I am an American

Fuck Washington DC/USA international for profit corporation occupying the American States, a Republic, and a Kingdom. Fuck Israel! I am an American! I can follow my heritage to many lands and peoples. But i have no allegiance, other than historical interest in these lands. If the accepted genealogy charts are to be believed, i am […]

Quneitra: Fighting Erupts Among Terrorist Over Distribution of Israeli Aid Packages-Fars News

SO The little crime cabal holocusting the Palestinians, and occupying Palestine, is taking American labor, forced out of them by force, or implied force by Uncle Sugars pedophilic ass, transferred to the little crime cabal, so they can keep their terrorist in the field raping and murdering little Children! USA-USA-USA-USA. John Carleton http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13960824001075

Thanks Uncle Sugar!

I was one of at least 350,000 U.S. GI’s who were used as lab rats by the United States “Government” under cover of their illegal war crimes against Iraq, 1990-1991. Back years ago, when i used to keep track of it, had Desert Shield/Storm vets, dying every months in their 30,s., 40,s and 50’s. The […]