April 15 Is Slavery Day-Paul Craig Roberts

April 15 Is Slavery Day Paul Craig Roberts The Jews’ path to profitable victimhood was the Holocaust. For blacks the path is slavery. We hear endlessly about Slavery. Slavery is always the fault of white people, especially the Founding Fathers, the Confederacy, and Robert E. Lee. Slavery is never the fault of black Africans who […]

Some Words of Wisdom, About Why America is in the Shape it is in, From an American Martyr, General George S Patton

General Patton with his side kick Willy, named for William the Conquerer, but afraid of gun fire. As i look around at America, very-very seldom do i run into a honest person, who has honor, truth, understanding, and a sense of duty. Most Americans have no concept what those words mean. Most Americans, if given […]

A Reunion of self and i

i struggle against the dark of the ignorance of whats outside- Sheep with no good shepherd, following the jackals to their doom- The fight against what separates me from all the things i have tried- Lessons learned in other lives, lived under the same uncaring moon- As i embrace the past and what i have […]