Among the Persians-Information Clearing House

Few Americans realize, the USA once already, in the 1950’s, (CIA/Mossad), over threw the Iranian government, installed a brutal dictator puppet to zionism, who was not deposed by the Iranian people, until 1979-1980.

The USA, (CIA/Mossad), have from that very moment, the Iranians became free once again, once again tried to make them zionist slaves, once again.

That is what all this BS about Iran in the Western Whore Media is about!
Making the Iranian people, good obedient slaves to zionism again!

And if a few million Goy have to die in another Usury Pedophile Bankers Long Planned, innocent blood, bloodletting, World War 3, SO what!

From the Usury Banker Pedophiles, who’s religion teaches, Jesus the Christ is in Hell, Boiling in Human Shit!

And Teaches, His Mother Was a Whore!

Not My America!

John C Carleton.

Senior MP: US, Israel Still Support Terrorist in Syria-FarsNews

Nitwityahoo, Trickster Trumpster and Putin ran behind an evil Bush-
Each with a hand on each others tush-
For a bit of La-La-
An agreed upon Menage a trois-
But the ones got it in the end-
Were the common peoples of the countries which over, the 3some did bend!

Enough of this elitist jackal bull shit!

John C Carleton

A New Flotilla Steams Towards Gaza-Consortiumnews

The question then becomes, will the Criminal enterprise, occupying Palestine, Holocusting and Genociding the Indigenous, Semitic, Palestinian People in their own Ancestral Home Land, murder a bunch of these humanitarians, pirate the ships, steal the cargo, hold for ransom, the innocent Humanitarians , who’s only crime, was caring out the teachings, of Jesus the Christ, like they DID, to the last bunch dared follow the Teachings of Jesus the Christ!

Helping the sick and poor.
The widow, the orphan.

And for this, Israhell murders them and calls them terrorist.

Not real sure which “god” these bastards are serving, but it sure as hell is not my Light, and they hate Jesus the Christ so much, their religious teachings say he is in hell, boiling in human shit, that his mother was a whore.

John C Carleton

A New Flotilla Steams Towards Gaza

Seizing the Temple Mount Becomes Theme of U.S. Embassy Celebration-The Seeker-UK

Uncle Sugar ‘s Pedophile ass had a farm-

And on that farm was LOTs of Pedophiles-

And on that farm was LOTs of Israel Firster Pedophiles-

And on this farm was a bunch of zionist Christian Pedophiles-

And on this Farm was some War Crime Pedophiles-

The verses are endless possibilities.

There are the FBI, CIA, APAC, FDA, EPA, AMA, BATB & E, HLS, CONGRESS, not supreme court, White Cat House, and on and on.

But you get the idea!

John C Carleton

NATO Weapons Found in Syria Suggest Preparation for Chemical Attack-Ex General-Sputnik News

Uncle Sugar-Uncle Sugar,
Don’t bugger me!
Bugger that Russian,
Behind every tree!

And the Americans sheep went Bhhhhhhhaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And bent over, spreading the cheeks of their zionist indoctrinated asses.

John C Carleton

For US Congress, Running a Torture Prison Is a Good Career Move-Global Research

Is there anyone, anywhere, who still REALLY believes one thing comes out of these baby raping degenerates mouths in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, other wise known as Washington DC/USA?

lonely is the the American wolf, in his own Land-
From ole Virginia, to the Southern Sonora desert sand-
An Endangered Spices, hunted almost to extinction by Washington DC-
The same USA the “President” of, has to have permission to pee-
From a Slavic/Turkmen outcast Pedophile-
Where many horrors unfolded in his domicile-

The wolf slips quietly through the terrane-
Fighting shy of the zionist Wolfbane-
Looking for others of his kind-
Who might be of a like mind-
To protect their territory and soul-
From the virus of the zionist mind, hell hole!

Let it be Above, as it is Below!

John C Carleton

For US Congress, Running a Torture Prison Is a Good Career Move

Standing on the Bow of a Viking Ship With Sword in Hand, Seconds before it Bit the Sand of the Beach, in a Reoccurring Dream.

There are reoccurring visions i see, misty as in a dream.

There is no sound, just the moving movie like actions.

One is, i am stating on the fore of the Viking ship, with sword upraised, ready to lead a screaming wave of Viking Warriors, up the beach to some monastery, or town, the ship is going straight like an arrow at the beach.

It never deviates, it is a memory which transcends many lives.

There is in me the longing for the far, high places, where one communes with nature, the solitude of the desert breezes, the salty fish ocean smell which comes near land, which tells the sailor his journey is near done.

There is the longing for that which has been, and still is in crevices of my mind.

There is the memory of crossing a river, outwardly showing confident to my men, but inside, the cold fear of what i dared do, griped my gut.

There is a memory, of riding my horse into a cut, a wagon road or track.
The fire comes from concealment to the woods to my left.
And all goes dark.

The Pain of thousands of lives, the struggles, the mistakes, the death, the horror of war after war after war.

A few memories bleed through the veil of time, like ghost calling for justice, like advice from past lives, a helping hand in this one.

Friend who is Scots Irish, recommended a book, cause i carry the Scots Irish blood, ‘Born Fighting’.

It talks of the fortitude of the Scots Irish, pressing on when others would not, into wild country, new frontiers.

It quoted :
The Cowards never started,
The Weak died along the way,
The strong survived.

The old places, call to me from centuries past, memories of a women i loved more than life itself, without a face, without a name, without a country.

May i bring no shame to those who lived, so i could live now, as well as those who’s footprints i follow, as a pilgrim, searching for the source of the Light!

Let it be Above,as it is Below!

John C Carleton

Documenting Palestinian Invisibility for 40 years-Mondowiss

As an American, i hope America does not reap what the USA has sown.

As a soul, which strives for total illumination, but realizes many battles to be fought before that point, my soul is repulsed by two legged animals who could treat any humanity in this fashion!

That soul understands, when the bill for drunken debotury parties come due, the bill must be paid, by those who did the parting, no one else, no external savior who dies for them, their selfish and cowardly ass!

So i know as sure as what goes up, must come down, i know America must pay for her evil, blood lust letting parties.

i pray for my country, and yes, even the ball less sheep i despise for their self imposed ignorance, and their cowardliness, that they will have the balls, the fortitude, to come out the other end, a better people, a better country.

May it be Above as it is Below.

John C Carleton