Israel can no longer shake off the Apartheid label

Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ for Israel-Palestine has laid bare, with maps and all, a self-proclaimed ‘vision’, which has been widely seen as amounting to Apartheid. The Bantustan model is visual.

Yet that is precisely the comparison that is being made now, and it is an avalanche.

Chief Palestinian envoy to Britain Husam Zomlot (formerly head of Palestinian mission to US):
“January 28th, 2020, will mark the official legal stamp of approval from the United States for Israel to implement a fully-fledged apatheid system”

Yousef Munayyer on the pages of The Guardian:
“Palestinians are “offered” a truncated and dismembered archipelago of Bantustans”

Israeli Human rights org B’tselem says it’s “not peace, Apartheid”, playing a pun on Jimmy Carter’s book title “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”. B’tselem elaborates:
“Palestinians… will be relegated to small, enclosed, isolated enclaves, with no control over their lives as the plan eternalizes the fragmentation of Palestinian space into disconnected slivers of territory in a sea of Israeli control, not unlike the Bantustans of South Africa’s Apartheid regime.”


Israel can no longer shake off the Apartheid label