US charged with de facto invasion of Syria and openly supporting ISIS -Darkmoon.

There is too much evidence to be ignored any longer. The USA/Washington DC international corporation for profit, incorporated illegally under British Empire law, is an International War Criminal organization. Our children, the American children, have been fed from birth, propaganda by their occupiers, that the corporation is really a government, and that it has rules […]

Most people in Texas Ain’t Texans!

In the late 1970’s, i was working construction, laying pipe, in chemical plants around Houston Texas. I was an oddity, because i was a native Texan. The rest, were yankee ass holes with some coon asses from across the border in Louisiana. So there are generations and generations of people who live in Texas, who […]

Senior MP: US Helicopters Transfer Tens of ISIL Terrorist To Afghanistan-FARSNEWS

If you still support Washington DC, you support murdering innocent people in war crimes. If you say you support the troops, demand they no longer be sent to invade sovereign countries in international war crimes and murder the innocent for the benefit of Israhell and USURY zionist Bankers. John C Carleton