which million, if not billions, of innocent humans will parish, violent deaths and slow starvations.

No loving parent, could do that to their own offspring, if they still retained love, a soul, normal protective instincts of a parent.

The rabid virus you saw in the movie big yeller, seems to have been improved, to the point, where the zionist virus, although it strips the host of all humanity, leave the zionist zombie, to most untrained eyes, as still human.

Oh yes, the zionist dancing barefoot on hot griddle?

Ever see one when you shined the light of truth on their voodoo superstitions, trying to defend their illness?

Ain’t no dance quite like it!

Now do the hypocrite bunny hop to the left,
Then the self-righteous shuffle to the right,
Two steps forward with their holler than thou smirking self,
And one step back with a retreat from the Light.

John C Carleton

A Zionist Christian Stands before the Light

A life long, give 10 percent to the church, there every time the doors were open, Christian zionist stands before the Light, having just assumed room temperature on the other side.

The Zionist tells the Light, Wheres my wings, harp of gold, halo, Hurry, i am ready to start partying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The light said, hold up there a bit, your life has to be reviewed.

The zionist cheerleader said, no need, I am a Booooorrrrrnnnnnnnn aggggggaaaaaiiiinnnnnnnn Chhrriiiiistttiiaaannnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

The light said, we do things our own way here, ever life must be reviewed!

The zionist said, waste of time if you ask ME!

The Light said, no one asked you, now please shut the hell up unless asking a question, or if you are asked a question!
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