The Fallacy of the Sheep’s They Would Not Do That Because I Would Not Do That Thinking

First off it is a damn FACT, that I am CRAZY!

Sheep’s definition of crazy that is.

Sheep definition of crazy:
Anyone with a set of balls.
Anyone who breaks from the herd, or herd think.
Anyone who says the “elites” are planning a great big sheep BBQ.

Now I own up to shit like jumping from the highest limb of a huge tree into the shallowest part of the water beneath, just see if I could do it without killing my ass.

Or swimming a hill country river in flood.
Both ways.

Or climbing that broken face of Bull Head Mountain without anything but tennis shoes and bare hands.
To be truthful, about half way up I figured out out was not one of my better ideas, but the only way down was to fall and die.
Sucked it up and finished climbing to the top.

Most folks don’t take down 200 foot of barbed wire fence on cedar post on a motorcycle at 75 miles per hour.
And walk away.
Most of me anyway,
But I damn well got up, turned the key off in my bike, and started walking towards the nearest town.
In my defense I had to dodge an idiot in a pickup head-on on my side of that 30 mile per hour corner.
Hell, I was doing fine till the ass drifted into my lane.

Now I am not saying I never ran.
Once walked into the living room of my sisters house, three of my former girl friends were in a circle having a conversation, and I got the HELL OUT of There.

Not a complete fool!

Now as an excuse, I offer my ancestry.
My ancestors were not sheep.
You read about a lot of them learning history.
The bloody ones, who stomped through history like wolves among sheep.

Now whether you blame genes or reincarnation, I got this shit.
I understand Intrigue, back stabbing, double, triple, quadruple and on, deals.
I understand the phycology of sheep herding, the artful use of propaganda.
Understand bending, torturing the truth, until it is no longer a truth but a lie.

Some of my ancestors were trying to help Humanity, and some of them were selfish sorry ass holes.

Just because I understand all of this, does not mean I approve of it.

Now, the Ratschilds are more despicable, more evil than even the worst of my bunch.

They. rape their own children, that allow others in their circle to rape their own children.
To traumatize them, to make the mean, to make them evil.
They farm humanity like cattle which they say has no soul.
They steal the toil of humanity and live in lust and. luxury on the stolen proceeds.
They plan to make all of Humanity their slaves.
They own your National banks, your governments, and the whore politicians you cheer as they sell you asses out to the Rats.

Try to warn the sheep of what is going down, of the fact their “reality” is a carefully crafted illusion, they call you crazy, a nut case, a CONSPIRACY Theorist!!!!!!!

Sheep think like sheep.
Predators think like predators.

And Red Shield Red Russian Turkmen mongrel pedophilic Khazarian Rats think like Red Shield red Russian pedophilic Turkmen mongrel Khazarian Rats.

I assure you Rats which screw their own children up the ass, pass them around to their “friends” as sexual party favors, have no problem raping your lambs up the ass and using them as blood sacrifices in their Usury Banker Wars.

Or of buying/blackmailing the DC Whore politicians the sheep vote for and love.

Above that, lets talk Israhell.

Israhell, is not the Biblical Isreal, nor are the people occupying Palestine, raping little Palestinian boys, stealing the Semitic Palestinians Land, water, oil, lives, future, Hebrews.

These are Red Shield, red Russian, Turkmen mongrel pedophilic Khazarians, who’s ancestors are from the Steppes of Russia, where they CONVERTED to the End of Times Pedophilia, theft, lying and Death cult religion in the Year 0740 AD.

That they are NOT descended from Hebrews is proved by accepted historical documents, as well as modern DNA testing.

So they have no DNA “yearning to return” to occupied Palestine, because their ancestors were never in Palestine.

The Rats, as I have said, rape their own children.
A Rat, talking the head Rats, the Ratschilds, do not care about one thing beyond their own ass and perverted lust individually, to include even their own children.

This is not Human.
The Ratschilds are not Human.

Sheep define human as being a sheep.

These are not herd animals, the Rats are pack animals, and they act like, well, Rats!

The Ratschilds, are not a family, they are a crime cabal, a Mafia if you will, who practice inbreeding to keep the money and power in as few hands as possible, and to control non Rats reincarnating into their pack.

They don’t give a shit about each other.
Like Rats, there is relative safety in numbers, a criminal gang is more secure with a number of members.

Which brings me to Israhell.
The Rats don’t give a flying trapeze about Israhell, it is a tool, used to cause mayhem in the Middle East as well as the world.

If it becomes an advantage to the Rats to sacrifice Israel, The Ratschilds will do so without any emotion, other than getting a hard on at killing off the minions doing their evil will in occupied Palestine.

The Rats consider the Khazarians doing their evil in Palestine, to be street curs, beings they would not touch, other than their little boys.

The ones being allowed to rape rob and murder, will themselves be thrown under the Red Shield Bus, when the time comes, without a second thought.

Just a note to tell the sheep, they would not do that, because I would not do that reasoning, is bullshit because you are sheep!

Sheep do nothing but screw, eat, and march in lockstep to the Ratschild’s slaughterhouse.

Learn not to be a sheep!

Think Individually!
Think Critically!
Examine every idea, every. claim, every religion, every “truth”, from every angle.

The Ole Dog!