Deconstructing The State. Getting smaller. Developing the Local Economy. Redirection the Power from the Centre to the Periphery.-Global Research

Americans have to Educate themselves, if they want America to survive, and their children and grandchildren to be free instead of being used as slaves, sex toys and cannon fodder by the Washington DC “elites. John C Carleton Deconstructing the State. Getting Smaller. Developing the Local Economy. Redirecting the Power from the Centre to the […]

Pedophiles Rule The World-Youtube

Pedophile in Washington DC is not a new thing. It is prevalent among the biggest names in Washington, and it has to be stamped out in Washington DC. Rest of the world also, but each person has to clean their own country of the parasitic baby raping murderers in their occupation “governments”. John C Carleton

Yemen: War Crimes, Mass Starvation And Genocide. What You Aren’t Being Told About US Involvement in Yemen-Global Research

Good read. How can Americans eradicate the evil that the USA Federal Washington DC World Wide does and blames on America if they refuse to admit, that evil exist? Americans have to look at the evil those lying, smiling, baby raping bastards are doing to the innocent of the humanities world. John C Carleton Yemen: […]

A 12 Gauge Double Barrled Shotgun Trumps a Zionist Virus Infected Yankee

My grandfather Carleton, was born under a military dictatorship. Born in Texas under occupation military “government”. When he was nine years old, still under Zionist Yankee “reconstruction” occupation, a lot of carpet baggers were coming South to see what they could steal from the Southern people. My great-grandfather was Methodist Circuit riding Minister, and a […]