A Plan To Stop “discrimination” Against The Red Shield Red Russian Turkmen Mongrel End of Times Death & Pedophilia Cult, Non Semitic zionist Zombie Virus Infected Kazarians

Khazarians, a Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel people, who converted to the End of Times Death and baby raping Cult, in the Steppes of Russia, in the year 0740 AD, proven by historical documents, and modern DNA testing, to be the vast majority of members of the End of Time , Usury, Slavery, War Mongering, Thieving, […]

Photos Of “Sweaty” Prince Andrew Confound Claims Made By Royal Over Epstein Links

Photos of a ‘sweaty’ Prince Andrew appear to contradict claims made by the royal during a BBC interview that was roundly condemned as a PR disaster. The Duke of York was attempting to rebut allegations that his relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein included the provision of trafficked underage girls, including Victoria Roberts-Giuffre who […]

Folks are acting like the fake royals in merry ole getting caught with their pants down with crying, beaten, terrified naked children, is something new!

“Lawyer Claims That Prince Andrew’s BBC Interview is ‘Catastrophic Mistake’” You know, about the Fake prince from the fake lizard “royals” of Merry Ole, doing the be-bop on young girls at that Mossad run Pedophile Honey Trap that sorry degenerate Epstein was running. Folks are acting like the fake royals in merry ole getting caught […]

Resist Slavehood To The zionist Red Russian Expats & Spawn Thereof Non Semitic Turkmen Type khazarians From The Steppes of Russia, Who’s Pedophilic Ancestors Converted To The End of Times Death & Pedophilia Cult religion In The year 0740 AD

Have people try to use we, our government, and such sheep like nonsense, referring to the foreign to America USA corporation, illegally squatting at DC in America and serving the Red Russian Rats, via Iasrahell, to try to force me into their zionist Non Semitic Khazarian Red Russian admiring and collaboration with the Khazarian evil, […]