Over 5,000 Professors, Activist, Politicians, Voice Readiness to Testify For Irans Innocence in 9-11 Appeal case-FarsNews

A Washington DC whore could not tell the truth if you had a rope around their neck, and the only way to keep from doing the rope dance, was tell the truth.

Israhell, with collaboration from Washington DC treasonous ass hole, which American sheep still voye for, did the attack on America, murdered 3,000 souls, so they could start unjust wars for the Greater Israhell project, using American poor kids as cannon fodder, invading countries, murdering their children, which have not attacked America,

They are lying to you, and if you believe them, you are a fool.

If you pretend to believe them, so you can try to lie to God, on Judgement day, ain’t going to work.

God has a built in lie detector.

Enough of this shit America.

Find some damn honor, some balls, and take your damn county back!

John C Carleton


Syrian state-run media reports US-led airstrike on army post-The Seeker

Ok American head up Assus sheep!

Here is your Washington DC, bombing the military of Syria, inside Syria.

Syria has not attacked America, has not threatened to attack America.

This makes this kind of shit war crimes.

If you support the USA in their war crimes, then you deserve a fair trial, and a fair hanging, and you are NOT an American.

John C Carleton


Waltzing Matilda- (Australia Day 2009 Live)-You Tube

i learned this song, in a pub in Rockhampton, holding my own against six Aussie MP’s.

i was a Seabee there on a joint exercise

No we were not fighting, but there was six of them, and only one of me.

i defended America’s honor, the Seabees honor, my scot-Irish genes, and we all walked out the door, we might have all been weaving a bit by then.

i had a midnight curfew.

every time i told them i had to go, they shoved another pot of Four X beer in my hand.

At about 15 minuets till my ass was a pumpkin with my CO, we all climbed into this Aussie MP vehicle, and went shooting down the empty streets of Rockhampton, weaving from side to side of the road, singing Waltzing Matilda.

i walked through the gates of the camp about 1 minute till mid night.

The song, if you listen to it, is about a man who would rather be dead, than a slave or locked up.

May Americans adopt this song of their cousins in Australia, as their own!

John C Carleton

Pub With No Bear-Slim Dusty-Youtube

Sometimes your problems have to take a back seat to a real disaster, like a Pub with no beer!

i was lucky enough to visit the far flung parts of Australia.
Some of the best people i have found has been in the Australian outback.

That could be, because as the Aussies like to say,
“Thank god, Australia got the criminals, and America got the Puritans.’

Who i might add, were worse criminals than the Aussies non-volinteer immigrants.

Nothing worse than self-righteous, hypocritical, mass murdering religious fanatics


John C Carleton

Washington’s Antics in the South China Sea Seek to provoke Beijing toMilitary Response-Stratigic Culture

Mr. and Mrs. America!

Do you really care enough, that China might be the big boy in the South China Sea, (you might note, that is China Sea, not American Sea, or USA/Washington DC Sea), to sacrifice your sons, daughters, grandchildren, great grandchildren, brothers , fathers, mothers, children, to an angry war god which sends them back in body bags, or if living, missing limbs, eyes, damaged brains, burns, and shattered souls, beyond repair for this life sometimes!

For what?

Because some high paid whore on TV tells you you need to?

Because Political whores, who have sold your ass, your children asses, their children asses on and on, generation after generation, as debt slaves, cannon fodder and sexual party favors for the elite, tell you need to?

Understand, The United States/Washington DC, is a corporation, and corporations by nature, are anti-human entities.

They don’t give a flying fuck about you or yours.

You are the cattle they farm, so they can party on your labor!

It is NONE of America, the Land, or America, the living souls, damn business, what the Chinese do, in the South China Sea.


John C Carleton