Israel Ramps Up Ethnic Cleansing in Order to Further Judaize Jerusalem-Global Research

Another name for Ethnic Cleansing, is, Tha-dha- Holocusting! Now where have i heard about one people Holocusting another before? Oh yes, the Judaic religious cult, keeps whining about the Germans “holocusting the religious cult in Germany, while they Holocaust the Palestinians in Palestine. Sorry, neither side gets a humanitarian award, but the religious cult is […]

Russian Su-35 chased away rogue US-22 jet: MoD blast US Air Force for hampering Syria op-Russia Today

First, Syria did not attack America. Syria did not threaten to attack America. This make the US’s invasion, an international war crime, every death attached to them being there a murder, and an international war crime. This makes every single US military personal in Syria an international war criminal. This makes those who send the, […]