US DOJ Agrees to “Comply with Law” Re WTC 911 Grand Jury Petition-Covert Geopolitics

Israhell attacked America on 11 September 2001. Washington DC/USA, assisted. Israhell/WASHOINGTON DC murdered 3,000 souls, lied, blamed their evil on innocent countries, attacked these countries in War crimes, which are still ongoing eight years later. USA!-USA!-USA!-USA! Land of the loyal to Pedophile Israhell, zionist “duel citizen”. AND: Home of the American Usury sheep Slave! John […]

Unz Goes Nuclear-Unz Review

Jew is a relatively modern word. Jew is a derogatory slang word for Jude. Jude is what the pedophile practitioners of the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult were called by Europeans about 1000 AD onward. The reason the people who practiced this cult religion were called Jude, is they were practicing the same religion, […]

Notice How Evil Beings Get Mad When Someone Tells The Truth of Their Evil, But Don’t Want to Stop Their Evil, They Just Want The Truth Teller, to Shut Up!

Tell the truth, you going to lose “friends”, and get attacked. You will be called every derogatory name they can think of, to try to cow you into stop telling then truth of their evil acts. Nutcase. Heathen! Stupid. Ignorant. Tin foil hatter. Conspiracy nut. Racist. Anti-Christ. Uneducated. Liar. Mean spirited. Angry. Lots of others. […]