The Impossible Distance

On the TV I watched them marching toward the border row upon row of them in the hot bright sun they marched without guns without tanks and missiles although some like the shepherd boy David did pick up a few rocks to hurl into the impossible distance I watched them stream down the green hill […]

Pushing Freedom

“We” are pushing freedom to the world and daring them to oppose it and bribing them kindly to accept it and dropping death on those who refuse it. Ours is but a dumbed-down imperial culture that doesn’t want to come to terms with the systemic and structural reasons for its decline. Language is an invention […]

In Memory of Jerry

Before me lies the man I have killed. What did I kill him for? He lies there dead and gory. What fate had cast him here? Who is he? Perhaps he, too, like me, has an old mother. How long will she sit on the doorstep of her squalid little stick shack in the evenings, […]