Holocaust Deprogramming Course

The “holocaust, simply did not happen. Around 270,000 people died in the German work camps, mostly at the end of the war from disease and malnutrition, as England and The USA, kept blowing up the trains trying to get food and medicines to the camps. Germans told the Allies, you are not letting us get […]

zionist Virus Eradication Program

In defense of Humanity, there Must Be, a zionist virus eradication program. These things are never pleasant, the zionist zombies retain the outward appearance of a Human Being. Makes doing what has to be done hard on some. The virus seems to be spread with propaganda, indoctrination of innocent children with bull shit and lies. […]

Report: US Plotting to Keep Away Hashd al-Shaabi from Iraq’s Western Provinces-Fars News

TEHRAN (FNA)- The US Army troops stationed in al-Anbar are plotting to prevent Hashd al-Shaabi forces (Iraq’s Popular forces) from getting close to the country’s Western provinces, media reports said. “The US troops in Ain al-Assad are looking for a way to drive out Hashd al-Shaabi forces from Western Iraqi provinces, including al-Anbar province,” the […]