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Colonel David Hackworth, who was a real soldier, said he discovered early in his military career, he could not find his ass with a map and a compass.

So when he became a leader, he surrounded himself with people who could.

Thats why i listen to Clif High.

i am a village idiot in a lot of areas he is brilliant in.

John C Carleton

Statism Kills

“Death solves all problems – no man, no problem.”
– Joseph Stalin

Government is a death cult. It is the most profound mechanism outside of planetary extinction events to rid the globe of human beings.  There have certainly been disease vectors like the plague in medieval times that wiped out significant parts of Europe but even that can be attributed to human volition to a certain extent.

The state is an exterminationist by trade, ask the aboriginal Americans.

Since the first agricultural communities attracted the government predator’s eye thousands of years ago and led to the tax accountancy records Charles Adams first pointed out to us.  Hunter gatherer communities were quite a bit more difficult to pin down and cage within the confines of a tax jurisdiction.  Tax jurisdictions are the center of gravity for governments to germinate and expand their nefarious enterprises.

Whether the murderous paroxysms of violence in the endless wars created by tax jurisdictions dressed in fancy bunting and flags in ancient times or today have more advanced killing machines, the mission is the same.  Government will ultimately kill you for non-compliance of a seat-belt violation if your lack of obedience and insistence on resistance continues and escalates.

The more extreme examples of bureaucratized slaughter and mayhem visited on populations by governments are illustrative of the potential of every government to do the same. That is the genius of government, not only to elevate the absolute worst psychopaths to positions of power because they seek to rule others by default but it industrializes murder machines.  How else can one explain the killing fields in Kampuchea, the bone yards in the former USSR and the mass starvation campaigns either inadvertently or intentionally launched against subject populations?  From Rwanda to Armenia under the Turks to the North American aboriginal destruction in 18th and 19th century America, governments kill.

That is their ultimate fail-safe mechanism.  If their power is threatened in any fashion, the cage and the sword and the grave are essential tools of governance.

In the end, ALL governments seek to maim and kill the non-compliant because obedience is the signal contribution of ANY citizen in a tax jurisdiction yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Keep in mind that the lion’s share of all wars in human history are armed disputes between tax plantation owners.

Your collaboration with a system that practices such barbaric behavior on a mass and industrial basis is the key to government’s legitimacy and its very ability to have fractional elements of tens of thousands of “law enforcers” cow millions of shambling sheep to be disposed of as the government wishes; especially the recalcitrant and rebellious black sheep who no longer desire the fetters and are increasingly losing their fear of the noose.

As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said: “Any man who has once proclaimed violence as his method is inevitably forced to take the lie as his principle.”

Initiated violence is the government’s bread and butter and any active defense against its depredations is always received by the rulers rather dimly.

The only reason you are not yet dead is because the government has not found a sufficient reason or lacks the wherewithal to kill you. Yet.


Multiple Catholic Priest Expose The Practice Of Satanism Within The Vatican-The Last American Vagabond

i have fought the ignorance of the Sheep with all my being.

Because of that, the sheep think i am well meaning, but nuts.

The sheep, are always looking for an external savior. Taking responsibility for their own lives and spiritual growth, scares the sheep shit out of them.

Generation after generation, they deliver their children to the pedophile priest to be raped, for “God” i guess.

Don’t think these perverted pedophiles are regulated to the Catholic Church either.

A protestant is just a sheep who likes less ritual in their voodoo religions.

i wait for Nature, the Light, “God”, That Which Is, by whatever name you chose to use, to bitch slap the sheep so hard, it knocks out those grass teeth, so they can grow some meat eating teeth, and turn on their oppressors.

World will be a shit hole until that happens.

And the sheep will be disgusting losers until that happens.

Hurry Mother Nature, Please!

John C Carleton

Multiple Catholic Priests Expose The Practice Of Satanism Within The Vatican

‘America’s Awkward “Pivot” to Asia: US-Cambodian Confrontation Widens’-Global Research

As time has gone by, i have tried to cuss the American sheep, shock them awake, shame them awake, slap them awake, any damn thing to get them to pull their heads out of their asses and become human!

Have come to believe, as the fabled Hebrews had to wonder in the desert for forty years, until the cowardly ones who did not have the balls to take the land, died off, before their offspring could claim the land, so it is with America and Americans.

The Children, who grow up in the lean years to come, see that Uncle Sugar’s pedophilic ass is butt assed naked, his wrinkled, saggy, fish belly white ass, flapping in the breeze, will tell Washington to go pound sand, and rebuild America into a better place.

So you sheep, who refuse to pull your heads out of your asses, get busy living, or get busy dying!

You not going to pull your head out of your ass, then you owe it to your prodigy, get the hell out of the way. You are holding up badly needed progress to the New America.

Get er done!

John C Carleton

America’s Awkward “Pivot” to Asia: US-Cambodia Confrontation Widens

Marcellus Jerome Clarke

a.k.a., “Sue Mundy.”

Marcellus Jerome Clarke (1844 – March 15, 1865) was a Confederate captain who in 1864 became one of Kentucky’s most famous guerrillas. He was rumored to be “Sue Mundy”, a character publicized by George Prentice, editor of the Louisville Journal.

Marcellus Jerome Clarke was born in Franklin, Kentucky in 1844. At age 17 in 1861 he enlisted as M. Jerome Clarke in the 4th Kentucky Infantry, 1st Kentucky “Orphan” Brigade, Confederate States Army (CSA). While with the 4th Kentucky Clarke was captured at Fort Donelson and later escaped from Camp Morgan. He saw action with the 4th Kentucky at the Battle of Chickamauga.

Clarke was reassigned to Morgan’s Men, the unit headed by Brig. Gen. John Hunt Morgan. By then Clarke was a captain. While with Morgan’s Men, he took part in Morgan’s last raid through Kentucky in the summer of 1864.

Following Morgan’s death on September 4, 1864, Clarke formed his own guerrilla band and returned to Kentucky in October. He raided throughout the state, killing Union soldiers and destroying supplies. His raids inspired the Louisville Journal’s stories of the infamous “Sue Mundy”, and caused Maj. Gen. Stephen G. Burbridge, military governor of Kentucky, substantial embarrassment. Combined with the fact that Clarke’s gang (referred to by the Journal as “Mundy’s Gang”) had joined with William Quantrill’s Raiders, Clarke was seen as a dangerous enemy of the Union. On the night of February 2, 1865, this joint force of Quantrill and Clarke rode into Lair Station, Kentucky and burned the railroad depot and freight cars. A week later on February 8, 1865, the guerrillas killed three soldiers, took four more prisoner and destroyed the remnants of a wagon train.

On March 12, 1865, 50 Union soldiers from the 30th Wisconsin Infantry, under the command of Maj. Cyrus Wilson, who were tasked with capturing Clarke and his gang surrounded a tobacco barn ten miles south of Brandenburg near Breckinridge County. Four Union soldiers were wounded in the ensuing altercation, but Clarke was captured. With him were Henry Medkiff and Henry C. Magruder, wounded in an earlier attack.

Maj. Wilson escorted the three men to Brandenburg, where they boarded a steamer for Louisville. Military authorities kept Clarke’s trial a secret, and the verdict had been decided the day before the trial. He pleaded to be treated as a prisoner of war but was tried as a guerrilla. On March 14 military authorities planned Clarke’s execution, even though the trial had not started. At the brief hearing Clarke was said to have “stood firm and spoke with perfect composure.” Clarke stated that he was a regular Confederate soldier and that the crimes he was being charged with he had not committed, or they had been committed by Quantrill. During the three-hour trial Clarke was not allowed counsel or witnesses for his defense. Three days after his capture Union authorities scheduled Clarke for public hanging just west of the corner of 18th and Broadway in Louisville.

On March 15, Rev. J.J. Talbott visited the 20-year-old Clarke in prison and notified him that he would be hanged that afternoon. Reportedly Clarke knelt and prayed, asking Talbott to baptize him. With Clarke dictating, the minister wrote four letters for him: to Clarke’s aunt, his cousin, a young lady named Lashbrook and his fiancée. Clarke’s last requests were for his body to be sent to his aunt and stepmother in Franklin to be buried in his Confederate uniform, next to his parents.

When the carriage arrived at the gallows, Clarke gave one last statement to the crowd. He said: “I am a regular Confederate soldier-not a bushwacker. . .I have served in the Army for nearly four years . . . I fought under General Buckner at Fort Donelson and I belonged to General Morgan’s command when I entered Kentucky.” His last words were: “I believe in and die for the Confederate cause.”

Several thousand people were estimated to have attended Clarke’s execution, attracted by rumors that he was “Sue Mundy”. After authorities cut Clarke’s body down from the scaffold, some witnesses cut off buttons from his coat as keepsakes. Police arrested three men for fighting over his hat.

On October 29, 1865, Union authorities hanged Henry Magruder behind the walls of the Louisville Military Prison. He had been allowed to heal from his wounds before being hanged. Before his death Magruder wrote his memoir and declared he was also “Sue Mundy”. Thus ended the careers of two famous Kentucky guerrillas.

Henry C. Magruder, Marcellus “Sue Mundy” Clarke, Samuel “One Arm” Berry

“Capitalism Has Failed”

Today, more than at any time previously, Westerners are justifying a move toward collectivist thinking with the phrase, “Capitalism has failed.”

In response to this, conservative thinkers offer a mindless, knee-jerk reaction that collectivism has also had a dismal record of performance. Neither group tends to gain any ground with the other group, but over time, the West is moving inexorably in the collectivist direction.

As I see it, liberals are putting forward what appears on the surface to be a legitimate criticism, and conservatives are countering it with the apology that, yes, capitalism is failing, but collectivism is worse.

Unfortunately, what we’re seeing here is not classical logic, as Aristotle would have endorsed, but emotionalism that ignores the principles of logic.

If we’re to follow the rules of logical discussion, we begin with the statement that capitalism has failed and, instead of treating it as a given, we examine whether the statement is correct. Only if  it proves correct can we build further suppositions upon it.

Whenever I’m confronted with this now oft-stated comment, my first question to the person offering it is, “Have you ever lived in a capitalist country?” That is, “Have you ever lived in a country in which, during your lifetime, a free-market system dominated?”

Most people seem initially confused by this question, as they’re residents of either a European country or a North American country and operate under the assumption that the system in which they live is a capitalist one.

So, let’s examine that assumption.

A capitalist, or “free market,” system is one in which the prices of goods and services are determined by consumers and the open market, in which the laws and forces of supply and demand are free from any intervention by a government, price-setting monopoly, or other authority.

Today, none of the major (larger) countries in what was once referred to as the “free world” bear any resemblance to this definition. Each of these countries is rife with laws, regulations, and a plethora of regulatory bodies whose very purpose is to restrict the freedom of voluntary commerce. Every year, more laws are passed to restrict free enterprise even more.

Equally as bad is the fact that, in these same countries, large corporations have become so powerful that, by contributing equally to the campaigns of each major political party, they’re able to demand rewards following the elections, that not only guarantee them funds from the public coffers, but protect them against any possible prosecution as a result of this form of bribery.

There’s a word for this form of governance, and it’s fascism.