Tonight Uncle Sugar Bent me Over-YouTube!

Just reporting, The Veterans Administration, this means, the big white Cat House, both sides of congress, both sides of the isle, the not supreme court, are all, taking turns, fucking my dying, Viet Nam Vet Brother, up the ass with a swollen Red, dead sick White, and rotten blue dick!

And they don’t need to, they just seem to enjoy fucking the American Veteran of Foreign wars up the ass with a red, white and blue, strap on, giant dong!

John C Carleton

Proposed Israhell Law Would Open 60 Percent of Palestinian West Bank To Annexation-The Last America Vagabond

The evil just keeps on creeping, and the American sheep, just keep on sticking their heads up their asses, so they can hide from the Light, Truth, Duty, Rightness!

Many American “christians”, have an sexual organism , every time one of the Slavic/Turkmen buck toothed ones, murder another Semitic Palestinian, in the Indigenous Palestinians own Ancestral home Lands!


The land of the Pedophile,
And the home of the American slave!

Then these ass holes, spit in the face of the light, and ask for blessings for a people, who are some of the most selfish, me first, whats in it for me, cowardly, hypocritical, buggering little children, supporting wars, rumors of wars, war on personal freedom!

“Be not deceived, for God is not mocked, for whatever man sows, that shall he also reap!”

Americans, got a lot of evil to reap!
They sowed, it, and the harvest is coming due!

John C Carleton

Proposed Israeli Law Would Open 60% Of Palestinian West Bank To Annexation

German AfD Files Human Trafficking Charges vs. Seven Soros Funded NGO’s-Covert Geopolitics

Maybe the tide is starting to turn against the evil of the zionist world take over bid.

All of Humanity, better start caring, what is being done to other people in other countries, by the evil of zionism.

Cause, if it has not taken a bite out of your own ass, yet, it will, if you don’t help stop it!

Only one Human Race.

There are sub races, broken down, by shades of tan, brown or black color,(only whites are albinos), national origin, language usage, but there is only one human race.

Now, in the human race, are souls who are trying to do the right things, and the souls, trying to do ALL the wrong thing.
If the Souls, trying to do the right thing, would Do the right thing, hang all the souls trying to do all the wrong things, be a hell of a lot kinder, more caring, free, world!

What kind of world you want your kids and grandkids living in?

John C Carleton

German AfD Files Human Trafficking Charges vs. Seven Soros Funded NGOs

Syrian Missile Shield Repels Israhell, (War Crime), Invasion of T-4 Airbase-Fars News

And John Hagee’s whole flock of Pedophile Supporting sheep screamed, with spittle flying from their hate thinned lips,

How dare those heathens try to harm our Masters chosen baby rapers!
Just because they are trying to steal their land, and Holocaust the Syrian people, as they have the palestinians.

John C Carleton

US Sends New Military Convoy to SDF in Hasaka-Fars News

More War Crimes, being blamed on America, done by the USA, for Israhell.

When the hell are you American Head up Assus Sheep, going to pull your heads, out of your zionist indoctrinated asses, and see the Light?

Before, so it can be stopped, or after the pedophilic sons of britches, start the pedophile, Usury, International “Bankers”, long planned and lusted for, World War Three?

Get a fucking clue America!

John C Carleton

Syrian Army Aborts Israel’s logistical back up for, (Supporting terrorist in Syria), Tahrir AL-Sham-Fars News

ISRAHELL, and their fellow Zionist occupied “governments” of the USA/WASHINGTON DC/NATO/EU/UK, assemble, train, pay, arm, terrorist to go rape and murder Syrians, then these same zionist evils, use the terrorist they sent to Syria, to murder more Syrians, with their own militaries, (illegally in Syria, a War Crime), while supporting the Terrorist, they sent, against the Syrian Civilian Government, and the Syrian Military.

Putin is Israhell’s bitch!
Putin is not here to save humanity, you got to grow a set and do that colletavalhy.

Time Humanity, grew a set of balls, and took down this evil, which has infected most of the earth, and a hell of a lot of humanity!

John C Carleton

North Korea regrets US attitude & unilateral denuclearization demands during Pomep talks-The Seeker-UK

No one likes a hypocritical, pedophilic, self righteous, ass hole bully!

Don’t know when the American sheep, going to figure that out.

American sheep say, “They hate us for our freedoms!”.

What freedoms?

When they feel up your wife and three year old kid, before they let you fly?

When they force gentuza illegal criminals on you and make you pay for them to steal, rob, rape, and murder your kind.

When they kick people out of homes they built, inherited, or bought, because the economy sucks, they have no money, they got old, and they can no longer pay tribute to the USA ‘
“government”, and it’s sub corporations.

They kicked a 80 something year old, black, American veteran out of his home the other day, for chump change taxes.
Sold the house for thirty something thousand dollars, of which they gave him none of.

In The Fucking Occupied, by the USA/WASHINGTON DC, by force of arms, 152 years and counting, Republic of Texas!


They hate the USA, which to them, is the same thing as America, because the American sheep, do not grow a set of balls, stand up, demand Fair Common Law Trials, in WASHINGTON DC/USA, followed by Fair Hangings.

Put a stop to the zionist whores from sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, going around the world, invading countries, murdering innocents, for profits and for the benefit, of Israhell!

American sheep are very ignorant/indoctrinated, but i have found, that to be so everywhere zionism has occupied the people.

John C Carleton

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses!-‘Pancho and Lefty’-Roseann Cash-YouTube.

Beautiful lady, a talented artist.

The daughter Of Johnny Cash.

And the Ex wife of Rodney Crowell.

Some years back, they do slip away, wife and i went to Rodney Crowell’s China Berry Sidewalks, book tour with some one on one with a six string acoustic, in a small venue.

Afterwards he signed the book i bought, (great book, recommend it highly).
i told him with the wife standing there, how “the other day”, i had been picking and singing, Please Remember Me, a song Rodney wrote and recorded, Tim McGraw, recoded it afterwards and had a huge hit with it, and the wife came in and said, You are doing Tim McGraw, i go, no, Rodney Crowell, and we had this argument.

Rodney told her shame on her, wife got embarrassed, started telling him how many guitars i had.

Rodney politely lied and said i had more than him sounded like.

As we walked off, told the wife, bet we gave him flash backs!

She said what you mean?

i said hell!

A Texican, guitar picking, son of a hillbilly, married to the daughter of, a hillbilly from up north of Texas, and a San Antonio Mexican women, and they are at each other, nitpicking over little shit!

Said hell,

Poor mans PTSD is flaring up right now!

Sorry about that Rodney!

Rodney and Roseann, have buried their differences, and are friends.

Enjoy this great performance.

John C Carleton

Popular Resistance Against ‘US Occupiers’ on Rise in Eastern Syria-Fars News

Some American troops of the UNITED STATES Military, were killed in Syria the other day.

Going to be more and more US troops killed in Syria, till the USA War Criminal Cabal, from Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, the baby raping pedophiles, from both sides of the Isle, get their war criminal troops, out of a Country they illegally invaded, and in a war crime, has been occupying , while murdering Syrians.

Now mama and daddy American Sheep, when they send your lambs home in body bags, remember, they were killed, as war criminals, doing evil acts against innocent people.

Because you did not raise them right!
Because you support the wars of the Usury Pedophiles, who you vote for again and again, from WASHINGTON DC/USA.

Your fault your kids will be dead, your grandkids fatherless, motherless, because you did not pull your heads out of your zionist indoctrinated asses, stand up for whats right, and speak up, even if you had not one friend or kin left, would associate with you.

Don’t blame the Syrians!

The Syrian’s are only defending themselves from the evil, your son, daughter, mother, father, husband, wife is doing, to the innocent Syrian’s, who the USA Invaded, Illegally.

See how that works yet?

John C Carleton

Over 35,000 CiviliansFlee Terrorist-Held Regions in Southern Syria Towards Army Position-Fars News


i thought the WASHINGTON DC Pedophiles, told the American people, the US Military illegally invaded Syria, a foreign, Sovereign Nation/Country, and is doing massive war crimes in SYria, to save the Syrian People, from the Syrian Government and Military.

But yet, given half a chance, the Syrian people who live where the terrorist the USA sent, to terrorize the Syrian people, have taken over, they get the hell out of Dodge, and make a Run for Syrian Government held territory!

Appears to me, as if Uncle Sugar’s pedophillic ass, has been caught with his pants down, in the Syrian Kiddy Park!

John C Carleton