The Remarkable disappearing act of Israel’s car-bombing campaign in Lebanon or: What we don’t talk about when we talk about ‘terrorism’-Mondoweiss

Israelis are not Hebrew. They are Turkmen/Slavic outcast rejects, form the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine. Which makes them just mass murdering common mother fucking degenerate criminal ass holes needing a short rope around their neck, and a long fall. Tired of this fanatical fucking fairy tale causing the world to be a shit hole […]

The Talmud Exposed

You may not believe the fairy tale of the the Chosen ones, But the true believers among all three branches of zionism do. There are four branches of zionist. Babylonian zionist, descendants of Turkmen/Slavic outcast, rejects from the steppes of Russia and Ukraine, and their descendants, who converted to the Babylonian End of Times Death […]

A Tale of Two Bankers

This story is true. It took place, in Gonzales, Texas. Year of 1929. When the planned Usury Bankers Crash, of 1929 happened, the big boys, the big time and name bankers, in New York, who had planned it along with their European cousins, of course made out like the bandits they were! The local banks, […]

i Am Going to Get Filthy Rich!

Got a sure fire plan. USA, is past broke. People stop buying their bonds, printing presses all they got left. They going to need real money. Thats when i strike. i will buy the Evil, despicable, black person hating, war criminal, Abraham Lincoln’s bones, from the despicable and corrupt Washington DC. Bring them down south. […]


As i wonder through life, So filled with war and strife, Searching for the meaning of all i see, The evil in the world threatens to overwhelm me, i pray for guidance in this war, i pray Odin gives me strength against the Sar, My ancestors watch my turn at bat, My time to chase […]

The Damn zionist Whores in Washington DC Want My Confederate Flag Down, i Lowered it, And Ran The Palestinian Flag Up!

All this shit because the damn war criminals from Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, want my Confederate flag down? Fine! It is Down, and the Palestinian flag is Flying over Occupied Texas, in solidarity, with the Holocusted indigenous Semitic Palestinians, in occupied Palestine. Texas and Palestine, are bothers, as both are occupied by the […]