Syria: People Leaving Raqqa for Fear of Attacks by US Airstrikes, ISIL Terrorist-Farsnews

Be proud America, look at what that pedophilic bunch of evil scum sucking, bribe taking, cowardly chickenhawk clowns from Washington DC are doing to innocent Syrian children and families. Remember, Washington is backing ISIS, or ISIL. They along with Israhell, are the parents of ISIS. Remember, the USA/Washington DC, has absolutely no moral or legal […]

The Empire is Dying

USA/Washington Dc is part of an Empire. It has been from say WW one on, the military arm of the Empire. It is not an American Empire, but an Anglo-Zionist Empire. Israhell is part of that Empire. Israhell controls Washington DC through blackmail and bribes. Israhell is not the head of the Empire, it is […]

A Zionist Bed Time Story

Once, there was a land, called America. Indigenous peoples lived there. Europeans moved there. There were several different European countries claimed large parts of this land, even though it was already occupied. They never explained how it was they could just claim a land someone else owned. The zionist element among them, murdered all who […]

Some People Are Waking Up

Those who are awake, always are impatient with the sheep. Want them to get it, so the cleansing of the earth can happen, a chance as the old ways die, to forge a different future than as continued cattle to international corporations. Eternal slavery to scum sucking Usury International Bankers. Many who are on the […]