WWII – General Patton: “We’re fighting the wrong enemy” (by Dr. Peter Hammond)

As Ole George. is a cousin, we both having descended from the Washingtons of Virginia, and as I have a passion for history, I have studied George more than many others.

If one starts studying truth of WW 2, instead of government “truths”, which is true of all “governments” involved with that war, one soon find the official reason for getting in the war, as well as what the USA, and all the others involved, did or did not do in that war is about 95% made up pure ole propaganda bull shit used to hide crimes against humanity and the earth.

Knowing the truth. of Patton, and watching Patton” “Documentaries” produced in or by USA, are full of left out truths, half truths and outright lies.

This is the only one I have seen which tries to stick to the truth.

In America Patton is revered as an ass kicker while slandered personally as well as called crazy by people who his words and time have proved them Dead Wrong, and him, VERY DEAD, Assassinated, but Right!

But. the producer is a Rhodesian, who’s males are still men and still have brains and balls, as apposed to Americans it seems.

The ole Dog!