Schooling Versus an Education

My dad was born shortly after the turn of the 20th century.
He was old enough to remember WW 1.

So some of the jokes he told me were dated.
But they were funny and many had moral meanings.

Back when he was a young man, young folks that went off to college, often did not see their families again until they graduated.
There was no getting in car and driving down an interstate at 80-90 miles an hour.
Train tickets cost money.

He told me the story of the farmer sent his son off on the train to the big city to go to collage.

Four years later he went to the train station to pick him up.

The young man had taken on the fake civilization and mannerisms of the big city.

His father and he walked to a cafe, sat down orders coffee and started to get reacquainted.

The coffee came, very hot, so the father poured a little into his saucer to blow and cool.

His now citified son got all embarrassed and said, Dad, What are you Doing!!!

His father looks at him and said, you mean to say you don’t know what I am doing.

Look at all that money I wasted!

A school degree in modern America, means you have shown you are able to swallow any bull shit they shovel at you, and regurgitate it upon demand either orally, or in written form from the mid to short term memory.

If you graduated with honors, it shows you can not think for yourself, and you will follow any orders given you no matter how disgusting, evil or humiliating they are.

An Education can only be had from one school.

The school of this Jail house rock of Earth.
And this school is not run by mankind.

An education requires you get out of the class room of mans schools, make mistakes, take your medicine, and learn from those mistakes not to make the same mistakes agin.

I mean they are men and women who marry their ex husbands and wives!

This school house rock, requires one seek Knowledge, pursue Understanding of that Knowledge, and open their hearts and minds, humble themselves and earnestly seek the wisdom the other two can bring.

Can Bring!

Lots of folks running around with the Knowledge and some understanding, but that humbling oneself for the Wisdom is a real BIG problem with most humanity.

There are millions of college schooled fools running around America who could not pour piss out of a Texican’s Cowboy Boot, with the instructions written on the bottom of the heel!

It is time for American sheep to receive an education.
That which is, God, Mother Nature, The Light, by whatever name you choose to use, is currently enrolling the American sheep in a crash course in getting educated.

As with all rushed all at once lessons, many will fall by the wayside, their bones bleached in the sun, many will run and implant their head squarely back up their rear tail pipes, before the jackals eat them.

Some, a minority, will learn, get an education, and try to rebuild the shit hole world the zionist Rats have crafted for humanity over the last several hundreds years at least.

After the Rodent problem has been taken care of.

Historically when then Rats flourished, Humanity suffered and died at the hands of organized religious cults, wars, human sacrifice, disease and starvation.

No different this time.

The Ole Dog!