IT Tries To Hide IT’s Evil Pedophile Cheerleading Behind Avatars.

IT, the Pedophile cheerleading evil Israhell three shekel Hazbara troll-
Is always anonymously quite brassy and bold-

Cheerleading murder, mayhem, Pedophillia Usury and war-
IT the three shekel muff fluff roll troll thinks IT will go quite far-

In the service of the RothRats evil pedophilic plan-
To steal all the Semitic Palestinians Ancestral Home Land-

IT never met a despicable crime against humanity IT did not LOVE-
Probably why IT is despised by That Which IS above!

The Ole Dog!

The Long Roll of History

History is warning of what man has at the end of this run-

Humanity, a species, directly under the gun-

At a crossroads, looking left and right-

Seeing possibilities as different as day and night-

To become something greater, to learn, to pay the price-

For the knowledge necessary to entice-

Humanity on that long and winding path past the sorrow-

Leave behind the pain, bleeding, horror for a better tomorrow-

A Pilgrimage to that fabled Pure Light of old-

Forgotten by Humanity in its base lust for gold-

The Light of Knowledge calls come with me-

Many wondrous things you will see-

The other paths guardian sings an enchanting song of many pleasures-

Of which he will give you unending measures-

Riches, power, control, and fame-

Everyone talking about you, you are the name-

The weak will emulate, the ignorant shallow herd will kowtow to-

Till so swiftly, fleeting fame is gone, and the bill comes due-

The final decision by humanity must be made-

Whether their future is be eternal Enlightenment or an endless panty raid!

The Ole Dog

The Israhell Hazbara Pedophile Promoting troll, Formally Known as Mia.

The Israhell Hazbara Pedophile Promoting troll, Formally Known as Mia.

IT looked high, and IT looked low, the Ho–
But IT still could not find IT’s soul-
Pedophilic cheerleading is IT’s goal-
A Usury promoting minion formed in Hell’s own mold-
WW 3 or bust bloodbath, IT’s main role-
A despicable creature hiding under rocks, like a mole-
An Israhell zionist Hazbara troll, on the three shekel dole-

The Ole Dog!

Jordan Cancels Key Part Of Historic Treaty With Israel, Refusing To Renew Land Annexes-Zero Hedge

There is the smell of lessoning of the fear of the Turkmen/slavic crime cabal occupying Palestine, Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian People in the Palestinians own Home Land, of Palestine, (occupied).

John C Carleton

Don’t Tread On Anyone

“The rattlesnake is solitary, and associates with her kind only when it is necessary for their preservation.

The rattlesnake never begins an attack, nor, once engaged, ever surrenders.

Moreover, a rattlesnake never wounds till she has generously given notice, even to her enemy, and cautioned him against the danger of treading on her.”

Pennsylvania Journal, 1775.

The war Which Transcends Time

In the war which transcends time so bold-

There is a virus which eats the mind and soul-

Of the pilgrims to humanity as they climb out of the slime-

Of creation, a natural process so sublime-

IT lies hidden in the soil of the land-

A despicable dastardly branch of the hand-

Of evil, that ancient and old foe-

Which again and again, i have laid low-

Fighting each life against the brown stain-

On life’s fruit of the looms, soiled again and again-

By the Virus of evil, which cast its spell-

On the unaware pilgrim, dragging them to a hell-

Of zionist Zombie servitude to baby raping scum-

Who should have the blood eagle done with their lung-

The voices of the innocent slain through ages cry out in tortured eternal pain-

Pointing their fingers squarely at the zionist Virus in blame-

Oh Mother Life, how long till they get their reward-

For being an evil zionist Zombie retard?

The Ole Dog.

Trump’s Alliance with Body-Choppers, Death Squads and Child Killers: Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Israel-Information Clearing House

Trump is a hand puppet who owes his ass, lock, stock and barrel, the the Pedophile Usury Bankers, who are the Mortal enemies of America and Americans, and are doing their best to present humanity with the bloodbath of World War Three.

John C Carleton