What Is Leadership, And The Rewards of Leadership

This morning, i was scanning my Facebook page, which i use to post news items, the truth, Pro American, Anti-Israhell zionist type stuff, so i get VERY few likes.

Learned long ago, when i posted a pro Southern/Pro American post, there were people i knew, would say in private stuff supporting such things, but they sure as hell were not going to like them, let all their politically correct face book friends, seeing them like something which was not anti-American, pro politically correct/zionist agenda.

A Man i met, who gave a lot to the Sons of Confederate veterans, with his money and time, took a leadership role, long past when he wanted to step down, because there simply no other member, wanted the responsibility.

Anyway, this fellow who gave a lot, but is sticking to the organization all the way, his reasons are his own, posted on face book, said, :
Leadership is not about being the best, but making others better”, and he also stated, “I believe that”.

i replied, Leader ship, is about being nailed to a cross.

i could not fight like i am doing as long as i stayed associated with the Southern Heritage organizations, and many of their members put Israhell in front of America, while convincing themselves they are “Southern Patriots.

My limit came when a 2nd officer in a Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp, tried to defend Israhell, murdering forty something American sailors and marines, on board the USS Liberty, in international waters, in 1967.

The US/DC cabal hushed it up, threatened the survivors with prison, if they even told their wives the truth.

It today is the most decorated ship in the History of the US Navy, and most Americans do not even know it happened, or the ship existed, because USA/WASHINGTON DC’s Masters, were the ones doing the killing and trying to sink her.

And this son of a bitch, had the balls, to tell an American, America forced the Israhell spawn of satan, to murder those Americans!
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If You Support Israhell, You Are An Enemy Of America And Americans

i am an American.

If you support Israhell, you are not an American,and do not have the right to call yourself an American!

To quote a cousin:
“May God have mercy on my enemies, because i will not.”

Israhell, attacked the USS Liberty in international waters in 1967, murdering U.S. sailors and marines, doing their best to sink an unarmed intelligence ship.

Israhell, in collaboration with the USA/WASHINGTON DC, did attack the American Home Land, in New York, 11 September, 2001.

There is all the documented evidence to prove this one needs, all one has to do is look, honestly at the evidence, and let the chips fall where they may.

In addition, Israhell, steals from the America worker, over 11 million dollars, every damn day of the year.

Here are some good starting points.

“9-11/Israel did it”

First the Videos:

And the Three Books:

Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World

Solving 9-11: The Original Articles


Do you love America?

Will you protect her from all enemies, foreign and or domestic?

John C Carleton

A Red and Blue Coalition?

On June 20, 1816, Thomas Jefferson wrote to William Crawford: “If any state in the Union will declare that it prefers separation … to a continuance in union, I have no hesitation in saying, ‘Let us separate.’” Jefferson thought secession can be a good thing. Lincoln in his first inaugural presented secession as something always bad: “Secession,” he said, “is the essence of anarchy.” In saying this, Lincoln and the Lincolnian legacy placed, in effect, a “Berlin Wall” around the American States. Once in the Union, a State could never secede. The Civil War was a show of force to demonstrate that if a State tried, it would be shot. Less than fifty years later, Francis Bellamy wrote the Pledge of Allegiance (1892) as a schoolhouse indoctrination to teach children the meaning of the Civil War which. He said it could be reduced to three words: “one nation indivisible.”[i]

If anyone is an American, Jefferson is, and if anyone is an American, Lincoln is. But their visions of what America is and ought to be are incompatible. We have inherited a fractured constitutional memory. And the question is: “To which of these visions are we to give our allegiance?” From 1776 to 1860 the Jeffersonian vision prevailed in America. From 1865 until the 1990s, Lincoln’s vision prevailed, but then something entirely unexpected happened.

In 1991, 15 states seceded from the Soviet Union. This was the greatest peaceful revolution in modern history. American political elites did not see it coming even though Soviet officials told them what was about to happen. Their minds were so controlled by the notion that a modern state is “one and indivisible” they could not imagine peaceful secession. That Soviet secession occurred peacefully had a ripple effect, and soon after a number of peaceful secessions occurred in Europe and more secession movements have arisen. The result is that secession is now thought of in Europe as a neutral act to be evaluated on its merits rather than as something necessarily bad as Lincoln classified it when he identified it with anarchy and a threat to government as such. Today even Americans are beginning to think of secession in a neutral way, despite Lincoln and the Pledge of Allegiance.  A Zogby poll taken in 2008 found that 22 percent of Americans said they thought a State had a right to secede from the United States. Ten years later in 2018, a Zogby poll found that 39 percent believed a state had a right to secede, and 29 were unsure. That means 68 percent of Americans are open to consider the right of secession. Only 32 percent thought that military force could be used to force a state back into the Union.[ii]  Evidently more and more Americans are identifying with the Jeffersonian side of their political tradition over the Lincolnian side.

That fact is exemplified in a growing number of secession movements such as “Calexit” in California and “Texit” in Texas, as well as a revival of various forms of State nullification. And there is a serious effort to invoke Article V and entirely bypass the central government by calling a convention of the States to propose amendments to the Constitution, something that has never been done. All of this State activity is a serious challenge to Lincolnian America which is based on the denial of State sovereignty in favor of national sovereignty, but it is at home in Jeffersonian America. If further developed, this paradigm shift could radically change the character of political discourse.

For example, Marcus Evans, the leader of Calexit, is urging a coalition between Red and Blue States to put their policy differences aside for a common interest in restoring state sovereignty. Calexit wants to leave the US and govern itself. They know the Red states would be more than happy for California to leave. The Reds would have more power in the Union, and would be free of such characters as Pelosi and Feinstein, and Californians would be able to pursue their own leftist agendas undistracted by the “deplorable” Jesus loving, gun loving, Red states.

Even if secession does not occur, such a coalition can revolutionize how we think about politics and each other. Ever since Lincoln, all political talk has been “nationalist” talk. There is one central government with the final say over what its powers are. Politics is thought of as a struggle between a nationalist left and a nationalist right with an occasional “bipartisan” compromise. Today in multi-cultural America where “diversity” is said to be our strength, there is no longer a “nation” of the sort the Lincolnian tradition could presuppose in nationalist politics.  Politics is now a struggle between Red States and Blue States to gain control of the supreme power to do unto their opponents what will be done unto them if they lose.


Israhell zionist Hazbara , Pedophile/Usury Promoting Troll Having Another Melt Down!

Damn thing just will not stop trying to hop on the big Lizards Leg!

Kjell Hasthi, a fake name, same slut used to be MIA, until no one would touch IT’s post with a 10 foot pole, made a fool of IT’s self again this morning.

After posting some drivel on one of my post, and the big Lizard having to verbally bitch slap the bitch, IT, short for SHE/HE/IT, shortened to SHIT, further shortened to IT, IT replied with this post:
Didn’t you work on a US carrier in your career?
big Lizards reply:Attention!

Bend over and assume the position!

Oh my-My!

No oh yea mentally challenged one, never said i did, and i never did.

There Was a mentally challenged Hazbara named IT-

Did not mind making of Fool of IT’s self one bit-

Again and again IT bent over and presented IT’s Butt-

Like a street walker dog mutt-

Self flagellation is not enough-

For this soiled tiny piece of muff fluff-

IT follows the big Lizard around-

As if IT wanted to be bound-

Closely to the big Lizards Royal Blue Blooded Leg-

A bumbling proven fool of IT’s self, IT has Made!

The Ole Dog!

IT Harmonizes With The Piker Battalion Band’

In the year of 1290 in England of old-
lived a King, a warrior very bold-

He warned the Usury pedophiles raping the English young-
To stop their evil, not do it again or he would put them on the run-

When he again saw the dead form of an English child-
Ritually gang raped, drained of blood, his reaction was not mild-

He assembled the Piker Battalion Band-
Each a brut, a very manly man-

As Edward directed the Usury pedophile’s departure song-
The pedophile Usury ones screamed along-

Such vermin, such losers, such useless and evil dung-
Edward should have done the blood eagle with their lung-

But in a moment of weakness he allowed them to live-
Expelled, the Usury Pedophile’s went to other lands, sucked their blood, a virus the world to give-

The Biblical past three to four generations must be done-
Perhaps Edward to finish the job, will send a grandson!

Let it be Above-
As it is Below.

The Ole Dog!

Never Knowing If it Was a Blessing or a Curse?

Every single thing, which happens in each of our lives individually, is a blessing and a curse.

Just depends on how you look at it, and how you apply the lessons.

i understand reincarnation to a good degree.

No, don’t have all the answers, but enough to navigate whats left of this earthly life i have this school class, cause thats what it is, school, spiritual education.

i seem to be a very special case, in that i came to be able to track my lives, back over two thousand years, and with a gap i have not accounted for, over four thousand years.

Blessing or a curse?

Both, depends on how you use what comes, and why you need it.

Most people are not allowed to know their past lives, as the weight which comes with knowing the huge mistakes you made from time to time, the blood on your hands, the pain of betrayals, fickleness of the sheep, personal losses, the struggles, the grind again and again, is just too much, and would enter fear with this life lessons.

But what you do bring with you, everyone, whether you know one single former life, is your intuition.

That still small voice telling you, hey hold up there dumb ass, we tried that a few lives back, and things really went to shit, might just want to not do this again!

In my case, when i had grown enough to understand everything i had been taught was a lie, the “country” i thought i had gone to war for, had thrown the American troops to the dogs kissing the Arabs asses to get Washington DC/USA’s foot in the Middle East Door, and furthermore, the WASHINGTON DC/USA son of bitches, had used thousands of troops including me to test an experimental vaccine on under the cloak of war.

Many dead, many disabled, WASHINGTON DC still lying!

i hit my knees in the middle of all this, and begged the Light for wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

And i got it!

Not all at once.

If all were be dumped on you all at once, it would throw your breakers, and you would stand there drooling, maybe for years.

But drip by drip, with the occasional deluge.

The weight is heavy, but many of my past lives, one by one, have united with me, to share their wisdom, their trials, their triumphs, and their failures.

They were less advanced spiritually, myself, in another time another body.
As i take each of their life’s lessons, embrace them, that past life lives again in myself, and we will face the future together.

Some are born to till the soil in hunger and pain-
Some sail the seas, fighting the winds and rain-
Some live alone in virgin forest glades-
Some in cities, where government policies are made-
Some dig in the ground, some fly through the air-
And some are born, the burdens of the sheep to bare-
Men of song, poem, blood and war-
Who’s gaze always seems to be looking far-
Beyond their surroundings and the din of the day-
Seems to be their job for some reason to pay-
For the cowardly fickleness of the sheep-
Who sow the destruction, but do not like to reap-
The spilling of blood and searing of soul-
Which is the price of tempering the mold-
Of a useful tool, formed for That Above-
This bed of roses, the price of love!
Let it be above, as it is below.

John C Carleton

Reply on Discus, to someone taking me to task for saying Facebook means nothing politically anyway.

These men showed up for something they believed in!

Not calling people idiots for using it for entertainment and communication with real flesh and blood “friends”, they might have actually met during their lifetime,
BUT, having been part of the Southern Heritage organizations, and having been encouraged to create/use the account i made for political purposes.

Watching other people do the same, seeing what they put out on that and other political problems, i came to some conclusions backed by personal experience and watching things.

i would personally have people i knew, wife knew socially, tell me Hell Yeah on what i was putting out on Facebook, BUT, they would not hit the like on any of it, because some of their political correct Facebook friends might see them liking something not politically correct.

Now, if someone is such a big coward, they will not even like on Facebook, something they profess to believe in, they certainly are not going to be standing next to you in formation for anything but breakfast.

Personal experiences again.
“Conservative” Republicans.
Trump people.
Post pro trump crap on Facebook, all the time.
When you point out, they like trump cause he is “going to protect their gun rights”, and he appointed a not supreme court judge, who never met a gun he did not want to ban, supported the Anti-American Patriot act, among other things, they do not get pissed at Trump for lying to them, they get mad at you for pointing out they are believing two things which can not exist together, such as Trump is pro gun, and is there to protect your gun rights, AND, he appoints a anti-gunner to the supreme court, who will vote to take away their gun “rights”.

But i will say again, Politically, face book is used as a valve, to allow people not happy with Washington, to let steam off, and think they are doing something constructive or patriotic.

i still throw things out on Facebook, Hard HITTING SHIT, and all these “Patriotic Americans”, ain’t about to like shit which is really truthful, but controversial.

There is a very small hand full who will like some of it, some of the time, but again, for most of these Anti-Washington crowd, anti-left people, being conservative is like most “christians” and their religion.
They are praying to the lord feverishly, singing loudly, being “EXTREMELY” holy on Sunday morning.
For most, that is the last time they will worry about what “god” said not to do, or to do, until next Sunday morning.

Jesus the Christ had a following until being a follower of the Christ, meant personal danger.

Hell, some who had been cheering him, showed up to jeer at him, as he was dying!

George Washington was cheered, called a brilliant warrior by the AMERICAN SHEEP, when he won a battle, and cursed as a fool when he lost one.

Now, if they can not even face the truth, they sure as hell are not going to face arrest, or death, standing up against the evil of Washington DC/USA!

And that kind of cowardly, politically correct dumb asses, is not the kind of people i would want on my side of a fight anyway.
They would sell you out, run home and hide under their beds!

Again, i have no problem with using FB for communication with real friends/family for entertainment.

But i will say again, Politically, face book is used as a valve, to allow people not happy with Washington, to let steam off, and think they are doing something constructive or patriotic.

If the truth be “extreme”, i am very Extreme, and both uncompromising, and unapologetic, for my extremeness in support of truth, and the American way!

That was not the USA way, by the way!

What ever happens in America, face book will not change any of it, one way or the other.


i would rather have one man, who i know will have my back, even if it cost him his life, knowing i will do the same for him, than a thousand face book friends, most who would not show up in the first place for a real anti USA Slavery event, and most who would run the first time an armed bunch from the “authorities” showed up.

It was about three percent of Americans, made the American Revolution happen, the rest went about their lives, hid under their beds and tried to stay out of the way of both sides.

It will be the same this time, it always is!

John C Carleton