March on Google postponed after Antifa left-wing Terror Group Threatens to Ram Cars into Peaceful Protesters-Natural News

Might point out that the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and several other groups were Peaceful protestors in Charlotte, which were attacked by these same criminals. That there were some ass holes sent to start trouble by Soros, as skin heads, white supremacist, does not change the fact that the vast majority of Southern heritage marches […]

Texas Must Secede

I am against violence as a political tool, against wars and revolution. Hard as i try to maintain that status, the criminal whores of Washington DC/Austin, have forced me to the point where there seems to be three choices. (1), be a good slave to the zionist criminals of Washington DC and their flunkeys in […]

My Homeland is Once Again Under Attack

In the year 1861, the criminal mob that is Washington DC, using Puritan religious fanatical propaganda and indoctrination, mixed with the Marxist of the failed 1840s uprisings in Europe, attacked my Country. In 1865, the last of the freedom fighters surrendered, except for some like Frank and Jessy James. I must pause here to state […]